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The dream that I was having began with me being a young girl playing with my friends as I got older this feeling that I was different so I started to separate my friends and then there is the time I was sitting alone weaving. In weaving the hemp I created jewelry that I believed protected my family and made wishes come true. It had been a fad that the girls were into and just as quickly became out of style but I kept going and making them and giving them away and out. My mother was the only one who kept them and wore them. She probably doesn't remember. As I thought on it I hear someone scream wake up.

I got up early. I felt completely rested. I looked over at Ellen who had curled up with my cat in the opposite direction. She was murmuring in her sleep about the results of something. I didn't bother to listen because I probably wouldn't understand anyway. I grabbed the small dolls that I had put under my pillows before I fell asleep and kissed them as I placed them in a spot in my bead box that sat on my desk. I grabbed my clothes and closed the door so that I wouldn't wake Ellen up as I changed. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

My parents and Ellen weren't up yet so I decided I would make a breakfast meal. I walked down stairs and slowly made my way through the house so that I wouldn't wake anyone as I moved around. The silence of the house was an odd comforting now that I had a friend around. I didn't feel like the lack of noise was so strange and unfamiliar. Maybe it was because I felt better about her being there with us. What better way to do so then making a breakfast for her? I worked hard on the breakfast quiche, I also set up the coffee pot and a tea kettle. I worked on chopping fruit when my mother had entered the kitchen.

"Eh? what's this?" my mother said as she sat down at the table. I quickly grabbed a cup and poured her some hot water from the now scream kettle. I added the loose leaf and let it steep for a few minutes before adding the honey and milk. She watched with interest as I served the tea to her.

"You might like it this way," I said as I returned to chopping the fruit down to bite size.

My father came in next and grumbled to my mother about coffee. I pushed gently back into the seat and got his coffee together. He was easy, coffee black with two spoons of sugar. I set it before him and returned to the small platter of fruit that I had arranged with apples, oranges, grapes and cantaloupe.

I pulled the quiche out and here the movement coming from the floor above. Soon Ellen joined the table and set a tea cup before her with some items she could add to it, "Sorry, I don't know how you like it," I got the plates out and put each one in front of everyone, including myself and brought the quiche over from the over and set it on a heat protected mat and then cut each person a piece and served it to them.

The meal got everyone chatting and laughing, waking them up to a good morning was a thoughtful plan and made it easier for us to integrate Ellen in on the morning.

When she took a bit of the quiche, she looked over at me, and grinned in surprise, "This is great! I haven't had this before..."

My father took a bite, "Hmm, it's pretty good, getting closer to your grandmother's recipe but your aren't there yet." Even with that said he had three more slices before declaring he was done and going to work. He soon left us sitting at the table alone.

My mother leaned over and kissed me on the head, "No worries, it was wonderful. He is just hard on you because he loves you. You know that if it was bad or you messed up he would have thrown it out," She got up and took the plates to the sinks, "Oh and you cleaned while you were cooking so the only mess was the dishes. You are so good, getting better. One day you'll be a great wife!" She laughed softly and then turned to Ellen, "You are free to join us as Sue has practice or you can do whatever you feel like, since you aren't familiar with the neighborhood I would stress just waiting for Sue if you have to get stuff from the store because it can be confusing here." She then went humming along as she started on the dishes.

Ellen looked over at me surprised and shock. She said nothing but helped me clear the dishes from the table.

We went to my room after we finished cleaning up.

"You're free to do what..." I was going to say when I noticed her glare.

"What was that about? You wonderful, I never had anything like that!" she puffed out her cheeks to show she was annoyed. "I mean really what does he expect?"

"He expected some one like you, " I smiled, "Don't let it bother you. For him that is a compliment, so I am okay with it. Anyway! Enough of that. Why don't you work on your notes down stairs while I play with my mom and then we will start on a plan I had," I put my finger to my mouth as I said the last bit.

She nodded and grabbed a pen and her note pad and we went down stairs where my mother was waiting for us. The practice last three hours. She was really hard on me for a change. She would smack my hand gently every time I misplaced a finger and then would move them to correct the position. I could hear giggling every time I messed up the tune which then in turn made my mom giggle and in the end we would all be laughing, which is the reason why my practice ran for so long.

At one o'clock as always my mother got ready and headed out wishing us a good afternoon.

"Where is she going?" Ellen asked as she followed me down the stairs.

"She is going to her daily news of gossip in this town," I shrugged as we entered the kitchen, I began gathering the items needed to be prepared for tomorrow. I pulled out strawberries, blue berries, kiwi and some other fruits. "We are going to chocolate cover the strawberries and everything else we need to get patted down and ready. We will make the cake ahead of time so that it is ready for tomorrow."

"What about your parents seeing it?" she asked as I started getting the stove and the pan ready for the chocolate to be melted.

