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Professor Potsdam to the rescue!!! Yay! I was kinda hoping it would be grabby but it's nice to have another face from the game. Can't wait for more!

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Woot! =D enter: the most epic professor/headmistress ever! If she were to enter a competition for the best headmaster of a school, she would tear out Dumbledore's beard and hang it on a wall as a trophy =D

...yeah, Ms. Potsdam is major win.


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As I entered the living room I noticed the two young men with Potstdam now sitting on the couch. They didn't look familiar but they were very nice looking with suits and hats that were off and sitting on the table.

My mother smiled, "Sue, these gentlemen will be taking your stuff to the car after you have packed up."

I took that as a signal to get everything together for the school. I pulled all my bags from under the bed and began packing. It was actually not hard to decide what was going with me because I knew since I got home what was going back with me. I carefully packed everything that had been unpacked, all my robes, the books, and my jewelry making kits, both of them, I was careful about how everything went in. His letters were carefully placed into one of my books. I looked around and sighed as I watched my cat yawn and stretch out on the bed and meow at me.

"You can take him if you want..." Potstdam voice came from behind me.

"What?" I said in surprise. "I don't parents and ..."

She put her hand on me and smiled, "Go ahead take him, he is a familiar to you so I would suggest it. Besides leaving them with him they might have more trouble with this."

I smiled weakly and went to the hall closet and grabbed his kennel and went into the room and set it out for him.

"If he gets in then he wants to go," I said turning away from him and didn't call. I could hear him as he went in. I looked over at Potstdam and she was smiling softly.

"He can't stay in your room yet but we can make him extremely comfortable when he is there... maybe he can stay with someone that might enjoy his company," she said it in such a kind manner.

I took the carrier and my bags down the stairs. I set them by the door.

My father had come while I was packing. He was sitting and talking to the men about the times and history and much of many things that I am sure that didn't interest them, but they were kind and drank the tea and nodded at him to show they were listening. When he noticed me he got up and rushed over to hug me.

"Congrats on you doing all that work," he was grinning wide and his had patting my back was a sign he was content with the events.

Everyone stayed for dinner and my mother made a big meal. It was kind of Potsdam to allow us a meal together even with her joining us everyone seemed to be in grand spirits.

After the meal and a sweet dessert the men packed my things and my cat.

Professor turned to my parents, "I truly apologize for taking her so early but one must do much now to get ahead in this world. I can't let one of my best not be recognized for her greatness because of a summer break." She shook my parents hands and hugged my mother for more of an effect and then went to the car.

I took this as my time to say my good byes. I hugged my parents tight and kissed them both on the cheek. I had been expecting them to protest, give way to anger or say something unkind, but none of this occurred. I took this as a sign that they were letting me go. Tears ran down my cheek as I walked away from them and got in the car. I had tissues on me just in case and was glad to have planned ahead.

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I sat quietly as we left town. I had know clue what to say or do with this sudden appears of Potsdam.

"It was right to have written the letter," she said suddenly. "The men found many trances of troubles and spells cast around the perimeter of your parents' home. You had taken great care I see and made as much protection in the house possible."

I sat unsure and spoke with a little fear in my voice, "I didn't know I was just... I did what I could. I had no way..."

She smiled at me softly, "My child you most likely didn't know you were even putting up such protections for your parents. You are truly so kind and worried about others that you forget yourself. The fever and sickness that you had when I came was you losing energy as the creature was testing the boundaries of your spells. It was still around though not visible to you. I believe when it sensed the men that it left."

"Why?" I asked twisting my hands over and over.

"Because you are a beacon, my dear, and given that you are of the house of Grabiner that makes you more of a pleasant prey," she said as she explained it to me. It was as if this was a bit fun for her, "I knew you had potential of being something more. Now you must understand that I needed to do this."

I looked at her, "What?"

