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Achievement Guide

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:52 am
by Franka
Achievement Guide

Everything here is pretty much SPOILERS, if that wasn’t completely obvious from the name of the guide. Lots of thanks to the evil mastermind who guided me in my search for the more obscure cheevos.

Graduate from St. Claudine’s
Reach the end of the game. No specific hints needed.

Be initiated into the Red Mask Society
When called into the forest, go. You will receive a unique case where you have to first Harass three girls, then Mislead your target. Later on, call on the Red Masks for another unique case, where you must first Harass, then put a girl in Detention until she breaks. Once you’ve done that, you will get the achievement after spring break.

Betray the Red Mask Society
Complete the first unique case for the Red Mask. Later on, Set A Trap for the Red Masks (Observation + Stealth vs. Visibility + Observation, then Stealth vs. Observation). In that same action, you will have to make a Charm + Observation vs. Charm + Stealth OR Charm + Intimidation vs. Charm + Intimidation check, so bring the right minions. On another action you now need to make a Gossip skill check. Finally, as a new action, you must Persuade a reporter to get the achievement.

Lose a Queen to the Red Mask
Go into the forest to receive the first case for the Red Mask. Fail to complete it in time to get the achievement.

Run a Lemonade Stand
Find three lemons in the closet, then use the unique new action you’re given.

Win a Traitor’s Loyalty
Identify the traitor as early as possible. Spend time with the traitor every weekend to raise their loyalty to max. Your traitor will eventually confess to you. Protect her from being ousted and convince her to help you to get the achievement.

Win with Four Council Minions
Simplest way to do this is to expel the traitor and continue on with four minions. Be careful if you choose Althea or Vonne as your Queen, as these may lead to more minions being lost. You’ll need to defeat the final boss for the achievement.

Win with Three Council Minions
One way to do this is to expel the traitor, preferably Vonne or Mallory, choose Althea as your Queen and romance her. Thaïs will freak out, let her go and don’t try to win her back. Now defeat the final boss for the achievement.

Win with Two Council Minions
This can only be done with Vonne as Queen and either Althea or Thaïs as the traitor. Expel the traitor, then achieve the conditions for the "Drive Minion Mad with Jealousy" achievement. You will now need to beat the final boss using Vonne and Althea / Thaïs.

Drive Minion Mad with Jealousy
Can only be done with Vonne as Queen. It’s tricky, and I can’t give precise steps, but what you’ll want to do is be completely bipolar with her. Lead her on with one action, then push her away the next, and repeat. Eventually you’ll have a birthday party. If Mallory resigns on the following day, you should get the achievement by the end of the week.

Use Minion as Personal Slave
Can only be done with Rowan not the traitor, but chosen for your Queen. Whenever given the choice, treat Rowan as your possession. She’ll be forced to work every weekend, gaining stress. Eventually, you can command her to go "On your knees" or "Kiss my feet" and you’ll win the achievement.

Kiss a Freshman
Can only be done with Thaïs as Queen. Be friendly with Thaïs, so you get her first CG. Now wait for her unique case involving her roommate to show up. The easiest way to get the achievement is to not solve the case, then during the weekend tell her that you’d be interested in her if she was older.

Tempt a Straight Girl
Can only be done with Mallory as Queen. Flirt with Mallory at every opportunity and hug her whenever you can. Eventually she’ll confront you and inform you that she can’t be around you. Tell her you just want to be her hug buddy and finish the game to get the achievement.

Grope In the Dark
Can only be done with Althea as Queen. Romance Althea. During one of the conversations ask her to show you what goes on at the observatory. Go ahead and feel her up.

Seduce Miss Talmage
Make sure that you’re not in any relationship or friendship. You’ll want a game state where your chosen Queen does not show up to have private talks with you, one where finishing the game shows "Relationship: None" for your chosen Queen. Losing her to the Red Masks does not count! After defeating the final boss, choose to get a reward for your silence, and select "personal" instruction.

Unlock All CGs
All girls have three CGs on their path, Harvest Queen and two more. Rowan has two separate paths, and her CGs are split among the two. In order to get both, you must have Rowan as your Queen both when she’s a traitor and when she’s not.

