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I second what icekat said! :D

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Potsdam sat in total silence and darkness. She was a day away from executing her plot and precision with a touch of madness would allow such a plan be wrought from her hands and written into history. She was at a lose of what the cost could be if she got this wrong, she only knew that she could not afford to get it wrong. The innocent one that she held dear to her was now going to be used as a sacrificial bride to satiate the beast that claws at her own throat. To keep the Lord at bay with tying his son to a woman would be the only thing that would make such a man lay away and allow her full control of her school once again.

All this to keep the school in such a financial status that she wouldn't have to worry about the lack of interest in magic or the old ways. She struggled often with the outside world, once a child knew the true cost of coming here they now made their choice to forget and live a normal life. Not that she blamed them but there must be new people introduced to a system was a must for a place to grow in knowledge and expansion on the population.

She rolled over and stared into the darkness. There was an emptiness that she now felt, she was taking a big risk, she was wrong for doing this. Forcing others into something because of the good of the many... she often preached to students that they had to take care of themselves before they could help others and her she was putting aside her own emotions on this simply to make sure that there was something there next time.

One of her helpers came in and turned on the light and held a tray of coffee for her. It was smiling warmly at her and as soon as it finished fixing her a cup just the way she liked it, it would turn to cleaning her room.

"Thank you," she smiled softly as she took the cup and sat up in her bed, careful to not burn her mouth as she sipped at the hot liquid. "Today, I have much to do..."

The brownie smiled and nodded in agreement but said nothing.

She often spoke to them even if they didn't answer her back. It was a contract that they had with the original headmaster of the school and she had no desire to fix the agreement. They were just comforting to have around when they weren't causing trouble or tricks.

"Potsdam?" there was a voice coming from her office.

She got up and quickly put on her robes, she was quick about the whole thing and was before the person in a blink of an eye.

"Yes?" she asked as she materialized into her office chair.

"Oh, I was just bring some more mail for you," the mail man said as he dropped off the large postal box onto her desk, but careful not to crush anything. "Just needed you to sign, you know the rules," the man smiled softly.

"Of course, wouldn't dream of changing our arrangements," she took the clipboard from the mailman and read over the information then signed carefully.

"Good Day to you Potsdam," he tipped his hat as he walked out and shut the door behind her.

The brownie that had been cleaning her room was now taking the box and moving it over to the area where they would sort by each grade and hall.

"Thank you again, on top of everything as always!" she was feeling like herself again and was losing the sense of foreboding doom from her mind.

She walked over to her bookshelf and pulled out a gold leaf covered book. The cover was painted with elaborate animals but all of them paired and in some kind of ritual of togetherness. She flipped through and pages and refreshed her memories on what the ritual would call for.

She had several of the items already, from her youthful days of another life, she gathered items here and there. Carefully she kept them near her but did not allow them to show if anyone came into the office for fear that she would lead them to start rumors. It was not quite time for that yet.

She gathered the ribbons of many colors and the baskets. She looked over at the symbols from the book and wrinkled her nose at the thought about corn and an olive branch, well it was unusual times back then and many things back then had different meanings then they did now.

The robe, dress, that would be for Sue would be tricky. She looked through many of her trunks. Sue was not as well... she was still maturing as a woman and not as gifted as herself in certain places so she would have to fix the gown.

"Ahh!" She said aloud as she went to a trunk she had not gone through in ages. The gown in there was from her first May Day dance and was something she held dearly. This would allow for much meaning for this child even if she didn't know its origins. She pulled the gown out and dusted it softly, magic would clean it up and she could change the color to match Sue's personality, the white would stay but the trim could be changed a little. She smiled at the gown as she thought back to that grand evening. She had caused so much trouble for the boys...

Snapping back she took to working black magic and changing things on the gown and repairing places that had been eaten away by something. The focus allowed her to forget all else around her.

When she was finished she hung the gown on the wardrobe that she had opened earlier to change quickly.

There, perfect, for all that it is worth it. She took her wand and some books, it was now time for some of her classes and she could let her thoughts wander on students instead of worrying about the plan to come.

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Potsdam was up early so early the evening creatures were still stalking through the campus. She was careful not to stir anything or anyone. She was veiled and still she convinced herself that tiptoeing would still be the best thing to do in addition to her other efforts and spells. She had to be very careful because Hieronyous would be extremely careful and she would need to make the disturbance in the spell to be minuet and unnoticeable. She couldn't be linked in any manner and he would have to feel at fault.

