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Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:20 pm
by coco96
SillyWriterGall, I found your picture, and it was really...interesting, in an awesome and slightly perverted way! :)

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:58 pm
by Xenostatica
I love it! SO cute and still completely PG-13!!! That was actually a fun limitation when writing this, I mean what could be more interesting then a girls fantasy!

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:55 am
by SillyWriterGall
Eheheh thanks ^///^ Im slightly perferted.

And my mind went wild with much worse images I can asure you, :oops: but I always put myself into the world of the story.To picture a good scene ^__^ so im working on more subtle scenes.

Like when they share a look, or when they meet again, I want to create the perfect look they share as described in your story.

Youre really helping me kicking it up a notch and I love doing this. I was always someone who loved illustrating stories 8D.

And most of all I really can draw it up easily colouring will be a challenge for me but im willing to try.

Btw do you know by any change if I could upload my art here ? here is the link for a scene after your story end the Grabiner Sue story ofcourse ... -259296095

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:31 am
by Xenostatica
We, females, are extremely underestimated with our perv manners. Males think that it is all about them and I want to say that I am totally a pervy and wanted to get even more emotional. XD

Those sense would be awesome because, there is a special moment that makes you wonder what he really is thinking!

I love that someone would honor me by drawing parts of my otaku girl insanity and writing about a hot teach...

XD Challenges are awesome and would love to see color.

I usually just use drop box to do my linking for my work.

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:40 pm
by Xenostatica
(Okay, SillyWriterGall convinced me to add another day before school. This last day is a little racy but totally PG-13, I made sure of that so I could post it for you all to read. If there is any issues just let me know! But like I said thank her for getting this little extra...)

Sue got up slowly when she woke up. It must of been rather early as she could still hear the birds singing outside his window. Her eyes were locked on the box that was sitting on the bed stand next to her. The box was sitting there just beckoning her to open it.

She took hold of the box and stared at it in her hands. This was it, the same size as the one her parents gave her! This had to be a ring, he had confessed to her and this was him taking his feeling serious! Her hands shook as she untied the ribbon slowly. It took her forever just to get the nerved up to open the lid once the ribbon sat neatly in her lap. Holding her breath she creaked the box open slowly and in an instant there it was... her eyes widen and realized that there were keys seating on the cushion of where a ring would be.

The two keys were tied together with a red string. She sat there staring at the items that were before her. The larger of the two keys was old, the discoloring and tarnish gave her some clue to it being used but other then that it was just a key, the only thing that made her have any idea what it could be for is she remembered back at the town library that the head librarian had a set of keys and one key that was explained to be the oldest was used to open the archives in the basement of the library. If she knew anything about Hieronyous was that he loved books and this had to be for a library that was hidden, mostly there was a door here that would lead to it.

The second and very small key appeared almost new. It was shiny still and had barely any marks on it. She examined it closely and to her it was like the one she had for a diary at one point in time. She had kept the book of her secrets for a short time, but got rid of it once her mother had broke the lock trying to force it open. So this must of been a key for something like that.

As she pulled the keys out of the box, she realized that the keys were tied together on the string to be turned into a makeshift necklace. The note that was tied to the string fell from the box and with a quick motion she caught the note and opened it:

It is a large step one must take to get to know each other and take on each others burdens. We have done this backwards and taken the largest step first and now having to learn how to take the smaller steps to gain knowledge of each other. You know so little as I keep it well hidden for many reasons, Potsdam has undoubtedly given you much knowledge but she can not know it all. There are two keys one will take you to a hidden room. Follow your instincts and you may find the treasure that the second key will open.

She slipped the necklace over her head after finishing the note and adjusted the keys so that they sat comfortable on her chest, though they were cold even after she had held them to examine them. With a shiver and slow steps she began moving around the room.

She was still not fully recovered and right now she felt like she was running a fever but her curiosity was pushing her hard to find out what was given to her. As she moved along the wall, she found an area that was on the other side of the bed that had been covered with curtains. With a careful hand she pulled the curtain away to reveal a door. BINGO! she mouthed as she took the large key and fit it to the lock, with a smooth click the door was easily pushed open, before her laid a set of stairs that went down.

