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Potsdam was actually interested with the results of the exam because Sue had not only not completed the exam she had detention with Hieronyious. No one else had tried what she did and it seemed to have pissed him off enough to make him stay there with her.

She was grinning when she returned to her office, even with the pile of scrolls to look over, what was in store for Sue seemed that it would be in terrible taste. This of course would make her want to watch what was going to happen.

She had assumed that Sue did it on purpose because she had all the skills to complete the exam. Maybe something more to happen?

Potsdam decided that watching from her crystal ball with a cup of coffee in hand she watched as Sue completed her mail duties, in fact she had gotten up extra early to do so. This made her wonder if this was something that Sue had been planning for.

She went to the detention room had her waiting for him to come in, Donald came in and was soon chased off with his duties. Hieronyous turned his attention to Sue, "We will be having you..."

Sue raised her had, "We can do this another way...."

"Oh?" he raised an eyebrow. "what could possibly teach you about the pain of death other then writing it out in different scenarios?"

"Actually a spanking? corporal punishment? this way you and I are not wasting our time being here..."

Potsdam crackup laughing, she is asking him to spank her?! Well now that makes for an interesting situation.

"They did this kind of punishment while I was in school though it had a different effect on students,' he sat there listening to her.

"It is better then the alternative," Sue shrugged her shoulders.

"Then let us fulfill this childish request for you then," he got up from his chair and moved out of her view behind her. "I am sure you are familiar with this position since you suggested it, but palms on table and legs are to be apart..."

Potsdam was getting uncomfortable for a moment and the clicked at what wicked deed he was going to do.

Sue looked uncomfortable as she had braised herself and there was nothing, suddenly the sound of impact hit. Her face showed signs of pain but she said nothing, it took two more times for to cry out. When she did so he appeared before her and the beating continued.

"This pain that you are having is no way the same pain you will feel once your health is depleted and your light is burnt out, there is no second chance after that. Understand?"

Sue looked at him in an honest understanding and extremely embarrassed face, "Yes, i do understand now sir..."

The spanking continued until he left.

Sue slipped to the floor, her face was bright red with shock but flushed with something else other then embarrassment. She let out a sigh...

Potsdam let out a loud laugh, the poor girl. They are a match, would have never thought he would dare fulfill a fantasy for a girl like that. Not exactly what she would have wanted but fulfilled none the less.

This made her day! Plotting and planning and they are all making it easier for her to complete these missions.

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YES!!! I LOVE that you put the spanking in your story!! It was my secoond favorite scene behind the kiss. It was just awesome and made me laugh. For me it was one of those scenes I came accross that was totally unexpected and couldn't have been better. Kind of kinky too lol.

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I agree wıth LadyGothika =D

and thank god ım goıng to be goıng home tomorrow nıght...actually, not wednesday nıght, more lıke 3 a.m. on thursday...and then after of 8 hours of travelıng. ı can happıly waıt for the next update =D

but stıll, the spankıng scene ıs somethıng that ı read over and over... omg, my frıend ıs rıght, ı am a perverted lady-person O.O *akaward sılence*

Mrs. Potsdam ıs awesome...ıf only there were teachers/headmıstresses lıke her ırl..then school would be awesome.

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I would like to have Potsdam's crystall ball. :P

Keep it up, doing great.

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Awesome, as always! :)

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Potsdam noticed that the Dark dance was going going to be soon. She would have to contact her usual friends and set it up so that the children could enjoy one of the many traditions that witches enjoy through the ages.

She went through the ceremony of cleansing herself and selected the robes carefully. The helpers brushed and styled her hair as she made herself up. They would require her to look her best for the meeting.

She got up after completing her ritual she went to her office. The crystal ball glowed with a soft orange as her helpers closed the curtain making sure that there was no other light source.

"Headmistress Potsdam," the voice said from one of the corners of darkness.

"Ah my dear friend," she said carefully as not to speak es name but acknowledge em there. "It is that time of year again."