"Your husband was quite worried about you," Potsdam smiled at me, a warmth that seemed to touch even the darkest parts of my soul, "He would have come but I needed to stop him as I don't believe that he would have been as controlled as I. You see your parents were quite pleasant when I informed them of your greatness but I have a feeling that you confiding in him about the true nature of how they had been that he might not of held back. Though I wonder if that is because...never mind dear my mind runs wild with much and I get lost in thought." She sat quietly for a while and we both took the silence as a comfort.

She had stopped him from coming for me, I smiled at the thought though I think she might be exaggerating on the whole experience it was still nice to think that he wished to protect me.

"I believe, Hieronymous will not mind taking your friend," she said suddenly. "It would make it easier for him to adjust if he had someone around that he could just be comfortable and would allow you to visit him with easy. Yes, I will make that arrangement when I get back." She was smiling to herself as she thought on it.

"I wouldn't want him to be bothered with my cat," I said with a little shock in my voice. "I know my cat isn't super active or ...."

"Silly girl, who do you think was protecting your parents when you were away?" Potsdam said and stroked my hair softly.

"But now that he is with me..." I gasped at the thought.

"Do not worry my child, they are fine," she said thinking on it. "The wards are now up and they will be safe. This situation though has made me take a second look at the wild seed's protection for their families. You were correct in worrying about the protection spell and it not working. I believe we found something that figured a way around this and I need this to be fixed." Her face was serious, "You have made for an interesting student so far and you haven't even started your next semester yet!" She had a hardy laugh and slapped me on the knee, "You will keep this lively for all of us involved, you truly are of the horse hall!"

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#50 Post by callas » Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:57 pm

One tension goes down ... and there's a new one...
When are they gonna meet again?

Keep it up.

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#51 Post by icekat725 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:11 pm

*sqees uncomprehensable words* this is awesome! I wonder how Prof Grabiner is gonna react when he sees Sue again...

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Heh, everything is so cuute. I can't wait to see Grabiner and Sue's "reunion"

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I was surprised by her reaction to everything that was going on. I had feared that she would be angry or annoyed. I was a wild seed and this made me wonder if they were prepared for this crazy mess that had become my life. I was in a mess of confusion as we made our trip home.

This had become true. Home was school and school was now home. I felt completely relaxed with the situation and not disappointed.

"Oh how appropriate that you have that ring!" Potsdam said as she looked over at my right hand. "You parents were wise to give you such a stone. You are associated with protection and healing, your powers have seemed to follow that light and now you wear such a symbol on your right hand."

"My parents gave it to me as a late present," I said as I looked at the ring on my hand. "I doubt they knew what we associate it with."

"Child, parents are careful in what they buy their offspring. I tell you now that your parents were careful in picking that ring. Whether it is your birthstone or that they associated its beauty with you doesn't not matter. There was a special meaning," she was very clear in speaking about this. "Your parents knew this symbolized you and you wear it now. You are probably a woman who shied away from such items and yet you wear a choker of protection and now a ring of such a manner, my dear child, things happen for reasons." She shifted in her seat and reached over to the ring and touched it gently, "May nothing happen to these symbolize."

I smiled, I remember when I was young my mother told me to touch things that I was looking at so that I would not to wish bad on them. Evil eye or something like Ojo... but even here people follow that thought. I felt comfortable with the thought that someone else knew of this and did something to follow the superstition as well. I smiled at her, "thank you for that..."

She smiled back as the answer. She then looked out the window. "Oh good we are almost at the end of our journey for now. Ellen will be up worried about you," she said absently. "You should go rest, you are still recovering from the illness and right now you look as if the fever is coming back. I will get something together to give you when we get back and bring it in the morning. No worries."

I chuckled, "I feel as if I couldn't sleep right now. I mean my cat will need comfort after this ride..."

"No worries, Ellen will take you and you rest," she said sternly.

I was surprised with her voice, "Yes you are right."

I leaned back for the rest of the drive and listened to the silence of the car. I enjoyed the peace of mind that I had right now. Everything seemed to melt away and I could dream comfortable, but shot awake.

"Professor, what is the red string?" I turned toward her.

"Ah yes, it is fate's string for loved ones, Asian cultures believe that the ends are connected to those who are destined for each other," she said as she also seemed to have relaxed and was leaning back with her eyes closed. "Why?"

