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(>.< *drools* neat work, just remember that posting in the forums can be viewed by all, so if it pushes past pg-13... might be safe to sent the link to people. *but I am totally enjoying this!!*)

Potsdam was quite content with the results of the exams. As usual Hieronyous had double the notes on the students and how they should be drilled on their weakness so that it is not exploited later on. Once through all the professors' notes and statements, she felt it time for her to have break.

She had been locked away the past few days with the exams. Minnie dragged Sue into her office so that they could work on the valentine's items for their group. Minnie still looked exhausted and Sue was trying everything to get the girl to relax a little, even if she just talked. They started to get into a rhythm so Potsdam left the girls in the office and instructed the brownies to get the girls some refreshments.

Potsdam found so release of the usual stress of the day as she walked the halls and listened to the children were studying, practicing or playing. She had remembered her days as a student and found herself smiling as she wondered into one of the other classrooms.

The officers for juniors was working on their valentine's items. They had been talking amongst themselves when Potsdam entered.

"Oh hello darlings," Potsdam flashed a sweet smile and looked over their work with curiosity, "This is what you guys have decided as your items?"

The treasurer grinned as he looked up, "Yeah, we figured with this combination we can't lose!"

"Can't lose?" Potsdam asked.

"Yeah," one of the other students answered, "We heard about the freshman class! They out sold all the other classes and we, upperclassmen, can't allow this to happen!"

"There are more freshman than any other group, how do you purpose on winning?" she was now curious with the students' determination.

"Oh yes, there are more," the treasurer grinned, "But how many of those students are actually in a relationship? For that matter how many of them have the cash like we do?"

Potsdam thought about that for a moment and smiled, "They are surprisingly well prepared with such situations and several of the first years are from some prominent families, but it is worth a shot. I will be cheering you all on. May the best class win?"

"It is all about us," they cheered.

Potsdam took this time to leave them to their stacks of valentines. She found herself wandering through all the halls listening to the banter of students as teachers alike.

The girls were all set with their items to sell when she returned to her office.

"Seems like there is a competition going on, girls," Potsdam said as she returned to her desk.

"Oh?" Minnie raised a brow as she finished looking over the paper work. "What would that be?"

"I didn't know this would be a competition?" Sue seemed to take the news a little unnerving, "If I would have known that then maybe I would have decided something different."

Minnie reached down and grabbed Sue's hand, "No, no, this is perfect, affordable and cute, all the students can get something with the way that you decided to design the items. With that in mind..."

"They are hoping to out sell you girls," she said as she noticed that the girls had separated everything into three boxes, friendly, romantic, and funny.

"Out sell us huh?" Minnie thought over it for a moment, "Won't happen."

Sue blinked at the girl next to her, "Well it could, as first years not many people are dating, in relationships, or..."

"Sue, you covered that with the decision of valentines for all crowds, the funny can be anyone, friendly are for ones close to you and well romantic is for that special someone, if they want more they can always go to the mall," Minnie was standing proud and was extremely excited, "Well we better go get the table set up it is almost time..." she stopped talking for a moment, "Sue you take all this out," she handed the girl a large box. "I will need to get something I forgot..."

Sue nodded and waited for Minnie to leave before turning to Potsdam. She watched the door shut and then moved over tot the desk, "Thank you for the treats, they made us feel better and as you noticed Minnie seems in a better mood now. Though I wonder what she forgot?" She struggled with the box and the door as she left and then smiled as the door followed her closed.

Potsdam was curious about that as well, the crystal ball glowed invitingly as she turned to watch what was going on.

She tuned in and decided to follow Minnie's magical signature. The girl rushed through the halls till she found the right door and knocked. Jacob came out and they spoke for a while and then he shut the door behind him and followed Minnie.

"Oh this will be interesting," Potsdam grinned as she watched them gathered tables and chairs to set up for their selling spot.

As they reached the courtyard and Sue was waiting, Sue seemed to feel awkward with those two working together so close. When she was called over to set up the order forms and pens and receipts Sue did it quickly so she could go to her own table and wait alone. It was interesting as Sue did not want to make herself part of unusual situation that Minnie appeared to putting herself in.