As she entered she noticed that the circle was already drawn out for him. He must of come in the evening to prep everything, she thought as she looked around and noticed he had straightened everything up in the room. He purged the area of anything that could distract him, how interesting, she noted as she pulled a small pouch out of her robes. Meticulous was an understatement for his actions, she fingered the contents of the pouch carefully. He had used sand to draw out the circle and this would be his down fall in this situation, the sand in her pouch was a mix of a barrier and sleeping spell, the person only regained conscientious once the original barrier is broken. This would allow him to be protected if anything goes wrong and make sure that he awakes when Sue and herself have come in.

She carefully allowed the sand to slip from her clenched fist. She followed his designs and symbols to make sure that nothing was out of place. Stepping back and gleaming at her work, she noticed that the mail hadn't been brought in yet. Curious? She waved the issue out of her mind and left the room.

There was plenty of time to spare so Potsdam headed to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee and took a pastry that was made for today's breakfast. There in the kitchen was the head chef who was working with others to get all the food together for the students that would be up in a few hours and they would not want to be late with the food, the children could be brutal when it came to their meals.

"How is the morning treating you, my dear?" Potsdam asked the chef as she was finishing off touches on each pastry.

"Oh no complaints, other then the brownies that sneak in and swipe a pastry as they leave," the chef sighed her accent so heavy and sluggish that she almost sounded like she was talking in her sleep.

"I'll talk with the leader to make sure that this doesn't keep happening, the whole reason we have around is to help us, not to sneak off with treats that they haven't worked for yet," Potsdam said as she smacked a small hand that had been near her trying to grab at her pastry. "No."

The chef chuckled and continued her work, "You are up early today, is there something going on?"

"Oh no, couldn't sleep is all," Potsdam grinned into her cup as she drank her waking elixir. "So I figured to grab an early meal and a cup before I get to roaming the halls and handling students issues."

"True, they are young and unfamiliar to how cruel the world could be," the chef stopped and glanced over at Potsdam as the woman took a bit of her pastry.

She nodded as she tried not to answer with her mouth full, with a soft gulp she answered, "This is the truth, but they are here to learn and we will teach them as much as we can before they have to go out there into the cold world. It is our job to prepare them for what is going to be out there waiting for them. But to do so we need a good cup of coffee and a breakfast that is energizing." She got up and walked over to the chef and gave her a one handed hug before she left the kitchen.

She had stayed longer then she had wanted. Glancing over at the clock she noticed it was a few minutes after Sue needed to go to the mail room, her double take was that of shock, she hadn't been that long in the kitchen had she? She needed to move quickly and get to them before something truly terrible happened! She rushed down the halls and with much effort she tried to get there before it became her fault that something terrible would happen.

With a spell she refreshed herself and realized that the energies from the room were changing, one with malicious intent was growing stronger while one grew weak and the other stated in a stable status. That creature was consuming her life energy! Oh, this would take her making a grand appearance and a booming voice to break the creature's concentration on Sue. Potsdam gathered more energy then she needed and placed her hand on the door knob as she entered the room ready to cast herself as a truly in control being.

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booming voices ftw =D
*is sqeeing out of joy*

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(The italic, black words are that from the actual game. Everything in colored writing is my adding to this situation.)

Potsdam opened the door and didn't move into the room, before her was the manus, Sue and Professor Grabiner were there in a tight situation. She realized that the creature was using its power to absorbing Sue's life force and then it happened,
"You will not touch that child! She is... of the house of Grabiner. She is his affianced bride whom he has pledge to marry this very day."

Hieronyous got up quickly when he realized that he heard Potsdam booming voice, " It is sworn." He turned to see Sue struggling with the situation at hand, he then growled, "You absolute imbecile."

Potsdam frowned at him as the room was returning back to normal and the evil energies dissipated,
"Not here, Hieronyous."

Hieronyous was no visibly angry with Sue, "Do you know what you've done?"

"She was trying to save your life. Surely you wouldn't want her to lose her soul for such an act," Potsdam didn't even let the tone of his voice disturb her, the plan had worked, grant it, that wasn't exactly what she thought was going to happen but it worked...

He growled at Potsdam, "I am not sure this is an improvement."

Sue was completely confused with what just happened and looked to her professors for answers, "Professor? I don't understand."

Hieronyous was completely lost in what he needed to do but managed to gripe in annoyance,
"In the future, Miss Sue, you should learn not to meddle with things you do not understand."

Potsdam was annoyed with Hieronyous as he couldn't let one word go,
"Not here, please. We should speak away from the watch.
I will take her away to explain. We will see you again at noon?"

Hieronyous snarled at them as he left,
"As I appear to have little choice."

Potsdam grabbed Sue and dragged her into an open classroom to keep them both from people overhearing something that they were not part of but the whole time Sue tried to ask questions,
"What happened? What's going on?"

