Dont wake the sleeping Fox *Magical Diary / Hieronymus*

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Dont wake the sleeping Fox *Magical Diary / Hieronymus*

#1 Post by KaelDokar » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:19 am

Hi everybody! It is to announce that I will begin a fanfiction with the title above ^^

First, it a Magical Diary fanfiction.

I started the idea with the contest Back To School, even if it ended long ago. I'm still working on the first part, but I have a basic plot for it. My MS is a Horse, of course, but I would like your help if you interested.

You see, I dont want to my MS to roomates with Ellen and Virginia, but with others Horses. So, I was wondering if some of you were interested to ''borrow'' me their characters for some parts. I will give the copyright of those characters, but I think involving people from around would be great too. So, MP me if your interested.

So coming soon (with probably pictures for somes scenes):

Dont wake the sleeping Fox

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#2 Post by KaelDokar » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:41 pm

Dont wake the sleeping Fox

A picture of the character when she 13:


I winced.

I didn't like the fact that everybody was trying to make me talk. Even more Him. Even more when He dared to take my book out of my reach for make me react.

For put it simply, I, Kael Black, wasn't the type of people to be ''social''. Never in fact. When since you've been in school and been bullied ever since, it rater difficult to go to the other willingly. Even more when you had a friend in the same position as you that decided that you will be even more rejected that her and start to use you. Or when they use you like merely puppet. Even better, to make fun of you and make you cry on purpose because they found this funny. I suppose it because the fact that I wasn't here for my first year, since I was in a special school for taking care of my... disease I guess I can call it that. So, they hurt me emotionally only. Oh, their play is supposed to be innocent and they dont seem to realise, the adults, that they are actually playing with them. But the childs are aware of the weakness and they take advantage of it, with me being the cible of the hate. Forcing me to mature to fast and not be able to be like them... child.

He, Josh, The Josh, think it the good time to disturb me and make fun of me again. Couldn't he just go away? We are at the end of the year and he pick exactly the date of my birthday for make my day hell. And I sure it purposly why he decided I would be his toy today.

''Give me some peace...'' I muttered, not daring to talk strong enough for him to heard me. I didn't want to make it worse before it was necessery.

''It not the time to read, idiot. You will allow me to copy on you at the exam! Or else...'' He had take the collar of my t-shirt by that time. Did I mention he was the big bulky guy type?

''Else? What else are you talking about? And cheating? NO WAY!''

''If you dont do it, then I can make sure that your father will be in trouble...''

That right, of course. My whole family, including me, was working for his father in his business. Until the debt for pay that special school of mine was paid, which will take another few years. And if father got in trouble, we will have to pay the rest of the debt right off, find a new job for father and mother and legal problem. Which was to much for us, of course, and Josh was well aware of this. There was a reason for why I hated him.

His father, John, was a right guy, even I was aware of it, but it didn't excuse the fact that his son was a prick. A idiotic prick even more. A idiotic but strategic prick, alas.

''Fine. But if the teacher caught you copying me, it will not being my fault!'' Through I knew that if he was caught, he will say to the teacher that it was my idea. Probably. That or say something to his father. I definitely didn't know what worse.

He didn't say anything else, and left me finally in peace. At least, he didn't see that I was drawing a lot since the beginning, or he would have probably destroyed it or show to the others to ridiculise me.

I take back my book, sighing before hearing the bell shiming. It was time already. My life was great, if I didn't count my time at school. Because I was safe and there, I could be myself. Really myself, after all, I didn't feel safe enough there to act totally like I should.

I directed myself to my classroom, taking my stock prepared for my french class and exam. I didn't want to do it, but did I have really a viable choice if I refuse? Not for the moment.

When I sit down, I had only one through in my mind:

''Please, make Josh copied answers be erased, be no more, by his own wish to cheat... That he pay the conscequence of cheating for a exam!''

