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Potsdam had been struggling with getting into a good mood after a class of first years had decided on changing a leaf into a pixie. The little thing was extremely difficult to catch and she had made them stay after class to clean up what the pixie had done. When the student was scolded in a manner,they explained that they had been curious about changing an inanimate object to an animate object, but never thought what one thing could want to turn into. She then had to lecture them on the fact that all objects had energy,and may just want to turn into something else, in that situation they being first years,it was not a surprise that the leaf had more power than them. Once they apologized and the room was cleaned up she allowed them to go without detention. After all,they were just being curious and at least it was curious somewhere that she could stop the disaster from getting any worse.

As she entered her office there was a surprise there. A woman was standing behind her desk and was looking over the plans that were drawn out for the exams for the students;she had a pen and seemed to be making notes on the actual work. "Grand Master!" Potsdam was actually very surprised by this woman's visit. "Is there something wrong??"

The woman looked up and was smiling, the lines of her smile were deeper then Potsdam's and the woman was quite a bit older then Potsdam. She was lost in thought a moment and then spoke, "Dear Friend, does something have to be wrong for me to visit my friend?" She had curls that were so tight she almost looked like a doll, her eyes bright yellow and her height was something that people noticed first as she was short, she was even mistaken for a child at times, just before they saw her face really, but this did not prevent the woman from projecting herself as a grand creature, even appearing larger than that of a dragon.

"No, of course not, but if I would have known I would have had your favorite treat made and a cup of coffee!" Potsdam said as she walked up and gave the woman a tight hug. "At least we can have coffee!" She walked to the back of the office and put a kettle on.

"Pleasant idea!" the woman said as she moved from the spot behind the desk and sat before Potsdam as if she was one of the students. "Those plans of yours are so extreme. I often wonder how so many of your students make it through your exams, between you and Hieronyous, it is a miracle any students make it to the last year here, but I can't complain, you have some of the greatest wizards and witches make it out of here! I mean they survive the most interesting events and are able to come back and tell us! Several of those students are on the council..." She continued explaining what had been going on and how the old students are doing in their fields.

"Surely this is not why you have come?" Potsdam said as she got up and grabbed the kettle to refill her old friend’s cup.

"You are right, I came to see how the girl is doing," she said straight forward. "How she is handling such a situation as a wild seed and all."

Potsdam raised an eyebrow up and looked at her unsure of the situation, "Of course if you want to ask her yourself you could, but I hadn't received any complaints. To be honest this girl is so willing to do things on her own that I wouldn't know it would be an issue, I don't watch a single student the whole time, you know that. You could have used the crystal without me here, I would not have mind especially as the grand master, there is no stopping you from doing so, and I am simply a humble servant."

"Potsdam, do not worry, there is nothing wrong, I just wanted to see her," the woman said and moved to the ball. "I would not have used this device if you weren't here?! I am not cruel or in such disbelief of you that I would invade your devices. You designed this crystal and charged it yourself why would I be so disrespectful? Even as close friends as we are, I wouldn't do that my friend, but now that you are here I will gladly look through and see how the school is doing." She gently touched and focused on the ball. Her eyes changed as the images changed and she seemed to absorb the information before her.

"So what is going on this day?" Potsdam came walking over to see what she saw.

"Most of them are worried about the exam and one of the girls is fretting about a guy that she doesn't know what to do with," the grand master said with a head shake.

"So what is wrong?" Potsdam asked looking at the same image, it was Minnie talking to Pastel about the issue but she wasn't using names. "That isn't her,my friend."

The woman broke contact with the ball, "What? Really? She is super intelligent, elegant,and seems like something he would be interested in!"

"No, really she isn't," Potsdam touched the ball. She looked through the school quickly and found Sue studying in her dorm. "This is her."

The grand master focused on the ball and watched quietly.

Sue hadn't turned her face around to look over at anything so only her hair was seen, but as she shifted to go answer the door that had been knocked on. She was laughing and smiling as one of the students seemed to be asking for something, she moved to her desk and went through it, pulling out some notes she handed them off to the student and waved them off and then returned to the book, but laid her head on the book and sighed. She seemed frustrated with something that she was studying.

