Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!)

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Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!)

#1 Post by hanako » Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:52 pm

It's been a while since we did a giveaway, hasn't it?

Contest: Elodie Receives A Gift!

For this competition I ask you to write a short story about Princess Elodie from Long Live The Queen getting a present of some kind. What is it, who sent it, and what does she do with it? Is it dangerous? Does she like it?

Christmas doesn't really exist in this setting but that's not important, you can use Earth-world holidays if you want. Or her birthday, or a present for no reason at all.

Entries should be between 500 and 1500 words.

If you haven't played the game yet and don't know what sort of present she might like, your other option is Elodie's New Dress - draw a picture of Elodie in some new outfit instead of her usual game clothes. As silly as you like. Spacegirl Elodie? Barbarian Warrior Elodie? Whatever.

Prizes At least one person will receive their choice of a free downloadable copy of one of my games (plus Steam key if it's one on Steam). Beyond that it depends on how many people enter! If only a handful of people take part then there will only be one winner. If we get a good selection we can give away more codes. If we get a HUGE pile of entrants then we can give out a CD version too.

Deadline: December 22nd That will allow us to announce the winner and give them their prize in time for Christmas.

To Enter - For stories you can just post them here in the thread, or you can post them on a fanfic site and post a link. Either works. We don't do image uploading on the forum, so you will need to host your image somewhere else (my suggestions would be deviantart or archiveofourown but whatever works for you) and post a link.

Winners will be posted in this thread and notified by private message, so be sure you remember to come BACK to the forum occasionally to see if you've won!

Any questions? Ask away!

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#2 Post by phoenixgirl » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:53 pm

Coolies on the contest. I'm totally in. :D I'm curious as to whether the winner(s) will be picked at random or based on their entry.

Anyway, here's my contest entry:

A Sweet Treat

Dressed in my usual royal attire, I was walking down the hallway back towards my room. I had just finished taking care of some royal matters that needed my attention and was grateful that I finally had a break and some time to myself. All I wanted was to return to my room and take a much needed nap. By now, I should be used to being a queen but there are times when it feels overwhelming and much more so now that Dad returned to Caloris and I had to take on more responsibilities by myself.

Once I reached my room, I flopped down on my bed, waiting for sleep to overtake me, when I saw a small brightly colored present set on my dresser. Sitting up, I looked at it carefully, wondering where the present had come from. None of the servants had told me earlier that I would be receiving a package and remembering from past experiences where not all brightly wrapped gifts brought good tidings, I was a little skeptical to open it. However, upon closer inspection, I saw that there was a small note attached to the card which said,

A sweet treat from your one and only apple thief

Recognizing the handwriting, I smiled to myself and then called out,

“Evrard, are you here? I want to see you.”

I heard the sound of footsteps quickly approaching me from behind and before I could turn around, a pair of warm strong arms gathered around my waist. I felt a warm breath near my right ear and Evrard quietly said,

“Hey, Elodie.”

I turned around and smiling at him, I replied,

“Hey, yourself. How did you get here?”

Evrard looked at me with that cheeky grin of his and replied, “You should know by now. Take a guess.”

Looking thoughtful, I replied, “Well, if I were trying to sneak on the castle grounds without the guards noticing, I would have hidden myself in a clump of bushes and figured out when the guards would change rotation. Then I’d take that opportunity to sneak on the grounds and make sure not to get seen. Finally, I’d find my way to my bedroom window and using the nearby trees, I’d climb up carefully and then sneak in unseen.

Now tell me-how did I do?”

Evrard chuckled quietly and replied, “Very good guess. Yup, that’s what I did.”

Looking at the present, I replied, “So you came all this way to give me a present?”

Evrard grinned and replied, “That and to visit you. I did promise that I would visit you more, right? It was hard, what with all those soldiers, but I found a way.”

I smiled and replied, “I see. Well, now that you’re here, you can watch my reaction as I open this.”

I reached out to unwrap the present and once I took off the wrapping paper and bow, I saw a small-sized tin container. Then I opened the lid of the container and to my delight, I saw that it was a delicious assortment of chocolate and pecan cookies. I turned to Evrard and said,

“You’re the best, and these smell so good!”

Evrard replied, “Only the best for you, Elodie. Try one-I made them myself. Pa’s been helping me with making delicious cookies and I think I finally got them right.”

