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It was a few days before for the children returned and Potsdam had rested up. She had sent her friend word of the success of the spell via the winter winds. She had recovered a little slower then she had wanted and now she had catch up and make the exam.

She was sitting at her desk and it was covered with schematics, it someone hadn't know better it looked like she was drowning in papers. She was drawing and speculating on what would be the best for the students in this quick exam. Since they would have been rusty after the long holiday and not being able to truly review over everything.

The knock on the door, brought her out, "Yes?"

Hieronyous came in with a grin on his face that was truly wicked and a tray that had a pot of coffee and two cups on it. "I assumed with you being better that you would have been trying to complete exams for all the classes..." she noticed as he turned to shut the door carefully that he had scrolls tucked away in his arms. "So I have brought some ideas already for you." He set the coffee tray beside her and pushed all the other schematics off of the desk. "They are actually very simple plans but the simplest can be the hardest at times, you understand right? Seniors, easy taken care of, the others fine not so delicate, but ah the freshmen... now there is something I take the most serious as they are the ones who still do not understand the dangers of magic yet and this would be a simple test."

Potsdam eyed him warily as she prepared her coffee. The smell of it awoke her to her senses and she glanced over at the scrolls. "Alright Hieronyous spread out the plans and we will go from there." She sipped of the dark and alluring liquid and sighed softly as it warmed her inside and out. She could handle anything right now.

He spread out the papers for her to look over.

It took two days and her arguing for him to take out all but one monster in the freshman exam. He had been wanting to make a point to the students but she would not allow him to discourage the young ones, they would learn at their own pace and she would not allow them to be dishearten.

The day that the students returned it was a sunny day and not too cold.

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Continue writing this awesome fic, please! :D :D :D

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i second that! =D <3

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(I am so sorry guys!!! I didn't mean not to post for so long. Family... events, they can take over when you aren't paying attention. Here is an extra juice one for you all!!! I wonder what is going to happen?! Please enjoy speculating.)

After the students returned from school, Potsdam went on her rounds to inform the students the exams would be in a few days. She was very surprise about the fact that less students complained about the whole situation then she thought would. It was interesting because the seniors said nothing, the soph/juniors shrugged off the whole thought of the exam, it was the freshman that really let a ruckus happen. She heard everything from "After the holiday!?" to "Where is that fair?", it really was the wolves and the horses that made the loudest noise. That was expected of them. She thought on it and really had they just accepted it she would have been worried about the halls.

The study sessions were abundant and she was jumping not only from class to class but she was also working with group sessions and individual students. Potsdam was returning to her office later and later the closer the time was coming to the exam. The students seemed to have been stunned and now were snapping back into the routine of schooling.

Potsdam said in the dark and silence of her office the evening before the exam. She was focusing on how most of the outcomes would be for the students. She knew of several ways for them to solve the puzzles and many was for the to fail. This didn't stop the students from trying to solve the puzzles in unorthodox ways. She wanted to be ready for any problems that would occur, she couldn't be expected to know every way or ever every danger but she would be rather be prepared then to have something happen and to lose a life or unfix the child from a spell.

A knock at the door caused her to snap her eyes open and her to case a light spell quicky, "come in..."

He came in silent and careful. His top hat wobbled a little but stayed on, "Sorry to just drop in on you I know that you are busy with students and all."

"Ah my lord," Potsdam stood up gave a bow and then sat back down. "Just working on what the students will being trying to do on their exam tomorrow."

"yes, of course, how is your plan going? He has said nothing to me still and there has been no word in the circle about somthing happening," the man walked over to the chair, pulling up the tails of his coat and sat down slowly as not to wrinkle his tux.

"It is going well, I know now some interesting news and events that has made the plot thicken nicely," she said simply. "you risk being seen everytime you come here, you know. I mean think of your son for gosh sakes. if he saw us collaborating he would surely leave and you would not be able to trace him for a long time. This place may not be big but that doesn't mean someone can not disappear if they so wish it. Have faith, the girl has shown a great interesting in him and he has so given into her resquests several times, so i think this is going well."

"Requests?" he eyed Potsdam.

"One wonders, do they not? He has taken her out for a drink," she calculated her comments carefully, each word spoken with so much care it was as if they were brittle candy sculptures that would shatter with an quick movement, "They have had some interesting interaction. They work well together and she isn't afraid to challenge him with a new idea or give an opinion about something she thinks should be done different. She gave him insight on a different way of dealing out punishment though he seemed all to pleased to fulfill that request. I think they could really grow on each other if forced into a relationship that would make them realize their feelings."

"Should the age matter? I mean she sounds young," he said raising his eyebrow at her.

"She is younger then him if that is what you are asking but that shouldn't be an issue in light of our culture," she said sitting back in her chair with a smile on her face.