The grand master gasped a moment but then calmed down and turned to Potsdam surprised, "Was that on purpose or was it really an accident?"

"She is not familiar with anything, not the story,not the girl,and not him," Potsdam said sadly.

"SO this girl has no clue she looks like her?!" The grand master rubbed her neck. "So he doesn't really realize it does he?"

"No and if he has he hasn't showed that he thinks she does, but that might explain why he is so hard on her," Potsdam thought about it for a moment and smiled. "That just makes the mess even better!"

"Well, it can but at the same time more difficult really," the woman returned to the chair and pondered for a while as they sipped their coffee in silence. "He needs to fall for her!"

"I agree but we can't do anything," Potsdam smiled as the grand master agreed with her, made the whole mess simpler. "I will inform her when I think appropriate about his history and see what she does but let them try on their own."

"I agree, this doesn't mean that I side with the Lord, but that boy has been through far too much to be left alone," the grand master's smile brightened the whole room. "And to think that this poor girl has a thing for him still!"

"Yes, even though the spark can die quickly," Potsdam noted quickly. "I hope that we can water it and make it grow."

"Throw her a curve ball and make him see her solve it," the grand master finished her cup and smiled, "If you need help on that I would be glad to assist, playing a cupid could be fun!"

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Potsdam was so happy that her friend had come to visit but was relieved once she left after an evening of talking of memories and drinks. The truth was though she was her best friend she was still the grand master. This woman was responsible for the events that happened to the school on this continent so she was often stressed and rather grumpy when she was in her role. So seeing her and her be in a good mood was a pleasant surprise, even with her visit in general was a surprise. The woman loved mischief just as much as Potsdam, did herself.The woman cared about her people so to know that everyone was trying to make them happy made for an interesting situation, plus if the person is being stubborn this made the grand master want to dabble in the scenario herself.

It was interesting that the Grand Master had realized that the girl was similar to a child that was lost long ago. It was not anyone's fault in all honesty, but in the end a life was snuffed and people suffered. She had not really thought about the fact they they were similar and maybe this was why he was so hard on her, but in the end one can only assume this information.

She was going to have a lot to do the next day and needed her sleep. She stretched out in the darkness of her room and soon found that the silence had guided her to drift off, she had been exhausted and hadn't even realized it.

The next day the students were careful not upset her again. They listened and took notes, when questions were asked it was done in a polite manner. She was quite surprised by this change in their attitude, though she hadn't been terribly angry at them but maybe her just being upset made them realize that they didn't want to disappoint her. This put a hop in her step as the classes finished off. She was now in such a good mood that there was nothing that could possibly upset her.

She went to her office and took a pick at her crystal ball. The general checking how students were doing led to an interesting surprise to see that Hieronyous with Sue speaking. It started with the pricing of the valentine's day items but Sue got the nerve to ask about their marriage. GOOD FOR HER! she cheered in the back of her mind as she continued to watch. He decided to hear her out on the whole thing and answered with short and to the point statements. He was not even giving a little for the situation and of course he had to lay down ground rules about her and how he would most likely not address her in public as that would reveal everything. She was a bit sadden by this fact and even Potsdam felt a bit sorry for this as well, because one's name is connected to ones soul and here he was denying that little bit of her. When they were finished he left her there in silence.

Potsdam returned to her desk and began finishing the last of the plans for the exam. They would get a new surprise with this one and hopefully they all would be ready for the situation that would occur. She didn't want to scare them but at times they would have to learn not to just trust their eyes. She was giggling to herself when there was a knock at the door.

"yes?" she was still grinning while the door opened.

"The request from the student officer's for the valentines," Hieronyous said bring papers to her desk.

"Oh yes, leave them there," she said as she clasped her hands together. "Well?"

He grinned at her evilly, "Truly passionate marriage ... keep this up and how could I ever leave her!?"

She frowned, "Hieronyous, you know how to ruin a great mood, why?"

"Because if I am really miserable then someone else should be to," he growled.

"Hasn't she done anything to betray you and yet you still act like this?" Potsdam sighed. "She gives you all the respect you request, she completes her job and she takes care of other people and events. Doesn't she deserve some kind of credit for that?"

"Minnie does the same thing, she doesn't expect praise all the time," he said with attitude.

