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Back To School - Magical Diary Contest (Entries)

#1 Post by hanako » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:25 pm

This thread is for posting your entries for the contest. If you want to talk about or ask questions about the contest itself, post in the contest discussion thread instead.

(However, if you want to comment on someone's entry, that's okay.)

This contest is now officially over!
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Purple is MY colour

#2 Post by mermaid » Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:04 pm


Purple is MY colour!!!

by Mermaid

My name is Emily Griffin and today is my thirteenth birthday! As a treat mother is taking me shopping in this new boutique down the street, I guess she's hoping a dress would magically change me into a lady or something!!! Just give me a nice pair jeans and a shirt and I'll be set to go in five minutes flat!
Oh well doesn't hurt to look plus I'll get that seven flavored ice cream later so it's all good. We chatted a little during the walk to the store, for some reason the main topic was boys, no idea why I keep going back to that Thomas baker (Tommy), he's more of a prankster then a prince charming but I guess I need to get back at him for that last 'frog' prank. That must be why!
We finally reach the store and I start to groan,
Emily "you can't be serious…"
Emily's mother "now, now dear every girl should have a nice dress in her closet. What are you going to wear to your friends parties? Or if that Tommy asks you to a school dance."
Emily "First of all Tommy would more than likely ask me to bike race downhill into speeding traffic then to a dance. And secondly all this pink and lace is burning a hole into my retina! Sheesh who owns the place; Barbie?"
Mother just shakes her head in that 'oh she's so young and doesn't know better' manner which I just know they teach at the parenting school to perfection. We start looking through the clothes in the shop but there really isn't anything I like. Suddenly mother spies a flash of purple on one of the top shelves. It's really too high for her and the shopkeeper is busy with another customer.
Emily's mother "I think I can reach it if I just stood on the lower shelves, Emily help me get those shirts out of the way."
Emily "wait mom don't get on those!!! I don't even like it!"
Emily's mother "but you haven’t even seen it properly yet! Purple is just perfect for you dear, really brings out your eyes"
Ok so I was losing this argument, looking over the shopkeeper was still busy with the fussy customer, so I really had no choice in the matter, I lend on the shelves and stretched my arm as far as I can to reach the thing, at first it seemed too high up but perhaps I had miscalculated because I easily managed to grab it and opened it up for my mother to see properly below me.
Emily "not really my style mom, too old fashioned and way too stuffy for summer."
It was then that I heard the screams! I looked around to see what had happened, one of the customers was pointing at the shelves were I was, others were now looking this way with shock. My first thought was A RAT!!!!!! I looked again at top shelve, a little dusty but no rats… I looked again more people were panicking now and pointing. But I don't see anything.
At this moment my mother's voice came to me from below
Emily's mother " Emily Griffin you come back down here this instant!"
Though it took my brain a moment to comprehend the situation It was then that it hit me! I was in mid air! Not suspended mid air but flapping my wings mid air!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!
I panicked for minute and it did occur to me to fly around the shop and do a few air flips for all those people for the added shock value but one look at my mother's stern face made me come down.
Looking at my reflection in the mirrors I seemed to have turned into a half human half dragon… thing! I had the ears, wings and even tail of a dragon but the rest of me was human. OMG SO COOL!!!!
My mother quickly ushered me out of the store and we starting walking back home. She was so quiet along the way.. Emily "well you did say purple suited me mom" I flapped my wings and fluttered my eyes at her.
She gave a little nervous laugh and patted my head. Dad wanted to cancel the birthday party but hey I thought it was a cool get up and had the party anyway, I just pretended it was a costume and repressed the urge to fly around and show off a bit.
The next day an old lady dressed in odd robes rang our door bell. She wanted to talk to me, something about magic and a magic school. I didn't believe a word of it until she whipped her wand from her robe and dispelled my half transformation. Oh dear!!!!

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he’s the birthday ghost wishing you and everyone...