"Waiting and watching is all I can do," she said as she returned to her desk to do some letters to the board.

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Thats why i only send the link to another website where my perfertedness is alowed :3. I try to upload more smut as soon as possible xD

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((>.< I enjoy it, just watching out for all of us! Glad to see your work.))

Potsdam stared at the calendar and sighed. It wasn't that she didn't mind teaching the students about this subject it was just that she never wanted the consequences of their mistakes to be something she had to rule over.

It wasn't every year that students got into trouble but it seemed to happen in waves. It all starts with something small and simple then explodes into something that the professors would have to handle, this usually was because some student gets it in their mind that they can control the situation and tries to force the other into something they aren't ready for or something leads to another and two students are expelled because they have made some bad decisions, but wasn't that the situations of love?

She sat back and thought on it. Love? At this age and time could they believe in that? Love at first sight? Understanding that time to let someone go can be painful? This was something everyone dealt with but how one handled the situation was what made them grow. Whether that growth was a positive or negative effect for the students.

She looked at the calendar the 14th was a blessing and a curse to many. She eyed the crystal ball and pondered it carefully. WHO was worried about what dealing with this day?! The precognitive ability was just something that allowed one to see what is possible when options were available. In many cases people never looked at all options and thus she was able to predict what events would probably happen versus having to guess what choice she would have to think on.


The girl's image flashed before her eyes, this girl was different. It was like she could see all possibilities, irrational and a little too untamed with her skills but that is why she was going to school right?

No, she thought slowly. This girl ... it was almost like she could see her options over the person's head, which allowed her to calculate what reaction she would want from that person.

She had watched the girl do this with her friends and others that were close to her, hell, she took a breath, even Hieronyous had slipped in the girl's web of decisions. Potsdam was often ahead of gifted students but this girl kept her on her toes because she made decisions at the last minute and often left this very experienced woman guessing on what was possible.

To see through her eyes would be interesting to say the least, Potsdam got up slowly, she couldn't do that without breaking laws that were set for protection so she would just listen in.

She walked over to the crystal ball and gently allowed her hands to glide over the slick and cool material that formed the beautiful and devastating device. It could be used in many manners, most not kind to those around but if used for the right purpose and the user had to be true to themselves about that purpose then the device was controllable and no harm would happen.

She would think on her usage of this wonderfully mysterious device later on.

Hieronyous was pacing his room. He often did this when he was working on a thesis for his presentations to the council. Something was off about it though he seemed thinking something else over, then she heard it. "Sue.." the girl's name escaped his lips slowly, almost like a caress but she couldn't be sure. Suddenly he shot up and he walked over to his student book, "If she attempts to sent me anything then I shall take it out of her to teach her a lesson about respect." He scribbled notes by the girl's name but she couldn't read it from the angel she was at.

She sighed as she returned, damn that man, he made everything that Potsdam tried to do to make him happy harder to do.

She returned to the ball and laughed softly as Ellen and Virginia were talking in the room, "Did you send her one?"

"Yes, of course," they said at the same time.

Ellen smiled, "She made it affordable so we could send them to people we appreciate of course I did, she is a friend and is so nice to me even when I complain..."

Virginia nodded, "She makes me feel better about who I am so I definitely sent her one, hopefully she doesn't take it wrong."

Ellen raised an eyebrow, "Why would she?"

"Well she has been having a rough time lately," Virginia sighed, "She seems to have to disappear often and even then she spends lots of time studying on top of being treasurer, tell me you hadn't noticed she seems to be spreading herself thin?"

Ellen sighed, "Yeah, I just thought it was me... her side of the room almost looks like she doesn't sleep in the bed at times, but when she does she is out for a day or two."

Virginia smiled weakly, "We need to keep an eye on her like she does us or something bad is really going to happen... what if it already did and she can't tell us?!"

They eyed each other and laughed it off saying how it wasn't possible.