"I dreamed of it," I said slowly, I was unsure if I should tell her but I needed someone with knowledge of this, "In the dream, that creature was trying to cut it away and I fought it. When I tugged the string someone tugged back but I didn't see the person it was attached to..."

"Of course not my little duckling," she said with amusement in her voice, "If he is not near you, he will not be visible, you can only sense each other, not see each other."

"Will I know if that person is near?" I was nervous asking her now.

"Oh you'll know..." she chuckled, "He will show himself... though don't be surprised... the other person might be unwilling to accept this fate. Not to blame them. The world likes to catch us off guard. Enjoy the fact that they are near enough to have them tug back on the string."

The sound of the vehicle turning off caught me off guard.

"Oh we are here," she said getting up.

I followed suite and got out of the car. The darkness that was around us was not fearful but something of enjoyment. I looked around and noticed we were not in front of the school.

"No worries," she said as she saw my face.

"Sue!!!" Ellen ran up and hugged me tight. "Let's go in." She dragged me away and through the halls.

I was unsure of where we were and tried to look around.

"No," Ellen said and continued to pull me along. "We have to get you to bed. You are burning up. I didn't know it could get bad...." She was soon fighting with a key and opening a door.

I smiled at her, " Professor Potsdam had put a spell to get me through the whole trip back but I think..." I was now slurring my words.

"Now, now," she had a bowl of water ready and she wiped away my sweat. "I know about everything it is okay. Just sleep. Here," she handed me something and a glass of water, "Take this and sleep. It is already early morning but you need sleep."

I took what she gave me and felt myself slip into a peaceful darkness. I was lost in it. The calm of it was wonderful. I felt no danger as I wandered through the darkness that I had been forced into.

"Sue?" Ellen's voice called me.

"Yes?" I got up slowly.

"You need to get up, it's almost noon and you can't sleep the whole time in that darkness, it can be bad," she said as she put something on my bed. "Let's go take a shower and go see Potsdam when we are done."

She helped me up and led me to the bathrooms and I managed to get cleaned up and dressed. She had actually joined me in the showers and talked to me about how her research was going and about setting the tea on fire, which caused me to burst into laughter. I apologized soon after and she finished telling me about everything that had been going on.

"When we got your letter..." she stopped a moment.

"We?" I was drying off when she said this.

"Well, Grabiner was with me in the lab when the letter came," she said it carefully. "You scared him..."

"Scared him?" I pulled the towel off my head, I was feeling good.

"Sue, you know that we don't do magic out where people could possibly be seen and when he read about you protecting your parents, well that cause him to get alerted because no one had said anything about anyone preforming such acts outside," she was close to me. "You were casting with no way of setting of the warning system. You had gotten around the system and if that was the truth then you were in danger..."

I stared at her as she said that, "But I never..."

"No, not conscientiously," she said. "That is a bad flaw in the system. I mean you did everything for other people so what if other could do the same? There was a terrible trouble with that!"

I smiled weakly, "Who knows... it was..."

"Sue, you are doing okay because Potsdam came in as you slept and cast some green magic on you," she said slowly. "when we go you will probably have to take medicine for the problem. You were casting so much magic you were draining yourself. Do you get what I am saying?"

I shook my head at her.

"It was killing you because you were using your spirit to keep everyone safe!" she yelled at me, "You were killing yourself! You didn't even realize it because you put those...."

"my parents," I said softly. "Look Ellen," I hugged her tight, "I didn't know that it was that serious."

She was crying on my shoulder, "Why do you not... the whole reason you are married is because you put someone before you!!!! You have done it again... you won't learn will you!!!"

I sighed, "I promise to be more careful, i just act because I think people can't help themselves so someone must. I'm sorry Ellen I think about everyone else before myself but I don't think about what happens if what I do takes me away from those who love me..."

She was wiping her face now. "It's okay," she forced a smile, "You are just you and it can't be helped but please please please think about this. You risked everything again for someone else."