Her cat lead the way down, it was almost as if he had become familiar with this place already and was guiding her down. At the bottom was another door that was locked and again she used the key to gain access. Her cat rushed in before, made a few strange meows and then met her back at the door almost as if he was saying the coast was clear. She followed him in and almost felt defeated right away, the walls were covered with books that reached to the ceiling, the room was rather small but on one wall was a desk covered in papers and the rest of the space was taken up with scrolls and books, they littered the floor and piled on top of each other. How was she to find out what it was he was hiding in here?

With a deep breath and slow determination, she began her search.

Going slowly up and down the ladder that was in the room she scanned all the books she could see. This must of taken hours as she was becoming weaker and weaker as she struggled through all the titles that laid before her.

It was to the point that she couldn't climb the ladder anymore that she moved to where the desk was and instead of sitting in the chair she slid against the wall. It was in this action that she began to cry. Her cat meowed to comfort her, but this only upset her more as she couldn't understand him as he seemed to be babbling. She slammed her back against the wall as she tried to take some deep breathes. As she struggled to push against the wall to get up, she felt it shift. It was only a single block but it had moved. On closer inspection she found that the stone was not heavy and almost appeared to be easy to pull out of the wall. She struggled to get her fingers to have a good enough grip and pulled. Out popped the stone and there hidden away was a small treasure chest.

With a careful but excited action she took the small chest into her hands and slipped back onto the ground. The 2nd key fit perfect into the lock that was on the outside of the wooden chest. Upon opening it she discovered some small nicknacks that would be associated with a child's most precious items, most of the items were unfamiliar to her, but she wasn't surprise, what did wizarding child play with or love? At the bottom of the chest was a very small book, it was palm sized and felt weird with its weight.

With a deep breath she began leafing through the pages and with a gasp stared at it. This was his journal!? Why would he? She stared at it and then slowly began reading the pages. Events that happened in his childhood, the first day of school, and his first love... she struggled to breath as she had been holding it when she had stumbled on Lily's name... he called her Lily, must of been his nickname for her.

Something made her flip to the back as something felt off with book cover in the back. She flipped to it and noticed that there was a patch stitched into the leather, the sewing wasn't very good and she was able to pluck the thread easily and the patch fell away and two rings landed in her lap. The two bands sat there and she was scared to touch them. She left them in her lap and flipped back to the place she had left off. As she got lost in his words about his love, she was soon grasping the two rings in her hands and tears were falling down her cheeks, when she got to the incident that led to the beautiful girl's death, Sue struggled with herself on whether she should keep reading, but in an instant she felt a pang of jealousy for this no longer living girl and felt her tears turn into rivers as the feeling of guilt washed over her. She pushed on reading... she lost track of all things around and soon lost consciousness. A she felt her lids start to close she cursed herself for pushing to hard and not having the energy to escape this situation.

At one point she felt someone's arms around her and her body moving. She peeked a moment in sleepy curiosity to find him carrying her up the stairs. His face was serious. She struggled to snuggle her head into his shoulder as they reached the top. She heard other voices when he stopped moving and was explaining something. Her hand hurt as she was still grasping the rings tight to her chest.

She had flashes of people doing stuff to her but nothing really was clear as she was just so tired. At one point she was cold and explained that she was but was met with chuckles and explanations that she needed this bath as she had a high fever and it needed to be broken and not just with magic but her body itself had to heal itself. The medicine that was forced down her throat made her cough and cry out.

After the torment that she hadn't seen she was put somewhere that was really comfortable. She could even hear her cat purring as it got comfortable on her.

She had been warm and comfortable when she felt herself feeling better. She felt like someone was petting her hair at one point. With the feeling of warmth and her body was feeling restful enough to allow her to open her eyes, she found herself in an unusual position. She was holding onto a bare chest and she was not in her robes, in fact, her left hand that was laid so comfortable on the person's chest was dawning a ring on her ring finger. HER LEFT HAND?! She tried not to move as she glanced at the ring sitting on her finger now. The platinum metals shone almost white but it was the gem that made her gasp for air, the star sapphire glimmered brightly no matter how she moved it. This had to have been expensive, what the heck did she have it on her hand?! She shot up quickly when she realized her right hand was no longer holding the rings.

"Oh no..." she started to cry.

Hieronyous quickly shifted and put his book down and pulled her towards him, in a quick swoop she was now facing him as he placed his forehead against hers. He was checking her temperature.