Potsdam grinned evilly, that would be useful for later on. She looked calendar and sighed again and returned to her desk just as Hieronyous came in beaming not even bothering to knock.

"Dropping off the money to you," he handed over the envelope that had the amount written on it.

"You are in a good mood," she raised a brow at him.

"They have done well again," he said almost cautious. "They are too good at this, those two work in some kind of strange harmony or if Sue is doing it all as Minnie is claiming then this girl has an interesting ability to read what people would find useful or something they needed."

"She is kind and listens to others, I am sure that is all," she sighed, he couldn't just compliment her.

"Doesn't matter, we out earned the other classes again..." he said.

"Not that it matters that there are more freshman then other classmates?" she said it as a matter of fact.

"No, that has nothing to do with it, thing about it," he said stone faced. "These students are the least likely to have someone to give something to."

"True... maybe they hoped to get a hug out of her again?" she slipped the comment in.

He sniffed a moment and grinned, "It is no business of mine on how she conducts her business practices as long as she is able to earn the money needed for her class to have an eventful year."

She smiled, "SO it does matter if they have a good year or not?"

"No, but I would rather them have something to brag about than complain about," he shut the door before she could get another word out.

Blast! Drat! That man was so sneaky when it came to getting out of situations at times. She had hoped to get him to flash some kind of emotion, preferably jealous so she knew maybe he really had felt something for the girl, but she was just going to have to work harder!

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Sue grabiner VOlume 1!!!!

#94 Post by SillyWriterGall » Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:23 am

just a side note actually im starting to have created a collection of this and i think im going to illustrate your story and create in a book form for all to reat preferrably a PDF book.

I hope you wont mind you have all the right and the makers of hanako ofcourse -.- I just wanted to illustrate your story ;3 I have alread begun on the Sue/Grabiner story but i would like to send you the version of the cover and stuff but if you do not like it at all i will stop ofcourse :3

please let me know soon im dying to know.

also i might be somewhat slow with updating due to internship but i will opload mostly in the weekends preferably sunday ^__^

Mata Leisu

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#95 Post by Xenostatica » Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:17 pm

((Silly, I don't really have any issues with this... I mean I would never stop someone else's creativity. I don't see any problems and if the creators don't mind I would say go to town with it as I was simply using their characters to create an aftermath in the other story and in this one a behind the scenes of what Potsdam ponders!))

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#96 Post by SillyWriterGall » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:51 am

8D thats awesome Ill send you the pDF of the sue grabiner story as soon as im done ^__^ oh and expect new smut drawings of the end of this week they re coming along nicely xD

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#97 Post by icekat725 » Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:37 am

SillyWriterGall wrote:8D thats awesome Ill send you the pDF of the sue grabiner story as soon as im done ^__^ oh and expect new smut drawings of the end of this week they re coming along nicely xD
That is going to be completely awesome!
*cant wait to see the illustrations...and more of the smut *shot* c:*

Also, I wonder what Potsdam is going to do next? *hasn't given feedback for a while, since I have not gotten any update emails...so I decided to check the forum for myself*

Sorry :''c

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(( Okay folks we are back in the region of the game so here we go with the italics and colors. YAY!

Icekat, totally appreciate your opinion on the story. Really seeing what the reader's thinking allows me to see what need to be corrected. You all really do hold the power on how this gets written!

Silly, I am looking forward to your next set of illustrations.))

Potsdam got up extra early, worked on all the paperwork that was on her desk, making sure that it was completely clear and then stared at the circled date on her calendar.

With a sigh she pushed herself up and got several cups of coffee in her system before she went out to tackle the big issue that was at hand.

She entered the classroom with a soft smile on her face and started.

Hello, my rosy-faced lovebirds. Please, take your seats. Before we go on with our class work today, there's something important that we need to discuss. For many people, this is a sensitive subject. However, you are all young adults now, not children, and it is better for us to have this out in the open.

Potsdam reflected for a moment about the actual season of love and how these young ones would be experiencing it and in this instant she glowed softly with all happiness of their lives and new experiences,
"This is the traditional season for young romance, and we don't want to clip your wings. There are no school rules against love in any form."