"When the nights are longer and the days are shorter, when the people remember the old lore and science can not explain everything," et said as et appeared to be sitting before Potsdam in one of the chairs.

"Yes, the good old days are too far away now, but at least we have ways of still honoring those times even now," she said with a smile even if she couldn't tell if it was looking at her she could still be pleasant.

"It is a great honor for you to host such things here so that we are not forgotten," et seemed pleased with their situation.

"Yes, we will keep to our continued agreement then? These are children and they are not so familiar with our contracts with your spirits," she said softly.

The orange glow flickered harsh for a moment but then returned to the softens again.

"Yes, of course, we can not put those that honor our pact in true danger," et said sounding amused. "I honor it with our existence here on your land. Though if one is to break..."

She sighed at the idea of it, "My friend, if a child does such a thing you can cast them into a darkness but nothing that could last long, please. Understand that we have a system of discipline here so please nothing extreme..."

"My friend," et seemed almost pleased with etself. "Nothing of true pain, I believe what you call a black out and a headache is enough..."

She frowned at the thought of the children hurting but this was a simple fix to a rather dangerous situation, "Yes I agree to this."

"DEAL!" et flashed out and the curtain flew open.

She looked over at her crystal ball and noticed that the glow was a soft blue again. She let out a relief sigh and sat back in her chair, another year and another bargain. The children should enjoy this dance.

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Minnie was sitting before for Potsdam. She seemed rather nervous.

"So this is the dance my parents had been talking about right?" she said her hands twisting her robe as she was trying to understand everything. Minnie's family were prominent witches and their blood line was rich with knowledge and everyone of those children were informed about everything in history of witchcraft.

"yes, you are well informed with this," Potsdam smiled. "You are one of the ones that will be taking care of actual planning so you will need to inform Sue about the cost of everything."

"Oh yes, of course," Minnie smiled softly, she hadn't thought about that. "I will do it now so that I don't behind on the planning." She got up curtsey and left the office.

Potsdam smiled as she left. That girl had a lot on her plate and her taking on being the president for the freshman class was just another dose. She shook her head, butterflies always had to be social and outgoing.

She went out, it was time for some of her upper division classes and they would be wanting to know about the dance.

When the dance arrived the students were herded into the designated area for the actual party. It was a late dance as the spirits had only certain times that they would be available so the students would be allotted to have the next day to recover, most would need it because the social experience would be draining.

"Professor," something in the shadows spoke softly, "Wonderful set up for us, I hope the students will enjoy this."

"Of course," she bowed a little. "Some of these children have never experienced this so this is great."

Hieronyous came up beside her, she felt like he was grinning a little.

"Hieronyous, are you enjoying yourself?" she asked with a smirk.

"Just waiting for someone to mess up," he answered smugly.

"Oh, I don't think corporal punishment would be necessary for this event do you? I mean Sue was one of the ones who helped to make all this happen, I do not think she would be foolish enough to mess this event up," she could feel him shift his weight a moment,.

"What makes you think that it would be that wild seed that I thought would mess up?" he seemed a bit stand offish now.

"No worries, no complaints were made, I just assumed when I saw her the other day after her detention she seemed a bit more flustered then usual," she was whispering to him now. "I am assumed that if there was anything wrong she would have told me."

"You are correct," he sniffed his answer at her. "Nothing was done that wasn't asked for."

"Ah so we are doing requests now?" she couldn't fight a chuckle for a moment, "I didn't know you were so willing to please...." she stopped as she noticed an energy change and ran to the area it happened.

Hieronyous was beside her, "Ah, sir come with us."

She noticed that Sue was shifting uncomfortably for a moment as the spirit that she had been dancing with was extremely close.

Hieronyous leaned over to Potsdam, "I can take care of this student, I will take him to the nurse, and give a good lecture, nothing more."

"Thank you, dear," she got up slowly and moved closer to where Sue and Ellen were near each other. Not that they would have really noticed but they were surrounded with more spirits then the other students.

