The Magical Diary of Lydia Quigley

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The Magical Diary of Lydia Quigley

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***WARNING: The following posts may contain SPOILERS. Read on at your own risk!***

((Author's Notes: Before we begin, I wish to make the simple statement that this is my first fanfic, and perhaps my last. However, I was inspired by the game Magical Diary, and have had this alternate story floating around in my head for a few days now, and once I have an idea in my head, I simply must let it out! Hopefully, I can maintain interest long enough to actually finish the story!

That said, I decided to use the name Lydia Quigley (instead of boring ol' Mary Sue) as the main character, and all of her points of view will be in actual diary form. I chose Butterfly Hall, because I never really felt like I fit in to Horse Hall (especially with the take on sports). But enough rambling from me! Here is the first entry, with a small surprise for the readers at the end! Enjoy.




There was darkness. His body moved slowly, like he was caught in the middle of a pit of molassas, and he slowly turned, fighting, struggling.


Urgency, the desperate need to flee, fight, and panic, all in one moment. He felt his chest tightening, his lips forming desperate words.

"Hieronymous! Help me!"

Violet! Hold on, Violet, I'm coming! He couldn't say the words. He couldn't hardly think them, before a pair of shadowy hands shot out at him, and his own silent scream merged with the high-pitched keen of a girl in serious trouble...


Hieronymous Grabiner woke with a start, his body bathed in a cold-sweat, even as the covers of his bed were twisted in skewed tangles around his legs. Sunlight streamed in through the softly draped window, and he heard the faint murmurs of a bubbling cauldron nearby. His own small cauldron, which he'd left over night to brew a particularly elusive substance that took great skill to create. Just another experiment, to try and forget...

He shoved himself up and out of the bed, pulling his robes off and tossing them aside, before donning a clean set, and getting himself ready for the day. It took him a few moments to shake off the shadows of his nightmare before he realized what day it was, and silently cursed.

The first day of school. And the day new students arrived. How he hated this time of year. He always had to take his precious time and re-establish not only his position, but ensure that the students kept their distance. And heeded his every word. A task that was not always easy, though could be enjoyable at times. If enjoyable were even a word for it.

He stepped from his room, and was met by the ever-cheerful Professor Potsdam. He briefly wondered how he was able to stomach this woman, as well. But he had to admit, in his roughest time, she had come to his aid, and for that, he should be grateful. Unfortunately, grateful was not on his list of emotions this morning. He gave a small growl of non-commital as she handed him the freshman roster.

"And a lovely morn to you, dear Hieronymous, did you sleep well?"


"Ah...I'm sorry to hear that...well, here is the list of new students. Another batch of wildflowers, oh the year is going to be simply exciting for them!" she gushed, giving her grandmotherly smile that always seemed to melt his defenses.

"...Yes. I suppose exciting is one word for it," he responded finally with the faint smirk that most students referred to as "The Evil Smile".

"I'm sure you'll make them feel right at home," she stated, smiling fondly at him as she waved her farewells and scuttled down the hall.

He stared after her, his smile gone, the dullness in his eyes again, even as his shoulders slumped slightly. It was going to be a long day.


Chaos had come to the school as new students met with older students who would become seasoned guides. Old friends reunited with warm greetings and excited gossiping about what the new year might bring. Most of the new students were finding their way across the school rather easily, though some had the misfortune to end up lost.

A few of the young girls passed by a strange-looking fellow, who lounged up against the side of one of the buildings. They tittered as they passed by, making low comments about his wings, his hair, and most of all, his blue skin.

Damien Ramsey simply eyed them with distant interest. They were plain, these new students, these wildflowers that, to him, all looked the same. None had taken his interest, though he knew full well what he was looking for. Surely she'd be here this year. She had better.

This was his last year...and his last chance...


Dear Diary,

That is how one starts these sorts of things, yes? I suppose since I'm the only one who will ever read this diary, I don't really need to write down who I am, but I don't know how else to start. So here goes.