I nodded and taking a warm, chocolate chip cookie, I took a small bite. Indeed, it was the most delicious cookie I had ever tasted, even better than the ones that Evrard’s dad made. I looked at Evrard and said,

“You really made these all by yourself? They taste like heaven.”

Evrard replied, “You really like them?

I nodded enthusiastically and replied, “Of course. They’re the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.” I paused, realizing something, and then added,

“But is there a special occasion for giving me cookies? It’s not my birthday or a holiday or anything.”

Evrard chuckled and replied, “Do I really need a reason to give you cookies? But if I had to have one, I guess I could tell how stressed out you’ve been and so I thought a batch of delicious cookies would cheer you up.”

I giggled and replied, “I can’t get angry over that reason.”

I gestured for Evrard to eat the cookies with me, as there were a lot and there was no way I would be able to finish them all in one sitting. As I sat next to him, enjoying the cookies and his company, I thought about how our friendship had only grown and gotten stronger since our first meeting. I gazed happily at him, feeling a warmth and caring that I had so rarely experienced.

Evrard noticed me looking at him, for he asked,

“Is there something wrong?”

I shook my head and smiling, I replied, “Not at all. I was only thinking about how happy I am that I didn’t let the guards arrest you for stealing my apples.”

Evrard laughed and replied, “Me, too.”

Note: My story is loosely based on another LLTQ fanfic story I recently wrote but as that story doesn't meet the requirements for this contest, I thought it better to write this one. And obviously, I wrote the story assuming the Elodie and Evrard relationship. ^^
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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#3 Post by hanako » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:08 pm

Exact choosing methods also tend to vary based on how many entries there are. If possible I'll want to do a mix of random and judged results, so everyone has a chance but good work has a better one.

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#4 Post by Bombermans » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:21 pm

A silly question: Entries all have to be in english, right? I mean, I can't write the fanfic entry in my native language, spanish, can't I?

Yeah, really silly question, but I am already writing a fanfic (which does not meet the requirements of the contest) of Princess Elodie in spanish. If I could write an entry on spanish, my life would be fullfilled (?) XDDD I could try to write in english, but probably it would be like primary school english... Maybe I could try a translator, though... but then it may become retarded english :lol:

PS: Really really love the idea of the fanfic. I really like Long Live The Queen and Princess Elodie, so I can't wait to see all the images and read all the entries! ^^ We do not have enough fanart!!

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#5 Post by hanako » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:37 pm

Well, I can't read spanish, so it would be kind of hard to judge if not english, I'm afraid. :)

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#6 Post by ark99k » Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:25 am

Ahh! I am terrified to submit this! This is a short story about Christmas in Long Live the Queen. Half of the story is incorporating Christmas so it fits with the story and the second half is the actual present part. I am sorry for the awful writing skills! I just had to at least enter the contest. :) ... f-chistmas

At this moment I really just hope it meets the requirements.
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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#7 Post by wendymarlowe » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:20 am

Mine's on the shorter end, but "A Most Useless Gift' is up at and ... eless-Gift. (Same story, but AO3's formatting is a lot easier to read, in my opinion!)

This was my first LLTQ fanfic, but I've got some Magical Diary ones up there too :-)

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#8 Post by LionessGrl » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:58 pm

I sit at my desk, my face usually stressed out from royal duties now scrunched up in fear of what was on my bed.

When I had entered my room I saw a box wrapped up in shiny red paper decorated with golden, fascinating decorations. On top of the box lay a perfectly tied up golden, bow with a tag sticking out from it. Like a child I jumped up in joy, clapped my hands and let out a squeal of delight. I love presents, and being queen I got a lot of them. Unfortunately, they were usually boring gifts fit for a 'Queen'. Yes, I may be Queen but I am a kid still and I don't fancy books on History of Nova or pens to help write out new laws. I like toys, and stories filled with adventures! This present showed promise though, all of my other presents were decorated in boring paper and didn't even have a bow half of the time. Also, this was delivered in an entirely different matter. Usually a servant would call for me and give it that way, but this had just been waiting on my bed.

I started to feel my nervous, my heart was pounding as I took slow steps towards it as though it contained a bomb ticking away. It very well could, it wouldn't be the first time someone had tried to take my life. Thoughts of poisoned chocolates filled my head, I made a mental note to not just pop it in my mouth if it happened to be some sort of dessert. My hands were shaking as I gently touched the tag and unfolded it from the bow. The handwriting was beautiful, soft swirls and straight lines formed the letters that spelled out: To my dearest Elodie, Love your mother.

