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I loved the scence with the professors counting money. Made me laugh. Keep up the great work!

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#32 Post by icekat725 » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:23 am

Same here, Lady gothika =D
but really...keep writing this awesomeness!

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#33 Post by Spiderkitty » Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:21 pm

First of all, thanks for posting in my thread and convincing me to purchase this game. Well worth it. :)

Also, I have read both of your fan fics and I really can't get enough of them! Keep it up!

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(Thanks for your continued support on this fun project!!! Spiderkitty, I am so glad you are enjoying the game!)

Potsdam left the room after Minnie. She was curious to know if the young woman would keep her word with the professor. She seemed more willing to please then to worry on judgement of others, but that was just how Potsdam perceived her at the moment.

Potsdam watched the girl walk down the hall. She was going back to her dorm and didn't seemed in any manner deviating from that path. She assumed the girl would say something later on anyway. Away from eavesdroppers so it might be an opportunity taken later on.

She made her way to the classroom. Students needed someone to teach and they weren't going to do that themselves.

Potsdam had the late afternoon off, the Seniors had asked for that time to study, they already knew that there would be a test on Dec 1 when they returned and asked for some study time. She obligate them willingly. So this left her alone in her office.

With an interest in both Minnie and Sue, she took a peek at her crystal ball. Ah, she thought as she saw the two girls talking outside of the gym.

Minnie had run up to Sue's group and pulled her away from them. She was excited and grinning when she had Sue by the hand. She pulled her close, no one thought anything of it as it was the president talking to the treasurer so this would seem normal if they had to plan something.

Sue seemed clueless to all of it and was unsure of Minnie bring attention to her. Though she was wild and adventurous, the girl was actually rather shy in certain situations.

"I just wanted to let you know that Grabiner had said you did an excellent job with the fundraiser," Minnie said with a triumphant laugh. "I figured he wouldn't tell you, but I just thought you deserved to know the truth."

Sue blinked at her in surprise, "Oh thank you for telling me, I appreciate knowing I did good."

Minnie nodded and took off.

Sue's friends came over and were probing her for information. She would rebuff them by saying it was just officers stuff.

Potsdam let out a laugh. That is interesting, she rubbed her chin as she returned to her desk and was looking over the plans for the exams. The girl was more interested in keeping her "friend" close and so broke the word she gave to someone else. This could be used. She was a good student and her heart was in the right place, it was just she wasn't quite at a level of understanding of what a little slip up like that could do.

She studied the layout a few hours before she took her dinner in her room so that she could rest before the blessing the next day.

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The students seemed excited that it would be their holiday break and that they could get away from the school for a while. There were a few students that would spend the holiday here or make plans to go with other students to their homes.

She did a cleansing ritual in the morning. She would have to clear her senses and focus on what was wanted from the spell. She had many students and to make sure that everyone was able to receive the blessings she would have to see them all and with the clarity of her third eye. She thought of happiness and the joy of holidays.

When it was time for assembly all the students were lined up neatly in rows. They would stand the whole time she spoke of what was expected from them.

She did this every time the students left the school, but she couldn't help it she would rather lecture them then have something happen and the student not return because of her not warning them. She didn't like didn't like lecturing them on the importance of keeping their promise and how it was important that they remembered that consequences would happen if they broke the rules.

She did so enjoy seeing everyone's face when she stood before them. She held her hands up and concentrated. When she opened her eyes she could see the warmth from some students radiate and from others, the ones not use to this, were surprised as the blessing washed over them.

She nodded and wished them great holidays and then left the lectern. She would need to rest after she all the students off. It was a taxing thing that she did every time but there was a joy she felt when everything was said and done.

She made her way back to her office after she saw off the last of the students. She flopped onto her bed and let out a soft sigh. She was exhausted and this small break would give her enough time to recover. She changed for bed and didn't even bother with her dinner. She crawled in to the bed under the covers and closed her eyes.

She would take the next day to recover, staying in her room and thinking on nothing but getting completely better.

