Potsdam- *spoiler* maybe...yeah...awesome headmistress

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Potsdam- *spoiler* maybe...yeah...awesome headmistress

#1 Post by Xenostatica » Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:21 am

(Okay so I was thinking about something, Our lovely and rather interesting headmistress makes everyone wonder what she is really up to so I thought I would write some ideas on the scenarios that lead to several paths... though really *grabby obsessed* and led to me think on this path. )

The headmistress' office was darker then usual. She was sitting at her desk there was someone sitting in the chair opposite then her. Potsdam took a deep breath and let it out in a soft sigh. She wasn't distraught just a little tired. She had been preparing for a good semester but she was receiving signs that it might not be so easy this year.

The person sitting across from her was now clearing their throat, "I know it is a big request to ask you of such things but you do understand that I must look at the future of my family... it isn't a simple task. The boy is stubborn and has a terrible temper. He is still driven by the past and holds himself responsible for a mistake that many have made. Grant it, he lost something important to him but honestly the boy needs to be shaken out of the whole mess, it's been years! I believe at least ten... Potsdam, you understand, don't you? You were the boy's teacher at a time..."

She smiled at him sweetly, her hair bounced softly as she got up and walked to the window to watch the new students scurry to their new homes for the year. She was unorthodox and she knew that. She allowed people to make mistakes and give them a chance to correct them, but the man before her was correct. He had been given a long time to fix the mistake and instead of taking the experience and learning from me, he taken the experience and turned it around, he was a great man of course and very intelligent but he hit away from everyone and it needed to stop. "Lord, you are correct," she said it with a matter of fact voice. "You do understand that the more you push the more he pulls. You can't even bring yourself to apologize but at the same time neither has he... I mean he left his home just to escape you and that is saying a lot, sir." She raised her eyebrow as she noticed one of the new students running, she had been late. Potsdam glanced over at the clock, she was only a few moments late, probably one of the wild seeds... they tended to be late because they were unfamiliar with the structure of the school.

"I understand the situation, ma'am, but surely you know that I am just trying to watch out for him," the man was now adjusting himself in the chair, he had been there far too long to move now and he would be damned if he wouldn't get what he wanted across. "The boy needs to settle down, not just for my sake but his own as well..."

Potsdam allowed him to drone on as she watch the student with curiosity. The girl wasn't looking where she was going and was now running with one hand in her pocket, she was distracted, probably lost and trying to find her assignment paper, she thought and then noticed him walking across the courtyard, his nose was in a book and not paying attention as well. Oh, this will be interesting, she said as she glance over at the man in the chair still speaking, she shook her head, "I understand, I truly do, but what are you expecting me to do? One does not simply make someone marry..." She turned her attention back to the even that was about to happen, that would keep him talking as she watched.

The girl was going full speed ahead and she was still looking in her pockets when he had almost reached her when they collided. Ouch... The student was startled but is now smiling, poor thing. As she seemed to be listening to him speak, Potsdam could see his hat moving so he must be speaking. Suddenly her face was struck with horror and the feeling that he was grinning was very much probable. The unusual thing was the girl was not crying, she actually just seemed annoyed with him, maybe scared of him but she wasn't showing it and now she was making her way to her dorm.

Potsdam raised an eyebrow, that was extremely interesting, normal he made the first years, I think I will keep an eye on her. She might be someone to keep in mind for projects. She turned to the man who finally stopped speaking, "We will set the wheels into motion. It will be up to him in the end if he takes the bait. You do understand in the end it is someone's choice not a forced decision."

The man got up, recognizing that their conversation was at an end, "I appreciate you doing such things for me..."

"I'm sure," she smiled, "Do understand that the school is always in need of benefactors. I could careless about money or favors, the fact is that we need this school for our children."

"Yes, I understand," he put his hat on and left the office.

There was much to do now and it was time for her to go down and introduce herself and get acquaintances with her new little ones.

(Again I would appreciate opinions and knowledge if I should try and continue this like the last story)

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#2 Post by Xenostatica » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:01 am

The introduction speech went well. The children were all paying attention and seemed to understand all the rules. The truth behind this sentence would be played out through the year though and there was no telling with this crop.