It was as though the present itself wasn't the danger, but the words that were signed on the tag held the real trap. My heart stopped, my breath held and the world turned out from under my feet. I would have fallen if I hadn't taken a few steps back and grasped onto my chair. It took time but I managed to situate myself on my chair, now here I am looking wearily at the present, trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. Was this a cruel joke? Everyone in Nova knows my mother died at the hands of another lumen wielder. Togami. Was this a gift from him? I sent him back with the knowledge that he should sing to his children, but did he change his mind and decide to come after me again?

Fear clutched at me just as my hands were at my chest. I could feel my lumen pulsing in time with my heart. The urge to call out for someone to help me was pushed away. I am Queen now, I have to take control and learn to fight my own battles. But oh, that was harder than it sounded. Wetting my lips, I take a few deep breaths and stand on shaky legs. Walking felt like one of those intricate dances I learn in class, but I manage to make it back to my bed. I sit down next to the bag and carefully pick it up. I don't want to look at the tag again, just the word mother make my eyes water with years of tears.

“It's now or never.” I whisper to myself as I undo the bow and place it by my side. It felt so wrong to be scared of opening a gift, when so many children would do so with glee. As I slowly, and cautiously take the wrapping paper off I think of how I used to just tear it away with no thought of saving it. Finally, I get to the simple, brown box and use my nails to rip the tape away. Just one more move and I would see what 'mother' had given me.

I didn't want to do it. I just wanted to toss the box and it's unknown contents out the window, let the servants deal with it, crawl into bed and fall asleep. But, I couldn't do that. I have to see what this gift is, not only because my curiosity was racing but because if this was a threat on my life I needed to know now so I could take care of it. Again my body went into flight mode, but I pushed through it and opened the box. There was a lot of paper crammed in, but a single letter was on top of it. Hoping this held all my answers, I picked it up and began to read.

My dearest daughter,
My, you have grown and it both proud and saddens me to see how far you have matured. I remember you as a little girl playing with the other kids outside. You would pretend to go on quests slaying monsters and gathering treasure. Elodie, my daughter, you don't have to pretend any longer for you are Queen of Nova and those adventures await you. You have given me so much, and now it is my turn to give to you.
Inside this box a gift from your mother a long time ago waits. She had made this while pregnant with you and wished to give it to you on your 15h birthday. I wanted to give it to you then but my heart was weak and I did not wish to ruin your happy day. Now, I must gather my strength like you have and let you have this precious gift. My Elodie, remember that your mother and I are always here for you. And remember, above all else, you are strong and can do anything you set your heart to.
Love always,
Your mother and father

My tears were running down my face as I held the letter against me. Father had left this morning during my classes, he must have left this here before. We are very close even if we hardly speak due to how busy we both are with our duties. This letter though, only proves how much he loves me. I wasn't mad that he hid this gift from me, before I would be throwing a fit. But life taught me how people think, some are out for their selves but my father is different. He cares for me deeply and as his letter said, he wanted to wait for the right time.

Now is the right time. I push the paper back and reach into the box, when my fingers touch soft fur I pull my hand back and hold up a teddy bear. I look at it in joy, my eyes watery and wide. The bear was brown, made out of the softest fur I have ever felt. It's eyes were golden jewels carved and shined to reflect what it saw like real eyes. It's nose was leathery and black and in it's arms it held a red, velvet heart with letters sewn in that spelled 'Congratulations my dear Elodie.'

I sat there stunned, my mother had made this for me. Her hands had touched this bear, her fingers had spent hours sewing away to make this wonderful treasure, she had thought of me. I didn't have much from her, my father in his sadness got rid of most of it. But, this, will be my most treasured item I own. Even more treasured than my Lumen.

In a childish antic I kicked the box and wrapper off the bed. The letter was placed on my desk and the bear never left my arms. I push back the blankets, huddle down underneath, and hold the bear close to me. For the first time, in a long time, I cry. I let out all my emotions, the fear, the sadness, the anger all of it that had been bottled up in me was finally let out. The last emotion that I feel as I drift off to sleep is happiness.
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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#9 Post by Franka » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:20 pm


Elodie gave the parcel a tentative shake.

It was sitting on the table, waiting, tempting her to partake in its secrets. Red cloth with green ribbons surrounded a square package, a size that she figured would probably accommodate a crown.