#3 Post by bittersweetchocolate » Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:01 am

(So. The beginning of this story is not very amusing. It is actually kind of just a wee bit depressing. But it gets happier! Sort of.
…I apologize in advance for my entry.
Also, have a crappy reference picture of Sky! Not colored. Because I am no artist and my coloring sucks.
ETA: So. Seems I was wrong about my story being kinda long. Evidently, it's one of the shortest entries? Haha, oh that's a bit ironic. In other news, I plan on submitting this story to [because I really do need those bonus points] later sometime this week because new accounts have a waiting period to post fic. Who would've thought, eh?
ETA2: You can now also view this story here. Also, I have tweaked the introduction a little; one of the sentences I had written was bugging me so I decided to replace it with three that didn't.)

he’s the birthday ghost wishing you and everyone a very happy birthday
As told by bittersweetchocolate

Today it is Sky’s thirteenth birthday.

Today it is the anniversary of her big brother’s death.

His name was Daemon (“My name is not Demon. It’s Daemon. D-A-E-M-O-N. There’s an ‘A’ in it; there’s a difference!” “It still looks and sounds like Demon!” “ does not, shut up.”) and he was three years older (“It’s my right as the eldest to make you my minion, twerp.”) than her.

Today is her birthday and today it has been a year since that argument in which she’d told her brother I hate you go die why can’t you just ever leave me alone and he’d left the house in a huff and hadn’t come back even when her anger had faded away and the sky was starting to turn dark outside.

(It wasn't until the next morning, when she'd woken up to the anguished cries of her mother, that she'd learnt he'd been involved in a car accident. It wasn't until the next morning, when she'd seen her father's tearstained face and bloodshot eyes, that she'd learnt he'd died minutes before ever reaching the hospital. It wasn't until the next morning, when she'd realized that what was happening was real and not some nightmare to be awaken out of, that she'd numbly thought to herself but I never got the chance to say I'm sorry.)

Sky can’t find the will to get out of bed. She doesn’t want to get up and remember how Daemon would just barge in her room while she was still drowsy with sleep on her previous birthdays and would then abruptly start singing–

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear twerp, Happy Birthday to you. I’m begging you please, don’t cry over me. You’ve done enough self-flagellating for a lifetime and– that is terribly off tempo, wow. Looks like creating lyrics that match the tune of the song Happy Birthday is harder than I thought, huh.”

Sky immediately sat up. She stared.

Across the room from her, stood Daemon (dead dead this is a trick he’s dead) in his ratty old jeans and black t-shirt with the Ghostbusters logo printed firmly across the chest. His hair was still an unruly mess of bright red (not dyed he died but his hair was not dyed) and his skin was a lot paler than it had been before, almost translucent even, but this was undeniably Daemon (but this can’t be him because he died they buried him she was there at his funeral she saw the body).

He doesn’t seem to notice her. Maybe this is all just an illusion, a dream perhaps. She should probably just crawl back into bed and forget about this moment.

She doesn’t. Instead, she croaks, “You’re dead.”

Daemon (is dead he is dead so who is this) freezes. Very, very slowly, he turns his head towards her and Sky is immediately graced with the sight of electric green eyes (so bright so much brighter than they were before why is that). He opens his mouth. Closes it. Opens it again.

And then finally, “You can see me?”

“You’re dead,” is what she says, voice cracking.

“Uh, yeah. I mean, yes. Yes, I am. Dead, that is. Not that I’m not here! Oh, well, I guess physically I’m not. But it’s not like I’m still not here, you know? Because I am here. Spiritually speaking, anyways. Uh, what I mean to say is– oh my God this is so awkward.” Daemon buries his face in his hands and Sky cannot stop staring at him. Her brother (who agrees with her that he is dead because he is dead but how is he standing there) mumbles something indecipherable to her ears before he uncovers his face and blurts out, “I’m dead, I died, and so I’m a ghost now, cool, huh?”

Sky stares at him. Daemon stares directly back at her with a nervous smile in place. Daemon is dead but he is here because he is a ghost and he is smiling at her and she hasn’t seen his face (his actual face, not a photograph or video clip of it) in an entire year and–

She can’t help it.

She cries.