I nodded and she took my hand as she guided me to Potsdam's office.

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When we entered her office, there was the sweet smell of desserts coming from behind her door. Ellen knocked and she bit us to come in.

"My little ducklings, come sit," she was extremely calm. "Have some tea, Sue you will need to take this..." she got up and handed me a small bottle, "Add it to your tea as it will taste terrible straight." She returned back to her desk after grabbing a cup of tea and a small dessert on a plate.

I followed her instructions and took a sip, I started coughing.

"I guess it still tastes terrible even in the tea..." she smiled sweetly at me, "I would then suggest drinking it quickly and finishing it all so you can take a bit of a dessert to take that taste out of your mouth."

I took hold of my nose and chugged the whole cup down. My facial express must of been funny as Ellen busted out laughing and Potsdam seemed to be holding back from laughing as well but her shoulders moved up and down silently.

"Good," she said when I grabbed for a cookie and chomped down on it quickly. "That should renew most of what you lost while keeping your guard up this whole time."

I looked at her as I choked down the dry lump in my throat, "Most?"

"Yes, well it will all come back being around those who care about you," she said gesturing toward Ellen and smiled, "This is a slow process as you wasted a lot of yourself caring about others. I am sure by looking at Ellen that she has given you an earful already but I will have to stress it to you about the danger you had been in." She took a breath, "Also I won't be the last one to talk to you so I warn you be ready for a harsh conversation after this," she then gestured and I heard someone clear their throat.

I knew better then to turn around for the moment and gulped rather loudly. I recognized that clearing sound and I was in deep trouble. He was stand behind the chairs and away from me.

"You had diminished all of your energy and was actually using your life force to keep everything up that you had weaved for the protection spells that surrounded your home," she smiled weakly, "You had some how built on top of that which I had begun. You were fixing and restitching on top of spell and spell. You even managed to weave even more inside the house. Speaking with Professor Grabiner I have found that none of us had taught this to you. In the face of things that is amazing that you had managed to do this on your own, but also in looking at the facts that you couldn't stop makes me worry as well. This shows that you have a grand talent but that you are still very much weak to know how to control it. This is understandable because you are still a student and no one expects you to have a great knowledge of everything. I do admire the fact that you realized you needed help and was willing to get in trouble to fix something that had happened. Please understand that I am not getting angry at you. You are not at fault for this. In fact, we can say that this is my fault, a lack of checking has made a possible opening in protecting my students." She looked rather said, "This could have ended worse then it has. With a student like you, we are thankful for it happening to you..."

Ellen gasped, "Professor..."

"It was better this way as you were smart and quick on your feet, had it been someone else I fear that they would be dead right now," she said this with sadness in her voice.

"It has happened before," I said slowly, her eyes snapped at me quickly. "It would have looked like the student was just playing with their magic, but it had said that he had done this before..." I took a deep breath, "I know he could have been lying but..."

"It is true that is possible," she said stopping me. "We may have not known and that is the worst part about all of this. I will be working on fixing this and several others will be helping me with this." She had gotten up and moved over to some books and pulled one out and looked at it, "Sue you will be taking special classes with me from now on."

Ellen gasped, "What?"

"Ms. Ellen please understand that you skills are closely related to Professor Gabiner's skills and Sue's skills have fallen more to my side, this is not a terrible thing," she said walking over and handing me a book, "In fact it is a wonder that such a girl was not noticed before. Your skills at making charms and protection spells are amazing, I don't even know if I could have done what you did at your age," she was excited now, "So these classes will happen away from the usual school times. This will cause some talk but this is the risk from preventing you from possibly killing yourself."

I stared in surprise," I didn't..."

"You are right you didn't do it on purpose and I am glad you didn't because we would be having a different conversation right now," she smiled at me. "So now that this is what is happening. We are done..." she nodded to the person in the back of the room.

"Ms. Ellen, you can take the rest of the day off," Professor Grabiner said as he came to stand between our seats. "Sue will be with me for a time and so will need you after our talk, I assume." Ellen had been looking at him when he spoke and I opted to watch Potsdam instead who was grinning at me with something like a mother would at her daughter who had done something irresponsibly and was going to have to wait for the punishment.