A CG is obtained playing through the tutorial, another by finishing the game. The final CG is Miss Talmage.

The following achievements have CGs to go with them: Graduate from St. Claudine's, Use Minion as Personal Slave, Kiss a Freshman, Seduce Miss Talmage.

Getting All Achievements and CGs in the Shortest Amount of Time

I pretty much wrote this for the fun of it, if anybody actually tries and manages to follow this guide, my faith in the Random will be restored.

This is written for somebody who already knows how to finish the game successfully. It will require you to be good at solving cases under duress. If you’re just starting out, you probably won’t be able to even complete the game. Come back when you’re confident in your case solving abilities.

For details on actually getting the achievements, refer to the first section of the guide.

Play through the tutorial at least once for a CG. Start a game with Rowan as the traitor and max her loyalty, but don't put skill points on her. Instead put at least 30 loyalty on two other minions, and build up Mallory or Vonne to be a replacement for Rowan for later. Keep "Save 1" before the expose traitor event. Don’t expose her, choose her as Queen for Win a Traitor’s Loyalty achievement, and romance her. Quit the game after her kissy CG.

Load Save 1. Expel Rowan and choose Althea for your Queen. Romance her to get her two CGs and Grope In the Dark achievement. Join the Red Masks, and do their tasks. Along the way, try to get three lemons from the closet, so you can get the Run a Lemonade Stand achievement (or you can get this during a less stressful game, just don't forget it). When Thaïs flakes out, do NOT ask her to come back. Finish the game to get the Graduate from St. Claudine’s, Be Initiated into the Red Mask and Win with Three Council Minions achievements and a CG. (This will be challenging because a game without Rowan is just hard as all Hell and we've just put a lot of loyalty on her which will go to waste. If you don’t feel confident in your skills, it is better to start another game with Vonne or Mallory as the traitor instead of Rowan.)

Start a game with Althea as traitor. Be sure to put at least 30 loyalty on Vonne, Thaïs and Rowan (probably 40 on Thaïs to be sure). Build Thaïs to be your Intimidation + Charm girl and Rowan to be your Stealth + Observation girl. Keep "Save 2" before the expose traitor event. Expel Althea, choose Rowan for your Queen and keep her as slave to get her second CG and the Use Minion as Personal Slave achievement. Quit after that.

Load Save 2. Expel Althea, choose Mallory as your Queen. Join the Red Mask Society then betray them for the Betray the Red Mask Society achievement. While trying for the Tempt a Straight Girl achievement, get her first CG. When Mallory confronts you about your interest in her, create "Save 3". Choose to be cuddly friends and finish the game to get Mallory’s last CG and the following achievements: Win with Four Council Minions and Tempt a Straight Girl.

Load Save 3. Tell Mallory, "We shouldn’t see each other anymore" and finish the game while getting the Seduce Miss Talmage achievement and CG.

Load Save 2. Expel Althea, choose Thaïs for your Queen. Get her two CGs and the Kiss a Freshman achievement then quit.

Load Save 2. Expel Althea, choose Vonne as Queen. Find her two CGs to get the Unlock All CGs achievement (be sure to kiss her when given the chance), and then get her Drive Minion Mad with Jealousy achievement. Now finish the game to get the Win with Two Council Minions achievement.

Load Save 2. Pick any Queen. Agree to do the first Red Mask task, don’t do it, then fast forward to fail the case and get the Lose a Queen to the Red Mask achievement.

Mad With Jealousy achievement

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:05 pm
by skydragonwings
I know it's a complicated one, but are there any more specific hints on how to drive a minion mad with jealousy? I've been trying to pull her in and push her away, but so far nothing unusual has ever happened at the birthday party. Some of the particular things I'm wondering about:

Should you act suspicious when you find Vonne with Mallory? Does what you tell Mallory when she asks if you're dating Vonne matter?

Should you say you want to keep your relationship private or go out to dinner with her?

Are there any hints if you're on the right track before the birthday party?