"Oh that's easy. I have that box in the panty that the cake will go in and cool in the refrigerator so that tomorrow we can decorate and icy the cake," I said. "You don't have to do anything just kick back and watch." I began working. Every now and then I would ask her to ready the recipe for me to do the next step. She would oblige and then return to her notes when finished.

At one point she stopped and looked over at me, "What are you going to give him?"

"OH, I was wondering if you were going to ask about that," I said I was pouring batter into pans. "Well, do you know the bracelets you wear till it falls off?"

She shook her head at me, "No... not really."

"Well, they are relationship bracelets, whether you were it with your friends or with boyfriend maybe even parents," I explained, "You usually pick a stone bead that matches with what you are wanted associated with the bracelet, you then weave the bead with hemp threads, colored or not, then you give it to the person who is suppose to tie it to their wrist and wear it till it falls off," I explained as I slipped the cakes in the oven. "So when the bracelet fell off the wish comes true... whatever it was that the bracelet represented."

She raised an eyebrow, "WHAT?! really, you were making charms this whole time?!"

I sat down across from her, "What do you mean?"

"Charms, you know, what we create and put energy too," she thought a moment, "You probably did many for your friends right?"

I shook my head slowly, "There was one or two friends, all the other ones I would undo and reuse the threading and beads... but now that you explain it like that, it make sense."

"You've been using magic this whole time and never realized it!" she was thinking on it and then said, "Can you show me?"

"Well, if you would let me finish, I don't know if it is magic but it is something that I use to do and kept doing until I left for school," I said rubbing my arm, "I wanted to make each of us one and then..."

She raised her eyebrow, "Wow, bold. You're going to make him one too?"

"I wanted to make us a set of chokers, I would show you how to make them and we could make Virginia's together, I would make yours and you could make mine, I would then make the bracelet for him and a matching one for me," I said feeling my cheeks start burning.

"Wow, you would show me?" she was surprised.

"Sure, why not? I mean you are my friend, you can practice on mine and then Virginia's would look really nice, I'll put a clasp on them so that we can take them off , of course," I smiled at her, "I don't know what the rules are about jewelry and stuff so better safe then losing something like that."

Ellen grinned at me, "You figured it out, huh? what about writing him?"

As I looked over to answer my mom came into the kitchen, "What are you doing?" she looked over at Ellen and waved at her.

"Making preps for tomorrow and talking about bracelets," I said shrugging at her.

"Like the ones you use to make? I would love one actually my old one broke, I felt like it was so lucky," she said sitting down at the table. "You know Ellen, she bought all that stuff on her own? She wanted to learn how to do it and her father told her no because he thought it would be wasted. This didn't stop her, so she would get up early go to every house in the neighborhood and offer to do their lawns, chores or any little thing to make a few dollars. By the end of the summer she had made more then enough to buy two weaving tools. She always wanted to have a weaving party," she stopped talking for a moment, "But she really didn't have friends so the party never happened...."

"MOTHER!" I was shocked she had said that and turned bright red.

Ellen laughed for a moment, "Oh ma'am it is no problem, I was the same way... so it is great that we went to this school and allows us to be friends." She smiled at me and continued, "She has been able to teach me a lot and I, her. So I am grateful to have a friend like her."

I jumped up quickly and rushed to the oven to pull the cakes out. My mother's eyes lit up as she watched me set them on the oven.

"Well it was suppose to be a surprise anyway but since you are home, I am working on the first part of the cake," I said solemnly as if she had discovered me doing something wrong. "They have to cool and then removed and put in the fridge, can you make sure that father doesn't eat them? We are going to go make bracelets..."

My mother chuckled, "Good thing you said something to me, I might have take a piece myself. I will let your dad know you have plans for these."

We got up and left my mother to her own devices and went up stairs. I went to the closet that I had told Ellen not to open and pulled out some small boxes. I gave her two and held two of my own before we entered my room.

"Okay so let's begin," I said as I began pulling everything out of the boxes. "This actually won't take us long, just the number we are going to make will keep us busy."

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this is great! Keep it up! :D

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Even my hubby is loving this and can't wait for more. I swear I'm checking from my phone every hour I'm at work waiting for more. I love how you incorporated the worry stone and wish/worry dolls. I manage a metaphysical shop and it's nice to see something like that in here and used properly. Anxiously awaiting the next installment. :D

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Every time that I find out that you have written a new part to this story makes the highlight of my day. Im looking forward to reading more of this during my summer vacation :D

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As I sat there with Ellen, I showed her,by example,several ways that she could weave the threads into designs. She would often pick up a bead and smile at it before she would attempt to place it into the setting that would be its home after she finished weaving it. She caught on quickly and was keeping up with me. Slowly, we weaved the threads, with each knot and beads placed we'd focus on the emotions that we wanted to convey with the chokers and the bracelets. We could feel the energy coming off of each other as the deeper we focused on our work.

My mother came in at one point and said, "It’s so warm in here, maybe you should open the window so it cools down..." as she went to open the single window before my desk.