So I started to write the answers. It wasn't something much complicted, you just need to understand the logic behind the causes and consequences. Rather ironical too. That, and recognise the differents types of groups in a sentence. I placed myself so it wasn't really evident that Josh would copy me, but it would still be easy for him.

''Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top of it, make Josh copied answers be erased, be no more, by his own wish to cheat... That he pay the conscequence of cheating for a exam! And such, that he will leave me alone!''

After the half an hour allowed, everybody give back the paper, with me nervous. I disliked so much such situation! As the day ended, I walked back home, happy to have the prospect of a great meal waiting for me. I run into my house, finally feeling safe and calm.

''Mama! I'm home!''

''Come here, dearest, the dinner is ready!''

''Yay! Pizza! And fries! And cake! Even better, chocolate cake!''

''Calm down and sit for eat!''

''Yes mama!''

That night became a very fond memory of mine, even more when I blown the candles and wish for have magic. Cause you see, since I was 8 years old, or even youger, I believed into magic and was sure that one day I would have the proof, by me doing some or seeing true magic. If I knew what was waiting me...

The next morning, a Friday so I just was happy that school would finish in a week of time. But once at school, my hapiness seemed to diseapear into thin air. Simply because Josh and his gang was approching fast of me.


''I... I dont know what your talking about...''


He took me by the collar, raising me from the earth level, in a brusk movement, making falling my glasses to the ground. I even felt my blue eyes widen because it supprised me so much. When I was moving my air, they weren't able to touch the ground. I was afraid, what was going to do to me? He never said before that I was a freak! Even more, the only thing I could have possibly done is wishing that to happen. It wasn't my fault, right, if it happened, right? His friends behind him was encouraging him to hit me or do something drastic. To the point I was, I didn't see what I could do. So, I did something stupid of my part, even when I done it I knew it.

''Well, you got what you merits! If you had done your work and not cheated, you would not have this problem surely! I dont know how, but it great, because now you got what you deserve, dunderhead!''

Yup, pretty stupid. The next thing I knew, I had his fist into my face. Not once, not two, but third times. He let me fall on the ground after that, with a bit of blood dripping of the corner of my mouth. I had tears into my eyes. It was the first time something like this happened. And it hurt like hell! A supervisor runned to me, for checking if I was alright before sending the group of boys to the director.

''Hey, are you okay?''


''Your name?''

''Ka... Kael Black.''

''Very well, I will tell that I send you home for heal, motive your absence and call at your home so that somebody will be there for take of you, ok?''

''Ok... thanks you, sir...''

I get up slowly, taking my glasses and put them on, before walking back at my house with a hand on my cheek. It was swelling and I winced in pain. Why me? I replaced my brown hair that were in a ponytail for hide my left side of my face, for trying to hide my state. When I arrived in front of my school that I remarqued something strange. A lady in pink, PINK, with a WITCH hat on her head?!? It must be the shock of the punch that was making me see things.

I walked in front of her, forcing myself to not notice her and was about to go down the street when I heard her starting talking.

''Oh my god, darling! Your hurt! Let me take a look at that... I'm madam Potsdam, Kael.''

That make me turn very fast. How did she knew my name? That weird lady knew before I even started to speak and present myself! She seemed worried, with her eyes so wide open, probably for me, seeming waiting my answer. I noticed her strange hair before answering.

''I... I guess I can let you take a look... But ma'am... How do you know my name?''

''Because I came to see you, darling... Let bring you home, I wil talk about my reason of visiting you inside. And take care of that sunshine.''

So slowly, I walked back home with the strange lady walking behind me. She looked like a witch, with her hat, so maybe she came to tell me I was magic... But if I did have magic, why somebody didn't come sooner or make my family aware of my talent? Finally, my house was into my sight.

I let her enter before me, sighing before doing the same. After all, it couldn't hurt. I entered the salon with her behind me and when I sat, she was about to start to fuss over me, when she seemed to change her mind.