Once I told her I loved her and then immediately told her it was a mistake when she came over and asked what I wanted her to call me. I assume that was a little too heavy-handed, because she never talked to me privately again. Though I did notice that her loyalty didn't seem to actually drop 20 points even though the game said it did.

Re: Solving Mysteries - General Hints / Tips / Strategy

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:22 pm
by Franka
Yeah, I really found it to be very extremely complicated to actually get this to trigger. I believe I took every opportunity to spend time with her, including dinner, then played coy whenever she was asking for a straight answer. Never commit, but never push her off completely either.

If there's a response in any scene that you believe would lead to Vonne being jealous, pick that for sure!

I don't think you can actually tell if things are going your way before judgement day. I've both failed and succeeded, and I don't think I could tell the difference until it actually happened.

As an aside, I've only managed to trigger this with Thaïs as the mole, and expelled, but that should definitely not be a requirement.

I might try a game (it's been a while now) and see if I can recreate it step by step.

Re: Solving Mysteries - General Hints / Tips / Strategy

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:26 pm
by skydragonwings
I'm having trouble even finding that many opportunities to say I'm uncertain about her. At a lot of her events (dinner, detective story-game, tying her up), most of the responses seem fairly positive. I keep expecting one of the meetings with Mallory to lead to something, and she does seem suspicious afterward, but it doesn't go any further. You can say you're not sure about the start of your relationship, and you can tell Mallory you're not sure you're gay, but other than that, a lot of the options seem to be either supportive or outright breaking up with her. Other than occasionally saying you'd prefer the relationship to be private, but I've tried those options and so far they haven't been leading anywhere.

Do any of your responses during the initial loyalty-building scenes matter? I've sort of been assuming not, since you can skip them.

Re: Solving Mysteries - General Hints / Tips / Strategy

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:16 pm
by hanako
The initial loyalty-building scenes before the harvest festival do not have any direct effect on this outcome, no. They function to help you get to know the girls. You might find interesting information in there that will help you understand them better, but there are no special flags to trip.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:44 pm
by skydragonwings
Is there a chance we could get a hint on which events are most important for the jealousy achievement? I'm having trouble figuring out which things I say and do make any difference, because all the same things seem to happen unless I outright refuse to do something or break up with her. This and two minions are the only things I have left on the checklist.

I keep wondering if there's something in a dialogue tree I'm just not finding that would be a more definitive statement. I had a slight breakthrough this last time when I discovered you could freak her out by implying you don't trust her about the story game before going, but I don't know if that actually matters much. It might also be part of something I'm getting confused about: it seems like there are more chances to imply that you don't trust her than to make her suspicious of you. You can interrogate her when you find her alone with Mallory, but when she confronts you after you meet with Mallory, the conversation seems to go basically the same way no matter what you told Mallory, and then it never comes up again. Though it is right before the birthday party anyway. Some kind of hint would be a huge help, at any rate.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:26 pm
by hanako
Until Vonne finally cracks - which is after the party, not at it - the differences will only be in the immediate dialog of that particular scene. You're not going to see the storyline branching dramatically really early on just because you're starting to build up her yandere points.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:37 pm
by skydragonwings
Ah, I may have misunderstood (though I haven't been immediately stopping after the party every time, so I'm probably still on the wrong track in some way or another). Is there a sign at the party, or no indication until after?

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:42 pm
by hanako
Nope. Other than generally keeping track of how upset you make her in various different scenes, there's no easy way to tell until Valentine's Day when Mallory suddenly quits the Council.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:56 pm
by skydragonwings
Ah, okay. Something that just occurred to me, though I've never been able to get to the point where I could test it myself: is it actually possible to get the two minions achievement with Thais as the traitor? If Althea's loyalty drops when Thais is expelled, and then she flakes out second term, will her loyalty be too low for her to stay through the final boss? Or will she take pity on you if there are only two of them there, or can you get enough loyalty back to make her stay? I know you can get five points back in one of the scenes where she asks you about Vonne, but that doesn't seem like enough, especially since Vonne's scene during the box-guarding week seems to prevent the other chance (that I know of) to raise Althea's loyalty again from happening.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:02 pm
by hanako
Actually I think most (all?) confirmed playthroughs for that achievement did have Thais as the mole.

