Acadreamia:school of the gifted

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Acadreamia:school of the gifted

#1 Post by aya_lyka » Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:35 pm

Welcome to
Acadreamia:school of the gifted

Dean Titus:so you have enrolled here to learn all sorts of magic... well let me tell you a short story of the school...

The school was once a little house were people with special abilities meet...
they meet here hidden. because at there time when king Etheron the 3rd was at rule magic or powers was not allowed he said that it was a sign of praising the Devil or Chaos god...
so here they practiced and learned quietly...
then in a quite peaceful night were they are having lessons..
a villager saw colorful and wonderful lights at the house that night..
and out of curiosity the villager peeked in the window and saw what they were doing..
out of fright and shock she ran off to the castle and told the king...
the king was very angry and sent out troops they attacked everyone in that house...
they that doesn't want trouble was forced to fight back and a war begin...
the war went on for 30 day and 30 night until it ended when Isocholos the most powerful and that he has control over the powers of all elements in that time used all his strength to open a portal to another dimension and sucked everyone...
some said he was sucked in too, and some said he turned to dust and some said he just vanished... but many of the one's who knows of the history believes that he is still alive till this very day...
so our elders built this school inspired by him...

Dean Titus: and thats the story, well ok lets move on... let me tell you the buildings in the school...

ok so we have 3 library's
1st we have the campus library were you can do your research... (open for all)
2nd our spell library were us the high one's gets the spells that you learn from classes...
(only for the teachers/open for students if have a pass)
3rd the s0o0o called history library were they said our history lies. super private...
(open only for the Elders)

our groups and class and ... we have 5 buildings here will also be your dorm

1st Magicians Tower were you can learn magic


2nd Warriors Domain were you can practice your strength

Sword singer

3rd Hunters Ground were you can practice to be a hunter

Animal Tamer
Shape Shifter
Ninja (new)
Assasins (new)

4th Merchants Base were you can practice merchantry

Bar Owner
Stall Owner
Caravan Owner
Gold Digger
Item Finder

5th The Church were you can practice White magic


and we have our school park were you can relax and enjoy

and a cafeteria over there...

our sports arena... we have 4 places there

the field were soccer and football games are held
the court for basketball,tennis and badminton games
the skating ring well obvious with the name
and there the swimming pool

and over there is the gym were you work out...
and there is the official tower were we teachers have our own offices...
and the guidance council building were the high elders is... and when we have a problem with a student we take them there...
and the animal shelter over there...(still closed till further notice)
the theater for drama scholars...(still closed till further notice)
the mixed subject building... i don't know why that's it's name...(still Closed till further notice)
and you can also do jobs outside the school for you to earn money....(still Closed till further notice)
and extra classes will be added soon...
and there finished...

just fill this application and post it in our RP sign-up thread thankyou...

Class/Job(the job is still not available):
Group(still not available):
Weapons good at:
Element can control:
Reason why you enrolled
Spells you know (only up to 3):

the elders will read this before you post... and students who is accepted will be posted here s0o0o always check back... so0oo no posting till further notice....

~Newly Enrolled Students~

Aikiekoh Kazumi - Assasin

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