Magical Diary Fanfic Suggestions

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Magical Diary Fanfic Suggestions

#1 Post by pod95 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:07 pm

Hi guys!

So after completing my 1000th play through of magical diary and completing Grabiners route (again!) I decided that I really wanted to create some fanfiction of M.C's 2nd year. I want to keep the fic as canon as possible, and honestly I want it to be a fairly big project, almost like a real novel. I have a few ideas that I would like to put into practise but I wanted to ask you guys for opinions.

1. So the first thing that I wanted some help with is regards to magic. What kind of spells realistically do you think a 2nd year student would be able to do? I want to know this so I can write some dungeons into the game, and work out interesting exams for a 2nd year.
2. Another thing is will there be certain types of events that 2nd years can participate in that first years can't, like how seniors can go to the apple festival in Magical Diary?
3. Finally I wanted to ask if I should try to make the book a "choose your own adventure" to accommodate for all the different routes people took in the original. The problem with doing this is that I probable wouldn't be able to make the story as in-depth because this will be my first fan fiction and I don't want to push myself to accommodate everyone and end up with a sub-par story. So would you prefer one really in depth route (then maybe I can look at writing other routes later) or lots of less detailed routes?

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks :)

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