"That is because we all praise her," Potsdam sounded almost bored, "She is great at everything and only finds boys a difficult subject and even then she goes to Sue to talk about her problems with that. So how does one expect something when they get it all the time?"

"Touche," he sighed. "Nothing is wrong with the way I treat her, if she keeps this up and can handle the stress then she is a better student than I thought." He walked out after that comment.

Potsdam shook her head as a response, "but how is she suppose to know that if you don't tell her?"

She returned to the exam and looked over the notes that her friend had made. They were good comments and opinions on how things should be executed for the students to be tested but not overwhelmed. That woman, never wanted to teach but loved to torture students with exams.

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It keeps getting better and better. I really love your stories!!

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I must agree with Ladygothika :D

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(You guys are so sweet to me!! -grins- I am just happy that you all are enjoying it! That is always the most important thing to a writer.)

It was a day before the exam and Potsdam had just come from the dungeon after setting everything up for the exams. She was in a good mood as always. The setting up took less time then she thought it would and then making one of her seniors go through the freshman's exam was just a sight for her. The poor student had not been in such an environment in a long while so when he ran through the testing he managed to just blow up the wall. She chuckled as she thought back to his face of "Ooppsss, sorry Potsdam, I didn't even think to check for traps..." She shook her head and repaired everything, she just reminded him that not everything was a fair run for their money and that maybe he should go over his first year notes.

As she walked back to her office she was stopped by a rather panicked Sue. The poor girl bumbled out a few words, but fed up with the struggle of understanding she took Potsdam's hand and guided her to Virginia who was laying on her bed desperately ill.

Potsdam explained that she would do something quickly. She whispered a few words and soon had the nurse coming with a wheelchair to take the child so that she can be treated.

The girls followed for a while trying to ask Potsdam to give them definite answers. She shooed them away explaining she would inform them that she would inform them as soon as she found out something so they need to go back and study for their exam.

Once she made sure that they returned to their dorm she went off to check on Virginia. The poor girl had been prone to illness ever since she was small. The professors had to keep an eye on her as in some situations a simple cold could be crippling to her, she could be sick for a few days to weeks. They all had to be careful with her and make sure that she could recover safely while allowing her the privacy to be able to tell those that she trusts what was really happening.

"She will be fine now, we got it early, she had done well this year," the nurse came over and handed Potsdam the medical chart. "She was lucky they found her, think on it the poor dear."

"It is great that she has friends that would care so much to get someone quickly instead of trying something themselves," she read through everything, she had a cold nothing more, she was very hyper and could have over tired herself.

The nurse nodded with agreement, "Oh she will be missing the exam so that she can recover tomorrow."

"Oh that's not going to make Hieronyous too happy," Potsdam said as she handed the chart back and sighed, "He will still want to give her detention so that they can go over what she missed."

"Oh how cruel, she didn't chose to get sick!" the nurse got huffy about the whole situation.

"No, but he is disciplinarian for a reason and I will not get in way of his judgement for the students unless it is truly unfair," she sighed as she glanced over at the now sleeping Virginia. "She had been slacking in some of her classes so this would be a good thing for her anyway."

"If that is the case, I guess then you are right," the nurse shook her head and returned to her seat next to the patient.

"I am leaving, may everything go well," Potsdam nodded to the nurse who was now focusing on the girl.

Potsdam was rather worried about the situation and walked over to the Wolf hall, she went through carefully as there were points where the boys had boob trapped spots waiting for victims to walk right through their lair. She moved through the center of the hall disarming everything as she walked past their toys.

When she reached the right door, she knocked gently.

"Yes?" the tall young man came to the door, he was smiling.

"William, dear, could we talk?" Potsdam asked gently.

"Of course," he ducked back and then returned to close his dorm door. "We can walk and talk." He held his arm out for her to take. He led the way to one of the gardens on campus.

"Dear, Your sister is sick right now," she said solemnly. "She will be alright, her friends found her before she got worse. The poor dear caught a cold and since she is always going I think she just weakened her immune system and caught it. Her friends are very much worried about her. It is not my place to talk of family issues or situations."

"I understand," he said looking in the sky. "It would be better that they know so that the next time she shows signs that she isn't well they can convince her to get the help she needs before it goes this far."