Once she has calmed down (and once Daemon has stopped panicking over her outburst and settled down back on ground after floating up all the way to her ceiling) and after Daemon convinces her that no, I am not an figment of your imagination sent to haunt your every waking moment twerp, please stop persecuting yourself, you’re making my heart hurt, Sky tells Daemon in a frenzy how sorry she is, how she’d never meant it and how much she’d regretted it when she’d told him to go die, how she’d take it all back if she could, how much she loves him, and how much she’s missed him. Daemon doesn’t ever once interrupt her and listens to everything she says patiently, nodding at every so interval. Once she is done with her spiel, Daemon tells her that his death was not your fault twerp; it was that drunken bozo’s, that he really wished she’d stop blaming yourself, I hate to see you like this, and that he never hated you, what are you talking about twerp and that he missed talking to your scrawny little self too.

He also tells her that she’s a witch.

Sky wonders if she has the right to be insulted by this. She tells Daemon as much.

To her surprise, her brother laughs. “It’s not an insult! I didn’t mean it in a ‘you-are-a-mean-old-hag’ sort of way. I meant it in more of a ‘you-are-a-shiny-and-sparkly-person-who-could-probably-magic-me-a-cake-out-of-thin-air-if-I-asked’ sort of way. Not that I’d ask for cake considering that I wouldn’t be able to eat it, what with me being dead and a ghost and all, but you know what I mean, right?”

She doesn’t. She tells Daemon this.

Her brother then proceeds to give her a quick lesson on magic.


Sky is fascinated by what Daemon has to tell her. She is also very, very curious as to where he got his knowledge from.

“I wasn’t a wizard, if that’s what you’re wondering.” Daemon intones, floating lazily above her bed, two inches away from touching the mattress. “Elion, though– you know, that guy who I had this stupid ridiculous crush on for like years and became best buddies with in seventh grade, you remember him, right?” Sky does and feels a pang of guilt at the mention of his name; there’s no chance that Daemon will ever get together with him now. She nods. “Well, Elion was one. A wizard, I mean. And he mailed me all the time about what was going on in that crazy school of his. Seriously, the teachers over there supported the hazing of freshies, it’s hysterical.”

Daemon starts to ramble on about the stories Elion had shared with him in their letters but Sky’s attention has been diverted elsewhere. She thinks about the types of magic Daemon had just told her about. Red for energy, blue for change, green for life, black for enchantment, and white for spirits. If she were to combine a few spells from each different type of magic, would she be able to–

“No. You can’t bring me back.”

Sky blinks, faces her brother again. He isn’t smiling any longer, mouth set into a neutral line. She swallows and the lie is out of her mouth before she can help herself, “I wasn’t going to– I wasn’t thinking abou–”

“Your poker face is terrible, twerp.” Daemon looks at her for a long time, face carefully blank. He soon sighs. “You can’t bring me back to life. Dead things are supposed to stay dead, twerp. There are no spells for resurrection, no ways to cheat me out of my death.” He looks carefully at her. He says, “Even if you did succeed and find something, I’d come out… wrong. Whatever you would’ve resurrected wouldn’t be me. Promise me you won’t try to find a way to bring me back.”


Promise me.”

“…I promise.”


After an awkward silence, they spend the next hour tentatively trying to transform one of her teddy bears into an oversized gummy bear. What they end up with is a giant marshmallow singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Daemon tries to get the marshmallow to switch its tune to My Hips Don’t Lie for the next thirty minutes.

Sky laughs when her parents finally enter the room and hyperventilate when the large marshmallow begins belting out Baby Got Back.

All in all, it’s a good birthday.
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#4 Post by SabbyCchuu » Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:37 pm

Okay, before I begin, I want to apologize for my bad English. I’m a Magical Diary addict so I joined this forum to learn more about the game. I downloaded the demo, and I really enjoyed it, but the moment it ended, I nearly broke my laptop. To make things worse, I’m from Malaysia, which means, it’s almost impossible for me to get this game because it’s around RM80 (Malaysian Currency) and my parents wouldn’t let me purchase items online. So you can imagine how much I want this game ;_; I know chances of me winning is really low, but please, have some pity, I want this game real bad.