She thought about all the forms that love came in and not to discriminate from any one form of this mysterious emotion she felt it best to cover all, "As long as you and the other person - or people- that you are with are enthusiastic about whatever you're doing, we will not intervene.'

"But keep any naughty business out of areas where those who have not consented might accidentally see you. And try not to get too distracted from your school work,"
she was very serious about this point as many students tended to slack off during this time of year and it would cost them an exam or two.

She couldn't stress this any more then this as she didn't want to put fear into the kids about experiencing things but there was a time that they had to understand that pushing someone could lead to a bad place,
"Know what you want and be sure everyone else does too. If anyone isn't enthusiastic, whether it's a kiss or a dance or something else, stop and wait."

Her face become engraved with lines and her eyes darkened, this was an issue that they would need to truly understand as this was not only a terrible burden to put on them at this age it could be dangerous for both involved, there was a lot of responsibility that came from the acts that happened with love and this was one that came with a high cost,
"Now there is one other matter that would require punishment. As students, you are not allowed to carry children. Breaking this rule will result in equal punishment for all parties concerned- and we will know who you are."

"Trusting your partner is an important part of romance, but in this case take your own precautions as well. If you don't think your green magic is up to the task or you have any further questions, please come and talk to me after class,"
She grinned as she said the last bit, most of them wouldn't take her serious for fear that they would get in trouble. The magic community was extremely open to all kinds of love and this school tried to show the children how open it could be, but it would take time. A few would come to talk to her and once they realized that she could be trusted only then would the rest come. It happened every year and this year was no different... she paused and eyed Sue for a moment and grinned wickedly, except for that one difference and though she was hoping for something grand this poor girl was going to be at a disadvantage more so then the other students. It would be unfair but such was life at the very least she was married.

Now let's get back to the magic!

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Oh wow, I totally didn't see that scene when I was playing the game. I probably missed it by not coming to class or having less than enough green magic. Boo. Better try next time, then...

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(I'm glad you got to read something new from the game. Sorry everyone, I haven't been updating too much with me being down and out sick plus getting ready for a fundraiser...took up my time, but I didn't forget you all!)

Potsdam had gotten up early on Valentine's day. She wasn't troubled or anything she just wanted to watch the brownies as they would zoom in and out making sure each student who received a card and candy received their items.

She would also get a few valentines herself from a few admirers or jokers. It didn't matter it was nice of the students to do that for her.

As she sat at her desk, she was startled with a bang on her door.

"Yes?" she shook her head as one of the brownies dropped several gifts at her desk and zoomed into the person coming in.

It got up, dusted itself off and bowed then took off to continue it's job.

"Hieronyous, what brings you so early?" Potsdam smiled as a brownie came with a pot of coffee for her. "Thank you," she smiled at the brownie as he clomped in and sat down. "Coffee?"

He frowned at her, "No, that drink is rather unpleasant. I never understood how you could enjoy that bitter liquid." He shrugged as he relaxed, "You haven't tried to put any ideas in that child's head, correct?"

Potsdam grinned as she eyed some of the valentines and grabbed a sweet little valentine with a little bee on it saying, "bee mine...Valentine." She smiled and took the lollipop off and opened it to show him, "Oh like this one that Sue sent me?"

He raised a brow, "What a ridicules idea, to send teachers valentines. What is she thinking of?"

"I think that she is showing that it doesn't matter that we all are on her mind and that she appreciates us," she said as she popped the lollipop in her mouth and smiled.

He grumbled a moment, "It is a ridiculous thing and she is a foolish student who knows no boundary to what can lead her into more trouble. You would think that..."

Potsdam glared at him and popped out the lolli before she continued, "She is your wife. She is kind and considerate of everyone around her. Even to you she shows the most respect to."

"It's fear not respect," he growled at her.

"No it isn't and if it was I wouldn't blame her, you can be quite frightful when you desire to be," Potsdam sighed. "Don't worry, she is smart enough to leave you alone this day."

Hieronyous grinned slowly, "We'll see if you are right..." he got up and left avoiding the brownies this time.