The young one she had noticed earlier was in the horse hall and was a wild seed. She had been right on guessing where she belonged but there was something interesting about this girl. She had a different kind of glow to her and this made for an interesting start to events.

The student initiation would be beginning and though teachers were not allowed to really interfere with it, unless the child was in danger then anything really could go. Potsdam sat quietly away from the children's eyes and noted which senior took who. Her focus was now on Damien who much to her surprise went to the young woman from the horse hall. How unlike him! She stayed silent and watched as the girl refused him in the beginning but when forced down, the girl reacted well, with taking his hand she prevented a scene that could have led to a bad mess.

Potsdam was feeling comfortable with the situation now and it was time to go teach some of her classes. She took her time absorbing the sounds of the children around her and how they seemed happy and comforting. She reached her office in time to have a cup of coffee and a cookie before she rushed off to teach the first classes.

In the first week, this was time of most repetition. Each group heard the same rules and instructions that would help the through each class. She did her best to clear up any confusion that a student would have dealing with a specific magic. She would only give enough to make the student curious but not enough the encourage an unhealthy obsession.

The wild seeds that made the classes interesting, their faces surprised with the reactions they had with the teacher's first demonstration. It is in these classes that the affirmation that there is truly magic around us.

There was a small group from the horse hall that seemed to be grasping things a lot faster then the others around them. Ahh, Potsdam noted that Virginia was from a prominent family, Ellen was a wild seed and Sue, that interesting girl that drew her eyes toward her made her a wonder.

She had come to enjoy the Horse Hall because of the liveliness that comes from their spirit. She would often walk their halls just to enjoy the energy.

She noticed Hieronyous coming away from the dorms area. She made her way to him. "Professor is something wrong?"

Hieronyous grumbled at her a moment, "Had to give back some demerits to one of the students..."

"Oh? You normally don't do such things," she was trying to weasel it out of him, "Let's have a cup of tea and talk of it. Especially since the incident happened in the horse hall."

He followed behind Potsdam, maybe more out of respect then anything else. "Hieronyous we are equals as professors, please walk as equals," she said signaling him to come near her.

"Ma'am, I am far under you yet but I will earn that place soon," he said it kindly, "But for now this is my place."

They reached the office and the coffee was set out. "Sorry sir, it's coffee, I hope you don't mind..." she began pouring two cups.

He sat down grumbling about it being fine and taking the cup once it was offered.

"So?" she said sitting in her chair, "What had taken you to the horse hall that you despise?"

"An incident happened in my class today. A woman had left a letter of confession on my desk, I read it all to the class, when I asked for who did it no one was going to stand but I was wrong, that girl from horse hall..."

"You mean Sue?" she chimed in.

"Yes," he was now twisting a book in his hand, "Sue...stood up and took the responsibility for it. She tried to explain something but I through her out of class for that." He took a sip and made a face of dislike and then put the cup down, "Her senior came and spoke to me. He explained that he like the girl and had wanted to get something from her but that the guys had stolen it and set it up in her class to get her in trouble. The two came to confess so there was nothing else I could do was go and apologize to her. She is an odd one I think... she doesn't react to me like the others. I swear she will be trouble for us..."

"You think on it too much. She is a very important person and I will be interested in who gets attached to her," Potsdam set her empty cup down and chuckled, "You know, she has something special...lets see who gets drawn to her...I suggest you watch yourself Hieronyous you father is on his rampage with who is who and who you should marry and all... so heads up on that situation."

"Thank you for passing that along, I will keep an eye on what he is up to and I will not allow him to take control of me in anyway, good day." He left rather annoyed with the whole situation.

Good, Potsdam smiled as he left, this girl has drawn her attention, but so that demon. He will make a mess of everything though if I use her to get him that would lead us a different path but I am not sure of that set yet so I want to avoid the possibility that Sue would make a choice like that. But it is early. I will watch her closely because she is a beacon and there is a lot of darkness here that need that light. We need to be safe and care with her.

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#3 Post by kittwampus29 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:38 pm

Yay!!!~ You are writing another fanfic! The first one with Grabby and Sue was super awesome and I enjoyed it a lot!! :D This one sounds really interesting too because Potsdam is always so behind-the-scenes with stuff. This is such a cool idea to see what's going on in her head when all the craziness starts. And hurray for another fanfic involving Grabby!