Minions who flake in the second phase of the final battle don't count for the achievement, so losing Althea in the second part of the battle doesn't actually matter, as long as you can still manage to win.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:17 pm
by Franka
Only done it with mole Thaïs, and Althea present only for the first part of the finale. That's pretty hard. When I tried with mole Althea, I just couldn't drive my minion mad with jealousy. At the time, I was rather convinced I had made the same conversation choices, so it was perplexing.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:42 pm
by skydragonwings
Ah, okay.

I found a save file where I'd stopped too early and did in fact get an interesting message on Valentine's Day, but Vonne only kicked out Mallory, never Rowan. This seems to not be enough for the jealousy achievement, although she did have an...interesting message for me at graduation. I'm assuming there's something I could have done differently after Mallory, I'll go back and try again. Not sure if I'll be able to manage the final boss this time because I forgot Althea would leave when I was distributing stats, but I'll find out.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:23 am
by hanako

... actually even for me, writing a comprehensive guide is hard because there's so many little forks and branches and things that can only happen if another thing happens, but hey, let's see what I can do.

This will probably spoil things and make messing around in her path less fun! But I'm putting it here to help with testing purposes.

Vonne has two stats, love points and yan points. There are points at which she gains yan points based on how many love points she had at that time, so there's a complicated balance of building up both of them if you really want to make her crazy.

(foo, I can't both keep the spacing and the color. oh well.)

At the carnival, tell Vonne that the teachers thought she was 'too attached' to you. (+1 Yan)

When you have the big confession scene with Vonne:
'I should have told you how I felt' -> 'I like you' (+2 love)
or, if she confesses first and asks if you love her, 'Of course I do' (+1 love)

When she asks you to a movie,
'I'm not interested' -> 'You're overreacting' (+love Yan) -> 'Should have asked' -> 'Kiss and make up?' (+1 love)
or, 'I'm busy' -> 'Why should I stop you?' -> 'That's Sweet' (+1 Yan)

On the movie date,
'Kiss her' (+2 Love)
or 'Kiss her Cheek / Let her' (+1 Love)

When talking about kissing
'Your heart belonged to me' (+2 Love)
If you actually kiss her, +1 Love. If you say you're too scared to kiss, +1 Yan

When you see her with Mallory
'What was that about' -> 'More than that' -> 'Is that all?' (+ (love/2) Yan)

When she asks you to meet her to play games
'I'm not interested' (+ (love/2) Yan)
'What sort of game' -> 'I don't know'
-> 'Of course I trust you' (+1 Love)
-> 'If you trusted me' (+3 Yan)
-> 'I'm not interested' (+love Yan) This loses loyalty but does not actually end her romance path.

On the day you roleplay
'We'll keep our games private' +1 Love

When she tries to get you to ask her out to dinner
'I want to keep this secret' -> 'The others might be jealous' (+2 Yan)
-> 'Secret meetings are romantic' (+1 Love, +1 Yan)
-> 'Maybe we should break up' (+Love Yan) This does not actually end the path, it just prevents the next date.
or, if you actually make a dinner date, +1 Love

On the dinner date
'Want to cuddle?' -> 'Later' (+1 Love)

If she comes to ask about you meeting with Mallory after your date
'What meeting?' +1 Yan

At the birthday party
'Pull Away' (+Love Yan)

It takes 5 Yan points for her to go after Mallory, and 10 Yan points for her to kick down Rowan as well (happens a few days later). Vonne also has a modified epilogue for 10 Yan.

Re: Achievement Guide

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:28 am
by skydragonwings
Yeah, I realized I'd have to go back before Valentine's Day when I replayed and remembered the actual choices I made afterward and decided that whether I asked "why did Mallory quit?" or "what happened to Mallory?" probably wasn't Vonne's breaking point.

Thanks for the guide! I'll try not to follow it too exactly, but it's helpful to know there were a couple places where I was totally on the wrong track.