Sorry I forgot to rotate the picture, anyways, the girl in purple is Haruka c:

“It’s 29th of December already, huh. I hope I get to spend my birthday alone again.. like last year.”

A young girl walks slowly on the street, giving out a loud sigh. Her name is Kagamiya Haruka (鏡夜 遥), she’s a Japanese who lives in America. Haruka is about 142cm tall, and her weight is 28kg. She has a pair of inhuman purple eyes and beautiful long black hair. Her eyes made her stood out ever since she was young because purple eyes are uncommon among Asians, especially when those eyes are capable of sending chills to one's spine. It was also because of her eyes that she was shunned as a child. Elders back in her village in Japan believed that she was cursed, and that she’d bring calamities to the village. Every child in the village called her the ‘Purple-eyed monster’.
When she was 7, her parents could not tolerate the villagers’ taunts any longer, so they moved to America.

“Why can’t I grow up faster? Why can’t I leave the house and live by myself?” she thought.

Haruka walks and walks and walks, and finally stopped in front of her house. She stepped forward to unlock the door, and then she pushed the door open.

Before her stood her drunken mother with messy hair, holding a beer bottle.

“… I’m home, mom.” Haruka says in a soft and barely audible voice.

Her mom frowns, and her face turned red. She went berserk, swinging the bottle in her hand, screaming “DON’T CALL ME YOUR MOM! I DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO A MONSTER LIKE YOU!”

The last thing Haruka saw was the bottle which flew towards her head, and then everything went black.


Haruka opens her eyes slowly and flinched at the pain on her forehead. Blood was trickling down her face. A tear rolled down her cheeks.

What did I ever do to deserve all this? It’s not fair! It’s not!!! Everyone… Everyone who hates me... May misfortune befall them all! Haruka’s eyes burns with hatred.

Few days later, Haruka received a call from her mother’s current boyfriend saying that she was ran over by a car and got admitted in the hospital. Haruka couldn’t believe the news.

“I… I got it… Please take care of her for me… I’ll be there soon.”
Haruka puts down the phone and kept quiet for a moment. She was supposed to be sad, but instead she breaks into laughter.

“Hahahahaha! It’s karma! Hahahahaha!”

A week later, she saw news on TV showing her village back in Japan. It burned down, and no one survived the fire. Scientists could not find the cause of the fire. “It’s as if the caught fire for no reason.” Was what they said.

Haruka stared at the screen and breaks into laughter. “What is this coincidence?”

“This is no coincidence, my dear.”

Haruka was stunned at the voice which came from nowhere. She immediately turned to all directions, searching for the owner of the voice, only to find that she’s alone.

“W-who is that?! Show yourself!”

A hooded woman appears before Haruka out of nowhere. “Hello there, you may call me Neia.”

Haruka jumped back at Neia’s appearance. “WOAH! A GHOST?!”

Neia chuckled, “No, my dear. A wizard is more like it.”

“A WHAT?” Haruka could not believe her ears.

“Wizard. Let’s cut the long story short, I’m here to bring you to Carcona Academy.”

Haruka was puzzled, then she pinched her own face and flinched at the pain.

“You’re not dreaming. I want to bring you to a place where you learn how to control and learn magic. A place where you learn how to forgive and love. A place where you won’t be shunned, hated and feared. A place where you’ll never be lonely anymore.”

Haruka’s eyes widens. She looks up at Neia, “A place… Where I won’t be lonely anymore…?” A tear rolls down her cheek.

Neia touches Haruka’s face. “That’s right, my dear. So, will you follow me?”

Haruka nodded without hesitation. It was like a dream come true for her, she always wanted someone to save her from her loneliness.

“We’re here.”

Haruka opens her eyes, and gasped at the sight. Before her stood a huge, Victorian-style building like those from fairytales. Different people everywhere, casting spells, flying in the skies.

“Welcome to Carcona Acedemy.” Neia said.

“T-thank you…” replied Haruka.