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#4 Post by Ladygothika87 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:42 pm

That was great and I would love to read more. I love Potsdam (not nearly as much as grabby... I may have an unnatural obsession with him lol) so this was great. It's always nice to have a back story that can fill in the gaps. Love it!

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#5 Post by callas » Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:08 pm

Hurray, another story. I was curious what Potsdam had to do behind the scenes.
And also some more info on Grabby, yay. :)

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#6 Post by Xenostatica » Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:56 am

The initiation went without a hitch. All the students wen through the week without much trouble but it did make for an interesting event but nothing that would really warrant any interruption.

Potsdam sat quietly as she watched through her crystal ball at her desk. It was one of the ways that she was able to have eyes everywhere.She had helpers through out the school but she often like doing things on her own.

There would be much work to cover in this time. The first test was going to be soon and there was much work in checking which students had fulfilled their requirements and which would be worked with and of course there are those in the end that would need to be made to leave.

Potsdam sat quietly as one of the helpers came in.

"Ma'am, the lists of the students are ready for review," the creature was so short that the stacks of scrolls that it was holding were covering it to the point that no one could see the figure at all. It slipped away after leaving the scrolls and said nothing else.

She eyed the scrolls carefully. This would not be a magical task, this was a headmistress' duty and should would go through all the scrolls one by one and determine the events that would occur.

She would meet with Hieronyous about how to set up the dungeons for the first years and then go from there. She chuckled softly as her memories of all her previous exams went through her mind.

She looked over at her list of items that were on her chalkboard. She has much to work on and plans to figure out. The students were rather well taken care of but at times she wondered if they understood everything that was being taught. The sigh escaped her lips as she shook her head as if she was shaking terrible thoughts from her mind. That is the reason that we test them, she dedicated herself to making sure that they were as prepared as any could be. There were things that were going to happen and they would have to work it out for themselves.

She took the first scroll in hand, the seniors were to test first. She smiled as she took a look and noticed it was William's attendance and how much he improved since the movement from the halls, the trouble that would have been terrible dealing with Damien had been worked out well, he had done it on his own and it was wonderful boy and would be a grand wizard once he graduated.

Think this allowed her to relax and she summoned a helper and asked softly for a pot of coffee, it would be a long night but if she had these memories to go on, it would be a wonderful walk down memory lane.

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#7 Post by Xenostatica » Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:53 am

The test scrolls were finished and a week had gone by. The children had signup this period and there had been a queer request from one of the girls. She had wanted a club of students that could play sports without or with magic if the group decided on it. Having the desire of wanting to watch sports as they had been in the other she decided that if they could enough students interested then it would be allowed.

She knew there would be no trouble in this issue as many of the wild seeds would want something of home in their minds and this was fine by her.

The knock at her door snapped her out of her thoughts. "Yes?" she asked as she got up to greet them with respect.

Hieronyous came in quietly and stood by the chair until Potsdam sat down. He seemed annoyed with something, which would be the reason he came in, "I will be holding a study group before the exam..."

Potsdam raised an eyebrow at him, "Really? You want to do a extra class for the students? Does that mean that you are enjoying the students this year?"

He smirked at her, it was not one of kindness but that of plotting, "Why would that be something that you thought? The children this year are in need of extra guidance; and it needs best be a swift and strict discipline. Please, allow me to be the executor of your will in this matter."

Potsdam chuckled softly, he was in need of someone to break the cold and calculated mind set, "I will allow you to do as you feel fit to help the students excel in their magic and skills."

Hieronyous got up and bowed gently and walked out with the grin that would make even the most wicked creature cower away.

Potsdam shook her head and got up to look out onto the court yard. She noticed the students enjoying their afternoon. She glanced over at her desk and noticed that her supplied for the test. She walked over to her desk and gathered the items. It would be time for her to get everything together. The first years would be the easiest as it was their first exam but the seniors would be the most fun to get working. She chuckled to herself as she thought on what little tricks to play.

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#8 Post by Xenostatica » Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:47 pm

The study group went well I suppose, Potsdam thought as she walked through the hall. She noted the students wandering to each of their classes. The exam would be this week and the students seem to be rushing around to get to places where they could study, especially the first years as they have no clue to what is going to happen for them. Most of the children actually didn't know what would occur for their exam. It was an honor system but to make sure there was no cheating she would change the layout every year.