I gulped as Ellen got up and left. Professor Grabiner had taken her place in the seat and when the door closed Professor Potsdam now sat straight and looked like she was going to prep herself before a long speech.

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"Hieronyous, please understand that for the sake of not sounding terribly worried about how you will handle this, she did not do anything wrong." Potsdam said with a grin on her face. "You wife is still quite young, though skilled, you would not have known this would happen if she returned home. She is brilliant witch already and needs guidance and help."

I could hear his sigh, "This is why we should make it so that the wild seeds are to stay here at the school. We need to watch them. If it had not been Sue and the student had died, what then? We are luck that..." he stopped a moment and looked over at me with a stern face, "That she was willing to tell me anything. She could have kept it to herself! Even I had not thought it was anything but a little boy pining for something he could not have..."

I was surprised by his comment, pining boy?

"I understand that Hieronyous, but everything is working out. Sue here is extremely skilled and simply needs to learn control, that is more I can say for you when you were that age..." she had rested her head on her hands.

"We are not talking of me right now," he growled at her. "This is serious. I would have lost everything if her light had gone out... I was not there to do what I had promised. Did you not think on this?! Allowing her to go home could have..."

Had he just been worried about losing his magic, I felt something sting in my chest and a sigh escaped my lips.

He looked over at me a moment and then continued, "She maybe skilled but really this shouldn't be a surprise that this happened. I mean how are the parents to know the danger of something disguising itself as a child? Her mother teaches how is it odd to be asked to do something like this over the summer?" He moved slightly in his chair to place his elbows on his knees. "She was lucky that she recognized that something was terribly wrong. If it was a shadow man then she is lucky that he had not tried something in front of others."

"Hieroynous, you are being childish, shadow men do not do things before people," she sighed, "Though he could be something just as dangerous. His focus was on Sue, he made that clear. Though your "smell" had been detouring him from focusing enough to use his magic on Sue, there is the point that he had been able to not set off our sensors or our watchers. We must look into this mess."

I was feeling a bit of out of this loop as the conversation was really had nothing to do with me really.

"You will be permitting her to take classes with me correct?" she asked him directly.

"Why would I be the one who says yes or no to this?" he grumbled at her.

"Because of the letter that is now in my possession," she said holding up the envelope. "I know for a fact that her rather read what this actually said because he talked to me before I went to her room. He still allowed the mother to sign it."

I gulped. I had not read what it actually said.

"It is a release," he said as if it was no big deal. "She does not have to ask to stay here now. They have given their full permission."

I sat straight up. They had given up on having me home?! My father had read it to me as a permission slip for trips. I slumped back into the chair. He knew what he signed and still got my mother to sign it as well.

"So that means as her husband, you make the more important discussions for her," she said with a rather wicked grin. "Surely, you knew that is what was going to happen as she is not eighteen yet."

He sighed and shook his head, "She can take the class if she wishes. I will not make the discussion for her." He waved his hand at her.

"I will take the class," I said quickly, he shifted surprised at my quick reply. I was feeling rather angry with him right now. He had done this without even consulting me and yet he had not thought on what that meant?!

"Yes, well, You two have a lot to work out," she said the grin never left her face. "You are both dismissed."

We got up in sync of each other and walked out. I didn't know what to do right now.

"We will go back to the room and speak," he said as he walked a specific direction. "Students to not need to hear anything we have to say."

I followed behind, deflated. I couldn't figure anything out to say to him really. I was lost in what I needed to do.

We entered the room and I was met with my cat wrapping himself around me. "Love!" I picked him up and cuddled him.

"He is not so unpleasant," Hieronyous said as he went and sat at his desk. "he seems rather comfortable here and talkative... though I am not so sure I want to know what he speaks of."

"Thank you for taking him," I said, as I sat at the small table in his room. I placed my cat down on the floor and he went and hopped on the bet where he promptly went to sleep.

He sighed as he moved his chair and faced me. "What was going through your mind? You could have..."