Sue flicked for a moment with energy but soon calmed down. This actually made it worse as she had displayed a power of extreme control and this was attract to those around them.

Suddenly the sound of the school bells chimed. The signal that the dance was soon to be over. She shook her head a moment, had it been over that quickly? She looked over to where the main shadow was standing and walked over to em.

"Potsdam, this crop is a wonderful addition to this school, other then the foolish 2nd year that thought it would be funny to play a trick, it was grand," et stopped a moment and shifted. "That girl is fascinating a gem that if not taught and snatched up will soon glimmer so bright no creature, human or not will be able to resist her..."

Potsdam raised an eyebrow, "You mean the girl that flickered earlier?"

"Of course, she was wise, she could have attempted to see us but thought better of it, maybe not wanting punishment? No, it was something like she wanted to believe in us," et seemed to be tasting the lat bit of words that it spoke.

"Dangerous language, my friend," she hissed it softly. "She is inexperienced.
The girl is a first year..."

"And she would sacrifice herself for something if she believed in it," the shadow flickered in and out. "That would be a key to get her..." et was now flickering in and out as the bells sounded for a 2nd time. "Maybe connector her to someone or thing..."

The lights soon came up and the students were gathering together to talk of their experiences.

Ellen, Virginia and Sue were together:

"I barely got to enjoy anyone..." Virginia spouted out in defeat.

"I wasn't either and then I noticed that Sue was surrounded so I went over to her side they seemed to notice me..." Ellen commented on the situation.

So they had noticed the attention that Sue was getting.

"It wasn't my fault," she said soberly, their whispers and conversations were fascinating. Then when I felt something making me uncomfortable it was like they sense something about be and started to swarm me in excitement. Once I calmed down I felt like this was all party of something truly important and needed to be able to finish the tradition. I am just unfocused now... feeling exhausted....like something was feeding off of my..." she laughed it off nervously.

They all went back to their dorms. The adults were desperate to clear everything out of the hall so that there would be nothing to do the rest of the day.

Potsdam had been worried about what the shadow had said about the girl. She could draw other creatures to her; Donald, William, Damien, Ellen Virginia, Minnie even seeks her out and the one in the lead right now was Hieronyous whether or not he means to be but he has taken top so far with her experiences he has been playing a role close to the dominating figure for her.

She had enjoyed his reaction and making sure that she had asked for it and nothing more. She cackled out lot. There was a letter waiting for her at her desk. It would have to wait for latter, she yawned and stare at it with fuzzy focus. No more new till tomorrow.

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#23 Post by icekat725 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:10 pm

=D keep ıt up
your really good ın wrıtıng fanfıctıon

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#24 Post by Xenostatica » Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:08 am

Thank you for being so kind about my writing!

November, Potsdam thought as she looked through paperwork from the council. This was the time that all the students are thinking of the holidays and not really focusing on school and December would be worse.

She got up and tapped her finger tips on the crystal ball. She was curious about what students were up to. It had been rather quiet lately. The dance had gone on without a hitch and this actually worried her a little bit. Even in the normal world when things didn't happen it meant that something was going to be happening soon and usually the longer the quietness of events the more like it would be big.

The ball had gone a deep purple. She could see Damien, he seemed to be following something. He was careful and silent. That was very unlike someone of the falcon hall, they were flashy and enjoyed attention. He was up to something.

She followed his gaze and noticed Sue, Ellen and Virginia together. Ellen looked rather upset and they had just entered their dorm.

He had come close to the door and was listening. He cursed softly and disappeared into the group of girls walking down the hall. They didn't seem to notice him at all.

She noted his behavior and returned to her desk when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," she said putting a smile on her rather worried face.

The man came in he was extravagantly dressed. "I assume that your plans are working right now? The school has been well funded lately and I heard that you had a wonderful Dark Dance..." he did not wait for her to offer the seat, he walked over and took it. "Can't be here too long, you do understand."

"Of course, Lord, what brings you to my humble school?"