Potsdam shook her head and slowly began explaining what happened,
"Professor Grabiner recently came into possession of a manus, a guardian spirit sworn to the service of his family line. He has been ... experimenting with it. When you crossed the containment wards, it began to feed on you.The only way to save you was to cause the spirit to recognize you as a rightful member of the family it serves."

Sue started to twisting her fingers in her hands and tried to piece everything together,
"Right, but ... that was just to fool it, right? I'm not really engagement to Professor Grabiner."

Potsdam could have probably figured another way to make it so that she was part of the family but this fulfilled the requirements better then she had planned, getting them together and married would make the Lord completely happy, but this would make it hard on Sue, she would have to figure out a way to make it up to the poor girl,
"Oh my dear. A wizard's word is binding. A manus would not be fooled by simple trickery.
Therefore, you will have to marry him. Today."

Sue was in shock and couched out the words,
"What? But... he's my teacher! and I'm only sixteen! And he doesn't even like me!"

Potsdam found the shock rather adorable, Hieronyous would have to work hard not to fall for this girl,
"But you tried to save him and now he is saving you. Isn't that romantic?"

Sue was horror stuck, she was pale and almost unable to stand
, "Professor Grabiner is going to kill me!"

Potsdam gently put her arm around the girl and gave her a hug and then took a step back to see the girl's weak smile
, "Really his bark is worse than his bite. Haven't you noticed that by now?"

Sue looked at Potsdam with some hope that she could help her out of this,
"There has to be some other way..."

Potsdam had to be strong about her convictions and stick to making this happen, she felt the pang of guilt in her heart but she had to be firm, to be honest she was really following the rules of magic, but as a teacher and headmistress she should have tried other ways but she needed Sue to do this for her,
"No. The oath has been given. To break that now would cost his magic and your life. This isn't forever. You will be joined for a year and a day, you can go your separate ways. I'm sure this isn't quite the wedding a girl dreams of, but I have some lovely robes that should fit you and I think it will all turn out for the best. Perhaps you'll even come to like each other."

Sue was at a lose for what to say, groping in the dark for something that could be used as a possible excuse, "But, but...But what about the mail?"

Potsdam grinned at her, this was something that she could do for the girl so she didn't have anything to worry about, she had enough on her plate,
"Oh don't you worry about that. My little helper will see to it. Wow, we need ribbons, and a basket, and a witness, and I will need to alter the dress."

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"But, but...But what about the mail?"
I LOVE that line!!! Great work, again!

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(Okay, same rules apply to this set of the writing as I continue with the section of the game that needs the actual text from game and I want no credit for it because it is someone else's hard work. Hope you guys are continuing to enjoy this fanfic...)

Potsdam was working hard on making it look as if everything was spontaneous and that she had none of this planned out. She would rush in and out of the classroom, bring small bits of the items that she had needed.

The dress was most important to her as it was truly a symbol to at least a girl of what was fun about a wedding. She had taken it in her hands and carefully carried it back to Sue.

"Hmm, well we can fix it here and there," Potsdam said as she eyed the lace once she had it near Sue.

"It isn't a bother ma'am, I mean you are lending it to me and there is no point in ruining this lovely robe," Sue said nervously as she accepted the robe from Potsdam.

"Don't be foolish," she said as she busied herself with the other items she had with her. The baskets, ribbons, everything was pretty much already together so that she didn't have to hurry around too much. Would Hieronyous have something to wear for this? She eyed Sue, who seemed completely distraught with the whole thing and was now frowning at the dress.

"Ma'am really I mustn't think of this more then it is..." Sue had tried to make a protest about the robes and Potsdam took this chance to shove an apple in her mouth.

"There finish that off as we won't be eating for a while longer and you need your strength. Put the gown on while I am away and I will go to make sure that the witness and everyone else and everything else is ready,," she watched as Sue could only nodded in agreement as she had a large bite of apple in her mouth.

Potsdam smiled at the girl and left locking the door behind her, just in case there was something going on or Sue attempted to sneak off. She made her way down the halls to the teacher's living area.

She knocked on the door, "Hieronyous?"

There was grumbling from behind it and he soon opened it but grunted at her, "What is it Potsdam?"

"We are holding the wedding in the dungeon seven..."she said as soon as the door began to open but it then stopped a crack, "You have something proper to wear, correct?" she eyed him through the crack.

"This is a wedding for show, there is no need..." he tried to argue.

"This girl is in as much trouble in this situation as you are, please be a dear, I have given the child a dress and it would be most comforting if you were to be in your best as well or at least lose the hat and your book, it is the weekend and you don't always need to carry it with you."