What was in it? A servant had left it for her, after it had arrived in the morning, before she had gotten out of bed. Now it was mocking her from a low table next to the recliner she was squatting in.

“What are you?” she asked of the devilish box, but no answer was forthcoming. No card had accompanied it, and the servant who had received it had gone to town.

Remembering last year’s chocolate debacle, Elodie was understandably wary. Her eyes narrowed as conflicting emotions warred within her. Impatience and curiosity mixed with a healthy dose of caution and what might be coined ‘wisdom’ after her many near brushes with disaster.

Nothing rattled within the box, though she could feel something shifting. It was light, too light for her earlier crown theory.

Should she get a servant to open it? Or..? A fiendish idea spawned in her mind, an impish grin lighting up her face. “Better safe than sorry, is that not what they say?” she asked herself, then gave a sharp whistle.

A muffled sound of padded footsteps announced the arrival of Puppy, Elodie’s favorite hunting dog. He was a brutish thing, all muscle. Powerful jaws with a wicked set of teeth, exactly what she needed. The beast was devoted to her, she’d chosen him herself, played with him and trained him.

Giving the blasted conundrum a shove, it fell from the table, bouncing once on the carpet. Puppy’s beady eyes followed it, and he inclined his head slightly, questioning her.

Elodie gave the situation a final once over. Raising her hand, she hesitated. What if it was something precious? Something from the adoring populace? But no, she convinced herself, a note would surely have accompanied it.

Letting her hand fall, as if ordering an execution, she barked out the order. “Puppy, kill!” An instant later, the growling animal tore into the defenseless gift, bits of ribbon and torn paper flying about him, as he harried the object.

Giggling gleefully, Elodie watched the gruesome spectacle. In the fray, she couldn’t quite tell what was inside it. Something colourful and woolen looking that was now being torn to shreds.

Letting the murder of the present go on for a while longer, she clapped her hands. “Puppy, to me!” Obediently, the hunting dog let go of the frazzled remains, coming to her side. Drool mixed with bits of red cloth clung to one side of his jaws, and Elodie carefully cleaned his muzzle with a handkerchief. That was when she saw it.

Under the table, accidentally kicked there it seemed, was a thin, white envelope. Elodie swallowed. Could it be? Nervously picking it up, she unfolded the paper and pulled out a letter.

“Dearest Cousin ‘Lodie,
I spent the whole of winter knitting this sweater for you. It’s my very first successful foray into the world of producing garments, and I wanted for you to have it! I hope you’ll wear it when next I visit.

Looking over the sad remains of Lottie’s hand crafted exclamation of devotion, Elodie bit into her curled fist. “Oh, ****!”
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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#10 Post by CthulhuLemon » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:16 pm

(I just have to add, the +2 Depressed was hilarious.)


In the days leading up to her Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of her coronation, Queen Elodie called the Fair, called the Just received more gifts than could be counted. Notable entries included a jeweled tiara from the Duchess of Mazomba, an ornamental apple tree from a small mayoralty on the edge of Nova and an elephant. Scores of servants were pressed into the gift-sorting process, including experts on poisons and the kind of dangerous wildlife that could fit in a hatbox and a rather shy Lumen priest surreptitiously prodding packages to see if they contained any surprises of the magical variety.

Too busy to unbox gifts herself, Queen Elodie called the Wise, called the Brave, called the Grey (behind sneering noble lady's fans) received daily lists of items unwrapped. Today's list seemed to contain nothing more notable than the elephant, which was being housed in the stable and eyed by the frightened stable-boys with curry-combs ordered to prepare it for presentation to the Queen. Nothing notable, except the final item.

Elodie called for the package and it was brought in, a simple box of fragrant wood, containing a shallow bowl of pale clay, a corked bottle and a knife, each wrapped in plain cloth. Elodie dismissed the maid and held the bottle up to the light. The list had noted it was filled with spring-water, strictly not poisonous and according to the nervous gulp of a handy scullery maid, quite potable. Bowl, water and knife.

It was hedge magic, pure and simple and common. Hardly the tools of a Lumen.

But Queen Elodie, called the Graceful, called the Healer, hadn't steered Nova for so many years by ignoring the wisdom of the peasantry. She poured the water into the bowl and touched the tip of the knife to the soft pad of an aged finger. Three drops of blood disturbed the surface of the water, pale red filaments twisting unscryable shapes in the water.