A blue haired girl came running in Haruka’s direction. “Hey there! So you’re Haruka? We’ll be roommates so let’s get along, okay?”

Haruka blushes, she did not know what to say. It was the first time someone spoke to her that way. “O-okay…”
It was certainly great to look into someone's eyes and not have them fear you.

“My name is Amelia, and we’ll be good friends I’m sure! Of course, we’ll be the best wizards out there, too!”

I hope I get the game :D
I'm a big fan of Hanako and Magical Diary, so please, grant my wish.
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#5 Post by bl2k611 » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:44 pm

I tend to use symbols when i write so here is a quick explanation.
<'Chit-Sang In Chinese'>

Ruby Sounds Nicer

Ni Hao Diary,
Hi my name is Shao Ni, or Ni Shao (depending on who I'm talking to), For clarification purposes my given name is Ni. Mom gave me this extravagant gold plated diary for my birthday and insisted that I write in it on a daily basis so I could practice my english (even though my english like fifty thousand times better than hers seeing as I grew up here, Dad had to work here before he moved Mom from Shanghai when she got pregnant with me so he knows enough english to hold a decent conversation with someone. ) but I'm really gonna use it to chronicle all of the weird crap that has been happening to me lately because I'm quite sure that Mom and dad would think I'm nuts if I told them any of this, What weird crap you ask? Lemme start from the beginning
The the very first weird thing that happened to me EVER was that I was born with red eyes. No Diary I am not Albino (my hair is jet black and I have the normal skin color of an Asian girl) my eyes are just bright red. Apparently Mom and Dad got along back then (I'll touch more on that later) and after being told that my eyes would gain normal coloring after a week. They waited and promptly brought me back to the hospital afterwards. The doctors ran all types of tests and came to the conclusion that I had been born with the rarest eye color in the world.
All was well until I went to Kindergarten.
In school, especially elementary school, children can be cruel. And I soon was labeled a freak. “Demon Eyes” is a nickname that has followed me to this day (even by my goth friends who see it as a term of endearment). Even when I wear contacts people still pick on me because of my eyes. The only friends I have are the goth kids that think my eyes are cool. About a year ago (Behind Dad's back, mom and dad fought about it later), I had surgery to get implants to change my eye color to the pretty gold that my mom and dad have. And it was kind of easier for me at school but 2 weeks ago I looked in the mirror and back was the dreaded red. So I did what any 12-year-old with body image issues being faced with the object of your hate would do.
I screamed like the little girl I am.
After calming me out of hysteria, Mom and Dad brought me back to my regular eye doctor to see what was wrong. Apparently the implants had unbelievably disintegrated and what was left had been expelled naturally through tear production. However the doctor (to dad's delight) effectively blacklisted me from having any eye related cosmetic surgery until I was 18. He said I was way to young to have the surgery in the first place and whomever did it needed to lose their medical license. I was so bummed but Monique ,one of my goth friends who came over later that day, was ecstatic (at least somebody was). However one thing that bothers me is that Mom and I were told various times that these implants were indestructible how the heck did they disintegrate.
I was still really bummed about the whole eye thing so Dad surprised me a week ago and took me to the M.S.P.C.A (the big animal shelter down in Boston) so I could pick out a pet. According to the cat room attendant, a stray mama Dragon Li had just had a litter of kittens 3 months ago and as soon as dad and I came into the cat room one of them started following me not leaving my side. Even when papa and I left the cat room to go to the dog room and look at them the kitten stayed at the door scratching at it and escaping a few times. Daddy suggested that we get the kitten and as he started filling out the papers I went back to the cat room picked up the kitten and said “Hi your coming home with me kitty. What's your name?”
All I expected was a 'meow' I wasn't so lucky because I then heard (in perfect Chinese no less). <'Wow that's so awesome I cant wait my name is Chit-Sang you're Ni right? I like your eyes.'>
I looked around half to make sure Dad wasn't trying to trick me and half to see if anyone else had heard. Dad was still filling out paperwork and the only girl that was theoretically close enough to hear was hugging some poor Siamese cat to pieces. Totally ignoring me and the kitten.