"Ugh, Fine," he snapped at her, "I have something I am sure could work for this occasion..."

"Great!" she grinned as she turned and left him there. She would need a witness someone that could be trusted to a point.

She was walking through the butterfly hall as Minnie was walking past.

"Professor," Minnie smiled as her usual greeting was to come.

"Minnie, as president, the students trust you with much," Potsdam said offhanded.

"Yes, Ma'am," she was taken back with the comment.

"Come my dear, you will be helping me and it will be of the utmost importance that no other soul knows of this but us," Potsdam said with a smile, grave but solemn smile.

"Yes," Minnie answered as she was dragged away.

Potsdam led her down to a dungeon. This would have to do. "Minnie, I need you to help me out and make sure this place is presentable for the event that will occur in..." she looked over at the wall where a grandfather clock stood. "It will be happening in one hour...so we have our work cut out for us. Better let my helpers know. I will leave you to guide them. I must return to another thing that I was doing, but will return soon."

She left Minnie there and then summoned one of the brownies, she explained the situation and what the would be doing. It nodded its agreement and soon made its way down the dungeon hall to meet up with Minnie.

Potsdam returned to the classroom, there stood Sue in the robe and tugging and pulling on certain areas. "No worries dear nothing a little black magic can't fix," she zipped around Sue and made note of where there was to be less material and more in other places. Soon the dress was fitting and the colors changed to suit Sue better.

"There we go, now I will take all the stuff down and you wait her," She left Sue in the classroom and carried all the items needed for the wedding down to the dungeon.

Minnie had doe a great job and the brownies were finishing up as she entered. "Grand job you all, take the rest of the weekend off..." she smiled at Minnie as the creatures took off once done with the last bit.

"They deserve it," Minnie said with a smile.

"Yes, the dears are so sweet for doing this," she handed the stuff off to Minnie. "There is going to be a marriage today and I need you to bear witness to the union. I trust you understand that this must stay a secret as it can cause a lot of trouble for the two people involved..." Potsdam explained the whole situation to Minnie whose mouth was now gaping with shock and awe. "Understand?"

"Yes, it is my duty and my honor to help another officer out, especially with this kind of situation," Minnie was still slightly shocked but got the jest of everything.

"Grand," Potsdam said clapping her hands, "I will go get Sue as there is only a few minutes to spare."

She left Minnie to ponder over the severity of the whole situation and what her keeping this secret entails.

She retrieve Sue and guided her down to the dungeon. The girl was in no state to take notice of all that was going on, but she seemed to notice little things. Potsdam was relieved that she had stopped trying to fight the situation and just accepted it.

Potsdam was giddy when she saw that Minnie was comforting Sue before everything was going to happen and when she caught a glance at Hieronyous as he came down there to meet with them, he was dressed very well. Perfect! This will be the start of something great.

"Shall we begin?" Potsdam was smiling wide as she began the ceremony. He had shown up dressed well, Sue couldn't take her eyes off of him, if he would have not ruined it by glowering at her. She let out a soft sigh and frowned a moment but snapped back as she started,
"Come stand with me and bring the gifts forth for the exchange..."

Potsdam recited this portion of the ceremony rather firmly trying to make it clear that those two would need to work to make this happen more for then the year, "Own free will and the value of honor and loyalty."

She had memorized the words well but if they didn't take this serious nothing would come of this,
"And with each, the gifts provided for the other..."

This was the queue for Minnie and Potsdam to take the ribbons and "tie" the couples hands together. It was symbolization of union, but with SUe's hands shaking gently and Hieronyous frowning through the whole situation there was no getting to a common ground.

Potsdam struggled from glaring at Hieronyous as she continued to speak the words,
"As two streams join to form a river o your two lives join to form to create something great then they were. One family and one future, for one year are ye bound. You may kiss the bride."

Hieronyous had been glaring at the crossing of his hands with Sue's but when Potsdam had made mention of the last bit he snapped his head in her direction and focused on her,"Is that strictly necessary?"

Potsdam blushed softly in a sigh of sadness, "Well, no."

"Then I have no intention of demeaning myself." He had a wicked grin on his face as he commented and then continued , "Well then. I will see you in a year for the severance."

Potsdam frowned at him for the comment but thought better of starting anything that could be deemed an argument, he wasn't going to ruin this for Sue, "Hieronyous, don't be cruel. She's your wife now. We should all go out for a nice meal together."

"She maybe my wife in name, but that is the end of it." He was on a roll now and wasn't going to stop until he made sure they knew how miserable he was at that moment and he might as well make someone else feel the same way, " You are to stay out of my way. Do not expect special treatment or privileges. You will not use my name. You will not enter my rooms, and no one is to know about this. Do you understand?"