She turned bright red when she realized that he was who she had been laying on and he had no shirt on. She couldn't say much and her tears were soon wiped away.

"Oh thank goodness, your fever has broken," he got up slowly and went to the table that had some bottles on it. "We'll go ahead and give you another dose of medicine so that you keep the fever down and you don't relapse."

He wasn't facing her when she looked down and realized she was not in robes, in fact, she wasn't even in her own pajamas?! She was wearing a plaid top that was far too large for her... and her hair was damp. She touched her hair gently as she tried to remember anything that had happened. Which then let her to stare at the ring on her left hand now.

"It is for protection," he said as he came back to the bed and sat on the edge, "You are more trouble then I thought and this way something can watch over you at all times... I mean, so that you have a protection spell around you. It isn't like this is suppose to mean... it is a symbol that you can put faith in and..." he was becoming a bit flushed. "It is a promise that I will protect you." He then took a spoon that was in his hand and poured an large amount the liquid from the bottle on to the spoon. It wasn't even liquid it was more like a jelly substance though Sue had no idea how one could pour jelly.

As she went to say something in protest, he shoved the spoon in her mouth and eyed her evilly to make sure that she swallowed the horrible jelly that was in her mouth.

"About the pajamas and me ..." he had gotten up and went to put the bottle back. "Potsdam explained that body heat would help with breaking your fever, but I thought she was just wanting something else... don't worry, she was the one who bathed you so that the fever would break originally. You had fallen asleep on the floor of the library and the cold stone probably didn't help with the weak immune system you have right now." He was not moving from the spot at the table, he was holding onto the edge, "you wouldn't stop crying and begging... Sue I don't know everything that happened, I know you told me much but..." he was trying to handle it calmly, "You were begging to not be left alone, it was striking."

Sue looked down and didn't know how to answer the question he wasn't asking, "I'm sorry, I again have caused you such trouble, I'll just if you get my robes I will just change and go back to the dorm with Ellen, I'm sure she is lonely and I can keep her company."

"Virginia has returned there is no worries about that," he turned away from her for a moment.

She took this chance to try to get out of the bed but soon found herself stumbling and being caught by him. She turned bright red and realized that she could feel the cool breeze on her bare legs and the shirt was now slumping off of one shoulder. "I just don't want to keep bother you..."

His eyes met hers and then he turned away as he picked her up with easy and carried her back to the bed as if he was a groom carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home. "You don't really have anything to go back to your friends in... while breaking your fever, you went through all your robes, Potsdam was changing you every half hour and that didn't include the sheets and bed covers. Please understand that it is our fault that you are like this right now and we are doing our best to correct it... don't you see you took in all the illness that your parents were inflicted with and now your body is trying to beat off this hex, no matter how powerful one is taking on two hexes kills most wizards... it is a wonder that you survived and didn't become deathly ill before then."

"I was ill before coming back, but I had to keep a front up for my parents," she smiled weakly as he adjusted the covers over her. "I knew that when I came back, when Potsdam got me and brought me back, I knew that I could let my defense down because there is someone here that would take care of me no matter what... a selfish idea I know, but I believed in my husband and knew he could..."

"Sue..." he kissed my forehead gently. "You need to rest..."

"These are yours?" she held the fallen portion of the pajamas to signal what she was talking about.

He coughed a moment, "Yes, well there was nothing else of yours that would suit the purpose of comfort and warmth." He seemed surprised that she would ask and tried to continue to explain, "I figured that something that was soft and lose would make you feel being engulfed in the familiarity of me might have helped... but you were still crying, it was when you began crying out about being alone and begging someone not to leave you that ... well, that maybe if you had a body close to you that you would become comfortable and sleep soundly and since I can read and take notes in bed without much trouble so the classes are planned."

Sue smiled at him, "I'm glad you could get your work done."

"Sue, what cause this reaction of yours?" He was on the edge of the bed and his hand was now stroking her cheek.

She turned away from him, she couldn't explain it... there had been nightmares and her parents gone. Her parents had always adored her but these last times, winter break, spring break, and the summer. Clarience, she had more nightmares dealing with him, but he had almost broke her, beyond that, he had almost killed her. "It is just loneliness," she answered honestly. "I'm sure you can understand that, Hieronyous. It is a penetrating loneliness that haunts me in the nightmares."

