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Bear among Frogs.

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:02 pm
by Grimma1
Hello guys!
I wrote this for Hanako/Spiky!
I have the ultimate respect for game devs, especially the ones whom keep in touch with their fandom!
This is the first two pages. I'm actually enjoying myself, but what with university finals coming up, this fan-fic won't have the editing and processing I would love to give it.
I dutifully give this and all inspired concepts, ideas, headaches, heartbreaks, and confusions to Hanako!
With the condition that I can continue to write fan-fics about my mind-babies whom will be adopted by Hanako. Maybe.

Anyway! Hur it is..
How do I attach things..
Gimmie a sec.. Uhh.. Can I just copy and paste..? Crap.

Where should I start? Well, probably the beginning right?
I never knew my father, not even a name. When I asked my mother, she would stop whatever she was doing and her eyes would grow distant. After far too many of these occasions, I gather that my father, whoever he was, must have been considered a trauma to her, something she forced herself to forget. Growing up like that, knowing I was something my mother couldn’t bear to remember, I strived to be the best son I could be. I wanted to excel at my duties, not for praise or respect, but to keep mother from being hated. That probably doesn’t make sense, I should explain. I’m not human. I don’t know what I am, and I don’t think I ever will, but I know our village forced my mother to move to the outskirts when I was young. At first, I didn’t understand why, I only knew mother would cry every night. But one day, while I was playing in the woods, there was an old man. He said he was looking for me, he said I had to leave if I cared about the people here. He wouldn’t tell me why, no matter how I begged, he only said I would bring disaster if I couldn’t learn to hide. I didn’t believe him, I didn’t want to, not when he said I wasn’t human, not when he said I belonged in the forest. But as I had begun to leave, he told me the source of the threat, and his words chill to me this day. “For as long as he can smell you, he will never stop.” As he said this, my heart seized, my blood ran cold, and I could feel a warm tongue wrap around my neck. I never knew my father, and I pray I never will.
It was then I began life as a vagrant. What could I do? How could I allow something so awful to come to a defenseless village? The options of a twelve year old bow are limited. I had no choice but to run.
As I ran, I did not neglect my duty to my mother, I could never forsake the woman that gave up so much for a cursed son like me. I ran, I worked, and ran some more. What money I made, I sent to my beloved mother. But no matter how far I ran, where I slept, where I worked, I could feel his breath on my neck. Why was he coming for me? Why after all these years? I was too young to do this alone, too young to outrun a monster. After a year of running, I was found, but not by who I was expecting.
They said I was a troublemaker, for evading them the way I did. They complained that they had been following in my wake, erasing memory of my magic from everywhere I worked.
“Wait what?” I barked from atop my current tree-home, “Magic?” They had certainly gained my intrigue. They seemed surprised at first, unwilling to believe I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. I’m not sure if it was due to my ragged clothes, my disheveled form, or merely my lost expression. They explained I was “a magical creature”, to be honest, I was insulted. It had been a long time since anyone called me a creature. But they continued. They were not sure what I was, but they insisted they had a place I belonged. I was hesitant, but they heavily suggested that I was not allowed to flaunt my powers about the way I was. And that led me to believe I would be worse off if I declined. And so, just like that, they sealed my ‘powers’. Which honestly did not slow me down, but rather, eased my burden. At that moment, I ceased to feel his breath on the back of my neck. “Three years” they say. Sixteen is when they will allow me into their care. Looking back, I am surprised I wasn’t scared or anxious. Rather, I was excited, three years of living like a normal boy, a free boy.