She got back to her desk. It was late in the afternoon and she had sat with someone of the third years to help them with transfiguring objects. They would need it of course that was only if that was their specialty. By the third year students knew which colors and elements that they had wanted to study so their exams where honed onto their specific skills, by this time they were well rounded in all colored spells but they all had a specialty and since there weren't many seniors making the exams specific to their skills was easier.

It took a moment but she snapped to. She had been staring at one of the scrolls that was on her desk. She had put it aside to look it over again, actually there was three scrolls. Virgina, Ellen and Sue were all in the small stack. Virginia with her physical attraction would chose red in the end and had been already focused on that class, Potsdam assumed she would continue that all the way through her time at the school, that made it easy. Ellen jumped between blue and white most often and was very proficient at both already, considering she was a wild seed, but that didn't stop her skills or abilities, she was truly gifted. Sue was the odd man out though, the girl was a wild seed and it was not uncommon for them to jump from class to class but this girl grasped all colors rather well, she didn't seem to struggle in any of the colors and even Hieronyous was surprised with her jumping back and forth between them with easy though he would rather her to figure colors and stick to them, but her skills are impress and ... Potsdam smiled at the scroll that she had opened, the girl doesn't mind studying so much... it is rather interesting, she only seems to go to the mall when something is going on for someone else... she is dedicated for a wild seed.

Putting the scrolls down she got up slowly and walked over to her crystal ball and brushed it lightly with the tips of her fingers. The ball extruded a softly white glow and images flickered slowly. It had been rather slow but she was thankful for that because the exams would tire her out a bit.

She grabbed the scrolls and took them to the wall that was covered with a curtain, slowly she rapped against the wall on the other side and head a voice, "Clearance?"

"Potsdam," she said with clear and sharp voice.

"Of course, ma'am" the curtain drew away and she walked through what looked like a portal.

She would be away till morning.

The day of the exams was interesting. Potsdam didn't have many students make it to her when it came to the first years but that was to be expected, they were attempting to use their magic which they hadn't really done unsupervised. Though Heironyous was there for safety purpose he was rather harsh on his grading and though he allowed most students pass it was a barely passing set up.

He grumbled when he came in and dropped off the scrolls that held all of his comments and judgements on the students' performance.

"Well? Did you think they did well?" she asked as she eyed the scrolls carefully.

"What? Read the scrolls everything is in there," he said as he slammed them into the desk.

"Hieronyous, this was their first exam," she tried to sound sad.

"I have too many students who will be in detention," he growled, "They are reckless, that is all grades not just the first years. I think stricter actions will need to be made."

"Really?" she raised an eyebrow at him, "How about we just keep it the way I am doing it now and if they need help we will proved it."

He made a comment and bowed before leaving.

She sighed softly, "That man needs to soften up..." she looked over at the scrolls and then put her head in her arms on the desk and soon fell asleep.

She was woken up by the sound of someone coming in. She stretched and yawned. Looked over at the door and noticed someone standing at the door.

"Yes?" she sharped her glare at the person.

"I've come to see what of progress," the man said the top hat seemed to be the only thing moving as he spoke.

"Lord, you have come at the interesting time, I have a possible person..." she said nonchalantly at him. "But she is still proving herself."

"Oh? And he will accept her? I am sure he has not even looked at the letters I sent him, each having a potential bride, but if there is someone in his life that might explain a lot," he said walking out of the shadows and moving to sit down.

"It is what it is," she said ringing a bell for a helper, "Coffee please..." she glanced over at the man. "Sir?"

"Yes, please, retched stuff but being here for a while you get use to it and need it after a time," he grinned and nodded at the creature. "Why use such things to do your work when there are students that I am sure need punishment and could do..."

"Sir," she did not let him finish, "If one is to work with me it will not be because they have earn discipline, my students should not fear me but respect me as their headmaster. You might assume that fear is something that rules over all but I have evidence that is not always the case and I hold by that. The council might have different thoughts on it but I do no..."

"Forgive me, no disrespect, Madam Potsdam," he bowed in his seat.

The creature came in with a cart and placed it in front of the desk. This allowed the man to reach for the coffee which he did so quickly, Potsdam on the other hand waited for the creature to bring her the coffee. It was slow and careful which to her meant that it cared for her and showed its respect via the care it took.

