[Fanfiction] Make a note of it (Magical Diary)

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[Fanfiction] Make a note of it (Magical Diary)

#1 Post by Khismer » Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:30 pm

September 1st
Diary, you are not a sentient being, but if you were, I would be sobbing into your strangely present arms right now.
Alright, sobbing is a bit of an exaggeration, but this first entry does begin on a bit of a down note.
Having been on campus for exactly ten minutes, 31 seconds, and 8 nanoseconds (alright, so this is completely made up, but it really hadn’t been long), I ran into a professor.
As was probably obvious, I mean this literally.
His name is Professor Grabiner, and he has both the unfortunate enough rapport with the students to be nicknamed Grabby (which I’d feel sorry for if it weren’t for events to be detailed momentarily), and the propensity to punish his students, which is also unfortunate, but only for me. He gave me demerits.(See what I mean?) Honestly, I’m not sure how much of an effect that’s going to have on anything, but it can’t be anything good.
(Read: not fun at all, because I realize you are a diary, and sometimes diaries have trouble grasping such nuances of human conventions as sarcasm.)
He’s got a British accent, though, which is just… peachy. Seriously, the man who hates me straight off the bat gets the British accent. Go figure.
Anyway, I guess the plus side of inevitably getting stuck in a class with him (check my track record if you don’t believe me about ‘inevitable) is finding out if he acts like that with all students or whether it’s just me.

Ahaha, who am I kidding, it’s totally that I get to hear his British accent again.

The roommates seem nice, though! They’re out meeting Virginia’s brothers right now (note to self: do not forget names of roommates. Virginia and Ellen, Virginia and Ellen, Virginia and Ellen. Forgetting this is bad), and I stayed back to organize everything.
All in all, it’s a pretty decent start, even with the incident with ‘Grabby’. …no, I can’t keep a straight face at that.
Sounds like people are coming back, so I’ll take this as my cue to sign off.
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#2 Post by Khismer » Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:40 pm

September 2nd

Turns out, I don’t technically have to take any classes at all.
I think.
However, abusing this is more power than I know what to do this, and it would be really stupid of me to go to a school for witches and wizards and sleep through it.
Today I took classes in blue magic. The way I determined this was through a careful selection of my options and an analysis of the benefits each would offer me.
Also it was the second class on the list and taking the first class straight off is for suckers.

It’s taught by Professor Grabiner, of course. I wasn’t even surprised.
Aside from a few snide comments, the class was pretty okay. Can’t say I learned all that much, but it was only the first day.
I’m almost disappointed. Magic aside, this isn’t all that different from high school, though the students are older. I’m hoping something happens to shake things up. Really, how bad could it
What’s the worse that could happ
…no I’m not going to finish those because there’s no way I wouldn’t live to regret those words.


(Hopefully this is worth continuing, and thank you to anyone who gave this a look! :D )

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#3 Post by anastasia.stephenson » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:22 am

I loved it. I hope you continue this.

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#4 Post by Khismer » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:03 am

anastasia.stephenson wrote:I loved it. I hope you continue this.
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it so far! >u< And actually, I should have another part up soon...

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#5 Post by Khismer » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:49 am

September 3rd

Today the teacher said “seductive” in a British accent and that is just unfair. Un. Fair.

Granted, this was in class, and the usage was just sort of dated, but
well, still.
Turns out Professor Grabiner teaches not only blue magic classes, but red magic, too – though he seems less fond of this. Or of our capabilities.
I’m betting on the latter rather than the former.

I absolutely swear I am not going to begin every entry griping about the professor.
I am at a school that teaches magic. Magic is more important than how nice my teachers are. …teacher. Singular. As of yet. (I haven’t seen any evidence of a teacher other than him and Professor Potsdam and if I get another class with him tomorrow I am going to set my hair on fire.)

I wish I could say everything comes naturally, but I’ve got to work to understand it all. It’s worth it, though. It’s a whole other world here, and I’d study a lot harder than this to learn everything.
(Still, I think I might get a little further in red magic in these first few weeks.)


