The Cast of Minions - Character Discussion

Solve mysteries by ordering your Student Council minions into investigations. A schoolgirl noir RPG-style adventure!
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Re: The Cast of Minions - Character Discussion

#16 Post by Darksilverhawk » Fri Mar 27, 2015 7:22 pm

Thoughts on the girls, finally, spoilers abounding. I like Vonne a lot for her devotion and imagination. I found her route a lot of fun to play, and it was nice to have such an old friend who wasn't a jerk. I did her route first because she's so obviously in love with you that I felt guilty doing otherwise.

Althea. I do not like Althea one bit. I did her route second just to get it over with, and she did nothing to endear herself to me. She's selfish and lazy and flippant. Rebellious, but not in any useful way, and her tendency to flake out really annoys me. She's just lazy and it's so clear from the get-go that her heart isn't in the student council stuff that it's a complete mystery to me why she ran at all.

I'm pretty neutral on Rowan. I feel sorry for her, but once I finished her romance route I didn't find much memorable about her. Her angst is sort of generic. She doesn't seem to have any really driving forces or anything she's trying to change, she just kinda angsts about being poor a lot and likes soap operas. Her family problems are interesting but that's all I can ever really remember about her route. I got a little bit of a "why is she here if she hates it so much?" vibe out of her, too, particularly since she angsts so hard about not being able to go to college so it's not like she's pouring herself into her studies for scholarships or anything. Her minion path was a little more interesting (if kinda abrupt- I just told you to clean my desk, why are you suddenly pouring your heart out to me about how you're looking into scholarships?) and I liked her character arc better, as it seemed like she had a goal in mind then. Though I was certainly expecting something different when you called it the "devoted" and "loyal" minion path. Her heart doesn't really seem into it.

Back to characters I do like, Thais! Ok, I was pretty neutral on her at first, but once I played her route I became really fond of her boundless confidence. Thais doesn't take shit from anybody, and it's great. She really loves fashion and art, and it really shows on her route. I got her kissy CG by accident (Sorry Thais, but you picked the week I had to finish cleaning up a cheating ring and track down a drug dealer at the same time, I had no resources to allocate to your problems) and I was going for more of a friendship route anyway, but whatever.

And Mallory. I always liked Mallory, she is so happy and cheery and friendly. I sympathize with her, too; I've done the long distance relationship thing before and it's tough, even if her (ex? I was a little fuzzy on how that turned out for her) boyfriend is kind of a jerk. (also, her "you ALL can't be lesbians!" scene is probably my favorite part of the game. I mean, small sample size and all that, but judging from current patterns...) The fact that she has a definite passion in bugs is really awesome and memorable, too.

I would so love an alternate ending where you all just stuff Talmage in a supply closet or something. As much as I like framing her for crimes against goats it would be so cathartic to just shove her in a locker and walk off.

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