"Now could you tell me a bit of the woman?" he said sitting back with his coffee.

"Well she has caught his attention and never seems to be intimidated with his temper," she was careful in how she said it, "Her magic skill is interesting as she can do all magical colors and focuses well on everyone of them while be careful with them never allowing one to over power the others, any color she chooses will be interesting, I have a feeling she will make for an interesting addition to our world."

He raise his eyebrow, "What family does she heir from? Surely a woman with such power comes from a truly gifted family!"

"No," she said it simply. "She is of the wild seed which is why he has taken an interest in her, I am sure."

"What?" he got up quickly and spilled the coffee. "You know this family is of the purest..."

"And is dwindling in children and power, introduction of new blood will be good for your family, especially from someone so powerful and not tainted with the old..." she explained.

"That doesn't matter this will destroy the bloodline!" he slammed his fist into her desk.

She stood up and the shadows that were behind her now seemed to engulf her like a black gown, "You will understand right now, Lord, if this woman can break that harden and cold exterior that has been come the shell of your son then so be it and you will not get in the way! One does not just take these steps easily. You of all people should understand what you are asking for since it is partially your fault that he is like this. Take responsibility! You will take a back seat to this situation and will accept the terms that happen. Understand?"

He stumbled back in shock, "You you...." her eyes met his and he suddenly snapped out of it, "I understand. I have asked much of you..." He put his top hat back on and swiftly moved back to the front of of her office and opened the door. "I see why they chose you in the end Potsdam. You have restraint that none of us would have been able to exercise, I applaud your skills and direction, but be careful."

She grinned wickedly at him, "Yes, I am be smiling and bubbly most of the time, Lord, but understand this now. There is a reason that I teach the black magic at this school and this is not a threat but a promise that you go after my people for any reason and you will see what things I am capable of when buttons are pushed."

He left shutting the door quickly.

The creature that had been in the room was now cleaning up the spilled coffee.

"Thank you dear," she said as she plopped back into her seat. She was getting older and displaying power should not be necessary.

She glanced over at the calendar, "it is almost election time... let us see who takes charge." She smiled at herself as she got up to make her rounds.

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#9 Post by carolynrose » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:59 am

Yay!! The story so far is awesome! I absolutely adore it. It's kind of like another Grabiner/Sue romance. :D

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#10 Post by Xenostatica » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:48 am

(LOL. Thanks so much for the kind words... I wanted a back story because we all know Potsdam probably had a hand in the marriage situation. I am playing on her being extremely calculated as you see when you play through the different paths.)

The week began with announcements of class representatives and offices that can be held by the students and what classes were responsible for what in way of student office.

The students with no demerits were the only ones allowed to run. This was done so that those who had earned some could focus on getting those removed rather then be bothered with the balancing of classes, studies, student office and behavior. The students' lives were full time and so this was just a little extra for some.

Potsdam made sure that all people in charge of the students' office received their folders that had instructions with each requirement for each job. She looked over each other them and chuckled. Who would be interested in doing these?

Hieronyous came in, "You called me?"

"Yes," she said with the sweet smile that often calmed the students, "I have your folder for the student treasurers." She held the folders out for him, "I'm glad you agreed to do this again. I hope your officers are as dedicated as you are."

"I did this because none of the other teachers were willing to take the time to do this," he grumbled. "Besides I am up early any way, to handle the detention so I might as well do this."

She raised her eyebrow at him, "Really you should just enjoy this, it is fun to see these little ones grow into great wizards and witches. Even in the end the occasional warlock does great things for our community."

"It doesn't matter, if they survive my semesters here, that is reward enough," he said it as he turned to walk out.

"I assumed that you received the creature?" she asked off-handed and tried to look not so interested. "It is a manus correct?"

He turned slowly and glared at her, "Is nothing a secret from you?"

"Not when it can be dangerous, you know this Hieronyous," she grinned at him, mischief crossed her eyes, "You will be careful. It would be horrible for something to go wrong and students end up in trouble... not that I do not believe in your power but these things can be tricky."

"I am..." he sighed and looked at her with something of a flicker of understanding though it disappeared quickly, "There is no need to concern yourself." He slammed the door behind him.