Potsdam smiled gently at him, "It is whatever you think is best. I just wanted to inform you of the situation. You could go see her later as I know how fond of you she is."

"I will go after our walk, but let us enjoy this," he said and they walked for what seemed like an hour, he didn't seem to want to let her leave him alone, he had much on his mind but he had to work this out on his own.

She excused herself after they had walked the garden twice. She would need to rest up as the exam would take a lot of attention, especially to make sure none of the children hurt themselves.

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you know, its awesome that you are making a back story to how the marriage happened. this really does sound like something that would be written by the script writers of M.D.! =D

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(That compliment is too good for me. XD You all are so nice to me. I was just hoping to make something that fulfilled the need of some kind of a behind the scenes, this is just what I was thinking about as I played the game! I just hope I wasn't the only one...)

Potsdam was excited about the exam today. The students were in for a big surprise. She assumed that many of the students would be caught by one trap or another so seeing the students fill up the detention rooms would not be surprising.

The seniors all passed with flying colors, their exams now focused on the skills they honed was only a possible failure if they were not thinking when they took the exam.

The middle years students were hits and misses as they were in their final decisions of what would be their focus so there was much more of a random pattern here. The professors picked several of their strengths to see what would be the choice better for them.

The first years... well the first years were extremely interesting. There had been several exams that were specialized for one occasion or another.

Donald had been one of the first students in and he booby trapped the trap and moved it to the door so that when the key exploded from the box it was in the same room, he never even searched the rest of the maze.

Minnie searched through all possibilities she figured out the monster that had been chasing her was an illusion and that there was a mechanism that set of the trap and a key in the box. She disenchanted the box got the key and left, receiving all the merits.

Raven ignored the spirit and just pushed the boulder in every direction until she heard the click and went and got the key, she got her merits for getting out of the maze.

Ellen had been very interesting. She, like Minnie, checked everywhere disenchanted the illusion, found the mechanism in the floor without using the boulder and then disarmed it. Disarmed the chest and got the key, she received all her merits but didn't use as much magic as Potsdam liked. She would have to keep an eye on that one as she could be trouble.

Sue, ah Sue, her exam had been specially designed and not even Hieronyous had known what would happen. Sue went in and checked all the halls just as Minnie and Ellen had before but waiting for her was the illusion of the Manus that was Grabiner's family guardian. The girl stood there completely lost with what to do. She looked around seeing if any of us would do anything and with a sigh and a shrug she checked it causing the illusion to dissipate. She then moved the boulder till the sound clicked and then went to the chest that was now open, she grabbed the key and went to the door.

Potsdam waited as she walked out, she had been hoping the girl would ask about the spirit, but sighed gently when she inquired about Virginia, to which she informed the girl that she was okay and just wait and see.

One the exam was done she returned to her office, with a quick check at the crystal ball revealed that William had gone and seen the girls to give them information on his sister, their friend.

Good, she smiled as she returned the desk.

There was a heavy bang on the door and he came stalking in angry. He hadn't even waited for the usual welcome in. "What were you thinking by doing that?" Hieronyous had slammed his hands on the desk. "It is bad enough for the us to have to deal with this, did you have to prod her with it in the exams?!"

"She did well before handling a spirit," she was staring at where his hands had landed on the desk, "Though she had managed to end up married to you, she was still willing to stand up to the creature. I wanted to see if she would use your name now or simply attempt to get out of the situation herself."

"That is not a test that is you trying to lure her into doing something that is not her usual behavior," he barked at her. "Do not mess with the students in that manner. What if she could not figure it out?!"

"I do not here you complaining about the exploding chest with key in it or the mechanism having to be triggered by a boulder being moved on it. In fact I do not hear you complaining about the other creatures the students had to face," Potsdam lifted her coffee mug and took a sip. "If you are going to complain about the exam it better be for the benefit of all the students and not one you favor."

"I do not favor her, I would think that you know me better then that," he growled. "You put her at a possible disadvantage than the other students who only had the stress of a creature they had not seen before, you put Sue up against an illusion that previously tried to kill her."