"True," he pondered a moment. "how to make them enter such a relationship though, he won't come out and agree to anything, you know this."

"Yes, but he does follow our laws to a "T" so I will go with that and work on something," she said and glanced at the clock, "You better go, or you will be late for your party."

He glanced at the clock, "Yes, of course, you are right as always. I will be expecting a little information on an update soon."

"Of course, you don't have to worry," she nodded as he left.

She leaned back in her chair and took a deep breath. The promises she made was for the better good, but sometimes there was something to that. She could feel a ping of guilt as she thought of the sacrifices she had to make to keep everything going as clockwork. She looked over at her window and stared at the stars. They would shine bright and burn out, be replaced or destroyed, they were just in a cycle, just as she was stuck in a cycle.

The day of the test the students seemed to be rather excited by the whole situation. They had studied and worked hard for this exam. The upgrades went through the maze and dealt with their monsters with easy. The freshman were an interesting lot, they were random in their choices and creative in the manner of solving the issue at hand. The most interesting people that tried to solve the puzzle were as followed:

Virginia simple blew up the monster to bits and sauntered out of the dungeon covered in the fake creatures body fluid and pieces, she was grinning hard and was laughing, impressed with her abilities.

Ellen worked out the system of how to lure the monster away with a call and sneak past the creature.

Suki well, Suki was Suki, she attempted to get the creature out of the maze never considering that it is a fake creature, in the end, she didn't pass but definitely the most unusual, trying to drag the creature out of the dungeon.

Sue, she is making a deep impression, she put the creature to sleep and then teleported the monster away. It was like she was taking into consideration that she didn't want to hurt the creature but at the same time make it self for herself to leave the dungeon. It would have been fine to just teleport it but she seemed to think that putting it to sleep would be easier for her to teleport it, almost making it a comfortable creature instead of angry as it was in the beginning. Extra merits for the thoughtful nature.

Potsdam carried the scrolls back to her office. She had made notes and comments on the students performances for this exam. This was the first time that she had allowed them to deal with a monster and there was much for them to learn. It didn't matter how much she talked if they didn't put it into practice then they would not know how to use their abilities in a time of need. She was impressed with the problem solving that the students came up with but even then many panicked when faced with the monster. She would have to stress the importance of keeping focused.

After sitting there reviewing after a few hours and a large scroll or two of notes on what she would be reviewing with the students and how it would be best to approach the students with their issues without upsetting or insulting them. She would tip toe through the sensitive emotions of the teenage mind and still allow them to grow, but it was a mine field. She took a deep breath looked over at the notes, sighed and got up and decided that her bed needed her more right now then anyone else especially herself.

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i dont normally do this, but when i was reading this, i actually sqeed out loud. i have never done that before O_O

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I loved it! It's wonderful how you wrote it.
"Y a pesar de que no estás, te llevo cosida a mi piel.
Tu recuerdo se ha instalado en mi a vivir.
Y aunque nunca volverás, busco en el trastero de mi
ese beso abandonado que nunca te di."

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(Thank you for enjoying this!!! I am sorry about the terrible updating I have been doing. Forgive me please!!! ToT)

After the exams there is a very calming and soothing time. The students relax and tend to let their guard down.

The sport's club meets up in the afternoon. The students are loving this club a lot more then was expected. Virginia seemed to be a little down during the day and so Potsdam went back to her office to watch from the crystal ball to see how she was doing or maybe get a clue in on what is on her mind. It seems her and Sue left the class early. Potsdam watched with interest in their conversation.

"I had wanted to be an athlete..." Virginia was explaining to Sue about what was dragging her down.

Sue was patient and listened giving Virginia some opinion on the issue and how she would handle it and that it didn't matter, that here at school she was the star athlete.

Potsdam grinned at Sue's answer and went back to her desk and thought about it carefully, she was perfect and now she was fitting the bill for her plot.

Potsdam was content with the new insight she had on Sue and Virginia so she made her rounds for the evening and returned later on in the night to rest.

The next day Potsdam noticed that Ellen was carrying a bunch of cleaning items with her.

Back to the crystal ball, she thought with a grin.

Entering her office, she rushed over to the ball and hoped not to miss anything.

Ellen was cleaning around Sue.

"Are you okay?" Sue asked Ellen as she notice the other girl cleaning vigorously.

"Oh yeah..." Ellen started to say and then suddenly start to blurt out about her family and the issues from the holidays and how much trouble she was feeling about it.

Again, Sue listened and sat quietly.

At the end of the conversation, instead of getting into a conversation about how it would make her feel better if she told her family or anything else, Sue joined Ellen on the floor, took a rag from the bucket and started to clean with the other girl.

It seemed here it was just better to let Ellen continue for a while, it was as if Sue knew exactly what each girl needed.

Later on in the afternoon, Potsdam was making her rounds when she noticed Donald going to the horse's hall.