She looked over at the folders again. Everything in order, she got up and decided to deliver everything herself.

Wednesday was busy and Potsdam noticed that while she walked past the garden it was time to change for the fall celebrations. As she looked over the flowers she saw Donald walking with some friends, he was in need of demerits removed.

"Duckling!" she waved him over to her.

"Yes, Ma'am?" he was curious.

"If you would like to earn some merits, I could use some help with the garden. Also if you have someone in mind to help you, go get them and bring them back so they may help you and they will also gain some merits," she sweet smile seemed to trigger him to grin as well.

"I know someone actually, I will be right back," he said running off.

A few minutes later he returned with Sue, both of them were out of breath but laughing.

"Okay my darlings," she grinned as it was getting interesting, Hieronyous, Damien and now Donald, she was definitely an interesting girl. "We need to pot these beauties and plant new ones. I will return with the new ones just be careful and pot these."

"Yes ma'am," they answered together and slowly they began working on digging around the roots.

She left them and went to the gardener who was ill. This was the only reason she had asked the children to do it. He had told her where to get the new plants.

It took longer then she expected but when she returned to the children they were just finishing potting the last of the plants.

"You two work great as a team," she said with the wheel barrel of the new flowers. "Here are the new ones, I really appreciate this. I will go get you drinks so just go ahead and plant these while I am away."

She watched as they continued to work. They were covered in mud but were enjoying themselves. This was what she enjoyed seeing. The children taking care of the school and having fun. She went to the kitchen and collects a tray with some drinks for all of them.

When she returned both of the kids were standing back and admiring the work they had just finished.

"Here we go lovelies, This looks great!" she handed each of them a glass and grabbed one for herself. "10 merits for each of you! This place is looking perfect for the season now."

They talked about classes and how everything else was going in their lives. When evening came they all returned to their places.

Potsdam sat back in her chair with a sense of satisfaction, Sue was turning out to be a wonderful wild seed, she was everything that Potsdam had fought for. She closed her eyes and thought about the old days.

Her classes were going well when she received the list from one of her helpers. The list was all the names of the children that would be running for offices. She let out a chuckle and shook her head which drew attention from the creature. "It's fine, really... go off and get a snack for yourself," she waved the creature off and looked at the list again.

Sue, you are an amazingly interesting child. You picked treasurer! Ha, so who will help you with this task? She clapped her hands together with glee. This couldn't have gone any better then if she had planned it.

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#11 Post by Xenostatica » Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:41 am

She was careful of checking on events that were happening. The seniors had taken a trip for Cider day. Most of them had stuffed themselves silly but she noticed that Damien had gone this time. This was unusual for him as he did not like being in any other for then as his true form.

She watched him carefully carry a box when he returned. She was rather curious about the whole situation and followed him. He entered the horse hall and tried knocking on one of the doors but no one answer. She grinned to herself, horse hall often at dinner at this time so no one would be there. He pulled out a pen and paper and wrote a note that he attached to the box.

"Hmm..." she eyed him carefully as he walked past her. She had cloaked herself in the shadows.

Potsdam walked over to the box quickly and checked it. With a focus of her energies she could sense the pie and nothing more. Interesting, she thought and looked over to the voices coming.

"Oh a box..." was Ellen talking.

She said until Sue said that she would share because that was what friends do. She nodded slowly and walked away quietly. The horse hall had the most interesting girls at times. Not that the snakes or the butterflies weren't as special, it was just the horses were unique and that made an for a different kind of experience.

She returned to her office to find Minnie was waiting for her.

"Ma'am, I wanted a jump start on the campaign and figured you would be at your office," her smile was radiate, nothing less was expected for a butterfly. They were social creatures and aimed to please.

"Of course, dear, come in and we will work on what you need," Potsdam opened her door and waited for Minnie to go in first and then she closed her door.

They worked late into the night figuring out what was appropriate for a president's campaign.

Potsdam got up a little later then she was use to but it was mainly because Minnie had stay late into the morning want to work on her run. Her helpers had been up for a while now and often did their jobs without her needing to watch over them. In fact, she glanced over at her desk in her room and noticed that there was a fresh pot of coffee waiting for her.

"Thank you," she said softly almost like a prayer.