On thanksgiving, she spent it with a simple turkey dinner with the students that were left at the school. She would make them laugh and cry and forget that they were even at school. This would allow them to forget for a moment that they had ever felt loneliness. She would grin and laugh as well. She needed them as much as they needed her.

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#36 Post by shadowshed » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:13 pm

Your two fics there are cool things! It's even more wonderful that they're both telling how Sue went out with her professor.

Great job! I'm looking forward for them! :D

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The first day back to routine was a wonderful sight. Students returned and they all seemed to be a good day for them. It was a matter of them getting back to what now was becoming familiar.

Potsdam was in a good mood. All the children returned this time. It put her in a great mood.

She was ready. The exam was completely set up for the next. There was a slight pleasure in the fact that the freshmen would not a have the slightest clue that there would an exam.

It was actually a good test. With this they would actually become creative about how to solve the problem that was going to happen.

In the evening, she listened as the students went on rambling about the exam for the next day and how unexpected that it was. Many worried that they would mess up terribly and get demerits. Leave it to them to worry on the small issues when the true issue is learning the application of their skills in the real world.

She chuckled as she went off to bed. She would need the rest as the students would probably have an interesting time with this exam.

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The exam was the usual for the seniors. Focused on their specific skills that they had selected to finish off their time at school. The others seemed to focus over several things that were focus of student for most of the students, but the freshman class had an interesting maze to find their way through. It could be solved with several spells but it depended on what outcome they were wanting for them to get through it.

This was one of those exams that many of the students would make it through. It was not dangerous, of course, if one would miscast then there might be an issue and the student could end up in detention for turning a simple maze into a war zone.

Potsdam laughed softly as she watched students work through their problems as the maze changed with each student, kind of catering to the skills that they had been focused on.

Most of the students went through without an issue but she did notice that Ellen seemed to have caused a slight uproar with Hieronyous. She would allow him to handle it, nothing bad could truly come from him actually handling it himself.

Potsdam watched with interested and listened with intent the next few days as she had received another notice from the Rose and Wasp that there would be initiations going on. She would watch closely as in honesty the students that were part of this group didn't really cause too much trouble. Every now and then there would be something done that would cause an uproar but in the end it would be cleared up and punishment would be dealt with.

She sat back and would intervene when necessary, this most often was a prank or something like a rumor happening.

Sue had caught their eye before but Potsdam also knew that Ellen had also brought interests on to herself as well. She would keep herself alert to anything truly out of the ordinary.

Potsdam chuckled softly has she had to get the personal item back. She knocked on the door. "Sue?"

Sue seemed rather embarrassed but answered, "Yes, Ma'am?"

"Your personal item," she handed the item back to the flushed girl. "It's alright dear no harm..."

"I appreciate that... thank you," Sue smiled weakly and closed the door after the item was given back.

Poor girl, hasn't gotten a break with much for being her first year, Potsdam thought as she returned to her duties.

She returned to her office after the dinner was served and everyone was left to their own devices. She noticed that Christmas would be soon. She would set up a secret Santa.

Yes, that would be pleasant, she smiled at the calendar. That would make them feel like there hasn't been much change to their situation. Some students will go home for the holidays but this way their friends could share with the gift giving and celebrate before returning home.


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The day of the name pulling for the Secret Santa names needed to be planned out carefully.

Potsdam stared at the list of names that the helpers had written out in script on parchment papers. She eyed them carefully, how could she make it so that the students would be able to get someone they knew?

She could hear students running past talking about the number system for the school. Why was it that there were three students in some and only two in others? It made no sense to them.

That's it!

She carefully wove a spell that followed her dorm assignments. The students would get their room mates. This easy solution would allow the people not to stress on who they got or what they have to get.

Clapping in happiness, she collected all the names and divided them up into the separate classes. This way it would look random. She then placed them into the different bowls for students to pull the names from.

The day of pulling the names all the students seemed to be really nervous but super excited that they would be doing this simple ritual.