Sue was not shaking anymore but she was nervous and her voice reflected this, "Yes sir."

He was satisfied with the fact that the girl who had caused this whole mess was still terrified of him, "I hope this whole affair has taught you the cost of foolishness. Goodbye Miss Sue."

Potsdam took this moment and made a mental jab at him, "Ms. Grabiner."

Sue was not going to recover easily from this and the way she was responding to the issue was not helping, "What happens now?"

Potsdam thought a moment and grinned, if I give her the idea that she has the power to do this then she will most likely succeed, "I think that is largely up to you.

Minnie as a friend and the president had prepaired something quickly to give to Sue, it wasn't much but for someone who wasn't expecting anything it could make her feel better, " Sue... here."
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Wonderful. :) Simply wonderful. :D

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This story inspired me to replay the Grabiner storyline. So many little details I never noticed before XD Keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!

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(Glad, that you are repaying it, let me know if I missed something. Playing the came to get script and then typing it out here it, it is way possible for me to miss something. Grabiner and Sue was my fav. path that I played... I think I'm obsessed with it really.

Oh that note, this should be the last same rules like last post...at least for a while.)

Potsdam switched from the frown that she was feeling for on her face and tried to make the girls feel fine about the whole thing by ... treating them to a nice lunch and dinner, that would be helpful,
"Yes. that's right. And we will go out for a lovely meal, even if the groom doesn't care to attend. But first, we'll need to get you out of those robes."

Potsdam drove them to Glen's so that they would be able to enjoy eating something that would really take their minds of the situation. There was no wait as Potsdam had set up reservations for the meal before they left. As they were getting ready to grab for the menus Potsdam blocked the girls hands and began ordering things in an unrecognizable language and smiled after everything was said and done.

In all the rushing Potsdam realized that she hadn't touched up her makeup since the morning and excused herself from the table, it had been an excuse to allow the girls to talk a little more freely.

Once in the powder room she set up her mirror as a television like device so she would watch them and listen in on what they spoke about.

Minnie moved over to the same side Sue was on and placed her hand over Sue's, trying hard to comfort the girl that was completely lost in thought,
"Are you alright?"

Sue struggled to find the right words but only to blubber out what was coming from her thoughts, "I ... I never wanted this to happen. And the worst part is ... I wanted him to respect me, but now he hates me." Sue could only finish off the last bits of words with a pain look and taking her face and burying it into her hands.

Minnie was trying hard to figure out what to say but was also grasping at straws with a soft weak smile, "I don't think he hates you. I think he hates this situation."

Sue lifted her head up and took a gulp of air as she tried not to cry, "But it's my fault!"

Minnie shook her head at first as if shaking the words free before she spoke, but when it clicked she tried hard to sound sympathetic to Sue, "You were just doing your job. It was because of his mistake that you were in danger. But don't remind him of that, or he probably will hate you. He's a proud man."

Sue was at a lose of how Minnie seemed to know a lot about Grabiner, her words came out as a question but they both knew it was meant to be a statement,"You know him really well?"

Again, Minnie shook her head before she spoke and tried to not sound like a stalker, just that she had been curious, "I did research. That's what I'm good at. He doesn't like people prying though. Don't push him. Treat him with respect and be patient. Don't let him frighten you off. He'll calm down. Hold onto yourself, alright? It will be okay."

Potsdam took that as her queue that it was alright to return to the girls. She sat on the opposite side of the girls. Other then the fact that all three couldn't possibly fit together squeezed into the booth, it was easier for her to keep an eye on Sue.

As they waited for the food, Minnie and Potsdam chatted it up about school and other things. They would try to get Sue in but she often just gave single answers to questions and one liners when it came to a comment when needed.

In a stretch of trying hard to get Sue to smile Potsdam would take a napkin and fold it into a form once finished she would set it before the girls. If they could guess correctly the napkin would come to life as the creature it was to be mimicking. This brought a smile to Sue's face for a few moments but after the napkin would return to being the cloth Sue's eyes could be described as glazing over as she tried to figure something out.

Potsdam would then lean in and make some comment on a rumor that would have been going around at the school or about magical families that were having students attend there.

Once the food got there, everyone hadn't realized that they were so hungry that no one spoke as they tried to daintily shovel food into their mouths.

Potsdam found it unusual for herself to be so hungry but she had been casting spells the whole time so maybe this was just the result for this time.

The table was completely covered with foods and as each one of them grabbed for something different Potsdam would explain what was magical about the food and what kind of spells would have been used to cause the effects that were occurring.