The next three years were not how I expected. Human children begin to grow hair at these tender years, I sprouted fur. Luckily, fur in places humans would grow hair; legs, arms, body. The worst issue was to try to blend in with full grown hairy men, with the voice of a young man. Much harder to hide than the tail. Short in length, but bright red, with a small spring of black hair at the tip.
And then, on the morning on my sixteenth birthday, I woke up outside a gate. I am still unsure how I got there, how I went from sleeping in a cave to outside the school. I heard some people talking about how they overheard that I could sleep through anything, so I thoroughly believe I was kidnapped by some lowly professor.
What happened next, I can’t entirely explain. I spotted a young girl entering the gate I was sitting at. There were no thoughts of attraction, curiosity, nor greeting. My first thought, my only thought, was to hide, climb the wall of the school, and hide. The three years were not as kind to me as I would like to admit. Fur was one thing, but some people might think that was cute. And maybe the tail too. But my fingernails, grew long and black. My teeth fell out, replaced with the jagged and sharp maw of a wild beast. How could I be anything but.. Traumatizing. And that’s when I realized. I did not belong here, I did not belong anywhere.
But at that moment, when my heart was at its lowest, I saw him. Blue. His skin was blue. Teeth like daggers, hands like mine. He was like me, he didn’t belong here, but they weren’t afraid, they waved and blushed. They treated him like a human. For a moment, I feared my face would become frozen in that foolish smile he inflicted upon me. I wanted nothing more than to meet him. I wanted to hide behind him, to be protected from what I am. Suddenly I heard a voice so kind, I nearly forgot I was hiding on a wall and slipped. “You’ll have to report to your room now, we have provided you with simple furnishings, so you really must get out of the habit of sleeping on walls and trees.” An older woman stood below me, she had bright orange hair, with a hint of grey. The worried expression on her face told me I needed to work on my social skills. And take a bath.
After the courtyard cleared, she led me to my room. It was a small room, about a medium sized cave.. There were three beds. I cringe, there is a slight tremble, and I hear the door close behind me. She said something about frogs, personally I believe I can afford to wait until the blood returns to my face to dwell on things like that. Luckily, I managed to take off part of my bed’s wooden frame and conceal my whereabouts when I finally heard the long awaited squeak of the door opening. I peeked out in horror to attempt to see what fate has in store. There is a moment I hear “.. keep that in mind okay?” in a familiarly sweet voice. Then I see legs. Two pairs of them. One is at the door, holding the door knob closely. The other is slowly examining the room, as if he is.. Looking for me! I gasp, I’m not positive why, I mean, I’ve been around people before. But I could hide my features from them. Bandages and working gloves saved me from being hunted like a beast. But now. I had nothing but a mattress to save me. “Uhm...” I heard a voice call out, it was a young and innocent voice. “Your name.. Is Rain right?” ‘Sweet slippery snakes! How did someone know my name?!’ My fingers slipped out from under my bed and gripped the mattress. I know now, that was a mistake. Suddenly my ear’s erupted in piercing pain, a noise that started as nothing more than a squeak, but increased substantially into what sounded more like a siren.
“There is something under the bed! A ghost! A banshee! A demon! It’s here to take us away and eat us!” The incredibly high-pitched voice continued into hysterical ramblings. I burst out from under my bed, screaming in from shock. The boy next to me jumps on a nearby bed, and shrieks in horror.
Hard to believe this is how I met my best friends.