My name is Lydia Quigley. I hate my last name. So we'll change it. My name is Lydia The Awesome! Yeah! ...Okay, not really. I still hate my last name, but I suppose it's the only thing that's 'normal' about me.

See, I'm on my way to this magical hidden school to learn, you guessed it, magic! The car ride is a little bumpy, so my handwriting is really messy. I hope I can read this again later.

In any case, it'll be a few minutes before we reach the school. My first taste of magic happened when I was thirteen years old. Right on my birthday, of all things! I woke up, and started going about my daily routine, when my mirror reflection came to life and winked at me! I would've sworn I was dreaming, if I hadn't pinched myself. Other small things happened throughout the day - things moving of their own accord, the cat politely excusing itself as it shoved past me, and my milk changed from white to black, then back again!

Life went back to normal after that day, until this woman in this very large and froofy (is that a word?) hat showed up at the foot of my bed a few days ago. She said I had magical blood in me, and now that I was sixteen years old, I could attend school to learn how to properly hone my skills! But I had to take an Oath of Secrecy, or something like that. Well, who doesn't want to learn magic? I could just zap all my problems away! So I said yes, and now here I am, headed to school.

I think she said I was to be in the Butterfly Hall, because of my sophistication. I can't help but preen at that thought. Me, sophisticated! Hah! Ooohh, my stomach hurts. I should probably stop writing...or get something to eat. Now that I think about it, I didn't have breakfast. Oh, we're here!


((Reader's Choice: Where should Lydia go first?

A: Find her room and meet her roomates.

B: Find the cafeteria and get something to eat.

Post with your choice, and/or feedback please. :) ))
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#2 Post by emichan » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:14 am

i vote for roommates. are you going to put her with minnie and pastel, or invent someone new?

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Meet her roomates! :D

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I agree! Let her meet her roomies :)

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I hope you update soon!

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Lydia Meets her Roommates: As well as some other people!

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"I do hope classes will go smoothly this year. It's the first year that's important after all, it sets a foundation," Minnie Cochran stated to her winged companion as she finished putting her books away on the small shelf provided for her part of the room.

Pastel shrugged slightly, brushing her hair with slow steady strokes. Eighty-one...eighty-two...eighty-three...

"I'm disappointed that there aren't more men...and most of the students look to be wildseeds, too," the pink-haired fairy stated, pursing her lips slightly as she examined a knot that had somehow sneaked into her hair. That would never do.

Minnie looked taken aback a moment, then smiled wryly as she shook her head. This was Pastel Rao, who had never failed to catch at least somebody's eye, whether they were male or female. In fact, when she'd learned that Miss Rao was going to be a fellow roommate, she'd become increasingly concerned for her own...innocence.

It didn't matter. So far the fairy hadn't made any indication that she was interested in that way. It had been a huge relief, especially since Minnie had already found her heart to go all aflutter when a certain childhood friend was nearby. Jacob Blaising, with his dark hair, his deep eyes, and his soft skin...

Minnie jumped when she heard Pastel's whispering lips right next to her ears, "Someone's thinking dangerous thoughts, hmm?"

Minnie, who felt herself turn that embarrassing shade of incriminating red, pulled back a bit, shaking her head.

"Hardly, Pastel, I'm not that sort of girl..." she gave the fae a meaningful look. Pastel didn't seem phased as she merely smiled, shrugged, and went back to her hair-brushing.

Minnie was saved from any more embarrassing conversational moments by a faint scuffle in the hall, followed by the shrill tones of an upperclassman. Rising from the bed, she tip-toed over and cracked the door open, peeking out to see Angela, the senior girl who lived just down the hall, soundly scolding a poor frightened-looking freshman.

"Of course you wildseed all think yourselves above others with your newly found magic, but you listen now, and you listen good: You're no better than the rest of us, and certainly no better than a senior like me! Now you apologize and watch where you're going, or I'll get a professor on you!"