Everyone pulled the names and then tucked them away so that they wouldn't be found out. She did notice that some of the toads actually ate the paper that had their secret person on it.

It was not unusual for them to do such odd things but it was out of the ordinary that they would do it before the other students. This led to people whisper and talk about the reactions to their planning so no one would know who they got.

The rest of the day was left for the students to ponder on who they got and what they would be going shopping for.

Classes continued as usual. It was a rather calm time for the students. They seemed to be in holiday mode already so taking it easy as they got ready for their trip on Saturday.

The snow storm had come in the night.

Potsdam had been up watching it when there was a knock on her door. Hieronyous came in quietly.

"It is a nice sight," he said softly watching the window with her.

"Yes, it will be, but the students aren't going to be too happy with this," she said returning to her desk. "It would be too dangerous to risk allowing the students to go... oh well..."

"I will make the proper arrangements," he said turning to leave.

"Hieronyous, be nice about it, they will be disappointed even if it is beautiful to see, they so wanted to share this holiday with their friends," she said as he was opening the door.

He scoffed softly and nodded an answer as he left.

She shook her head, that boy needs to be warmed up. He needs to know that there are others that care about him and that happiness is not unattainable.

OH! She got up and went to her bookshelf and pulled out a large, dark blue, leather bound book, the edges of pages are covered with gold leaf and the pages were hand written instead of printed. Painting covered the pages with beautiful animals that formed the letters that would lead into spells.

Where was it? she flipped through the pages slowly trying not to bend or crease the extremely worn parchment. She noticed there was a weaved bookmark holding a single spot.

She slowly opened to that page and grinned evilly as she recognized the spell that she had been searching for. Leave it to the others to mark it for me so that I can complete my duties.

The spell was truly a lovely weaving of kindness, friendship, and love. She notice it would take a few days to complete the spell to be so large. It would be disguised as a gift to all students even though a lot of the power would be focused on someone specific.

She rang a bell that was sitting on her desk.

Soon a small feeble creature appeared before her. It appeared to be struggling just to stand before her.

"I'm sorry my dear friend," she said as she poured some tea from a kettle that was set over the fire at the back of her office. She brought the creature a small cup that appeared to be designed for it. "Here, for your to warm your bones."

The creature nodded as it took the cup and sipped of it slowly. Carefully, it slowly lowered itself on the edge of her desk and allowed its feet to swing off the end.

"I know this is your time to be hibernating and your age changes when the weather changes so asking for your help right now is a lot of trouble," she explained quietly.

The creature put down the cup and though it had no mouth she could feel as if it was smiling at her. It put a finger to where its mouth should be and then she could sense something meeting her in another plane, "I do understand old friend that if you have called out to me there is something important to the request. I do not hesitate to help the person who saved me as a child. See that you have the book before you and to the page of a rather extensive spell I am sure you are needing both ingredients and energies..."

She chuckled softly, "You know me all too well, my friend. You owe me nothing. You were of the lore of my people and so being able to help you allowed me to fulfill a dream. I simply turn to you because the spell is something that is often done in summer and as you are a spirit of summer, you could guide me."

It nodded slowly as it pondered something, "It is true," it now seemed to becoming youthful and hopped to its feet and walked over to the book and eyed the spell carefully. "Powerful, a resonating and directed spell. This is suppose to guide ones true feelings... what?"

"The students, a gift, so that they can bless someone themselves," she said as she watched the creature as it seemed to be crawling on the book to get a better look.

"You have something else in mind, Friend," it said wisely as it was now standing back and admiring the craftsmanship.

"You are right, there is more to it, but I speak nothing of it or I could jinx it," she said now leaning on her hands over the book.

"Interesting," it turned away and walked off the desk. "You will tell me when it works correct?"

"Of course, you should always know the results!" she said as if shock she would hide something like that from such a spirit.

"Then I will guide you and we will do this," it laughter seemed to roll with the wind outside her window.