This would be interesting, he likes to visit over to that hall so that he can either play a trick on his sister or.... she raised her eyebrow, he goes to go see Sue.

HA! she cackled in her mind, he has a crush on Sue, so interesting. This makes for some interesting events, she thought about it.

Back to the ball!

She laughed as she thought on it, it was like that super hero... someone about their cave and their tools or something, it would be her trade mark comment, "TO THE CRYSTAL BALL!"

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I'm still laughing :lol: The last line is hilarious! :lol:

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LOL, that last line! XD

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(Glad you like it, you all know if I mess something up from the storyline of the game just tell me and I will fix it in the story!!! :twisted: I'm sure we all know who Potsdam was talking about!!)

Potsdam was sitting quietlyoutside in the courtyard when she noticedMinnie. The rather happy and bubbly girl seemed exhausted and tired. She had been extremely busy keeping up with this year's events. She had done a good job even if she had needed Sue to cover for her more often then she should. But, this is just “but” not a worthy of any attention; it will receive attention none the less. She does have a boyfriend that has become more of a bothersome figure instead ofa supportive figure. Butterflies often had many relationships and never just pick one because the conflicts of the relationships could cause fights. In the end everyone was unhappy. Many of the butterflies learned this at a cost... she watched the girl and soon realized that Minnie was coming to her.

"What is wrong Minnie?" Potsdam asked as she patted the bench that was next to her.

"I'm at a losson what to do;I'm the president, taking many classes, working hard and well... I don't think I can balance everything right now," she said asher lower lip quivered.

"You can leave the Presidency if need be," Potsdam said it lazily. "This would take off much of your stress and would allow some break for you to work out whatever it is that is on your mind."

Minnie looked at her in shock, "no no no... I would never do such a thing, the guy, it's not like we are married, not even magically bound to each other!" she thought about it for a moment, "Thankfully I am at least smart enough to avoid his desire to have us bind together... especially magickal."

Potsdam stared at her for a moment, "What?"

"Well as you know," she huffed a little, "About how sometimes a contract can form with two people if you accidently make a promise verbally, which can be extremely dangerous and can lead to losing our magic and life sometimes..."

"That's it!" Potsdam grinned wickedly and then adjusted herself as she returned to the conversation. "Minnie, it is you who got into this relationship, my dear, you must do what is best for your health not what is best for your friends or even your partner. You need to talk to a friend about this and see what kind of support you will get. I can not put my weight in this as it could look like favoritismand that would be a bit of trouble."

"Of course, ma'am, thank you for listening," she curtsey and left the bench.

Potsdam got up and rushed to her office. Where was that spell? Where? Where? She was soon tearing through everything when there was a knock on the door. "Yes?" she yelled as she was soon covered in books and scrolls.

Hieronyous was fuming, "I just dealt with your students!"

She looked over athim and then noticedthe small piece of paper that was floating down was the exactone she was looking for, "GOTHCA!" She swiped at the paper and tried to compose herself to something of the headmistress. "Hieronyous, they are your students as well," she said as she went to her desk and sat down. "But go ahead."

"Your favorite, Donald... and his friend Luke," he seemed to curse under his breath. "They attempted to take a prank a little farther then should be."

"Oh Donald means nothing by what he does and he is very careful with his pranks, he brings a life to this school that hasn't been seen in a while," she said as she read the small paper. "He wouldn't be so terrible and this is why he gets detention and you deal with him."

Hieronyous smiled evilly, "He took one of the other students to the dungeon..."

"Oh? Was it at least one without monsters?" she looked up at him.

"No, of course not, they wouldn't know that," he growled at her.

"He is capableof protecting himself," she answered as she started writing on the page.

"And what of Sue?" he said it as if he was a snake hissing at prey that hadn't notice it there.

"Oh so he did take Sue with him?" she kept writing a moment. "I am sure this girl is well and capable to handle the boys, nothing would have happened if Luke is there too. She must havecontrolled the situation if you are here. So you pushed all three of them and of course handed demerits out. You did fine, but I wonder if you were toohard on Sue..."

He glared at her for a moment, "If she was fool enough to follow those two..."

"And what if she just wanted to see what was going on? She is not one to sit down and let everything go by," she said and then handed him the page.

He took it but didn't look at it, "I will think on what you have said." He looked down and stared for a moment, "This spell isn't finished."

"No, it is a combination of a white and blue spell for protection in the other and seeing that you have such a creature that can not kill you but from such a place I want you to finish it, I am not so familiar with some things and know when to go to help for something," she leaned back in her chair and chuckled softly, "Besides you need something to preoccupy your mind. It seems that girl can't escape you."

"What don't be silly Potsdam, that child is far too ignorant and simply gets in the way because she is a wild seed," he got up quickly, "Do not assume something that could leadto misunderstandings and someone disappearing." He slammed the door behind him.