I then whispered <Did you just talk to me?>
His siblings meowed at him as if to say "shut up."
<Hey how come I can I can understand you and not any other cats >
<Because I'm your familiar you'll start hearing other cats later on and besides I don't think you wanna hear what Lamont is screaming at the moment.>
<The Siamese over there>
<oh ok. Wait a minute what the heck is a familiar?>
<huh how the heck do you not..........oooooohhh you must be wild-seed.>
<Your turning 13 soon right? >
<you'll find out then> Chit-Sang said and winked.
Just then Dad came in and said. “So sweetie have you decided to name your little friend?”
“I think I'll call him Chit-Sang”
“Chit-Sang? Is he noisy?”
“Sort of. He t-meows a lot” I had to catch myself at that moment the last thing I needed was Dad thinking that I was crazy.
“So Ni the paperwork is all filled out so we can take Chit-Sang home right now. What do you say we go to that posh new pet store on Newbury Street so we can get him all the stuff we need.”
<'OOH you mean Paws and Claws you didn't tell me you guys were rich'>
I shook my head. Life with Chit sang was gonna be interesting. But that wasn't even the weirdest thing that happened. Now diary I know your thinking what the heck can get weirder than a talking cat?
Trust me it can get weirder.
So before I tell you about the next mega weird thing that happened to me you need a little background. My Mom and Dad fight all the time. They cannot talk civilly to each other for more than a minute. And they argue about EVERYTHING. One time they didn't speak to each other for over a month because they couldn't agree on what type of soap to buy. Yes diary I'm being completely serious. After dad and I got Chit Sang his stuff Dad had to stop at a rest stop to use the bathroom and I gave Chit-Sang the run down and he didn't believe me. Then as soon as we got home Mom blew a gasket because we decided to go to a pet supply store that was way too expensive in her eyes. Dad goes on to say how he makes the money so he decides how to spend it and blah blah blah. And that was the start of one of their many arguments.
Its so bad that Chit-Sang has suggested I write to Dr. Phil about them and he's only been here a week.
Believe me I'm tempted.
The one day of the year where I could look forward to them not screaming at each other was my birthday. See Mom and Dad may hate each other but they still love me to bits. I used to suspect that that was the reason they were still together despite not sleeping in the same room but now I suspect that its more than that.
I wasn't so lucky this year.
So yesterday my thirteenth birthday came along and after dinner and cake Dad gave me a new set of swords for martial arts class. And Mom, as you know, gave me you. I saw the look on Dads face and knew that it was over.
<oh so I spend too much on pet supplies and you have the gall to get her a gold plated diary. What the Hell does Ni need a &&^*ing gold plated diary for.>
<Well if you can spend stupid amounts of money on things why cant I>
<*&^*^%&^&*( I bet you I could sell that diary on Ebay and buy 12 sets of what I bought for Chit-Sang from the money I get back>
I collected my stuff and went up to my room I really didn't feel like listening to them but it seems that they got louder buy the minute.
<'For the love of Bast when do they ever shut up'> Chit-Sang said when I entered my room, putting his paws over his ears.
<I've got no idea>
Chit-Sang and I tried our best to block out the noise but an hour later they had still not let off.
<'Good Grief we're trying to sleep'>
<I know. I just really really wish that they would shut the hell up> is said while wishing with every fiber of my being that they would be quiet.
Then they got quiet. Me and Chit-Sang looked at each other. Mom and Dad never got quiet so abruptly.
<'um Ni I think we should go check on them. you know just to make sure one of them didn't whip out a silencer and off the other one' >
<But what if they come after me>
<'I'll protect you your 13 now so I'm allowed to' >
So I picked up Chit Sang and crept down to the Dining room and there was Mom and Dad still engaged in a battle of words. But while their lips were moving not a sound was coming out. It was sad that they were so engaged in their argument that they didn't even realize that they had lost their voices.
<Umm Mom Dad?>
Mom turned to say something and of course nothing came out of her mouth. She looked shocked
Dad made like he was laughing and he realized that he had the same problem.
Mom grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down “Sweetheart You and Chit-Sang go to bed while me and your father figure out whats going on.”
So I did. I asked Chit-Sang what was going on and he replied
<'I don't know but whatever it is I hope it doesn't wear off anytime soon.”>