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#6 Post by Khismer » Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:14 pm

September 4th

Green magic classes today – with Potsdam, fortunately. The magic of life.
It was pretty standard – or at least, it fit in with my expectations – though she did say something interesting… something about our bodies being gardens, and potentially lasting for centuries. I wonder if that’s true?
I’m sure they’ve got a library here somewhere. I should ask around. They might have some books on it.
And it looks like I’m not going to be doing any reverse-growing any time soon – entropy is the reverse of growth, but it takes too much power.
Today was fun, and I feel like I actually learned something.
With any luck, most days will be like this!


(I know each individual entry isn’t all that exciting, but I’m hoping that by writing them quickly, it makes up for it – and makes them sound more like real journal entries.)

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#7 Post by Khismer » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:05 pm

September 6th
White magic and black magic seem to be the two that are closest to opposites, in the sense that white magic encompasses the mind and all things non-physical, and black magic is nothing but physical.
The classes are also both taught by Professor Potsdam. (Another victory for me).

As strange as it is – well, that’s the problem. I’m learning magic, but it really doesn’t seem strange. It just feels like… school. School without direct grades, with subjects I’m interested in, and with fewer teachers.
That’s how it feels inside the classrooms, anyway.
Maybe that means I’m getting used to it.
But… when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t figure out where I was. It took a moment to remember everything.
It made me feel homesick.

Maybe I’ll write my parents a letter tomorrow.


(I’m going to assume, by the view count slowly going up, that at least some people are reading this. That’s as good a reason as any to keep writing! ouo )[/size]

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#8 Post by Ladygothika87 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:18 pm

I'm really enjoying this. :D

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#9 Post by Khismer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:48 am

September 8th
The letter was delayed!
I spent yesterday at the mall, instead – Virginia insisted. My parents would be so proud. Learning and developing a social life! What a twist.
The school shuttles people down to the malls, so it’s apparently a regular event. Despite a busload of students wearing robes and capes flooding the mall, not one person batted an eye. At first, I though this might because they had just gotten used to it – uniforms came in all shapes and sizes, after all. Then I remembered that some among us are questionable human (a term that’s admittedly flawed; I guess I’ll have to find out if there’s a better way to say that), and that would be much harder to overlook.
I think there’s some sort of enchantment that keeps us from being noticed.
If there is, what does it do?
Does it make our robes look like normal clothes? If anyone bumped us, that would be a jarring surprise.
Does it draw their gaze away from us, like a distraction charm? That would make it hard to get anyone’s attention long enough to buy something.
Is the spell on our clothes? In the bus? Or are the people so used to it, they don’t even register us as an oddity?
Virginia shrugged it off when I asked her. I guess I’ll just have to test out my theories the next time we go.

So it seems I have a lot to talk about, right?
Well, once I got around to writing the letter, it ended up remarkably short – not even a full page.
I couldn’t think of what to say.
Studying magic, and I don’t know what to talk about!
It didn’t feel right, somehow, to mention my thoughts about the robes, or the spells I’m learning, or the diversity of the other students. So I kept it vague. Mom’s probably going to ask for specifics in her next letter, anyway, so hopefully I’ll have a better idea of what to say.
It’s tucked into my pocket for the time being.
No post on Sundays – so I’ll see about delivering it tomorrow.
For now, I may as well go over what I’ve learned.


(What’s everyone’s thoughts on romace? ouo)

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#10 Post by Khismer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:19 am

Ladygothika87 wrote:I'm really enjoying this. :D
Thank you so much! It really means a lot! >u<

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#11 Post by Khismer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:49 am

September 9th
Where to start?
For the sake of continuity, I didn’t get that letter sent.
Because – geez, where to start?

They called us into the gym right when we woke up. I ‘met’ Virginia’s brother William there – and what an impression that was!
Freshmen Initiation, they called it.
There, they gave us our rules.
On top of all the usual degrading tasks – not allowed to be taller than a Senior, don’t show then our backs, recite a silly poem, respond to commands with “yes sir” and the like – each Freshman gets a ‘master’.

Damien is mine. He’s… interesting. Blue skin, long purple hair (longer and shinier than mine, I’ll add), wings…
He seems sweet, mostly.
Not so much when I stood up on my own -- for a moment I thought he was going to hit me or something. I forgot they can’t do anything to physically harm us. (Though they really said nothing about our mental health, which is not reassuring.) He said it’s just because he doesn’t want me to get in trouble, but…
Well, anyway.
He’s explained what’s going to happen this week, and said he’s got to give me a hard time.
Virginia seems to think he’s evil, and --
Ellen’s already been given a hard time, albeit, not by ‘her’ senior. I wonder if I shouldn’t just have just said no to all this…?
Too late to back out now.