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-"

"Louder, freshman!" Angela snapped, her eyes flashing imperiously.


"Excuse me, is there a problem here?" a kind voice cut in from behind the bickering pair. Angela glanced over, and immediately simmered down with a meeker tone.

"No, Professor Potsdam. The new student simply was not watching where she was going and bumped into me. She might have hurt herself..." Angela lingered on the last words, glancing back at the freshman in question. Professor Potsdam smiled sadly, nodding as though she understood entirely.

"Yes, yes, I see. Well, safety is priority here at our school. So please, be more careful dear," she patted the freshman on her shoulder, before turning to Angela. "And you would do well not to raise your voice quite so much, it really isn't an attractive quality, dear."

Professor Potsdam smiled an airy smile as she brushed by, continuing on her rounds and leaving Angela and the freshman girl in the hall. Angela turned back to the freshman.

"I'll see you at initiation. Freshman," Angela promised with a faint sneer, turning and retreating into what must be her room. The freshman girl looked like she was about to faint, or perhaps burst into tears. Minnie wouldn't have that.

"Come here...let me help you with those bags, they must be heavy," Minnie said in soft tones, catching the new student unawares as she opened the door further. After a few moments, the new student was inside Minnie and Pastel's room.

"I-is this room...113?" the girl asked with a shaky voice, looking over her shoulder at the door. Minnie nodded, smiling warmly, soothingly.

"It is, this is our room...I suppose you're our third and final roommate, then."

" that w-woman...our, uhm...neighbor?" she asked with a wince. Minnie knew she must be feeling absolutely wretched. Angela could be downright mean.

"I'm guessing you met dear Angela," Pastel said as she wafted her way over, like a slinky perfume. The girl's brown eyes widened as she saw Pastel for the first time, and Pastel smirked as the girl seemed to linger on her wings.

"Ah, how rude of me...this is Pastel Rao, and I'm Minnie Cochran."

"It's nice to see friendly name is Lydia Quigley," Lydia stated as she shoved her belongings onto the last unoccupied bed.

"Hopefully not too friendly..." Minnie murmured under her breath as she threw another glance in Pastel's direction. Pastel, however, was as unconcerned as ever.

"Wildseed, hm?" Pastel suddenly asked, causing Lydia to look up.

"Angela called me that as well," Lydia frowned, glaring at the door, "What does it mean?"

"It means that you are not from a magical family. Your parents don't know magic, but you have the potential to learn. Your talent is random..." Minnie trailed off, her smile slipping slightly. She wasn't sure she was doing a very good job at explaining this. But Lydia seemed to understand.

"Yes, unlike the more cultured magical families," Pastel chimed in briefly. Minnie wasn't sure if the fae was trying to be helpful or not, but Lydia's discomfort was plain to see, so Minnie decided a change of topic was needed.

"Are you hungry, Lydia?"

And for the first time, Lydia looked genuinely relieved with a nod.


The cafeteria was usually a quiet place, save for mealtimes, but today it was aflame with the fires of activity as students from upper classes greeted old friends, and new students introduced themselves briefly among each other. Orientation was scheduled for later that evening in the gym, but for now, the students were allowed to do what they wanted and needed to do to get settled.

Kyo had made his way down to the cafeteria with some fellow classmates when he saw her. Tall, thin, long wavy brown hair, and soft brown eyes, the girl walked like an angel among mortals. He nearly tipped his Dr. Pibble soda over as he rose from his seat and hurried across the cafeteria, his footsteps echoing the beating patterns of his heart.

"Excuse me, ladies, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting before. My name is Kyo, and you are..." his eyes lingered mostly on the tall one, the other two, the one with wings, and the copper-haired wildseed were not really of interest to him.

"Eh...hello there. My name is Minnie, and this is Pastel and this is Lydia," Minnie motioned to each in turn, smiling her friendly smile. Kyo nodded, and swept his arm towards the table.