''Say, sunshine, did you were aware that you've done some magic yesterday?''

''Ma... magic?!? I have magic, really? But wait, what did I done?''

''It was you that erased the answers of his exam, sunshine.''

''Really?? Well... I think even if at the time, it was just a wish, he merited it. He was bullying me into letting him cheat on my sheet, so...''

''Which is bad. But, your magic could be so much more dangerous than just erase answers. And because of such, you have a choice. Come to the Iris Academy when your 16 or I will remove your magic and your memories of even had magic and the choice. There is not other way.''

''And my mama and papa cannot know of this probably, right? Because if it was the case, they would be there for make a choice too...''

''You're right honey. Because it is you're choice alone. After all, it will affect you're life, not their.''

''I... I want to give it a try. After all, I have another three years to make my choice completely, right? So there no problem... I will do it! ... But... there are others things that I must be aware of before you leave?''

''Yes, take that pendant and dont remove it, even for sleep or shower. It will seal you're capacity to use your magic unless it is a emergencie. But it will still flow into your body and adapt it to make it strong enough for your future schooling. But before I leave, I will make your wound painless. I could heal it but it would be too strange for your family. See you soon sunshine.''

She put her hand on my cheek, before seeing green light flashing. When she removed it, I feel the pain go away, making my eyes widen. I knew that she had magic, but to have the proof... I go up and lead her to the door, smiling so much more that I ever remembered.

''See you soon ma'am! And thank you!''

My magical futur was awaiting me.

[The first chapter is under construction, dont know when post but I will work on it hard! Hope you like it!]

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#3 Post by ElCantardelaLunaOscura » Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:54 pm

Ohhh! I really liked it! Hope you continue it! (:
"Y a pesar de que no estás, te llevo cosida a mi piel.
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#4 Post by KaelDokar » Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:41 pm

[I'm glad you liked it ^^ This chapter his shorter but I hope you like it at the same. And I'm still searching people who will let me borrow their characters for include them into this story. Enjoy now ^^

Kael at 16 (didn't do the background) :

The lullaby link:]

Chapter 1

Today was the day. I was sixteen years old finally. Three years had already past since the day ma'am Potsdam came see me. We're in June again, my birthday being yesterday. Through I dont regret my choice, it will be hard for me. Because since I live in Canada and the school is in the USA well... I am in obligation to go and never come back, at least, for the whole time I am at that school.

While I pack my last box, I feel the nervosity rolling of me. I know that I am a witch, but with a problem. A mental problem. Class. Being SLI dont help it. SLI meaning Specific Language Impairement. And it was the reason I gone into a special school for the first year of my life. I know that I have worked on it long enough so it doesn't show mostly, but still, I hated when it make me burst into tears because I have a overload of sounds, lights, colors or emotions. I so wanted that to not happen when I would be in public or in front of a teacher. It would be so embarassing!

I closed the box and make sure that the bandana hidded my left eye before going down the stairs. After all, I didn't wanted my parents to feel bad because of what had happened for make me hide my eye. It wasn't their fault, if they didn't see that there was something wrong with it. I should have litteraly seen it before. But it was done. At least, I didn't have need to have a chirurgie, because my magic healed my eyes for the sigh only. Making me in no need to put a monocle for my last working eye.

I dropped the box on the doorstep, before going up put my uniform. I was classed into the Horse Hall. They were supposed to be... adventurous. I dont know if they say that for not saying recless, with the hero-symptom type of person but well, I will see in time. I just hope that Horse dont equal Gryffondor female version. It would be ridiculous.

I heard a horn outside, telling me that my car for search me was arrived. My nerves was starting to wok overtime. What if they decided I wasn't good enough for me being a witch? Or that the fact that i couldn't use my left eye make me useless? I feel a tear slide, telling me that if I dont calm down my nerves will give up. After three times of forcing the rythm of my breath, I was calm enough for go down, with my mother and father waiting for me. I go hug them, the goodbye being done the night before for that this moment would be to hard for us.