She watched as the snow continued. This was excellent. This should give a little more of a push to something that was already started.

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#40 Post by callas » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:58 pm

hihi, some toads ate their paper. :lol: Good one.

Thanks for keeping the writing up.

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fhrhgadsjagjsbg HOW DID I MISS THIS?! sorry for not giving feedback for a while, i have been busy since i started school again TT-TT *is up to the 149 cm that is my height in homework even though its only been three days*

and this is awesome, i wonder whats gonna happen next...?

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Potsdam was up up early and was wondering through the school getting all kind of magazines. She was rushing through the library and the halls and checking the recycling that was left. After getting as much as she could she then began collecting colored paper. She then went to the art labs and collected several boxes of supplies.

Everything was taken to the gym so that when all the children were brought in they could work in a space that allowed them to make a mess.

Classes were cancelled and the students came in with curious faces.

Her grinning smile was there waiting for them. She was tired but she was not going to let that stop her from having fun with the children.

"We will be making cards since we were not able to go shopping because of the weather," she said as she revealed the magazine and boxes of craft items and paper.

Everyone went up in a good orderly manner. The student took a magazine that fit their fancy with paper, scissors, colors, pencils and assortment of other items.

The choices made her laugh as she watched the students cutting and pasting.

The butterfly hall often used lots of items that made sparkles or grabbed attention. It wasn't unusual for them to kiss the card with lipstick or spray a little bit of perfume onto the finished work.

The snakes, often wrote item what looked like poems or schematics, she wasn't too sure as she wasn't close enough to tell what it was that were on the cards. To say the least they were a bit unorthodox.

The horses were loud and laughing and if you weren't paying attention you couldn't really tell the theme of most of their works. Some had sports, faerie tales, animals... it seemed like they were trying to match the card to the person's personality and in their hall anything could go.

The wolves followed the path of dangerous sports, pranks, spells were put on the cards so that something would happen when the person opened it, or some other spectacular event.

The falcons often followed a similar path as the butterflies without the kisses... well some did kiss the card but that was a whole other field to get into.

The toads were rather creative in a manner of speaking, the had combined of things that went all together. No one was following any single thought. They all varied widely from gardening to crazy choking the papers into little pieces after writing something on the page.

She gave them the rest of the afternoon to work in this manner. After they finished up they were able to give their card to their chosen person. She also noticed some of the students took a few sheets, it seems even if they pulled a name they were still going to make a card for several people.

She hadn't thought about that but that was a nice act on their part.

After dinner when all the students were going back to their rooms, Potsdam noticed that many of the students were giving the cards to their friends.

With the long holiday coming many of the students wouldn't see each other till they got back. Even with a day or so to go they all seemed to be feeling a little gloom of leaving this place.

Well it is nice to know that they wanted to come back even when they had not left for home yet, she thought as she went back to her office.

The time was almost upon them for the spell to be worked and she needed the next days to finish everything so that when assembly was going on they could make their wish.

She would stay up tonight and maybe wouldn't sleep the next day either.

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*sqeeing from joy because you updated* this is getting good! but now i must go...i have school TT-TT

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Potsdam woke up with a grin on her face. She had stayed up for the several days to complete the spell all the while keeping up with classes and making arrangements for students to return home or make plans so that students who were staying with other students knew their schedules. It could all get confusing at times and she was quite happy that her head was screwed on tight or she might of lost it in her crazed scheduling.

She dressed slowly enjoying the feeling of success, even if it had not come to fruition yet, she did not doubt her abilities in the least. In fact, she had a small wicked smile appeared, she rarely failed but even in that failure something great came out of the plan in the end.

She was enjoying her morning cup of coffee when the helper came in to inform her that the students were on edge for the holiday.

"Yes, of course they would. They had a taste of what it is like being away from the school," she tapped the ball of her nose gentle with her pointer finger. "Well, the wild seeds are the ones that would be feeling a bit off. You'll notice that those from magical families don't have any issue really because they don't have to hid anything, but think on it, my helper, if you had to lie about who you really are wouldn't you be uncomfortable?"