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#12 Post by Khismer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:13 am

September 10th

A love letter. A love letter! Damien’s told me to write a love letter!
Well, told. It’s done and finished now.
Big Steve – which, yes, is what I’m really supposed to call him – caught me on my way to class and told me to get him coffee. And who do I find along my way but Damien?
Can’t say I completely understand the motivation for having me write one, but he asked.

Ellen was a tremendous help. I don’t think I could have done it without her.

It’s embarrassing, frankly. And I think it comes off as sounding a little dirty. I wouldn’t have written anything like it if Ellen hadn’t helped me – would have been paralyzed by crippling insecurity – but getting her help reminded me that it’s not an actual love letter. It’s just an Initiation thing. And it was… fun.

My handwriting remains, as always, chicken scratch, so she kindly offered to copy it down.
It looks absolutely lovely.
I’m tucking my copy – the first copy – between the next pages. For the memories, right?
Wish me luck…!


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#13 Post by Khismer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:51 pm

September 12th
He found the note.
It was sitting on his desk when we came in – when he came in.
I didn’t notice it. If I had noticed it I could have gotten rid of it, but I didn’t, and he –
He read it. Right in front of the class, he picked up the love letter I’d meant for Damien and read it aloud.
I admitted to it. Of course. Because if there were spells to find out, he’d know them, and then I’d be in all the more trouble.
He thinks I’ve written him a love letter now. Professor Grabiner thinks I’ve written him a love letter!
I’ll just… I’ll just take Professor Potsdam’s classes for the rest of the year. Damien said he’d explain – because apparently, the letter was stolen from his room and was never meant to reach the Professor – but I’m absolutely mortified.
This is exactly the opposite way of gaining my teachers’ respect.
Nothing to do now but see what happens, I suppose.


(Does anyone have any opinions on romances in this, or no?)

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#14 Post by Khismer » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:07 pm

September 13th

Dear diary,
Today I was kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again.
It was the best day ever!

…and by ‘hillfolk’, I mean Seniors.

Friday the 13th – considered a day of good luck for us, what a surprise – marked the end of Initiation. We were herded into the gym again, where we were berated, blindfolded, and tossed around (at least, I assume everyone was. I was. The blindfolds were efficient enough that I couldn’t tell), then shoved into a bus.
We ended up having a surprise party. I introduced Damien to Ellen (which could have gone better, but wasn’t a total disaster), and the Seniors gave their Freshmen gifts.
…Damien gave me butter. I guess this means he liked the poem!

Which brings me to the other noteworthy event of the day.

Professor Grabiner ran into me before class. (Not literally this time – I’m so proud of me.)
And he… apologized.
Apparently, it’s considered a traditional Initiation prank for Seniors to order their Freshmen to profess their love for him. “The very thought of which fills them with horror,” he said.
Poor Professor!
If he always reacts the way he did yesterday, I can’t say I’m surprised, but to think of it like that…!
I still wish he had let me explain the other day, but from his perspective, his actions seemed perfectly reasonable. Mostly.

He gave me ten merits for the misunderstanding and lost class time, and another ten for having the courage to admit that I did it.
When I thanked him, he assured me that this does not change anything, and we are not friends because of this.
Ohoho Professor, it’s far too late for that.
I’ve discovered an inkling of his humanity – with that, it’s put the idea in my head. I have not had a teacher who hated me yet, and he is not going to be the first!

…was that the right laugh up there? A noblewoman’s laugh – meant to convey deviousness but not necessarily evil-ness?
I think I just used the wrong laugh.

In all seriousness, though, I’m not as terrified of him as I thought I would be. He’s certainly strict, but not unreasonable, and I am definitely making progress with my lessons.
Maybe I’ll be able to survive in his classes after all.


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#15 Post by anastasia.stephenson » Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:14 am

I freaking love you and this story. It's nice hearing the story from the player characters point of view.

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