She had made sure to keep the girls out the whole afternoon and evening. She wanted them to be so full and exhausted from the events of the day that they would get to their dorms and crash out into a dreamless sleep.

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(Yeah, I am back to just using my stuff! Thanks for letting me use the original script to lead to the next portion. Hope everyone is still enjoying this!)

Potsdam was exhausted after she returned with the girls. She went to her office and found stacks of paperwork to fill. She had informed the council on the issue of the marriage as it wasn't something that could be avoided so the paperwork was for most of that problem. She also needed to inform the Lord that the act was done.

Sighing at her desk she walked past it and headed to her room to rest, she would complete everything the next day, but now she needed to rest.

The next day everyone seemed to be back to normal and the Sunday was for resting anyway. Most students spent it relaxing in the dorm but other spent time with their books.

Potsdam sat at her desk was working on some of the paperworks when there was a knock at her door, "Yes?"

Hieronyous came in and sat down not saying anything, but was glaring at her for a moment, "Have you written to them yet?"

"No," she answered honestly, "I will be writing to them in a little while. They were informed of the issue and what was needed. They simply want to confirm that everything went over smoothly and that the girl is taken care of. I will inform them that everything went fine, that is all they needed to know."

"I agree," he got up and was getting ready to leave with a cloud still over head and stopped and turned toward her, "he doesn't need to know. Just let the head of the council know what is going on, write the letter to them but he doesn't need a personal letter. He doesn't need to be in my business so do not write to him."

"I respect your request," she said watching him carefully. "he will find out though he is part of the council..."

"That doesn't mean he knows everything, especially that man," Hieronyous growled as he said it. "he is in no way part of this situation and so he doesn't need to know."

"Like I said before I respect your request," she smiled at him so sweetly.

"Alright," he was still lingering around the door.

"Yes?" she said not looking up from her writing.

"This situation will not get out of hand," he said it, there seemed to be energy around him now. "This was unavoidable but anyone else knowing about this other then those that are required would be embarrassing and could cause issues with my work."

"Hieronyous, in all actuality Sue is the innocent one in this situation," Potsdam said with as raise brow and now matching his mood with her own. "It wasn't her who couldn't remember that the time for his student to arrive and do the mail was. I warned you about the time and I had hoped that you would have made sure that you were out of there by the right time." She was now grinning at him with a look on her face that said prove I had anything to do with it, "So the only one who should feel the brunt of your anger is yourself, you even went as far as brooding in your room while this poor girl went to dinner with myself and Minnie, trying not to blame herself the whole thing. You truly are the one at fault for all this... now you will make the best of this situation and you will treat that girl well, she didn't know what was going on and was worried for you, if I were you I would thank her and ease up on her. She is of course your wife and now a companion, practically an equal to you, not in knowledge but as someone to trust and adore... you better not mess this up for both your sakes, her life and your magic is on the line or do I have to keep reminding you of this? I could set an alarm to do that for you or maybe have a creature follow you around to remind you? You maybe a teacher but act like a child and I will treat you as one."

The energy that had been electrified around him was now empty. He was glaring at her so hard that if he could have killed her he would have or at the very least maimed her enough to make her regret her words, "I understand what you are saying and I will handle the situation in my own way so do not worry, Headmistress. As my student there will be no issues." He took this silent moment as his way to leave without any remarks made.

Potsdam grinned at the letter she had been working on. It simple said, "Please come to my office when you have a chance." He did state not to write to his father about the situation but no where did he make a comment about telling him in person.

She finished off the paperwork and had one of her helpers take the envelopes to be delivered quickly. There was no need to rush but the point of importance was not lost on her. The fact that a teacher and a student were married would lead that the student would be treated differently even if she didn't notice it would still happen. Sue had some interesting options now but she didn't know that she even had them but still would be interesting.

She got up and stretched, it had taken too long for her to complete the letters. It was late in the evening and she was unable to see how the girls were doing with this situation and the knowledge that was now secret to all others but them. She thought about it, they would become rather close because of this and Minnie was very to the book kind of girl so any conflicts that would occur could be avoided this way. Friendship will be built this way at the very least these two girls are now aware of each other where they wouldn't have been before.

When the next morning came up, she did her usual rounds of the halls as morning was Hieronyous' classes for the first years and second years that wanted to get into his blue or red magic classes. Her students in the morning were the second or third years who had focused on the black, white or green but these students were working on a long project this semester and she would only show up when needed or questions were asked so she wandered the halls on this morning.