"Life is not fair, Hieronyous, we are to make these children the best in the wizarding world and at times we have to put our fingers in the wound to get them to heal up and get better or nurse them to heal and get them out of here," Potsdam glared at him. "Your complaint has been noted but let it be known that I will use this situation again when testing this girl. She has more potential then you or I can give her credit for."

Hieronyous snarled at her for a moment and left quickly.

She shook her head, she had been expecting him to be a little upset but not to the point that he challenged her decision. Then slowly a grin appeared on her face, gotcha ya!

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Finished the artwork for the shirtless grabiner chapter ^_^ here is the link. the rest will be up shortly.

http://sillywritergall.deviantart.com/a ... -260619904

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SillyWriterGall wrote:Finished the artwork for the shirtless grabiner chapter ^_^ here is the link. the rest will be up shortly.

http://sillywritergall.deviantart.com/a ... -260619904
fehfjksdgk i love you. (translation: this picture is AWESOME! *drools*)

btw, i think i watch you on dA o.o" (if you have a watcher called MagaritaXMurder, then thats me o.o)

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(lol. sweet pic!)

Potsdam sat back in her office and relaxed, this day was not extremely busy and most of the students left for the mall, so the few that were here didn't need her watching over them. That didn't mean that the crystal ball didn't sit there awaiting it's use.

She had moved to the window in her office and sat on the nook that was there for that reason. She had cracked the window a bit so she could feel the crisp winter air as she drank her coffee, the contrast allowed her system a nice shock that gave her a sense of the nature around. She seemed to be dazing off when she noticed two students walked hand in hand and whispering to each other.

The order for the valentines had been made and she had already received confirmation that the delivery would be with in a day or so.

When the couple noticed Potsdam they waved at her nervously and swiftly moved out of her view. She thought on this action for a moment and returned to her desk and looked over her lecture schedule, she had already blocked out that time for the whole day. Good, she thought with a grin, I didn't forget that they need this. It was only once a year but with this being a type of boarding school there were no parents to watch, lecture or influence the children's decisions so it was up to professors to at least guide them to make the right decisions for themselves. She often thought that the children were fine on their own but knowledge was a powerful tool and they needed that tool in life so better to explain this to them now then have someone claim ignorance when something unplanned happened.

The knock on the door pulled Potsdam out of her trance of a different time. She was already smiling when she answered, "Yes?"

Minnie came in she looked exhausted, "I came to check on the status of the valentines because we will be selling them on the tenth and we need a day to put together what was ordered and get ready to make the list of how to order for people..."

"Minnie, when was the last time you slept?" Potsdam said crossing her arms before her as she leaned back in her chair.

"I sleep every night, Professor," Minnie said with a sad smile.

"Oh, then it must be that you have been crying?" Potsdam needed her to say something for her to physically get involved because if she doesn't ask then she can only assume that the girl handling it fine.

"Oh it was just... a bit of trouble with some homework and I got frustrated is all," she said rubbing her hands together, uncomfortable with the conversation.

"Okay Darling," Potsdam smiled softly at the girl before her, "The items should be in by tomorrow, it will be a special delivery so I will let you know when it does come in."

Minnie nodded as was heading out quickly when Potsdam said her name, "Remember deary there are friends that can help you out when you feel you can't talk to a professor." The girl smiled and shut the door quickly.

This was the side of relationships that Potsdam dreaded and there was nothing to do other then just be there for the student. She needed to come in on her own and try to fix the problem herself, if there was a real terrible issue Potsdam hoped that the girl would go to someone... though Minnie was all about solving issues herself.

We'll see what she does and who she goes to.

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Thank you for the great reading.
Keep it up. :)

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I've been reading closely along to this story. And I absolutely love it! You've done such a wonderful job. I really didn't intend to actually leave a comment for it. I haven't played this game in a while, I kinda burned myself out on it when I first got it. But reading this has made me want to play it again.

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and tadaa the smuttier pics are coming along now xD

http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard come by often too see more smut of these two :twisted: :oops: :wink: :lol: :D

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SillyWriterGall wrote:and tadaa the smuttier pics are coming along now xD

http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard come by often too see more smut of these two :twisted: :oops: :wink: :lol: :D
D= whenever I click the link, it just takes me to the tumblr homepage D.=

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sorry this one should work ^_^ http://sillywritergall.tumblr.com/

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