"To inform you that my son has come into possession of a family item..." he stopped a moment and grinned evilly. "It might be too much for him but he earned it fair and square so I have no say in what he does with it but I wish to warn you of it as it is rather powerful...even for us older ones."

She raised an eyebrow, "Really? He has said nothing to me yet..." she put a finger to her lips and thought on it for a moment.

"Oh he will I assume that him being a loyal follower he will inform you of the danger that is apparent with this creature," he said as a grin curled around his lips.

"Why tell me? If you know for a fact that he will be coming here? You risk exposure coming in person," she met his grin with a smirk.

"It's a game, one of us will get tired of this and will break down, by this act I assume that I am the one who actually has broke and have since been writing him constantly," he eyed her carefully. "I tell you as a concern as a parent. He maybe a grown man but he still has the heart of a child in many ways, my fault really."

She cover her amused looked with clasping her hands before her face, "Of course, I appreciate your honesty. I will of course watch over one of my professors. There aren't many like him and he is good at..." she paused a moment and chuckled, "keeping the students in line, whether it is the nitty gritty or from afar he is well educated."

"The best of course," the man sniffed with pride. "I will leave you..." He got up and didn't even leave the room when he disappeared.

"That man..." she sighed and got up.

The students...Damien worried her... Dueling. Yes this would be a must of any student or witch and wizard they must be able to defeat oneself.

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Potsdam had become more aware of keeping tabs on Damien. He was a danger to others around him. Her helpers were keeping tabs on him.

She figured that she needed to clue the students on the other world and now that they were aware of such things because of the Dark Dance, she was able to go into better detail. So even in her eldest students she gave them the speech.

"This world is a fascinating place..." she wasn't going to lie to them about a place that was fascinating and wondrous to many of them. She had to be clear and honest, the best way to teach and avoid any curious misfortunes it was best to explain all things including the worst of it.

She had been thorough with the explanation so when she saw Damien talking to Sue, she hid away from them.

This girl liked playing with fire and what was worse is she didn't know how to put it out. She shook her head as she walked away from the scene.

Potsdam spend the rest of the week entertaining the students with information of the other world and things that could lead one there by accident.

When the weekend came she chose to check on Sue.

The crystal ball glowered before her as the scene spilled out. The girls were trying to comfort their dear friend as she found out terrible news about her parents. The thing that made her sigh with relief Sue had choice her friend over Damien.

Friendship was far more important then the chance of losing everything, she thought as she let the ball go. She would just fulfill her duties today and be completely satisfied with the events as they unfolded.

On the next day she received a knock at her door.

"Enter," she was dusting her shelves.

Hieronyous came in quietly and took a seat, "It is interesting that you chose to do that on your own when you have helpers that are meant to complete these menial tasks for you so that you are able to do other things."

She stopped and went to her desk and sat down, "Surely you have not come to lecture me on what is precious for my time and what is not..."

He shook his head, "I have not. Here is the list of items from what the students are needing for the fund raiser." He placed the paper before but hesitated for a moment.

"Something wrong?" she asked as she took the paper.

"A manus has been handed down to me," he said it carefully. "A creature that is bound to my bloodline. It was not a simple task to obtain, Potsdam and I have come to ask if it would be alright to work with it here... I will take all precautions and protections so that no one will be in danger but I would like to study it and gain as much as I can from this unusual event."

She let out a sigh and thought a moment, this was not exactly what she was expecting Manus could be extremely dangerous, his father had been right to come and warn her. "I will allow it if you do it in a spot that I have designated for you," she explained carefully. "This way if you fail to contain it the wards that I have placed up will guaranteed that no one is harmed."

He was taken back with this and smiled, "Yes, of course, I will undeniably agree to this. It is better to keep a second hand in this anyway." He got up and walked out content with this situation.

Potsdam took a breath and sat back in her chair and then suddenly got a burst of energy. No reason to sit there and sulk, time to clean and get ready!

The day for the dueling class got many of the freshman overly excited.

Potsdam had teamed up Sue and Donald together as Sue has some sense and might prevent him from doing anything dangerous.