I was staring at him surprised he was growling at me as he spoke his accent was rather heavy as he spoke this way.

"You were truly foolish, I would have thought that this marriage would have taught you more then with the way you reacted!" he was now leaning on his hands again. "Do you realize what could have happened if you died?"

I took a deep breath, I had to handle this delicately as I was not Lilly and I believe that is what he was seeing before him, "I didn't know what was happening. I was lost. I told you that in the letters. I was dealing with my parents. I am not familiar with all the creatures that can be here and I doubt you are as well. Did you expect my parents to know a bad guy from a good? They are not even to know of this world and yet you expect them to protect me?!"

"No, I expect nothing from your parents, they are simple," he said nonchalantly, "I expect you to know better. You may have figured it out but that did not mean you need to challenge it."

"I didn't," I sighed, "It came to me... you don't get it. This was my parents they were sick! Terribly sick! What was I to do? let it take them. They have no place in this world, they are different and they know that but that doesn't stop me from loving them!"

"I don't mean it like that," he took a deep breath in surprise of my reaction. "Look, I should..."

I looked at him, "what? I did everything that I have been told and followed the rules. I never broke any as long as I knew I needed to do the right thing."

"I should have made you stay," he growled as he looked at me.

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#56 Post by Xenostatica » Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:30 pm

I gulped and got up quickly. I had not been expecting that.

"I've always believed that it is better if the wild seeds should be kept here and watched. If that would have happened then this would not have occurred," he said shaking a little.

I sighed, "Oh..."

"You almost lost your life," he said getting up slowly and began pacing back and forth, I noticed he was holding a different book from usual. "You may not understand the importance of your life right now but you are not the only one that you are living for now."

I felt a tugging at my throat something was tightening and I struggled a little and coughed.

"What is it?" he had moved close enough to me that I could feel his warmth on my skin.

"It's just I am tired," I said and held my throat.

"Yes, this is true," his hand was closed around something that was dangling out of the book. "you have to understand that I was only trying to protect you... the permission was not hidden."

"You are lying," I hissed at him suddenly anger filled my mind, "My father read the permission slip explain about trips off campus and that they would need to give it to me..."

He blinked at me, "No, the letter was not glamored or anything. Sue there is no reason to try and trick them. You didn't belong there. You had been doing your best but even I could tell from your letters you were spending too much crying."

"Why would my father lie to me?" I was shaking with anger. "WHY? Are you saying that they would willing give me up?" I looked him in the eyes waiting for his answer.

His eyes that had been stern now melted away and were now showing me a something of kindness, "Yes, I believe that they knew in their heart that you had become truly different. Understand that you are different and I don't just mean as a student. You are a young woman ... you have been married and you have experienced things that they couldn't imagine..."

I got up and walked out. I didn't want to hear it. I felt my heart sank as I thought on everything. When I heard this door open I ran.

I hide away in my dorm. Ellen was waiting for me.

"Sue?" she said as I slammed the door and locked it.

"Did you know?" I growled at her, "did you know he was going to send that part of the letter?"

She looked at me rather sadly, "yes, I told him too..."

I stumbled back and landed on the other bed. "Ellen?!"

"Sue, you couldn't survive there, you almost didn't!" she said trying to stay calm. "You didn't need to be going through that. You did nothing wrong but they tried to treat you more as a burden then as a daughter... Sue that is why I didn't go home and asked them to forget me..."

"Why? They signed it freely!" I began weeping before her, "They told me it was something else and then signed it. I never read it! They they... they threw me away..."

"No! no...Sue they just knew they couldn't handle it anymore," she had come over and was petting my hair. "They couldn't possibly do it for as long as they did. Holidays, sure, you only saw them for a short time but the summer? It was too long and they could tell there was a difference from us then them..."

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#57 Post by Xenostatica » Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:31 am

I sighed, "I blamed him..."

She smiled softly and hugged me, "Sue, you got to understand there was nothing underhanded happening. He was truly worried about you."

