Cute Knight Compettition Entry - Moon Magic

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Cute Knight Compettition Entry - Moon Magic

#1 Post by usagi » Sat May 26, 2007 3:21 am

Usagi liked to work at the stables because the horses were her friends. She had always felt very friendly with animals and liked to pet them. When she was growing up at the orphanage she saved her bread at dinner so she could put crumbs on the windowsill and birds would come to see her and she would talk to them all about her Dreams.

Now she had the horses and they were better, except they weren't really her horses, they belonged to people visiting. Usagi wondered if she would ever have a pet of her own but she knew she couldn't have one until she had a home and a job because she wouldn't be able to take care of it.

Usagi enjoyed brushing the horses and she tied her hair up in two little pink ponytails that bounced while she worked. Ponytails for ponies!

One day when she was working at the stables there was a beautiful white stallion and when she brushed his coat she found a surprise. There was a shining pattern of a moon and stars on his haunch! "What... what are you?" she said but she didn't expect an answer because horses can't talk...

"Don't be afraid."

"Did you talk?? Am I going crazy? What are you? What's going on? Why do you have a moon on you?"

"Because I am a fairy horse."

"Did my fairy godmother send you?"

"No. I just came to visit. I can travel around the world on the full moon."

"Can everybody see your fairy moon magic?"

"No. Only you, Princess."

"I'm not a Princess! I'm just a stablegirl!"

The fairy horse swished his tail back and forth. "You could be."

"How? How could I be a princess?"

"If you want to know, come back and see me here again at the end of every month..."

So she came back at the end of the month but she couldn't find the shining white horse anywhere. Instead there was this annoying boy who ordered her around like he was some kind of prince!

She came again the next month but there was still no beautiful horse and she felt very sad... she sat in the stables and cried until she felt someone touching her.

"What's wrong?"

It was that boy again!

"My horse friend didn't come back so I'm lonely... but you wouldn't understand."

"I do understand, I like horses a lot too."


And that was how Usagi met Prince Kirelan. But you know how that story goes!

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#2 Post by Sani » Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:03 am

:) so cute story, it was reel nice to reed you are good on this writingstorey thing :)


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