Her and the other teachers had their hands full with students making other float or trying to turn them into animals.

Donald in a blink of an eye had suddenly cast a large dragon behind Sue.

Potsdam dispelled it quickly and ran over to scold the talented young man.

"Sir, I believe I said not to do spells that could have been too dangerous," she had started.

Sue chimed in quickly "I knew he was going to do something, he told me he was ..."

"Sue..." she tried not to grin. "Well both of you will have detention and maybe you will work together to surprise us again..." she winked at them and rushed off to save one of the other students.

The evening was rather silent as most of the students had tired themselves out trying to out duel each other.

She stretched out on her bed after a hot bath and laid there enjoying the silence. Her mind wondered back on to Sue. That girl was something else. She had not expected this horse to be so wild, she was a mare who could have been compared to a mustang. She had managed to catch some important eyes and they all seem to be following after her.

There had been commotion in the Falcon hall as Sue being her kind self let Damien know about her detention. She had began rumors and glares from some serious people.

Potsdam watched from a far, this was definitely interesting. The thing that was even more appealing was the conversation between her and Donald. This girl had a way with creating a aura around her, she grinned at the crystal ball. She would wait before getting into the mess with Sue and Damien.

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This week was a play. The students seemed to fill the auditorium as it was something to do and not on a weekend. It was a tragic story but it seemed everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The conversations were all fun to listen to. Ellen and Sue's conversation about revenge and love had caught some people's ears. Potsdam grinned softly at the people who had noticed.

"Ah, she will be introduced into something interesting now," she walked away returning to her office. The fundraiser was this weekend and she needed to be ready for anything.

The weekend had come faster then she realized and as she helped the students get everything together she heard as Sue and Minnie talk about what was going to happen for that evening.

Interesting, she thought as she noticed that Minnie had handed everything over to Sue, they were suppose to have worked together in shifts... she raised an eyebrow at the whole situation but let it slide.

She stayed silent as she notice Damien getting on the bus as well. He would be in for a surprise, she grinned as the bus left.

Humming to herself she left as the bus disappeared into the horizon.

It was late when she received a knock at the door.

"Hmm?" she said loudly not looking up from her papers. "What is wrong, Hieronyous?"

He seemed unsure of what had just happened.

"It's fine, I had a feeling you would come here, it is later then usual," she said looking over at the clock on the wall.

"That is what I came to talk to you about," he sat down and rubbed his temple with his left hand. "There was a situation, Ms. Sue seemed to think that she could handle several shifts on her own... I took her to have a tea at Glen so that she could recover easier tomorrow."

Potsdam grinned, "First requests and now helping with health problems, why it seems you have become slightly softer, Hieronyous. Almost considerate of the students feelings towards you. No worries, I have nothing to say to it, I appreciate you telling me thought."

He left looking rather annoyed. He must of felt guilty because there was no snappy remark back at what she had said it was just acceptance.

Hmm... she stayed up finishing the paperwork.

There was a ruckus in the horse hall when Potsdam was going on her walk through.

"What game do you think you are play?" he growled at Sue.

"I don't know... I..." she look flustered as people were gathering.

"I saw you, you will not make a fool of me anymore!" he hissed as he walked away from her.

Sue stood there flabbergasted with the whole situation. She was completely clueless to what had happened.

Potsdam grinned to herself and walked the other direction so it was not known that she had overheard everything.

Hieronyous had done her a favor and hadn't even realized it. Damien wouldn't bother with her now, and thus she is out of danger from him. She watched as students passed her.

Now what to do to keep her word with those two?

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#27 Post by callas » Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:37 pm

Good writing.

I'm wondering about december 20 in your story. :wink:

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#28 Post by coco96 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:43 am

Keep up the greate writhing! :D

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#29 Post by icekat725 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:01 am

yeah, im also curious about December 20th =D

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Potsdam smiled softly as she went on patrolling the halls. To get them together will take work, though they seem to have a fondness for each other already. He makes the whole thing difficult.