"Care to join me and my friends for a bit of lunch?"

"We'd be delighted," Pastel said with her silky voice, stepping closer to Kyo with somewhat obvious intent. An intent that he had no desire to encourage or return as he led them over to a table that already had three occupants.

"Hey Kyo, I see you're already getting to know the new students. Looking to get a head start on Initiation?" chuckled a tall young man with blue hair swept back into a ponytail.

"Nah, William, that wouldn't be respectable now, would it?" Kyo laughed easily, although his cheeks blushed slightly. He knew who he'd pick if he could manage it, that was for sure.

"Everyone keeps mentioning this 'Initiation'. What is it?" Lydia asked nervously, glancing over at the boy who had mentioned it.

"It's a surprise," he replied with a smooth wink. "By the way, my name is William, and this here is my sister, Virginia, and her roommate, Ellen."

"Do any of you play sports?" Virginia asked with a wide grin as Ellen rolled her eyes up towards the ceiling.

"She won't stop talking about the club she's thinking of starting," Ellen explained with a little bit of an apologetic look.

"Aw, it's a good way to stay in shape, and it's fun!" Virginia retorted, pouting slightly as her older brother chuckled. Kyo nodded in agreement, rolling up the sleeve of his robe and posing momentarily to show off his muscles.

"Keeps the body shaped and toned," he winked towards Minnie, who instantly went red and smiled sheepishly at him. Her smile was beautiful, and he felt his own heart melting like butter.

"If I had any hand-eye coordination...I can barely keep myself from falling over while I walk as it is," Lydia laughed, her cheeks flushing.

"You'd do well to study anyways," William stated, throwing a glance around. "Otherwise old Grabby might getcha!"

"Grabby?" Minnie and Lydia asked in the same breath, before Minnie blinked and then rolled her eyes.

"Is that what you call Professor Grabiner? It's not very nice," she chided slightly, frowning. Kyo quickly nodded in agreement, not very nice at all!

"Why would Professor'getcha'?" Ellen asked hesitantly, her brow furrowing with concern.

"He's the strictest professor here, and will hand out demerits like Halloween candy. It's best not to get on his bad list, because once you do, there's no getting off it," William stated with seriousness, gazing at the freshmen in turn.

It was not a warning Kyo was too concerned with, he already knew from his previous years. His concerns, now, were on the girl at his side. Minnie Cochran.


Dear Diary,

What a day! What a roller-coaster of a day! I made it safely to school, and managed to find my way to Butterfly hall, only to run into this mean old witch...well, she wasn't that old...and I guess I can't really use 'witch' as a derogatory name any more. But she was really mean, just because I accidentally brushed by her in the hall.

Her name is Angela...I hope I don't run into her too much on a day to day basis!

Anyways, I got to meet my new roommates, and they seem nice enough. One has wings and is a fairy! A real fairy! Can you imagine?! She's really quiet though, and seems to be in her own world at times. Other times, she looks like she's sizing me up for a meat market, or something. She's really strange.

And then there's Minnie, she's really nice. I like her a lot, and she seems to be really into helping. Maybe she'll be able to help me with my studies when classes start?

Which reminds me, I need to set my schedules for the coming weeks on what classes I'll be attending. Let's see...I've already been to orientation, where Professor Potsdam, the headmistress, welcomed us all and told us about the five types of magic: Red, blue, green, black, and white.

I'm not sure what each one is about, yet, so I think this next week I'll go to each class and find out for myself what they're like. Initiation is next week, too, and I heard it's going to be a pretty big deal. But William, a senior who's apparently planning the whole thing, won't tell what it's going to be. It's all very secretive!

This concludes my first day, dear diary. But it's been a crazy one. Oh, I should probably start writing the dates down here, too, huh? It's September 1st!...I feel so scatter-brained. Hopefully things will clear up by the end of the week?