The creature stared at her for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

"They don't even realize how uncomfortable it will be... how fortuitous of me, though not really, because I already know the truth to this situation," she seemed to almost sober up to an extreme that would have made her quit everything if she didn't know that people relied on her. "It can be too much at times... to forget... it is a blessing if you think on it, if you made the worst mistake we could just make you forget and nothing else. It is a privilege to have such a choice. We give them a 2nd chance...though what happens to them after that is really up to them."

How many had she done the choice on? How many did she had to erase? She had grew so silent that it had the creature come over and pat her on the shoulder. She blinked for a moment, "My apologize, the gloom is a terrible place to be sucked into, we all must fight it and in the end it just might when especially when we realize, how do we fight something that is truly part of us?" She took the coffee and finished off the cup. As she handed it to her helper, the creature appeared.

"My friend," it bowed before her. "It is complete. I appreciate working with you on it. This is a splendid spell and wish I could see it, but I have used too much energy and now must sleep until may flies..."

She had returned its bow and smiled, "I do appreciate your help on this. When may flies may I be the first audience with you so that I could tell you how everything went?"

"Of course," and the creature was gone with the sound of laughter of students that suddenly knocked on her door.

"Come in," Potsdam smiled wide so that no one would know the knowledge that ate at the back of her mind.

"Professor," they said in unison and they held out a gift. "For you!"

She chuckled softly, the seniors every year gave her a gift, each trying to out do the year before. She walked over and took the gift from them, "Thank you my darlings."

"Open open open..." they chanted.

"Okay okay," she slowly tore at the paper that had encased the item. When finished she held before her a set of tea cups. Each one formed from an gem, before her was a ruby, emerald, onyx, sapphire, tiger's eye, and quatz. Each cup had a carving of each house on it. "Oh my these are brilliant!"

"Each of the houses pitched in from the seniors to get a cup to match each house," they were all happy, she smiled and hugged each of them.

"Of course you will have to return to each house and hug everyone for me since the house sent each of their representatives to give me this gift," she carried the cups to a stand that was empty, there was six small wood pillars on the stand and each cup fit atop the pillars perfectly. "You are all so brilliant, I was wondering what should go here! Such wonderful children."

They left in a group being loud and laughing.

The helper came up beside her, "You knew already what it was...doesn't that ruin the fun of this holiday?"

"No," she smiled at the cups that shined brightly in their place. "Because just because I can predict something does not mean that I will get the result that I thought was going to happen. We humans have a way of surprising even Fate! They have given me a very powerful key to each house and they didn't even realize it."

"Oh?" it stared at the cups.

"They gave me something to connect to the houses of their own free will," she turned away and walked to the door. "You understand right? If I was a terrible headmistress those items could be the key to absolute power... but i care too much for my students." She left the creature staring at the cups trying to understand her words.

She smiled and shook her head as she thought on it. Powerful, truly powerful but not willing to use it as it could be the destruction of the school if I were to use it and I never want that.

It was time for assembly and she need to be there on time. She made her way done the halls, laughing softly as students ran past her to try and get there before her.

The assembly was full to the brim with students as all the years were here together with her. All in their rows and standing there ready to listen to her.

"Okay my little ducklings, this will be the last time we see you till next year," she gave her lecture of being careful and coming back to the school and other news before getting to her most important item. "Now for my gift to all of you..." she smiled sweetly. "Close your eyes my darlings and think of someone you care about and give them the best wishes."

Taking a step back she closed her eyes and felt as the energies were released from the weave that she had created. She opened her eyes as soon as she could feel the rush of students begin thinking of their person. She looked over the crowd and found the horse hall.

Ahh, there is my darling Sue, she thought as she could see the girl pondering. Unlike some of the students who rushed to decisions, the girl took her time.