She had actually wanted to see how Sue was doing with her husband now. She had focused on blue and white magic which was an interesting combination so Monday was her blue class and he would be hard on her but Potsdam had wanted to see how hard he would be so she would spy a little. Using the crystal would be obvious for him especially with this class so she was going to have to do it in an old fashion manner...or at least old fashion in her way. She created a small fly like creature that she sent through the door as the students were walking into the class. The creature parked itself in the back of the class behind some items.

She was not wanting to use the creature without being somewhere that was near that room just in case it was discovered. The small creature could be mistaken for a prank and this would absolve her of any issues about her keeping tabs. She headed to one of the labs and sat quietly as she went into a simple trance to see what it saw and hear what it heard.

The class began and Sue wasn't focused on her professor. This wasn't uncommon of her as she often focused to listening rather than visual, but the grin that appeared on his face was that of wickedness and Potsdam knew instantly that he was going to bully her a bit. Sue took his judgement of her "knowing" everything as a hurtful pang. As the class continued others seemed to notice that he was picking her to answer question on subject they hadn't even really gone over. She would simply take the hits though sitting there with her eyes focused on him she tried everything not to cry or make him feel like he won. Her only tool against him was to stand there and take it, though she was too stressed to absorb anything that he was throwing at her she still made it through class.

Potsdam leaned against the wall in the lab, he was going to make this so difficult for this poor girl! Ugh, any respect and hopes this girl had is practically destroyed by him today. She shook her head and struggled back to her feet. It was time for her other classes and the students would need help. She sighed and crushed the spell in her thought so it wouldn't be found at all.

It was a good class day the students were productive and willing to learn so this made her bad mood disappear so when she returned to her office the man before her didn't even stir a negative emotion.

"Potsdam, I came as soon as I got a chance," he said as he was standing there waiting for her.

"Yes of course, Lord," she signaled him to sit in the chair as she passed him. "You came here quicker then I thought you would."

"I was hoping that you had good news for me," he said he clasped his hands before him and rest his chin on the pillar that his hands created.

"I do," she said sitting down slowly, "If your fool of a son doesn't ruin it," she spat the words out, "You should know that a teacher had to marry a student this weekend... there was no revealing of names or anything of that sort because only the head of the council got that but you all knew the situation and voted that it was to be a green light on go for this situation to happen to save the girl's life." She paused a moment and smiled, "Your son decided to do some work and ended up getting caught up in the mess of it and the girl tried to save his life... but it was a messing situation, your son swore to the girl as his fiance."

The lord was now grinning, it was the same wicked smile that sent a shiver down her spin, this man had mastered that wickedness that the son had yet caputred, "Well that is a bloody interesting situation... now how could my son do something like that as he is overly careful about anything like this..."

Potsdam raised a brow, "He neglected that the spot he chose to work was that of the girl's work area early in the morning... though to inform you to the truth she had true feelings for him even if he didn't really notice her, she noticed him. Now you may say that is not hard but it is when he is so grouchy and harsh to all students. She saw something else in him... what it could be is something to question."

"Fool man that he has become wouldn't know a gifted, beautiful woman that was standing before him if she was naked, he would just walk past her or proceed to lecture her on her actions leading her to getting sick," the lord said honestly. "It is admirable but not leading to romantic situations often. I assume you dabbled into this..."

"I simply exploided a situation that was in development, the girl was falling for him but with his attitude towards her right now, well, she is vunuarable and he is taking advantage of this and not in a good way, I would ask you to speak to him but that could just lead to an explosion that I wish not to fix," she sighed.

"I may be able to help, she must be a beauty or at the very least very smart..." the lord's eyes seemed to spark with hope.

"She is gifted I can say that without being too much a teacher favoring her student," she said with all honesty.

"I want to see her," he said suddenly.

"Only through the crystal..." she answered quickly.

He grinned and knodded. He got up to follow her to the ball that was set behind her desk in the back.

She focused on the ball and worked to find the girl who was sitting at her desk with her head down and crying alone.

"He did that didn't he," he sighed as he watched the girl who wiped her eyes dry and got up to answer the door.

"He was hard on her today but nothing to worry about," she said as they continued to watch. Sue had switched to a smiling face as her friends came in with hands full of snacks and laughing and talking. She showed them she had been studying and blamed her allergies for her eyes being red. They made a circle and began reviewing school work, at least two of them were, Virginia was sitting on the bed snacking and talking with them as the other two sat there and worked.

"She helps others study?" he said with a smile, "Yes, she will be good for this family... work at keeping them together... I was skeptical and really I still am but right now prove me wrong..." he turned to walk out of the office, "I do dislike being proven wrong so I hope you know how to do this with making me feel like I won..." with that he was gone.

Potsdam returned to her desk and plopped into her chair, was she getting too old for this?!