Once she was dressed and working at her desk she was soon interrupted.

The knock on her door was rapid.

"Yes?" she glanced up as the door open.

"Who does she think she is fooling?" Hieronyous said coming in huffing.

"What is wrong Hieronyous?" she set her stuff aside.

"That wild seed," he said plopping into the chair across from her.

"Sue?" she asked to get clarification.

"Even after I discouraged her, she still decided to run," he used his hands in gesture of annoyance, "William even came in and volunteered to help her..."

Potsdam raise an eyebrow, William now too? "Yes? I have yet to see what the issues is Hieronyous," she said a little tired.

"She complimented me?! She still asked me to help her with the campaign," he said something of smugness hinted in his voice, "She said this was her choice and no one else's so she would prefer to have someone wise and familiar with the process to help her..."

"And this mad you angry how?" she now had her hands clasped before her to hide her smile.

"What is she planning?!" he growled. "I have done nothing been the strictest that I could be with her... and yet she boldly asked me to guide her."

"She respects you, why else would she not? You are her instructor and you were the one who gave her the folder so it is not so odd she would assume that you could be the most informed with this situation," she tried not to sound too pleased with the situation.

He huffed a moment, "Fine... she is the one who chose this. She can not regret this." He got up and left the office quickly.

Potsdam let out a laugh after a few minutes of him being gone. Sue, you brilliant girl! Attract more flies with honey then vinegar... he can not possible keep this up with her surprising him so much.

Curious to know what was going on with Sue now she walked over to the crystal ball and touched it gently. She focused her energy for a moment and the ball flickered.

The image before her became clear:

Virginia had come into the room squealing, "William said you pick Grabby instead of him?! What's up with that? got a crush on grabby?"

"Maybe," Sue said offhandedly.

"What?! He was terrible to you on the first day!"

Potsdam let go of the crystal and walked back to her desk. The wild seed never seemed to stop surprising her! Here was a girl that was constantly being driven away but she respects this man...this was a great sign!

She was going to move on with her plan though it was going to take time and must be executed carefully or someone might get hurt.

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#12 Post by carolynrose » Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:06 am

I kept smiling throughout your whole update. Learning all of the background information is wonderfully thrilling, especially because we actually played as Sue. Your writing keeps getting better and better. Although I loved your other Grabiner/Sue fanfiction, I think I might like this one more. I will be anxiously waiting for your next post. ^-^

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#13 Post by Xenostatica » Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:44 am

Potsdam spend the evening with Minnie helping her with designs and cheers to go on with for the next days events.

The next day the courtyard was full of students as they were shouting out about what office they were running for and how they would improve the system.

Sue was actually one of the most interesting in her campaign. She hadn't said anything for a while and appeared to be contemplating what it was that she needed to do. Others were getting more attention then her, without warning she let out a shout.

"Free hugs! Vote for me! Treasurer for the Freshman's class!" she had a big grin on her face and her friends were gaping at her as she kept shouting.

Potsdam let out a loud laugh, but it was lost in the noise as the students were rushing up and lining up for the hugs. It was of course the butterflies that were first followed by the falcons.

The face that Sue made in realization of what she had done changed from a sudden panic to a wonderfully sweet smile. She would tell them to vote for her and depending on the person would depend on the manner of her hugs. She was careful not to hurt anyone with wings or unusual forms and then with the regular students she would make sure not to squeeze them to hard.

Hieronyous had come to the court yard, he moved next to Potsdam. "Shameless!? Who thought that would be a great idea?" He hadn't see who it was yet.

"Oh let her be she was working hard to get attention, this worked well, even some of the other candidates are now in line to get hugs from her..." Potsdam smile was so wide her cheeks were starting to ache.

"Remember I am running for treasurer so please vote for me!" Sue's voice was loud and could be heard over the crowd.

His eyes widen in disbelief, "Ugh that child...making a mockery of the whole system."

"How is that any different then anyone kissing babies? Or giving out cupcakes? She found a niche and is now filling it with her attention. You should be proud of her, she is resourceful!" she said as he was now tapping his foot. "Going to go get a hug? It is free!"

He turned to her with disgusted, "You can't be serious?!"

"Why not? I am," Potsdam said with a laugh. "Who knows you could like it? Hugs brighten up the day!"

