Obliquely Run (Grabiner/Sue story)

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#16 Post by Jenkouken » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:03 am

Very interesting!

I was like, why is he being so awful?! :evil:
Then when his reasoning became clear, it really fit together.

That first night, just like someone mentioned above, I could practically hear George Takei's ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy Wasn't sure what he meant about latin pronunciation; very curious what she said inspiring that lol. A very :oops: in a good way.

Very well written.
Distressing that she's in a position where she might be forced to have a baby though. Makes me feel really awful for her being forced into that.
Love the fluid style and personalities.

Grabiner/Sue fanfic authors unite ^_~
I hope you continue.


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