''I promise I will write to you. It the least I can do for having you to as my family.''

''Love you daughter, be good.''

''Love you too and when I am not?''

We laughed a bit before going out, with my bag with some book for read on the way and my musical box in it. The boxes were already in the car, when I saw who came to get me.

''Ma'am Potsdam!''

The reaction to my hidden eye was priceless into my opinion, through she seem troubled. After all, I wasn't like that the last time she came saw me. I had now my hair a bit longer that my shoulder, with my only visible blue eye sparkling madly while I was smirking a bit. Because I wasn't wearing the uniform exacly like it was supposed to be. Which she saw too, because she made the same face again, of surprise and shock. It not my fault if I personnaly found the fact that wear my mantle over my shoulder like the boy was better. And more classy too.

When she come back from of her surprise, she looked at me. Ah, her eyes started to sparkle too. Good sign... right? That and she smiled warmly. Ah, yes, good sign indeed. She approched me to give me a hug, which surprised me but I was able at the same to give it back.

''I'm glad to see you again, Kael, through you might explain me what happened to you during the travel.''

''No problem ma'am, through can I ask questions about the magical culture during that time?''

''Sure sunshine, it will be my pleasure. Now come in, it is time to go.''

So I followed her in the car... Which looked more like a limousine that a simple car. She was rich or what? Through I wouldn't complain, it would be my first ride on such a car. I was so lucky for once! I climbed into it, there was space for once! Nice! There was even food for the longs hours that we will pass into it. Great idea, really! Through, I hope they didn't do all this traject just for me...

So I sit down, securing my seat belt before looking up again. She was already ready for the traject and by the look I received, the questions will begin... Oh joy!

''So, Kael, why are you hiding you left eye? Last time I see you, you had nothing to it.''

''Well... About a week later of your visit, my parents saw that my eye was becoming... strange I supposed and I saw through it with a even less better vision. So I've gone to the hospital and they said that they never saw something like that. They we're apparently able to save my right eye before it turn out like the left, but it was to late for save the other. So because it, I hide it because it left a mark that scare the other people.''

''If I told her that my supposed blured vision and lost now was... was... that I see another place, she would not believe me with reason... Through, I always assossiated this fact as a second effect of the sickness... Making me see things that aren't there... It merely hallucination, that why she wouldn't believe me...''

Luckily, Potsdam didn't question it further, seeming that she had all the informations she needed. We started after that to talk about magical culture, with the holidays and rituals. I even was able to learn a thing or two to know about those with special heritage, like fairy or furry. I tried to imagine a furry boy, wondering how they look like, before blushing a bit. They would be just too cute for their own good! She just had to snatch one for be her best friend and brother/sister. This could come handy later, like when she will need a pair of eyes or ears supplementary. Not that I would be friendly with them just for that, but it could be a nice bonus, right?

The traject was long, after that I couldn't learn more without books that wasn't there. I took some food, because it was already afternoon. And we still hadn't pass the border as far as I know. Even looking outside was boring right now, there wasn't much to see since we were still in Canada.

I opened my bag and get out of it my musical box. I had it since my birthday three years ago. A magical music box in a way. Even more since when I showed the song to my mama, a song for a wizard. At least, a character of a game who was a wizard. Which she remembered and make for me a musical box with this song playing. And each time I heard it play, it calm me down, lulling me slowly to peace and sleep.

This time was not the execption. I opened it and make it play his song, while I was placing myself to be comfortable to fall asleep. Then I closed my single eye and let myself fall into the darkness of the sleep.

I was safe for now.

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#5 Post by KaelDokar » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:16 am

Chapter 2

I woke up few hours later. I yawn while stretching, before opening my eye and smile lightly. I took back my box and closed it before putting it back into my bag. Madam Potsdam was sleeping as well and when I looked through the window, it was night and the full moon even more. It was looking so pretty.