He took that as his queue and disappeared in the crowds of students, which was no simple fete as he toward over most of the students.

Potsdam shook her head and let out a chuckle.

After the events of the courtyard students would vote the next day to see who made the best impressions on the others.

Each student running for office would give a speech.

Out of respect each one received applaud after they finished.

Holding her breath as Jacob got up and spoke of his family and how he was experienced in such things and how he would make sure everything would be grand and that parties would be unforgettable he got a loud crowd cheer.

Sue came up and talked of holding herself responsible of taking charge of the money and how it should be spend, how everyone shouldn't worry as it would be her job to worry for them and that if they needed to know what was coming up she would be glad to inform them as transparency would be the best and then she spoke of tradition and the importance of making such things memorable for each student was the most important point of her job. When she was finished she curtseyed to the crowd with sent them into a frenzy almost as they cheered for her.

Guess those hugs were memorable enough.

The students were led to each of the designated voting area. The students seemed to be excited and curious to what will the outcomes would be.

Even the teachers were interested in the results.

The count was done by the evening which each teacher took the results to those who won.

It was worth staying in the rooms for the counts for Potsdam. When the freshman's count was finished Hieronyous was given the results. He had read of the being and nodded in agreement and then stopped and let an evil grin spread over his once frowning face.

"I see, I will give her the news myself," he said as he got up.

Potsdam raised an eyebrow at him as he walked past him and glanced over at the paper. Sue had won, he was going to now inform her. She shook her head and left the others to do what was needed to clean everything up.

She was walking past the hall when she noticed Hieronyous making a comment to Sue, "You will have the mail duty from now on at 5 in the morning..."

She nodded and said nothing but her eyes said that something was up with him as she watched him leave. She then shook the thought out of her head and went back into the room.

Potsdam watched with curiosity. Maybe they were growing more on each other then they realized.

She went back to her office to get ready for the next week of school.

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#14 Post by icekat725 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:57 pm


oh yeah...ım ın turkey, where you cant get on the ınternet wıthout PAYING EVERY FREAKING TIME TT.TT

but thıs ıs awesome. and sorry ı havent gıven feedback lıke ı dıd on your other story...
...but ı love thıs *cyber huggle*


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#15 Post by Xenostatica » Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:04 am

(Thanks icekat! I appreciate the sport on this. Sorry about the paying for the net like that, I will do my best to update so you won't be disappointed!)

This was a week before the next exam so her classes were full to the brim with students. Those who had been missing out were now trying to catch up in hopes that her classes weren't the needed spell to pass.

It was actually fun this way as students often asked more questions and even with the somber mood of an exam coming there was a chance for friends to study together and things not understood could come to light.

This week her class went over the proper formalities to those that were not of this world. It was an easy concept that most people had not become familiar with, but seeing that they were freshman she would constantly remind them of this proper etiquette. "em,er,ets, emself, erself..." it was ingrained in her mind and teaching it was like a blink of a second even if to the students it took several periods.

In the hall at one point Potsdam saw Sue with a bit of a frown, "Oh dear, I didn't congratulate you on making into office. I would have to say that I appreciated your campaign and using hugs to spread good feeling. I think 10 merits for being original."

Sue's frown shifted slightly as she curtseyed and nodded, "thank you, Professor, I appreciate you thinking I can do this."

Potsdam grinned at her and waved her off and continued her rounds to make sure that students were doing well and didn't need anything. At one point the students invited her to tea and a impromptu study group. She did take some time with them. She enjoyed enlightening them as long as they were willing to try themselves first.

The week was uneventful for Potsdam or at least she thought that before she entered into her office.

Something had been there. She swiftly shifted in and out of the shadows of her office. A single puff of smoke appeared in the middle of the room. There before her was a magical rose with a wasp clamping it with a stinger through it.

"Hoohohooo! So someone has informed the original members that it was time for new blood huh? This was my signal from one of their older members that this tradition would continue huh? I wonder would could possibly be seduced by their promises," Potsdam ran her fingers through the illusion that distorted a moment and then returned. Even an old member myself was never at full knowledge of who and when something would occur. My my clever ones this year hopefully there won't be as much damage or trouble as last time. Double edged sword.

The week dragged on since the test was already set up, even Potsdam was curious to see how these puzzles were solved.

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