She smirked at the now shut door, he will take this in stride but it will get him in the end. Checkmate.

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I wonder what will happen next :wink:
Keep it up :D

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this is so awesome, and its addicting (i would say that its like internet crack, but that is kind of weird..nevermind, i just said it)

but really, your updates make my day so much better (especially after a terrible day of school =D)

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this is so awesome, and its addicting (i would say that its like internet crack, but that is kind of weird..nevermind, i just said it)

but really, your updates make my day so much better (especially after a terrible day of school =D)
I completely agree with that entire statement. Just replace the word school with work :( I get uber excited when I check on here at work -well anytime really- and see more has been added.

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(Lol. Thanks for the compliments guys. Icekat, for a nerd to be compared to internet crack can be considered a really good compliment, especially if you like it... at least, this is addictive and not bad for your health! :D Yay, Here you go guys, getting so close maybe i will try to post soon again as a b-day present to myself cause I love writing this for all of you!!!)

Hieroynous was walking in the horse hall when Potsdam was making her rounds after the classes were done. She went ahead an decided to follow him under a veil.

He knocked on the door to one of the dorm, "Sue?"

The girl looked a little shocked for him to be there but stepped out to meet him, "Yes, Professor?"

"I have thought on the dungeon issue and..." he stopped talking for a moment and looked over to the area that Potsdam had been standing but shrugged and turned back to the girl, "I am giving back your merits, it was an unusual situation that you were in, but you will still serve detention to make you aware that not everyone's intentions are that of kind ones." He turned away and strode down the hall way, the girls watched him fearful they would be punished for something.

Sue stood there stunned and shook her head for a moment, looked around to see if anyone else heard that and then went back into her room.

Ha! Potsdam was grinning when she removed her veil and stood there happily. He would have to honor this... she is perfect, why else would he do has she had instructed and removed part of the punishment? Well, I have work to do to get this plot going!

She went back through the halls and checked on the students as she tried to work out the best situation of things to happen.

The next week or so was quiet and the students seemed to be on their best behavior.

Potsdam had heard at one point that Minnie and Kyo were having issues but that he had been trying to make everything better. She figured that Minnie would know best for herself.

Between classes her plot began unfolding. She would have the classrooms locked up or taken up by experiments that would have to push Hieronyous to practice somewhere that Sue would show up... this would be dangerous though because there is no telling how the reaction of the creature to Sue showing up would be. She would have to time this right. Knowing where he would be practicing would be best and since Sue goes to sort the mail every Saturday morning at 5, then it would be best to be around that room hidden so that Sue nor Hieronyous couldn't sense her.

She thought on how that spell originally was set up to work. It had been a barrier of times the problem was it could only work with one person and as soon as someone crossed it the protection was broken. It had been a barrier she designed to make it possible for someone to be pulled in by the user but it had not been fully fixed and was missing something to work right. So giving it to him would have been interesting to see his results.

If she made the room that Sue sorted mail it would be easier to make sure that everything was alright.

She started setting up experiments into each of her classes and in the older students classes. Soon the experiments were flooding into all the class rooms as students were working on unusual projects and creating sensitive magic that could be destroyed if the same magic wasn't used around it. This focused many of the teachers to switch teaching written items instead of casting. Not that this bothered them, a break from trying to save students from their own abilities was a welcomed break.

Hieronyous came in to her office a day or so from Saturday, "Potsdam what are you thinking?"

She casually looked over at him from her crystal ball, "Dear what could you possibly mean?"

"All these projects have taken up all the class rooms, where am I to work on the spell?!" he was annoyed with the situation.

"Well, the mail sorting room is open really early in the morning so you could do your work in there. Besides you don't have any detention this weekend so it would be prefect for you," she said and chuckled as she watched Virginia knocked out one of the other players with a soccer ball.

"Really? That room is small and there is much in there," he grumbled.

"Your room would do but I believe you said that the creature is destructive and likes to make a mess," she said as she watched them dragging the poor kid to the nurse. "Besides if it makes a terrible mess you could make the Treasurer clean up after everything happens or make one of the detention students, if you have any, clean up after everything is finished. In the end you get to make someone miserable, you like doing that anyway."

"It isn't that I like making them miserable, it is that they need to learn and strict discipline will keep them in line," he said waving off her comment for a moment, "But making the Treasurer clean up would work for me as she does have to do the mail anyway and can't possibly work in a horribly messy space. Fine... I' ll do that. No more experiments near the sorting room."

"Of course," Potsdam nodded as he left her alone to watch the crystal ball.

She smiled at the closed door. Bingo!

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like i said before. Internet. Crack. the good kind =D

and I always have a huge smile on my face when I read this, sometimes my mother looks at me and thinks I will go crazy (i have odd facial expressions c:)

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