But looking at the moon again made a question pop up into my head: Did werewolf exist really and like the movies say? Probably yes, since with the magic, impossible must be actually possible... To a certain point. I doubt that the werewolf doesn't have entierely control onto the fact of when they turn, through the full moon was surely the best time for it for reasons I dont know. Oh well, I will see that later with the whole schooling thingy.

Feeling thirsty, I gone to the mini bar like in the limo, making myself a hot chocolate. I was just in love with chocolate and drink some made me relax, feeling as if I was home. And on such a travel, it was the only thing I could probably offer myself with. I saw movement into the car for see that the lady just turned into her sleep. My eye narrowed, I had the feeling that she was watching me and not sleeping. Oh well, isn't like there was much to find out. The only sad thing it was that I couldn't remove the bandana for make my skin breath and ease myself without it.

I sighed, before taking a glup of my drink. I forgot to take a blanket, so the next best thing to keep me warm was that hot chocolate. My eye was still looking out for the teacher, through the corner of it. I was definetly watched and I didn't like it a bit. Deposing my cup on the table, I put my hand in my bag, my tongue stinking out while I was searching for my flashlight, a notebook, my journal, an eraser and a pencil. I wanted to write down what I learned today/tonight and my feeling about the teacher. Even if she helped me with the pain when I was younger, could I trust her fully? Even with the fact that she was my teacher? I dont think so.

Dear Dreamer,

I dont think I can trust fully ma'am Potsdam. At least, not now. I feel that she is watching me right now and it a bit freaky. I know also that she will want to know the bottom of my situation with my eye. That scare me a bit, I dont want her or anybody on that matter to see it.

I've learned at least customs, or I presume it so. After all, I dont see why saying certains names of people can be offending. Or the ''e'' trick... That I will see again in class I suppose. Because in my mind, it one of the things that you should learn basicly. I shall see in time.

I will drop the pencil and start reading that french Harry Potter book... I need to pratice my french, even if it my first language I use english more than usual lately and it will continue like this for at least three years... Sigh... That it for tonight,

Sweet dreams and dream on, Dreamer.

I closed my journal and locked it, before putting it back into the bag, with everything else, even the flashlight. I know, I called my diary ''Dreamer'' but it was the purpose of it : Help me dream by writing much of it in it, for letting my mind free for daydreaming. My favorite hobby, I guess.

I sighed before taking back my drink, sipping it slowly, while looking at the moon. It calmed me, to see something that change but at the same time will probably never change. Passing to the full moon to the new moon and back to full, and still, it WAS the moon, the same moon all the time that was doing this. Many faces, but only one thing. I put down my now empty cup onto the table and put again my gaze on the moon.

Something stirred into me and I bite down my lip. I was between wanting to howl and to purr at the sight of the said moon. What wrong with me? I know that sometime I take habits of others stranges species by reading those reactions, but it was not like that, not a instinct, but a habit at the time. I closed my eye and breath slowly, feeling the impression fade away. It must have been my imagination, that and a mix of habits rolled into one. As I controlled my breath, I fell back into sleeping.

It feel like minutes but it was hours after that I was shook awake.

''We're arrived, sunshine!''


It was a good reason for waking me, indeed.

I took my bag before going out, but not before passing my hand in my hair to try to tame them, I swear each time I was going to bed, the next morning was in all anime glory: almost standing in the air without taking count of the gravity factor. It could bring a laugh from my mother, so it was okay, but it frustrated me so much! They couldn't just stay down?

I stepped out of the limo just to get me blinking madly, the sun hurt my eye a bit to much. When I was able to keep it open, I was amased of the look of the place... It looked like her old school through newer, fresher, with a lot of flowers! Much more pretty that the old school where the paint was removing itself from the walls, with problems for heating and refreshing the school and so on.

I was definetly nice.