((Reader's Choice: What should Lydia focus her studies and talents on?

A: Red and Green magic?
B: Blue and Black magic?

White magic is just something she'll be studying regardless, which is why I didn't include it in here, but this is the point where I would like some input on what her magical strengths will be.))
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#7 Post by Rozelliee » Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:31 am

I'm going with Blue and Black magic. Great story by the way! You write really well, and reading it makes me want to read what else you've written. :0

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#8 Post by Ladygothika87 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:55 pm

I agree, blue and black magic.

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#9 Post by Esylana » Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:18 am

((Thank you for your support and time in reading these. It means a lot to me. I'll probably take two to three days between posts to update the story and allow readers a chance to respond to the reader's choice.

Also, if anyone catches a discrepancy in details, please let me know! Things like last names for characters, character relationships, and what year/hall they're in are important to me. A fan-fic is a fan-fic, but I still want to stay as true to the setting and original world as possible. :oops: :) And again, thank you all! :wink: ))

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Initiation: Part 1

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Morning broke with a bright clarity on September 9th, and the sunlight, welcome or not, streamed through the windows to bathe whatever was touched in warm golden light. One tendril of this warm inviting light stretched across Angela Kirsch 's bed, and she stretched like a cat with a yawn as she woke up.

It was going to be such a fun day. Initiation was something she'd been looking forward to since the first time she, herself, had been subjected to it. The right to exercise her power and control over some poor freshman. And she had just the freshman in mind! To make matters all the more lovely, dear William (the fool) had decided to extend the Initiation over the week. Not just for one day, as had been the previous determined duration, but an entire week. Fun seemed lackluster in comparison to the anticipation Angela felt.


Breakfast was a short affair; an egg, some juice, and a piece of toast. One had to keep their figure, especially if they were going to impress the wizarding world! She shoved her dishes with imperious flippancy into the hands of some startled sophomore, demanding they take them to the dish-rack for her - she had other matters to tend to. Mostly, planning out the tasks for her specially chosen freshman.

As she made her way to the gym and chose a prestigious seat near the front she considered the tasks that could be chosen. Something petty like writing a love letter to be read in public, or reciting some silly poem would never do. Too mediocre, and she suspected many of the more simple-minded classmates would consider the same options. No, no, she needed something daring, that would set her apart in both style and originality. And would suitably punish the freshman she had in mind.

As she sat considering, she caught the disappointed tones of a nearby classmate.

"It really isn't fair, I swear if you look at him in just the wrong way, he smites you with demerits and detention!" cried an exasperated boy with blue hair and blue eyes.

"Well, you know, Luke, it isn't as though you did something as simple as merely looking at sorta blew up the desk with that new fire spell..." chided another freshman boy with blue hair and blue eyes. They must be brothers.

"Yeah, but why teach us stuff if we aren't allowed to practice and try it out? Geez...Professor Grabiner needs to retire. Early!"

Angela pondered to herself another moment and then slowly smiled as the egg of a simply devious idea began to hatch. But the approach would be difficult, as would the need to cover her tracks. After all, she didn't want to get the demerits, detention, or attention.


The Initiation ceremony began, William stepping up to the podium to command all eyes and attention upon himself.

"Good morning everyone! My name is William Danson, and I am your new incoming senior class president. But for the next week, half of you will be calling me Sir William," he said, tossing a wink at a giggling bunch of freshman girls in the front row. Angela rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms, waiting for him to continue.

"Welcome to Freshman Initiation. Before we start, I am required to give you some safety information. Nothing that happens this week should cause you physical harm. If you are ordered to do something dangerous or that you know is wrong, please go to a teacher immediately..." Angela sighed slowly, closing her eyes. Again, that could be troublesome. But not for the clever, like herself. Plus, freshmen were inherently stupid.