He looked deeply in her eyes and she wanted to turn away, it was like he was actually trying to discover what she was hiding. His hand had moved to her neck and the soft rubbing motion was relaxing her, the tension she had originally felt was now going away and he pulled her close to him and he whispered in her ear, "You don't have to tell me the truth now... it seems your mind only rests after the truth is reached in your bouts of talking in your sleep, please just tell me so that I don't have to go that route, because if I have to then there is no telling what you will say..."

Sue pulled away but his hand now held her close to him and she could feel his breath on her neck. She shivered with thoughts of what could happen and as she felt his lips touch her neck she let out a low sound of shock but enjoyment.

"Hieronyous, I love you," she spoke softly, "But I don't have the words to explain what it was that the creature had exposed me to, a darkness that even a man of pure evil couldn't understand... it would have broke me... I was so scared..." She wrapped her arms around his neck and began crying, "Please don't make me talk about it now, I just want warmth... nothing of that cold darkness..."

He wrapped his arms around her tight. She could feel every muscle in his body tense up and he reacted to her telling him what little she could explain. He pushed himself away from her, unwrapping her from him and pushed her back into the pillows. His lips touched her for a moment but in that sensation she could feel nothing but a burning desire.

"You would still love someone after you read the truth?" he had pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed with his head now in his hands. "The secrets... the hatred..."

She stayed against the pillows and spoke softly, "Yes, we all have darkness and pain in our body and soul... it is up to ourselves and those closest to us to guide us to become whole again ..."

He turned towards her and shifted himself into the bed. He pulled her to him and moved her till she was leaning on his chest right where she could his heart beating so fast and in his other hand was a book. "You need to rest, we have had much happen for both of us and we need to rest before the school year starts, it would not be so bad to have you hear with me another night." He turned his attention to the book in his hand while his other hand busied itself with stroking her hair.

She curled up against his chest and listened to his heart beat gently making a music to put her to sleep. It was at that moment that she noticed as his hand at one point rested on her should that he had the charm she made him, that originally was in his book, now wrapped around his left ring finger twined in a manner of a ring and was attached to a platinum band that seemed to be there as a symbol he could put faith into. She smiled softly as she floated into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:00 pm
by coco96
Aww.... The ending is so sweet... :D

However, I should point out that Grabiner's first love is called Violet. But everything else is just perfect! :D

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:11 pm
by callas
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing further on this story.

Now I finally know what's in the present. :D
And Grabby without a shirt. :P
and .... so good.

@ coco96: Lily is a nickname for Violet

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:28 pm
by Xenostatica
Thank so much for liking it....I was nervous putting it here.

I was thinking of Violet beginning something like a new beginning for Grabiner ...that is what a lily symbolizes...but sorry that I didn't make that super clear! That was kind of the point with the rings and her nickname....but I am totally lame for not going more in depth.

Yeah....needed a shirtless scene and pj bottoms instead of robes!

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:34 pm
by coco96
Oops... I misread it a bit... :oops: Sorry...


Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:38 pm
by SillyWriterGall
coco96 wrote:Oops... I misread it a bit... :oops: Sorry...
were all human so that can be but now i feel the need to inspire her for another chapter xD

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:24 am
by Abigail Swift

Err. I don't even know what I just said... sorry!

Anyways, just finished reading this. Totally awesome :D Wish you could write all three years... But, yeah, lot of work..

Thanks for what you did write! I'm loving it :D

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:12 pm
by callas
I like you story so much I really want to see it in a VN.

I would love to have your permission to use your story so I can make an Visual Novel of this with Ren'Py.

Please pretty please may I? :)

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:12 am
by Xenostatica
((Callas! Oh my gosh, I would be totally honored with that!! Of course, I have no issues with you doing that.))

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:06 am
by SillyWriterGall
callas wrote:I like you story so much I really want to see it in a VN.

I would love to have your permission to use your story so I can make an Visual Novel of this with Ren'Py.

Please pretty please may I? :)

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:30 am
by icekat725
SillyWriterGall wrote:
callas wrote:I like you story so much I really want to see it in a VN.

I would love to have your permission to use your story so I can make an Visual Novel of this with Ren'Py.

Please pretty please may I? :)

*flails arms*