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Do not worry, there's nothing in your fanfic that we wouldn't enjoy :D

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It's getting so interesting. i can hardly wait to see what happens next!

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sorry for being dead for about a month! The lady that we are renting from disconnected the internet for a while just because it was slow for her!
now, i will read all the awesomeness that I have missed while I was gone c:

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(I was worried that I had made Grabby a little whiny ...but really he is still a kid at heart right?)

With everything said and done there was still much for Potsdam to worry about. She kept up with students by using the crystal ball most of the time and every now and then she would go in person to see how things were going on an individual manner.

It was close to that time of year again and the students would starting to think only of love or something equivalent to such an idea. She sighed at the thought of the students being in good moods because someone else cares about them in a special way.

She eyed the calendar hesitantly as there was much to do prior to that time. Setting up each class with a way to supply valentines, the order would have to be made soon... then there was the exam that would make for an interesting event, no monsters this time it would be more for problem solving and testing the water of reactions. Though this is what she had in mind that didn't mean that she was extremely clear on how she would test them in this manner though there was plenty of time to plan for it.

She walked over to the window and observed with a keen eye of what was going on around her students. She had known that several students were courting for the time being and if the rumors were correct the most famous couple at the moment was Minnie and Kyo. Though this was not the most interesting couple in the school it was the most popular especially since Sue and Hieronyous were established in a secret marriage, well, secret from the student body.

She grinned and waved back at students that had noticed her and greeted her by waving at her window. The students were not as troublesome as others had been in the past. She had been worried at one point that Sue would have been seduced to something of a more sinister nature but that fell through on a simple misunderstanding. With a simple gleeful giggle she was lost in thought of all the possibilities. Though she did feel terrible about the situation of Donald if she had not interfered then it might have been possible with the permission from Virginia that Donald and Sue would have been an excellent couple, they had potential as good friends and prankster partners, they could feed off of each others energy and make great witch and wizard together, they could have made some interesting breakthroughs.

"pity," she said allowed as she turned back to her desk to finish reviews some of the paperwork that was turned in with some of the projects that older students had been working on. She had been through many, simple ideas that were expanded to different ideas most not already unheard of, but there were a few that were promising and would probably take the student the rest of the semester to prove.

After finishing making annotations to all the papers and systematically making sure all the wards were up via that wonderful crystal ball, she turned in for the evening.

The next morning she went to all the classes and handed back all the papers with groans and moans most of the students knew what they were getting into when they were getting their papers backs. The library would be packed for a while because they would need to make corrections and figure out what they did wrong. The few proud students would continue on their experiments and exams.

The younger students didn't have to bother with any of this stress, their focus was to be that of studying and making sure they would be be ready for the exam was going to be coming up.

She returned to her desk for the afternoon and was working on schematics for the exam. She was in a mode of true genius when there was a loud bang on the door. She soon felt the idea flutter away from her as she answered slightly annoyed with the lost of this great plan, "Yes?"

Hieronyous entered solemnly and seemed to glide into the chair before her. He sat there for a moment before saying anything and then sighed, "The valentines this year..." he took a breath, "should I make the proposal to the treasurer so that they could chose what is best for the student body or should we just go with the usual order?"

She eyed him carefully, "You know very well that you should allow the treasurer to make that choice. It is up to her to fulfill her duty and make the best decision for the class that will make them the most money while still allowing the custom to be enjoyed for everyone. Hieronyous, you of all people keep to the idea of them doing this themselves, why change it?"

"I just assumed that the treasurer would not be up to such affairs right now," he was grumbling.

"Fearful that she would send you one?" she couldn't help but grin evilly at him, "I assure you that she is smarter then that and besides that she is extremely friendly to everyone she would send one to all of us that have helped her along the way so what does it matter what she picks?"

"It is a matter she won't really participate in because of certain situations so I was just making the choice easier," he said simply.

Potsdam was unsure what he was getting at now and made her face blank, "Life is not easy and we should not make it easy on them if they made decisions for themselves. She needs to make the choice." She was trying to return to the work on her desk when he got up to leave, but she stopped a moment and sighed, "If she asks you for help please be kind."

"Why would I be unkind to a student asking for help?" he asked this, but didn't turn toward her.

"She is unfamiliar with our customs and she is probably fearful of doing anything wrong to upset her, so I am informing you that if she asks you if you could be kind enough to inform your wife what is expected of her. It isn't the same worries that you have so just simply listen to what she asks."

"I will inform her if she asks," he answered back as he shut the door behind him.

She shook her head with a bit of displeasure as she looked at her work. The girl had a lot of work to do with him to even give him a chance to get anything out of him other then bitterness.

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