Everyone lost concentration for a moment when one of the snakes broke out into a terrible cackle and was soon elbowed by the person next to her to stop. The reaction had made some students turn to the snake and eye her warily.

Potsdam returned her attention back to Sue was extremely surprised to watch as the girl's blessing move over the crowd and away. The weaves that had been made could be felt as they searched out their person.

Sue and Potsdam's eyes met and in an instant the girl began to blush. It was as if the girl knew that she knew who she had thought of.

The sudden realization of something made Sue look around quickly to see if anyone noticed it, but everyone else was so absorbed in their own minds that she couldn't have a clue if they to had experienced what she did.

Brilliant play Sue! Potsdam grinned widely and finished the speech and sent the students on their way and wishing them a great and wonderful holiday break.

It was pretty silent with many of the students gone. A few of the older wild seeds were staying at the school but they were not a distraction from the silence.

The knock on the door sounded like bangs to Potsdam as she had been exhausted from the spell and she had a splitting headache. "Come in, please..." she lifted her head from the desk and tried to look dignified.

Hieroynous came in with a quizzical look, "I was wondering since there are not many students around if I could take a room to continue my experiments? I had been doing them in my room but... there is not enough space for me to work efficiently."

"Yes, I suppose so," she was trying not to sound exhausted. "How are you feeling?"

He raised an eyebrow at her, "I have been quite well..." he paused a moment, "Are you okay?"

"Just a bit of a headache is all," she answered honestly.

"Oh, it is odd for you to be out of sorts," he said unsure. "It throws off the sense of everything in here."

"Yes, of course, I am sorry," she was trying to sound sincere but it wasn't happening.

"I'll bring you something to help with that," he walked out of the office, but soon returned with two cups and a teapot on a tray with several items.

She looked over and watched him curiously as he worked with the items in an unusual combination and then handed her a cup, "What is it?"

"Something to kick that headache away, also good at getting rid of some other ailments," he said as he took a sip from his cup and made a face, "A bit strong but that is the best way."

"You seem to be in a rather good mood," she said as she sipped at the hot liquid and coughed as it burned going down.

"I had this weird thought a few days ago but I thought nothing of it really," he said as he laid his head into his left palm and lead it against the arm of the chair as if he was deep in thought. "It was a warm feeling almost like someone was trying to let me know they were thinking of me, but I dismissed it as soon as I thought that a possibility but I guess the warmth stayed with me."

She grinned to herself and it almost as if the headache went away, "Oh it is probably a student wanting to wish you a great holiday and they were afraid on how you would react so they just thought it."

"That is what I wondering because there aren't many that could possibly make it through my wards," he said as he closed his eyes for a second, "SO I will strengthen everything and make sure there are no more weak points, I can't afford that when I am working on the experiment."

"It is not so bad for someone to think of you in such a manner, I am sure a girl in this school could have a crush on you, you are a teacher and all," she said as she took a gulp from the cup and shivered as it went down.

He made unidentifiable noise and then commented, "I am not here for some school girl's fantasy. I do not fulfill any of the requirements for that."

She raised an eyebrow, "Really? I would think you do actually fulfill many of these requirements, but I digress, let us enjoy the company of each other here and now and not argue on the possibilities."

He was wary of her dropping the argument quickly, "You must be exhausted if you are willing to stop with something that you think you might win... I suggest that after you finish that drink you go straight to bed and sleep the rest of the holiday. You'll need it as I am sure you have much to do and watch over." He moved quickly and was gone before she could protest.

He was right, she thought getting up slowly, she would take a hot bath, sooth her aching bones and head, pus cleanse herself. She had been successful in her plot and now would take a nice little break even if it was a moment just to take a bath.

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Hieronymous is SUCH a liar! XD he did fufill a student's fantasy! btw, this story has broken the second awesome meter like your first story did to the first!
i become a happy pnada every time i recieve an email saying that you updated :)

sorry if this gets posted twice, my internet connection isnt being nice, so i have to refresh the page sometimes if it doesnt connect. TT-TT

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