Long Live the Queen 2 (RP)

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Long Live the Queen 2 (RP)

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Queen Elodie, beloved ruler of Nova, was thought to be unable to bare children. This was not the case. Her husband, The Earl of Kigal, and herself had a beautiful daughter, Lilly. She had her mother’s curly pink hair, and her father's emerald eyes. On the child's 3rd birthday, Togami and the Shanjians returned. Elodie gave her only child to Julianna, and told her to flee far to the eastern boarder of Tallase. War raged on, and eventually both of Lilly's parents were murdered. Our story resumes ten years later, with Lilly having no recollection of the events that took place years earlier.

I'll use my charatcer for the Character Sheet Example

Name: Lilly

Appearence: Much like her mother, but slightly taller. She also has deep emerald eyes.

Persona: She enjoys music and singing. She somewhat shy and reserved to those she doesn't know well. Tender-hearted and would'nt hurt a fly,except if the life of a friend was at stake. Very in tune with her faith.

(I'll add Elodie's story later, so you can see what happened during my playthrough. And we get a shout out if Hanako uses these, right?)

Lilly comes through the door of her cabin in the woods holding a cooked duck. In her satchel she carried about a dozen perfectly ripe oranges. As she closed the door, she could hear Julianna get up.

Lilly: I got it, Aunt Jul.

Julianna: Are you sure? I could help you with it

Lilly started to giggle.

Lilly: I'm fine. I'm thirteen now. I think I can candle carrying food.

She puts the food on the table, then turns. She holds out her hand, revealing three silver tilassi.

Lilly: Old Sam said that, since it was my birthday, we could have the duck for free.

She hands the money to Julianna.

Julianna: You look more like your mother everyday.

Julianna looks up in pain. Then looks back into Lilly's eyes.

Julianna: Speaking of your mother, I have a birthday present for you.

She opens a box. Inside is a toga outfit. Lilly picks it up.

Lilly: It's beautiful...

She hurriedly tries it on.

Julianna: So it does fit.

Lilly jumps.

Lilly: Oh my, I have to go to Anna's house.

She runs out of the house.

Julianna: I fear the time has come.

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