''Welcome to Iris Academy, Kael!''

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#6 Post by Ariko » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:19 am

There are some spelling and grammar mistakes mistakes, and that really does throw me off reading it. If you like, I'll be happy to proofread it for you before you submit it.

Content wise, I don't have much comment. I like Kael's background, and the buildup is quite believable. Some of the Professor Potsdam statements seem a bit too blunt, but that is the problem with working with more than one existing character - its so hard to keep to the way the game designers designed them - I know, I've tried writing fanfic, and I can barely keep to *one* character, let alone several.

*sigh, dear Martin!* (from The Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion).

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#7 Post by KaelDokar » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:23 am

[I understand completely and thank for the hand. As for Potsdam blunt... She can be very blunt sometime XD But sure, I could try to make her more subtle... Through that the funny side of her, her being blunt in her own way, making her sometimes more malicious that she seem.]

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#8 Post by Ariko » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:20 am

Hmm... Would she be so blunt to a 13 year old who doesn't know much? Its quite scary to hear someone say 'make the choice, if not we'll take away your magic and wipe your memory'.

I'd be like 'NO NO NO NO NO! PLEASE NO!'

A young person wouldn't react very well to that I think. I know I wouldn't *shudders*

Also, if you want me to proofread stuff, please send it to my email. ^_^

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#9 Post by ninja.reject » Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:59 pm

First off, I am loving the story so far. Can't wait for your next chapter. But you are not quite capturing Professor Potsdam way of talking. She likes to use a different cutie nickname for her students each time, and she has this flowy way of talking. Like when she expelled me for sleeping everyday, she said "It's not your fault. You are a flower planted in the wrong soil, and withering. So, like any good gardener, I have come to uproot you."

I could tell English is not your first language, so I could easily overlook the grammar errors.

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#10 Post by KaelDokar » Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:06 pm

Hello everybody! I know it been a while since I've been here and seeing this... Well, I think I will start it again and rework on the prologue and first chapter and such. Since it didn't go too far and I could correct the things that you pointed out to me.

And Ariko... If you're offer still stand, I wouldn't mind it really~

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#11 Post by KaelDokar » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:45 pm

I'm sorry for double posting on my own subject, and I will maybe after that to put up the new prologue of the fanfic. Through, if somebody would beta read it before, I would appreciate it...

I'm right now writing the chapter five of the fic and she didn't yet leave for Iris... That will be a LONG fic, I fear it... >_____< But at least I have more sense into my eyes than my first version. Because she sounded too much of a true Mary-Sue. Now, I think it more mild. I think... At least, it will be more structured and not in one bunch, with no details or too much in one part.

Oh, and I think I got graps of Potsdam better. At least, it seem more cheesy, less bossy and manipulative or blunt... Yup, much more her I think ^^

Maybe even make a picture or something for my fic, news one at least. Shall see if I'm up to it.

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#12 Post by hanako » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:48 pm

Don't worry, it's totally okay to double-post to bump something after a month's absence. :)

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#13 Post by KaelDokar » Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:17 pm

[Ok, so new prologue, sorry if there faults but it not been reviewed before so no correction apart from mine]

Dont wake the sleeping fox


I wished sometime that somebody could understand me. That somebody could see me as me. Because everytime somebody look at me, it not me they see. They see me as monster, they see me as freak, they see me as petty girl or just somebody not worthy of their time. Or even worse, sometime they see me as a punching bag. They see I'm not like them, but they dont care to know why. And it hurt so much more...

I wished too sometime that Lady Fate could stop mess with me. I suffered enough. Before now, before this time, before this life even... Before this life she messed up with me... Yes I know that, I'm aware of it. She messed up with me, us and that a fact that I cant assume well, seeing the results of the meddling. Being all alone. Being hurt. Being not cared for, not loved for. To maybe even one day be tracked because somebody will want to finish with me. To end my life. Our life. If I must, if we must, I will become wild, sauvage and dangerous. Which is all the things that I'm not. Through I was before. All this, if that mean that the pain could stop. If I could save Him. I will do everything to save Him. Giving up my land, my rights, my past, my dreams. Giving up my magic, my sight, my hope, my power, my chance with You. If He let me take that chance, of course. Everything for Him.