Elodie leaned forward and looked deeper into the bowl. If peasant blood would tell secrets, coaxed properly, what might the blood of a Lumen Queen show?

The shapes in the water flowed, hardly pausing in one form long enough to be recognized. They were Elodie, of course, because royal blood rarely has concerns beyond itself. Elodie at fourteen, dying in a forest. Elodie climbing a hedge. Leading an armada. And with the shapes came other senses: the smell of chocolate, the sound of a lullaby, the strike of a blow to the head, rushing faster.

Elodie was paralyzed by possibility, by all the girls she saw and was by brief turns, some frightened and some cruel. Some victorious. And so many, dying. Her court philosophers had occasionally attempted to explain theories of branching choices and fate to bored courtiers, who couldn't be bothered to worry over what their other selves might be doing, and worse, might be doing better than they. Elodie herself had noted the concept as interesting but irrelevant to the guidance of Nova.

But here, so quickly here and then gone were all these possible Elodies, as bright and brief as sparks. She felt them filling her, like a sky overcome by stars. And the surface of the water was disturbed again, this time by tears. Not many. One or two composed drops, banishing these girls and women that she longed to comfort and flee. The disturbance left a bowl of pale pink water and the feel of a kiss that tasted all at once of apples and pastry and blood, and eventually nothing at all.

Queen Elodie, called the Fierce, called the Damn Picky (in the kitchen cellars when only the other under-cooks were listening), cleared her throat and pulled the bell-cord once for a maid to take the bowl, bottle and knife away. She pulled twice for a secretary to bring her the next list, the next document to look over with what was turning into a slight, if royal, squint.

Queen Elodie was a comet and a comet could not mourn its sparks.

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#11 Post by Mad_Scientist » Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:35 am

I've only played the demo, ok if I still attempt the writing contest? I'd try for the drawing one, but, well, my drawing "skills" are horrible.

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#12 Post by hanako » Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:12 am

Sure, write what you like :)

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#13 Post by The Fighting Doll » Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:09 pm

I haven't written anything in a long time, but I wanted to try and do something for this. Here's my entry.

A Royal Burden

'This gray sky looks so bleak, there's barely a ray of sun passing through the clouds. It's almost overwhelming... How fitting for such a day.'

"My Queen!"

Interrupted by the sudden yell, Elodie's gaze fell back from the heavens and went to her right, where her faithful maid Alice was striding towards her with her usual deference. Elodie's features, who had started to relax, instantly returned to a state of tense focus that had become far too familiar to her. 'A queen must always be there for her subjects.'

Alice eventually stopped before her and, after doing a light curtsy and catching her breath, announced the news.

"My Queen, I'm sorry to interrupt your walk but an important package has arrived for you. It comes from beyond the mountains of Pyrias, from a House of Arlot."

"Arlot...? The name doesn't remind me of anything. Alright, I suppose I should go look at it and then start making sure everything is ready for Father's arrival. The weather isn't so pleasant anyway..."

Elodie turned towards the entrance of the castle and went back through the gardens, along with Alice. Her athletic stance made short work of the long yards of precious flowers and shrubs, pruned in a variety of decorative shapes; even they looked a bit miserable, starting to wither with the incoming cold. She crossed the gate and took off her heavy coat; soon after she was stepping into her office and checking with a curious eye the small box on her desk, next to the usual piles of paperwork.

It wasn't very wide but rather long, about twice the size of her palm, and a note was attached to it. Elodie opened it without hesitation, her magical sense telling her that the package was completely safe. Indeed, the box contained no dubious spell but a simple handmade paper fan. Elodie took it in her hand and opened it; on the side was painted a beautiful floral motif with intertwined lilies. She stared at it, taken aback, and suddenly the flow of memories came rushing back to her head.

"Hey, what are you doing, Mom?"

"I'm painting this fan. Do you want to help me?"


"Alright, take the brush. Here, hold it like this. Now you trace the curve..."

"Aagh, it's hard! My hand keeps slipping!"

"I'll help you. Look, follow the..."

"It looks so beautiful, mom. Is it for Father?"

"No, it's a present for an old friend. You don't know her, but when I was young, Sophia and I were always getting in trouble together."

"Why doesn't she come to the castle?"

"Ah, she lives very far away. I wish I could see her again, but even this present will take weeks to go there."

"We could go visit her! Traveling is fun!"