William continued his short speech for a moment, before the freshman class began to line up and come up on stage to both introduce themselves, and receive the Initiation Handbooks William had designed especially for this week. Angela immediately focused in on the freshman she wanted. The waif of a girl who had brushed into her in the Butterfly hall dorm-rooms, Ms. Quigley.

Introductions were short, but not nearly short enough, and finally all the freshmen had introduced themselves, received their books, and sat down again.

"Now, as well as serving and honoring the entire senior class, each one of you will become the property of one particular senior," William announced, the entirety of the freshman class going silent at this. Angela savored that silence with relish. The students knew fear after all.

"Your senior is your master, your best friend..."

Yeah, right...

"...your worst nightmare, and your only protection from the rest of us! Stand and wait and we will choose," William finished, nodding towards his fellow senior classmates. Angela was to her feet within moments and striding towards the cowering freshmen. Already the sharks were circling, orders being snapped left and right.

"You're too tall, FRESHMAN!"

"I can see your back, freshman!"

"Get down lower than me!"

Angela, like a snake slithering up upon its prey, approached Lydia Quigley with narrowed eyes. But then, she saw him. Damien Ramsey, and he was approaching her freshman. Her freshman!

She stepped in front of him, cutting him off with a snide, "Watch where you're going, demon."

"You know, they say judging a book by its cover is never wise. I'd say you're more of a demon than I am," Damien retorted, his eyes still focused upon Lydia.

"You'd say a lot, I'm sure. But actions speak much louder than words. Now then," Angela turned away from him and declared in a loud enough voice that most of the gathered students could hear.

"Lydia Quigley, I pronounce you to be my freshman!"

The sight of the color draining from Lydia's face was priceless. If only they were allowed to have cameras in Iris Academy. Nearby, Minnie Cochran glanced away from her senior, Kyo, to look with deep concern at Lydia. But she said nothing, and Lydia was at Angela's side within moments.

"Come, Lydia. We must talk," Angela led her freshman out of the gym, and into the hall, away from the droves of seniors still picking their freshmen.


Professor Grabiner had, originally, objected to the idea of Initiation getting an extension from one day to one week. A day of interruptions was more than enough for such childish frivolities. But when Professor Potsdam had okay-ed the idea, with the reasoning that students were only young once and Initiation only happened once, he had hardly had the impetus to disagree fully. He would simply have to punish any students foolish enough to cross him as part of their Initiation, quickly and harshly.

So it came as no surprise that when the third day of Initiation rolled around with a love letter set upon his desk at class, he'd seen fit to call attention to it by reading it out loud with sneering inflections and ridiculing tones, before setting it aside and demanding a confession. He had ways of discovering whose it was, one way or another. So when no one had come forth, though a portly young girl with blonde hair and timidly blushing cheeks averted her eyes enough to alert him as to the real culprit, he used his knowledge of Green and White magic to easily determine the sender. Sure enough, it was the poor lass, and he soon had her chased out of his classroom with detention and ten demerits. A sound warning to the rest of the class had them studying harder than ever at their lessons.

He was, now, making his way to his private rooms. His sanctuary away from the droves of idiotic students who thought they knew what magic was, who thought they knew what danger was. They were frustrating, and a bit of wine and music would do him some good about now.

He passed by Angela, who was loitering in the halls near his rooms. With a scowl, he stopped before her.

"Can I help you with something, miss Kirsch?"

Angela looked around, as though she were lost a moment, then gazed up at him.

"I was looking for my freshman, Professor Grabiner, sir. Lydia Quigley, I'm afraid she got rather cross with me suddenly and stormed off this way. I was going to warn her that these halls were reserved for the professors, but if she won't listen to me, well..." Angela trailed off, looking at Professor Grabiner while biting her lower lip.

So there was a freshman wandering around these halls without permission. There were two explanations for this. Either the senior before him was telling the truth, which would earn miss Quigley ten demerits. Or the senior before him was lying and playing into part of the blasted Initiation games that he was fast coming to loathe more than in previous years. If she was lying, she'd find herself with twenty demerits, and both her freshman and her would be serving detention.