She sighed and returned to her room after the evening events. It would take some heavy plotting to get this to run smoothly.

Potsdam noticed that it was rather early in the morning and there were several teachers in one of the class rooms. She noticed each of them had a money box before them. Her mind clicked with the realization that the fundraising had finally ended and they were counting out how much each class had made.

"Ha!" said the professor in the corner said with a grin. "We doubled what we originally spent!"

"Yeah but you had a lot of leftovers," another teacher joked.

"Like you can talk!" a third chimed in. "You did a raffle that did okay but you guys only got your money back! While mine did great with the cookies and there was so only enough cookies left to share with the classes."

Hieronyous was sitting quietly in the corner and was still counting while the others were laughing and enjoying themselves.

Potsdam noticed his smirk widen with each comment the others made comments. "What is that, Hieronyous?"

He raise a brow as he looked over at her, "Hmm?"

The others looked at him, "Well? You said nothing yet...."

"Well seeing that many of you still had a lot of waste left, your profits were not really profits they were more of you putting back your money into the coffers that your students started with," he explained calmly as he closed the box. "Waste not want not..."

"Oh come on professor..." the one in the corner said with a laugh, "most of the children don't do a great profit, maybe some but not much...."

"Before you are two pink peppermint candles," he point to one of the desk. "This was the idea of our treasurer...for the freshman."

"Oh cause candles are original!" they said with a laugh. "And the mints are used so often we are sure that everyone is tired of it."

"I thought the same, but pink and peppermint? the treasurer is not exactly a social butterfly," he chuckled at the thought for a moment, "But pink and peppermint are usually combined..."

"Brilliant," Potsdam said with a laugh. "Pink the symbol often of first loves, soft love, sweet, kindness, gentleness... peppermint deals with relaxation, pondering, thought.... helps with tummy problems, sometimes headaches... during the holidays we deal with all this. She targeted a specific audience..."

"An audience that often shops," he said. "Those two are the only ones left..." he shifted in his chair. "And because the students..."

"Because she actually made them they had a tenderness to them, it even seems to radiate in here," Potsdam said with a grin and she looked over at the other teachers there. "I'll take the last two candles and that makes the freshman class completely sold out of the candles that were made." She took her coin purse out and laid out the money before Hieronyous.

"i hadn't known that she had been one of the ones..." he eyed the candles careful and took the money from her, he made change for her and handed back. "interesting."

Potsdam grinned, "Indeed." She smiled at the other teachers, "Does anyone else have leftovers so that I may donate to the other classes." They all got up quickly to give her what she had asked for. To show no favoritism she bought from all the classes or donated.

Minnie had come in soon after most of the teachers left. She waited quietly and when Hieronyous was finished putting everything away she walked over to him.

Potsdam watched with curiosity.

"Sir, I came to check to see how we did, I was worried about Sue and..." Minnie seemed to stop for a moment, "Well it was hard for her to have worked the whole time, I know that she would have done everything to make this a great fundraiser..."

He pondered what she was saying a moment, "The sell was well. We sold everything so I would say it was extremely successful. Do not worry Ms. Minnie, Ms. Sue had a very good insight about what everyone seemed to be want for the holidays." He then returned back to collecting his books and items. "It was impressive..."

"Oh that is great sir!" Minnie was excited. "I'm sure she would like to know."

"no, it is fine," he said suddenly. "there is no need to inform her. once she gets the money box she will know how successful it was."

Minnie's smile changed to a little frown, "Oh I seem. No worries sir I'll say nothing..." she was making her way out of the room and stopped at the desk Potsdam was sitting at. "madam, it is good to see you."

"It was very responsible of you to check on the status of the fundraiser," Potsdam said with a smile and nod. "I would give you merits, but you really don't need them as you maxed them out already."

Minnie blushed at the compliment, "Thank you Ma'am. The announcements?"

"Tomorrow before you all leave," Potsdam said with a smile, "No worries my dear. Go have fun."

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