Him... Him... He is a reason I'm still figthing for I suppose. Strange to think that Him of all the people finally seem to see behind all this facade. Of course, He started off with seeing me with prejudice, but He was like that with everybody. Being fair in unfairness... That Him, that all. And we dont want that to change too, that right? He doesn't need to change for me, us. If He wish so, fine, but I dont want Him to do it for us.

But raging wont do. I must act. We must. Now. Not for me but for HIM! Before it too late. Before He is gone. Before He his... Dead.

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#14 Post by KaelDokar » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:06 pm

Chapter one

Hello Dreamer!

Yeah, Mr.Diary, I've decided to call you Mr.Dreamer from now on! Because it to you that I can tell you all the truth that mommy and daddy doesn't believe... They gave me you for make me go back on earth... Through, I'm not already on the ground?

Today, I've turned six! Yeah, I'm a big girl now! Ah, I've been a bad girl right now! I've forgot to present myself to you! I'm Black, Kael Black! And it to you that I will tell you the truth, each time mommy and daddy doesn't believe me. But before, a bit more about me!

I have brown hair and blue eyes... And I wear glasses! I wish I didn't have to wear some, but if I dont everything turn blurry... And it not funny to try to recognise things or people when I dont see them correctly! And I jump high, but HIGH! Like... over that big fence that daddy put so the horses couldn't go out of the place! I did it... Oh, okay, I did it almost! I was about three quater of the top of the fence when I falled on it. I will have to practice to jump over it one day, I swear I will one day!

And about the truth... I'm sure that I did something... magic! Yeah! I mean, there was that pretty little violet that was wilthering in the yard and it looked so weak... I touched the petal while thinking how beautiful she was when full of life and then... In front of my eyes, she violet come back to life! Standing proud and gaining back his colors! It was so pretty! It was going back to life at my touch!

Oh, and I can speak another language too~ Yeah, mommy talk french, so I'm learning it too~ J'adore le français! ( I love french!)

Oh, now that I've done some magic... I wanna try some again! And now jumping over that fence! See you later, Dreamer!

-Kael Black

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Chapter two

Dreamer! Dear, dear Dreamer!

Today, I'm ten! I'm so exited! Even if it night time now and I should sleep! I did it finally! I jumped over the fence for the horses! And I'm sure with magic too, through mommy and daddy dont believe it and scolded me for being so stupid. It was supposely dangerous. The worst that could happened is that I failed and crashed in the fence. Again. But it feel so good! I feel like I was merely a feather, flothing softly in the wind. I feeled so light and so powerful too. My legs are stronger from now on, I'm sure... I feel like I wont need magic anymore to do the same trick. How strange...

But it prove again that I have magic! And again, mommy and daddy didn't believe me, Dreamer. Why would I lie to them on such? Through I should be carefull with it maybe... I mean, not everybody like magic... And if somebody doesn't have some and see me do some, it could get me in trouble! So, I will do magic, well, if I'm able to control that aspect of it, when I'm all alone and that nobody could see me. That mean I cant speak of that again to mommy and daddy through...

I feel with time, the difference in my body. It change. My personnality too, in a way. I become slowly more tricky, more playful, feeling more the type to place traps and wait that to rush in a situation. Maybe a bit less blunt too. It is the effect of growing up? I have changed since that entry four years ago, but it still me. At least I think so...

But it doesn't matter! I did it for my birthday! And with a full moon for my birthday too, nothing be better! ... Why do I like the full moon already?


I just heard mommy walk near... I must go and make like I am asleep! Later Dreamer!

-Kael Black

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