Potsdam smiled. If he had seen the order list then he would have known she did not order him anything. But the girl did order everyone else one.

She walked over and touched the crystal ball gently. This would be an interesting day and she would be interested in watching all day what these students would be doing in response to receive their valentines.

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((I am extremely sorry about the terrible updating. ToT Here is a little something. Got to get the script for the New Year's celebration that way I am not adding when not needed.))

Valentine's day went on with no trouble... at least for most it was nothing to be dramatic about. The items were given out and the students were happy with what was received.

Potsdam sat staring at the crystal ball. She shook her head and sighed as she got up and moved to the window in her office.

The scene would have been sweet if it had been taken as such but it wasn't. Minnie was completely embarrassed by Kyo's valentine items. He had practically drowned the poor girl in her room with gifts of flowers, cards and candies.

Poor Pastel was even effected by it. The poor girl couldn't even get out of the room. Her stuff was crushed by the volume of items that Minnie had received.

It took them the most of the day to just clear everything up and make it manageable. Minnie even gave out the candies to all the girls in her dorm. She threw away a lot of the cards not even attempting to read them.

Potsdam made a note not to get in the middle of the children's relationships unless there was someone getting hurt or was in danger. And yes, this was an obsessive situation she would not stick her neck out until the girl asked her for help.

A knock at the door.

"Yes?" Potsdam said with a smile as she turned to the door.

Hieronyous came in soberly, "You were correct."

She raised a brow at him, "About what?"

He growled something inaudible and sighed, "About the girl. She didn't make a fool of me, she sent me nothing."

"I told you she would respect you as a person not just a teacher," she turned back to the window. "Though you do not sound so happy about it? Does it disappoint you?"

"WHAT?!" he was taken back and became slightly angry, "You insult me to even suggest that I was waiting for something from..."

"Your wife?" she said with a soft smile, "No? I would be a little hurt but knowing you... a punishment would have been dealt to the poor girl even if she had confessed her true feelings."

"That is inappropriate and you know that. This relationship is that of one of circumstance," he stared at the woman before him and glared. "Besides I would treat it just I would any other childish prank."

"Of course," she nodded and turned toward him, "And this is probably why your wife didn't send you anything. She knew how you felt and again as I said before respected you."

"You make it sound like this girl is wise beyond her years," he hissed sourly at her.

"She could be, with our culture many things happen," she said and returned to her desk. "She attempts everything to please everyone around her, knowing what to say to make them feel better, happy, or challenge them morally to stop from doing something they would regret. It is almost like she is an oracle, even if she hasn't shown this has a main skill it could be laying dormancy, but who knows. I just find it interesting that she goes so far to make those around her happy."

He eyed her for a moment, "I will keep an eye on her because if you are correct this could lead to some troubling situations for her."

"Of course," she nodded in agreement. "Just don't let her know you are watching out for her. She could mistake it for you caring..."

He scowled at her and got up and left.

She took his look with a grain of salt. He cared about her more then the fool would let on. Yes, he was a fool right now because he didn't realize what had been handed to him on a platter.

She looked at the pile of cards she had received and smiled and with a cheerful and loud voice, "To the kitchen! I need to make something to give to all those darlings that decided to send me something!" She rolled up her sleeves as she walked out of her office. Maybe she would make them her famous fudge?

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How am I not getting notifications on my email that you updated?! D= Does my email ignore pure awesomeness like this? I THINK IT DOES.

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#103 Post by SillyWriterGall » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:22 pm

OMG i luf this i cant wait till you get to the part when sue leaves and when trouble arise at her home it couldnt possible move you to make another story of the loving couple could I (A) :oops: :D :shock: :wink:

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I hope you write more soon.

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#105 Post by Xenostatica » Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:56 am

((Oh my gosh, do people want me to continue this? I would love to finish this one up. Sorry, I noticed I have apologized a lot in my recent posts! Work has taken over a lot of time and squashed my free time. If you guys would like me to keep going I would be glad to return to the game so that we can continue this and see what are sneaking headmistress is up to!))

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