So Diary that is it for now I'm sure more weirdness will happen so it wont be long.
Zai Jian

Ni Hao Diary,
Cant write for long A weird looking lady with purple tips on her hair is downstairs talking With Mom and dad (apparently whatever was wrong with them wore off just in time for her visit and I mean just in time to I had led her into the sitting room and I could have sworn I heard her mutter something and just like that Mom and Dad could talk (and scream) again. She told me to go upstairs and grab Chit Sang which I'm gonna do as soon as I'm done. I don't know whats going on here but Chit-Sang is pawing at my feet telling me to hurry up so it must be good. Fill you in later Diary.
Zai Jian

Ni Hao Diary,
So The lady explained everything. I took Chit-Sang downstairs and she asked Mom And dad to leave for a minute, as soon as they went upstairs and started arguing about something, well it was good while it lasted. So then the lady introduced herself.
<Hi I'm Petunia. Can you speak English Ni?>
“Yes Ma'am”
She tapped her throat and smiled.
“Good I had to charm myself to speak Chinese for your Mother.”
“Oh about that..... Ni before I explain everything, Tell me has anything odd happened to you? Lately”
I hesitated,
“Don't worry Poppet I wont think you're crazy”
So I told her everything. About my eyes and the vanishing implants, About how I adopted a talking cat that only I could hear and finally how mom and dad lost their voices mid argument.
“ I see Well Ni I was correct.”
“You are a witch sweetheart”
“Yes. In fact we have been watching you since the day you were born. You see naturally Ruby eyes like yours only occur in magical humans, and even then its pretty rare. Its considered a blessing and a mark of great beauty in our society. Its probably how Chit-Sang here was able to identify you.”
'Yep' Chit Sang said happily
“See ” She smiled
“Wait a minute. You can hear him?” I said shocked Chit-Sang had screamed some pretty nasty things at mom and dad in an effort to shut them up and all they had heard was “meow”.
“Of course I can hear Him. And might I say it is pretty rare for one to find their familiar before they come of age.”
“What is a familiar exactly?”
“A non-human Magical companion. They enhance your magic and if the need arises they can protect you.”
“How can he do that he's just a tiny Kitten?”
'Oooo can I show her' Chit Sang said. Jumping to attention in my lap
“I don't think so kitten” Miss Petunia said “I've not yet seen the protector form of a Dragon Li and we wouldn't want her parents walking in on that”
Chit Sang slumped back down in my lap and groaned.
“Well What about my eyes? The doctors told me the implants were indestructible.”
“Ruby eyes have power dear. And its not a good idea to block them with anything surgically added. You're quite lucky that the implants simply disintegrated”.
I shuddered imagining the other ways the implants could have been expelled.
One more thing nagged at me.
“So the thing where mom and dad couldn't talk I did that?”
“I didn't mean to I.....”
“I Know Sweetheart I've noticed your parents have a....” She looked to the stairwell as mom and dad were still going at it and then back at me“....volatile relationship and you just wanted some peace. But might I ask you refrain from doing that until we can teach you how to undo it,”
“Wait I'm going to school for magic?”
“Yes well if you Choose to.”
“Of course.” I said. “A chance to be in a place where I would no longer be called Demon eyes? You don't have to ask me twice”
“Funny you said that Ni because Ruby eyes do occur in demons but its even rarer than in humans. Why blue is the most common eye color in demons.”
I laughed
“You know that you can only discuss these things with your familiar correct?”
“Yes Ma'am”
“And your diary,” Miss Petunia muttered something and said “I just made it so only you can open it we cant have your parents knowing all of the details.”
“Why Not?”
“Well You are what we call Wildseed dear. Meaning your mom and dad are not magical and if you are not magical and if you are not magical you're not allowed to know too much about magic.”
“Oh I understand. So when do I start school?”
“When you turn sixteen”
It was my turn to slump in disappointment.