"You will stay here until I find miss Quigley, then," he stated, his voice tired and dull sounding. He really didn't want to put up with this nonsense right now. It only irked his already foul mood even more.


Ten minutes later saw that most of the halls and rooms were bare of any student presence, let alone that of a freshman girl who was, supposedly, storming around without permission or supervision.

The only rooms he'd left unchecked were his own, which were well-guarded with wards to prevent any potential break-ins. He made his way back to Angela, who was looking a little impatient now.

"Miss Quigley is not in the vincinity. I do hope you were mistaken and not trying to play a prank on me, miss Kirsch. I'd hate to see you ruin your record in your last year," the faint smile that tugged at his lips was poisonous, indicating that his latter words were a bit more sarcastic than concerned.

"No, no, professor, I'm not trying to pull a prank on you at all! But...if she isn't there, then maybe she went around and left..." Angela trailed off, flushing with a frown and glancing away. She looked suitably embarrassed. It was better than nothing, as far as reactions went.

"Five demerits for wasting my time," he stated as he turned and departed down the hall again. It was time for wine and music. And perhaps a good long book.


(September 8)

Dear Diary,

As far as first weeks go, mine wasn't so bad. I took a bit of blue, black, and white classes. professor Grabiner is very...well, mean isn't quite the word I want to use. He just seems very stern and strict. I'd hate to be on his bad side...

Luckily, professor Potsdam is my teacher for white and black magic. I don't know what I would do if I had Grabiner for all my classes! I'm nervous, for next week is Initiation. I wonder what's in store?


(September 11)

Dear Dairy,

I'm in Professor Grabiner's rooms! And not because I want to be, either! It's all Angela's fault, and stupid Initiation.

Initiation is being indentured to a senior for the week, and Angela picked me! What rotten first she was really sweet, much nicer than when I'd first met her. But then she told me that she needed me to get something of hers that Professor Grabiner had confiscated. It was a family heirloom, some sort of necklace with a blue teardrop jewel, and she insisted that I fetch it for her.

She used an advanced cloak charm on me, and then used an advanced teleportation spell on me. I guess Professor Grabiner either doesn't protect his rooms, or she's better at casting upperclassmen spells than even he's aware of. In any case, I'm in here, and looking around...there's all sorts of neat stuff...journals and vials, wands and potions, that a stuffed crow? Some sort of bird...but I don't see a necklace. I think-


Blast!...I had to hide, I'm in the wardrobe now...I can just barely see out in the room, peeking between the crack of the doors. Someone's coming into the room. It's...

Oh no, it's him! Professor Grabiner! He looks really angry...he's looking around, does he suspect me? Did he see Angela in the hall? What'd she say to him? Did she tell him I was in here?

He's moving away, oh thank heavens. He's going towards the edge of his bed, I think...he's...wait, I hear music...chamber music, how is he playing it? I thought we weren't allowed to have technology on campus...

Wait...he's coming back again. Oh no, he's coming straight for me! He's going to open the wardrobe and find me! Help!

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#11 Post by ElCantardelaLunaOscura » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:12 am

Ohhh I want to know what happens!!! Poor Lydia in Grabiner's wardrobe!!
Please continue it, I love how you write.
"Y a pesar de que no estás, te llevo cosida a mi piel.
Tu recuerdo se ha instalado en mi a vivir.
Y aunque nunca volverás, busco en el trastero de mi
ese beso abandonado que nunca te di."

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#12 Post by Rozelliee » Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:14 pm

So do I. :D I was a little late in reading it but I'm glad I finally did~ The story is going really well.

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#13 Post by icekat725 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:30 pm

Ohh~ I wonder if the spell will wear off once he opens the wardrobe door? Lydia's gonna face the wrath of Grabby o.o" (and us who played through the grabiner path in the game already know of his wrath O_O it's not pretty.)

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