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Re: Bear among Frogs.

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:17 am
by Grimma1
Update before I sleep. I had a busy day, and should probably study this weekend. But let me know if you guys like this story (I know I initially wrote it as a suggested character piece, but I'm having fun with it.) and I'll try to give it more attention!


Deep in the forest, hidden in a small cave, a mother bear comes home to find a boy in her cave. The boy doesn’t see the sleeping cubs, and was only looking for shelter for the night. The bear doesn’t see her cubs, only a wild boy at the entrance of her cave. My mind goes to that moment, to the blood chilling silence between that bear and I, whenever I think back to the seconds after I met my roommates. Three boys sitting in silence, glancing to one another. One of the boys breaks the silence, thankfully. “So, you’ve never lived with other people..” The boy had fluffy brown hair which had random grouping of curls. I glanced at him for a moment, and nodded. “Can you speak, Rain?” I flinched when he said my name. I swallowed hard, and for the first time in weeks, spoke aloud. “Yes.. I can..”
Suddenly there was a loud quack on the opposite side of the room, and we both nearly jumped out of our skin. The other boy, as slender as his roommate. He had an unusual blue hair color, neatly parted in the middle. And.. He wore a bright yellow.. beak. The boy spoke with an unusual accent, one I could not place. “You mean you aren’t here to eat us?!”
“So, what do I have to do to convince you to get a shower?” the brown-haired boy smiled as he openly said I stank. I had no idea I stank, nor any idea what a ‘shower’ was. When I informed them of this, they giggled. Surprisingly the duck-boy wasn’t angry about us ignoring him. They led me to the bath, while everyone was busy in class or something. We stood in the showers while the hot water pushed twigs and leaves out of my shaggy hair. “Okay Rain, when we leave the shower, there will be students around. But you’ll be clean and dressed, so I’m sure you can handle it!” The brown-haired boy peaked over the shower wall and into my shower while he cheered me on. I blushed and covered myself, I remember thinking ‘Why am I blushing?’
“Why-are-you-trying-to-look-at-me-naked!” I yelled, much louder than I intended. My response was a confused look from him, and a quack from the stall next to me.
“Man, was that even English?” He asked jokingly. “Besides, it’s not like you’re a girl or somethin’, so why are you all flustered?” This was followed by an inquisitive quack from my neighboring stall.
“Listen you..!” I start, my cheeks still as blush as ever. “Do you realise you haven’t even introduced yourselves?!” Suddenly the boy’s head disappears. And there is a long, quackless silence, and then.. I am suddenly shoved into a corner of my stall as my two roommates squeeze in. The brown haired boy is first to speak, “I’m Roger! But my friends use to call me Dodge!” Use to? Then the duck. “My name is Allen! I really like ducks.” Clearly.. “Well.. My mother called me Rain. Everyone else called me ‘boy’. So.. Rain?” I asked, my social skills need drastic improvement. Suddenly, it dawns on me. “Dodge, Allen.. Couldn’t.. this have waited until I WAS DRESSED?!” They laugh, I know they were just excited, after all I am basically more like a pet than a friend to them.
We are all dressed and ready by the time the students start moving about. The three of us stand in the doorway of the boy’s bath. I finally noticed just how short Allen is, which is barely above my waist. But then again, as the students flood the halls, I quickly notice that I am easily a foot taller than even the tallest of the student body. How do I notice this so quickly? The fact that we are almost immediately swarmed by curious students might have something to do with it. Allen screams “He’s mine! Get away from my friend!” I’m honestly shocked, I’ve never been a friend before. Hard to think moments ago he was screaming about me eating him or some such nonsense. I hear duck doesn’t taste too good.
Dodge immediately makes it clear how he got his name, as he forms a tight grip on my wrist and bolts around the crowd. In my surprise, I grab Allen’s head, causing him to flail helplessly in the air while we run. This is my first real experience with my new school, running through them with a flailing duck behind me. We sprint into the courtroom, and somehow decided to hide behind some flower beds.
“What are you doing?” This voice definitely didn’t come from a student. It was older, refined, and had a rich English accent. His voice immediately made me feel like I was in trouble, but I wouldn’t hide, maybe he was nice? And I had to work on my social skills.
“We are hiding, I think.” I said it with pride. I never claimed I was a smart child. “There was a swarm of people, they wanted to eat Allen. So Dodge and I ran, and we brought Allen. This is Allen.” Allen quacked. I didn’t know what detention was, but I had it. All three of us.
“So, you’ve got to pick your classes for tomorrow Rain.” Allen says while bouncing on my bed.
“Why are you on my bed? And what do you mean classes?” I remember that this is a school for magic. I also remember I don’t know the first thing about magic.
“Yeah, what’s up with that?” Dodge asks, suddenly throwing himself on my bed. A bed which had suddenly become far too crowded.
“Well..” Allen begins, I glance at my ceiling. ‘Wow.. What a boring ceiling. Usually I can count ripples in rock, or watch water run down moss... But wow. This is totally uninteresting. I’m actually in awe over how completely boring this ceiling is. If I learn magic, can I make my ceiling more interesting? Think I should ask Allen, or just wing it? Wait, what if I blow a hole in my ceiling? There is probably a floor above me right? I guess I could ask the guys up there if their ceiling is any better..” while I absentmindedly chew my lip, Allen exclaims “.. And that’s all you’ll ever need to know about the schools of magic!” followed by a quack. I involuntarily nod. I notice Dodge is also nodding while staring at the ceiling, but I’m sure it is just a coincidence.