“Do not worry sweetheart." Probably noticing that i was self conscious about my eyes "You can still wear contact lenses and it wont be dangerous.”
“You know what Miss Petunia? I think I'll throw them away“
“Why Dear?”
“Suddenly Red Eyes don't seem that bad.”
“Ruby dear” she corrected.
I look at her confused.
“Red is what you get if you are albino and you are obviously not, Your eyes are Ruby”
I didn't get the difference.
“Oh another thing about three years ago I visited my favorite cousin for his thirteenth birthday and he was joking all day about how funny it would be if my Auntie turned purple and she did. Did I do that?”
She giggled
“Oh no dear back then you were way to young in fact …...what is your cousins name?”
“The Chinese way Its Wei Hao, Hao Wei the western way.”
Suddenly a huge book appeared in front of her and opened to a certain page”
“ Hao Wei.....Hao Wei........ Aha yep he's starting At Lotus academy outside of Beijing this year. Maybe you should call him” with that the book disappeared.
“Maybe I should. Oh and could you do me a favor.”
“Could you magically soundproof my room”
Ms Petunia laughed
“Alright dear but it will only work if your parents are arguing”
After she did and she gave me a few more warnings I let her out and went upstairs. Then I heard what my parents were bickering about.
<&^*^&$%#Y^* Jun you heard the woman It's Ni's choice not ours and I'm not gonna let our child throw away this opportunity because you didn't make a decent effort to to learn English. She's not your personal translator>
<Well Maybe If we had stayed in China I wouldn't have to.>
<Don't blame this on me I would have moved back to Shanghai. I gave you a choice and you chose to come here. And besides This would've happened weather we moved here or not My sister's oldest is magical and he is starting school this year in Beijing.>
I giggled at the thought. Auntie was quite vain and she didn't leave her room until after I left. I guess someone like Ms. Petunia Changed her back because they visited us a week later and auntie was as pale as ever.
I spoke up. <Mom Dad She left. Can I Call Hao?>
“Sure sweetheart” Dad said in English probably just to spite mom. “Thank you for letting me know beforehand.” That was definitely a stab at mom. She would spend enough time on the phone with my aunt from her side that it ran up the phone bill and arm and a leg and the fingers on your remaining hand. The international charges were so bad that Hao and I usually just wrote letters.
Mom caught that and started yelling at dad again. I retreated to my room and luckily the soundproofing worked. Chit-Sang Meowed in glee.
So I Called Him
<SWEET> He said <I knew it>
<How did you know and why didn't you tell me.>
<You eyes squirt. Only witches and wizards get Ruby Colored eyes. I asked the guy that changed mom back about it. And I was under a strict threat not to tell you. You know secrecy and stuff.>
<Yeah the lady that came over today magically locked my diary. And why do magic people keep saying ruby instead of red I don't see the difference>
<Neither do I. But ruby sounds nicer right. >
<I guess>
<Well I gotta pack squirt I promise to write ok>
<Zai Jian>
<Zai Jian>
I Hung up and thought with Chit-Sang sitting on my lap:
“Hao is right Ruby Does sound nicer”
Zai Jian

So That's my story. Its a tad long but I got carried away. XD
P.S. NI to Haruka "I feel your pain. My eyes are Red. No Wait Ruby"

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Character Picture: ... 04504&qo=1

Original Artwork for Character: ... 04504&qo=3

Story: ... -253436582
OR ... _Discovery

I had a lot of fun writing this, and when (finally) gives me a category, I'm making this into a full blown fic :) already got two more chapters written. Warning, though - I went with the 'not so happy' option.

Disclaimer: no horses were harmed in the writing of this fic.

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Hi. I hope i'm not too late. Here's the link:

Perhaps you'll notice it's really raw and all, but i don't have much time since i'll be leaving somewhere for the end of the month and i think this is better than forfeiting after all. i really want the game so...

give me reviews. I intended to expand the story once i get my hand empty enough^^

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