"Alas, I cannot leave my kingdom for so long. You know, I have a lot of responsabilities here."

"But that's so sad, Mom! Why can't you go visit your friend? Being a queen sucks..."

"Don't say that, Elodie. You know, a queen must always be there for her subjects; that's the duty of royalty. But I'm not alone: I have my family with me, and my cute little princess here!"

"Ha! Stop tickling! Hahaha!"

"So don't worry, I'm very happy to be the Queen and serve my kingdom, as you'll be one day. Now, let's finish this fan together, Princess?"

Struck by the cruel memories, Elodie felt dizzy and had to sit on her massive chair. Her head almost felt like it was pounding; trying to get her bearings, she put the fan back in the box and unfolded the note attached.

My gracious Queen,

On this sad day, I wanted to offer you my most heartfelt condolences. I was so terribly distraught when I learned of the demise of my dear Fidelia, and my heart ached with yours. I can only imagine the pain you suffered must have been tenfold my own. Your mother was one of my most precious friend and should you ever have any request for me, it would be my privilege to answer it.

It's been only a year since she left us, and despite the heavy burden of queendom being so suddenly befallen on you, I hear only the most lyric praise of your new reign. As a token of sincere friendship towards Nova, I give you this precious paper fan that your own mother sent to me once. May you be able to become as wonderful a queen.

Sophia Arlot

Misty-eyed, Elodie put down the letter on the table and held back a sniffle. The unexpected present brought back all the sadness she had felt this morning, visiting the grave.

'A heavy burden, indeed. Would you be proud of me if you were there, Mother? If you could...'

Shedding a single tear, Elodie took a deep breath and forcibly regained to her royal wilfulness. She took the paper fan and put it on the mantelpiece of the room. She arranged it a bit, and when she was happy with the display, heaved a small sigh.

'Alright, Mother. As you were always there for me, I'll make sure I am always be there for my kingdom. It's the least I could do, right?!'

And with a confident step and a bitter smile, she left her office to attend to her duties of the day.

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

#14 Post by Mad_Scientist » Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:06 am

Well, here's my attempt. I was hoping to capture the cute but sadistic tone of the game, but we'll see how this goes. :D

Elodie plays a game

That morning, Elodie wandered throughout the castle aimlessly. Though the recent arrival of Lottie had improved her mood a little, she was still very depressed and frightened. Unsure how she should start her weekend, she at last returned to her room, intending to go back to bed and sleep till noon.

But sitting on her bed was a small package wrapped in paper.

"What's this?" she wondered aloud as she approached the package. Was it perhaps a present of some sort? The paper was plain brown and undecorated, so it didn't look much like a gift, but it had been left in her room and on her bed, so it must have been meant for her. Curious, Elodie unwrapped the package.

Inside was a box with the words "Frontier Life" written on it in large letters. A colorful illustration showed several commoners, perhaps farmers, with a young and cute girl taking center stage. In smaller letters near the bottom of the box were the words: "Play an exciting game showcasing the dangerous and exciting life of Lily, a young girl living with her family on the border of civilization! Play with yourself or with friends."

Elodie opened the box and saw a board, a lot of cards, a small book that was probably the rules, a bunch of small figures and markers, and other things she didn't even recognize. She had never seen any game like this before. Who made it, and who gave it to her? For the moment, it did not matter. Elodie was intrigued, and this game gave her an excuse to stay in her room and avoid people, so she was determined to try it out. She picked up the book and began to read the rules.

30 minutes later

"Ok, so next I draw this card. Good. I think I finally understand this all now," Elodie muttered to herself as she drew a card from one of several stacks. "So the next event is this. Let's see... the horses are spooked, I gotta stop them. Check animals... failure. Check reflex...failure. So that means the horse tramples me to death."

"Wait, what?"

Elodie stared at the card, which had a cute but horrific drawing showing Lily with her head cracked open like a melon. Elodie gasped in shock and then dropped it.

"This... this... what sort of sadistic BEAST made this game?"

Elodie stood up and paced around her room for a good 10 minutes, seriously disturbed by what she had just experienced from the game. She then sat back down and immediately went back to playing it.

"I'll do better this time!" she vowed. And she did. Lily survived the spooked horse, only to be killed by disease. She survived that, only to have her throat cut by a handsome suitor who was secretly only interested in her father's land. She survived that, only to trip when leaving her house one day and crack her head on the door-frame. She might have survived even that the next time, except Elodie made some difference choices which resulted in new event where hungry wolves devoured Lily alive. The illustration for that last death was especially vivid.