"Oh yeah, great way of showing it," I wiped my eyes and sighed. "I guess I would need to apologize to him... Ellen what if?"

"What if's don't get anything done," she said as she pushed me out of the room and locked the door.

I tried to bang to get in and panicked when I saw him come down the hall. I took a few breathes and waited for him to come to me.

Before he could say anything I blurted out, "I am sorry... I ...Ellen told me everything and I am sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. In all actuality I should be thanking you because you saved me..."

He was taken back as I had been rather loud. "It is okay Sue, I should have been clear in what I was saying, if you please," he made a simple gesture to follow him.

I nodded and followed after him. We returned to his room and as I sat in the chair I got whacked by my cat who was sitting on the table waiting.

He let out a low chuckle as he thought it was rather funny that my cat would pop me for something I had done.

"I was afraid," he said as he stood before me. "I feared that I had made a mistake in allowing you to return home. You have a lot to learn and yet you are so advance even now I worry about what lies ahead."

"You can't expect me to just sit and learn, experience comes from learning from situations as well," I said lowly, "I didn't know. I had just figured that I could handle a guy wanting my attention... though he wanted to cut the string... he tried to erase you in a way I guess..."

He cleared his throat, "String? erase? What do you mean?"

I deep breath and explained the whole battle that had occurred. I went as far as I could without going into my dreams. I was worried what he would say.

"Where does the string come in?" he asked as soon as I finished.

I sighed and could feel my cheeks flush, "I had a dream... actually there were three dreams..."

I went into all three and explained them carefully because I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. I wasn't sure if I wanted him to think that I expected him to be on the other end of the string.

"Well, these are interesting," he said and thought on the information that I had just given to him. "The string, it is an Asian belief but you didn't know that before so it is unusual that it expressed itself in such a manner. You might have had that dream because of what that creature had said about erasing the scent..." He was enthralled with the idea, "My family is not a secret to other beings so the thought he might be familiar to my "scent" is not a far stretch, Sue. You did marry into a powerful family and that comes with some unfortunate issues so not surprised. I will have to think on all of this... why not go and rest for now. It has been long for you..." He walked over to the door and opened it for me to leave.

I laid against the wall and sighed softly. I couldn't bring myself to tell them that I was wanting him to tell me that it was him on the other end... I let myself lay before his door.

I could hear my cat meowing gently to him and then I could hear him, "I couldn't do it... I couldn't tell her that I needed her... that I had wanted to...I will resist it right now, no, you may think she needs that but she can't... she won't..."

I got up quickly and the bits I had heard were not something I was suppose to know. I turned bright red and ran back to the room and banged for Ellen to let me in.

I ran to my bed and hid my face from her.

"Sue?! Was he that mean?!" Ellen said rushing to my side. "I am going to go tell him something, you are still recovering..."

I popped up from under my pillow, "No!!! I just..." I could feel myself turning bright red and my cheeks burned.

"You are burning up, I'll go get the Professor!" she went to the door.

"No, Ellen I am embarrassed ... I overheard him talking to someone about me and I wasn't suppose to..." I nodded at her, "You do understand right?"

Her eyes got wide and she ran over and hopped on the bed, "So?"

"I don't know," I busted into giggles. "If it was something that I think maybe he is the one...the string..."

"You had a fate dream!!!" Ellen started to dance.

"No no... it wasn't like that," I recounted the dream for Ellen.

"Okay and how is that not a fate dream?" she asked annoyed.

"Because I don't even know if he had tugged back," I said sadly. "You see I chickened out and didn't ask if he dreamed of me..."

"Oh Sue," she chuckled. "I am sure there is something to this, ask him!"

"Later..." I said slowly. "I need to rest everything around has made me tired... maybe I will find a way to the kitchen and cook for you..."

Ellen grinned, "Thank the stars!!! I need real cooking!"

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That's awesome! I loved her overhearing what he said. It had my heart melting!!

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*squeals* A part of me just wants Grabiner to tell Sue everything he's feeling, but of course that would be out of character for him...

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I agree with carolynrose! =D
this is getting better and better every time you update :D

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