A Cute Knight Kingdom Fanfic

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A Cute Knight Kingdom Fanfic

#1 Post by LadyKnight » Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:43 am

This is my attempt at a Cute Knight Kingdom fanfic. Any comments or constructive criticism would be very much appereciated. This is only chapter one, chapter two will be up... Whenever I write it. :) Thanks for reading.

Cute Knight Kingdom; Taro's Tale
"...And before mommy came here, I had many adventures. It was over there when I was younger that I met Uncle Alaric and Aunt Alana. Whenever I first met them I thought they were the same person!" A middle aged woman with greenish blue hair sat on a beach, two small boys in her lap. The younger one had hair the same color as hers, and the older had hair the color of gold. They were tanned, and each had an earing shaped like a star in one ear. They giggled at her last statement, so hard they almost fell out of her lap. "Mommy, that's silly!" The older boy said. "It's impossible, you're way too smart to think that!" The younger one added.

Queen Sasami chuckled and looked over the ocean in the direction of her homeland. "Yes, but that was a long time ago. I was younger and a lot more nieve..."

Noting the look on his mother's face, the older one quickly asked, "But that's when you saved the merman, wasn't it? Tell that story again."

"Okay, Alan. It all started when I went into the scary dungeon..."


Eleven years later

The same blue haired boy, Prince Taro, walked through the marble halls of his family's seaside palace. It was a beauty of a place; Arches leading to a balcony lined the side of the castle facing the sea. The marble showed beautiful pictures of sea creatures and nature, so deep in color that if you stared at it long enough you'd forget yourself and believe that you were among the brightly colored fish. As children, Taro and Alan would spend hours roaming those hallways and making up stories for every little picture. This fish granted wishes to whatever sailor might catch it. That bird roamed the world, looking for bad little children to eat. They even passed those stories on to their little brother and sister, Helena and Henry. Come to think of it, that probably wasn't our best idea, Taro thought to himself with a small chuckle when he remembered his little siblings running inside any time they saw the shadow of a bird. He came to a stop in front of a large set of double doors. With a slight knock, he entered.

"You know, as much as we love this palace, the saltwater has done a number on my books" His father said without looking up from the book he was repairing. Taro sat down near his father to watch as he worked.

"Why don't you just send them farther inland?" He asked, though he knew the answer.

"Because then I couldn't read them, of course!" King Taran exclaimed. He put down the book he was working on. Though he was already in his fourties, Taran was still a very handsome man. Shoulder length blonde hair, tanned skin, broad shouldered and eternally smiling, it was no wonder that his oldest son who looked just like him had all the palace girls after him. Taro took more after his mother; Green/blue hair, naturally fair in skin and small built. He was hounded after as well, but for his station instead of his looks. "Son, you usually don't come in here unless you want to talk about something. Is anything wrong?"

"It's about the mainland problems..." His father straightened at the mention of them. Recently the crime problem had taken a sharp rise, and they couldn't do anything about it because the leaders of all of this were on the mainland, in Sorami's home country.

"No, you can't go try and deal with it. I've said that many times. I'm sure that Queen Alana will handle things once Princess Alexandra has her baby and gets healthier" Prince Aleric's wife from the neighboring country had moved there several years previously and became very close friends with the queen. Since a sickness and problems with pregnancy has made her bedridden, Alana had started spending almost all her time with her and had started to neglect her duties. Taran and Sosami had faith in their friend though, and had declined all Taro's offers to go and deal with the criminal leader himself.

"But dad, surely I can-" "Taro, I said no, and I meant it. You have to learn to have more faith in people. Now get on to your world history lesson, we both know that Sir Landry doesn't like to be kept waiting." With a sigh and a, "Yes, dad" Taro left.

He was so sure he could do it! And with their leader dealt with the criminals that plagued his own country would be much easier to catch. Things would get so much better when they were gone, and his people would be able to go on their lives again.... He leaned against the railing of the balcony he stood on, and sighed with dissapointment. He wasn't a master diplomat, wasn't the crown prince, wasn't really useful at all. But by doing this he could finally do something to help his people. Then, in the middle of his wallowing in self pity, he noticed out of the corner of his eye movement on a dock in the town on the base of the large hill the castle sat on. Young men about his age were loading large crates on a boat. Suddenly, an idea began to form...

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