Elodie slammed the card down with a lot of force, disturbing the various pieces of the game. She then crawled underneath her covers and cried for several minutes. Just who had given this game to her? If it was Lottie, she was never going to forgive her! Elodie's weeping was interrupted by the sound of knocking on her door.

Elodie quickly jumped out of her bed, hastily wiped away her tears, and responded to the knocks. "Come in."

A servant entered and bowed before. "I'm sorry, Crown Princess, there was a mix-up, and a package was brought here by mistake. I have come to retrieve it and... oh."

The servant caught site of the torn paper and the game box, the contents of which were now scattered around the room. Elodie took another look at the paper the package had been wrapped in, and noticed some writing scrawled on the side which she hadn't seen before. "To the Royal Gamemaster, for your perusal." Elodie blushed.

"Umn... yes. I was just thinking I might give the Royal Gamemaster my own opinion on the matter," Elodie lied. She wasn't aware they even had a Royal Gamemaster. She quickly gathered all the game components and put them back in the box, too flustered to know whether that was proper or whether she should just let the servant take care of it all. The servant then took the box and left the room with another bow, saying nothing about Elodie's obvious embarrassment.

Elodie decided that perhaps it would be good to get out of her room for a bit now, so she headed towards the gardens. As she did, her mood actually started to improve some. Playing that game had given her some new perspective. As sad as her life was recently, it could be far worse. Imagine having a life like that of Lily, with everything and everyone trying to kill both you and those close to you. How horrible would that be?

Yes, her life wasn't so bad, Elodie thought. As she did, she heard a voice. It was her cousin, Lottie.

"He loves me, he loves me not..."

"Lottie, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not really. I just like to play with flowers."


Hope you liked it!

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Re: Christmas Contest - All the Presence! (I mean, Presents!

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Elodie’s Bad Present Day

A frog sat upon the ground in one of the palace’s many reception rooms. It looks bewildered, well, as bewildered as a frog can look. Lying next to the figure is a scroll covered in runes. The scroll had come from a box which had been unceremoniously dropped to the floor along with the scroll. The pieces of a small, broken, frog statuette were scattered about.

Elodie frowned as she surveyed the scene. “Why would anyone target ME with such an amateur curse? No matter.” Elodie had mastered many aspects of magic, and had averted many threats. She was able to undo the curse and the frog transformed back into her servant. She had become a more willful, more mature person in that time since her mother’s passing.

She paces the room, taking note of a small pile of bogus gifts. Thankfully none of her servants have died, though some have been injured in these incidents. Perhaps that is enough servants risked for one day. Alas, one of these packages may be important. She nods to one of the guards who immediately steps forward. “Perhaps the last few will not be a trap, but I have to know. the next one.”

The guard nods and dutifully picks up the package, moves to a safe distance from Elodie, and opens it. Inside he discovers a letter. “Should I read this aloud Princess?” he asked her. “You may, but you are not reveal anything to anyone unless I say otherwise.” She responded. He nods and begins reading. The letter appeared to be a challenge from the Earl of Io.

Elodie balled her first, her face turning a faint shade of red. “How DARE he issue a challenge against me like this. I have NOT done anything to deserve this anyway. No matter, I shall accept the challenge.” She grinned at the prospect of humiliating him, he had been such a bother. “Next package!”

The guard picked up the next package, feeling a bit more relaxed now that he hadn’t been turned into some amphibian or woodland creature. Inside this package was something quite puzzling to the guard. It was a small reptilian bird, and it and the guard stared at each other. It was then that the guard without warning, and with great rapidity, turned to stone.

Elodie struck the creature dead with a magical blast, before walking up to her new guard statue. “Grrr….I don’t know how to fix this yet!” Her anger from before was nothing compared to the wrath she was now imbued with. She marched over to the last gift remaining and hurled it across the room. She turned and stormed out of the room as it crashed into the far wall.

Part of the box's contents smeared on the wall as it slide down it after impact. The remaining servant in the room wandered over to investigate. Pulling back part of the new damaged packaging revealed what looks to have been a pie. An apple pie. The servant dared not eat it in case it had been poisoned, and just before she walked off noticed that a note had fallen out. Written on a small unusual piece of yellow paper was a simple message: From Damien.

~The End

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