"No, thanks," we said at the same time not looking up from our hands and tools.

"Oh okay, so then no dinner for either of you?" she asked as she went back to the door.

"No, we are going to be up late, I will make something if we get hungry but breakfast was enough for me," I said breaking my glaze to look up and smile at her.

Ellen joined my actions and smiled at my mother, "It’salright, we want to get this done before I go back to school."

"Oh well enjoy yourselves," she said and shut the door.

We giggled to each other when she left and then we returned to our project.

When my father got home he came to see what we were doing but soon got bored with the whole thing and left to go eat dinner.

My parents went to bed earlier then normal so that they could be ready for the party the next day.

Once we were sure that they were not going to wake up anytime soon. We snuck down stairs and raidedthe kitchen for fruit and water. After the small snack I pulled everything out of their hiding spots and set them before us on the table.

"Now we will organize the cakes and then decorate them," I whispered to Ellen as I began removing the cakes from the cooled pans. There werethree layers and each onewas a different color. I was matching the frosting to the colors of their wedding so the bottom was black for my father's tux, green was the middle because that was the other color that decorated everything in their photos and then my mother's symbol was the white frosting. We slowly applied each color to the levels then arranged them with a fruit filling separating the cake’s layers. We then applied fruit to the top and down the sides making the blue berries and mandarin oranges represent falling stars, and the strawberries were the two loves meeting under the apple sliced moon that topped the cake. By the time we were done it was about three in the morning. We carefully placed it into the box and into the fridge so it wouldn't melt.

Returning to my room we sat quietly looking out the window we opened.

"The cake is pretty," Ellen said staring at the stars.

I sighed softly and started to pet my cat, "itsokay... not the best, they could have bought better."

"What? NO there is so much meaning in the cake, an understanding of love and connections," she said her eyes reflected the stars from the sky. "You seem to be in touch with that feeling, you are ...married," she whispered the last part, "So you know that longing..."

"No, it isn't the same, they care for each other and say that often," I pulled my legs to my chest. "I was put into a position that neither of us could fight. I'm sure somewhere inside he doesn't see anything else but a student that needs guiding."

Ellen sighed, "I don't think that at all, I just think he is so use to having his heart closed off and now you are here, not being afraid of him, standing before him, willing to argue with him and showing him that you can care for him. I'm sorry what man couldn't resist that?!" She threw herself back.

"He can resist it," I said smiling, "He is strong, powerful and has dealt with things that we can only a naive girl tellinghim, I love you ... seems like he would take those words as foolishand cruel joke meant to get a reaction out of him. Even if I mean it with all my heart I think he could still turn his back on me." I was now rubbing the stone gently and staring at it, it resonated with warmth.

"I think you need sleep, he cares about you more then a student, but you’rejust going to have to go at his pace, as I think he is slow to realize it himself," she yawned and curled up with that cat.

"Let's go to sleep, we'll be busy for tomorrow," I said burling up next to them.

Ellen beat me to wake, and woke me up when my mother started calling for us. We rushed down stairs as not to upset her on her special day.

"Okay girls," my mother commanded. "We will be busy and the guests start showing at 3. I bought you matching shirts to wear so everyone will know who you two are." She brought the bag out and handed each of us a polo shirt with our names embroideredon them. "Okay go get ready."

We rushed upstairs got cleaned up and dressed. We wore jeans with the polos and put our hair up so it wouldn't get in the way. We then returned to my mother who barked out orders to us until people started showing up.

After everyone had arrived and was served, Ellen and I disappeared into the kitchen to eat, and to leave the adults in peace out on the patio.

"Wow, your mother seems to really care about how people see her," she said chugging down a bottle of water.

"Yup, we are free labor and since we look good that makes it easy for them to just ignore us or say how wonderful that we would help my parents out," I sighed as I put a wet towel on my head.

There was clinkingof glass as cheers and congrats were made to the couple. That was our queue to take out the cake. We carried it together and made the grand entranceand stood beside it as my father made a speech about how family and friends are important and that their marriage couldn't have made it without the support of others. They cut the cake and we served it out to everyone. When everyone got one my mother guided us all into the house before the piano.

Clarience stepped through the crowd and pulled me with him. I looked over at Ellen shocked. He wasn't supposedto be here.

"Tonight, we will play together for Sue's parents to show our appreciation of their talents and skills of making a wonderful marriage last," he bowed and I curtsied,then sat at the piano with him. "Just follow me and you'll do fine."

I sighed and began mimickinghis fingering on my end of the piano. It felt like the song lasted forever and every now and then I would miss the key and the crowd would laugh but continued to listen to us. When we were finished we got back up and stood before the people this time we both bowed. As I went to leave he grabbed my arm and pulled me in to try and kiss me. I panicked and ducked. He landed a kiss on my forehead which made everyone aww, except for Ellen who could see my eyes swell with tears. I held it back and recovered slow and moved from him.

"I just wanted to show her that I appreciated that Sue assisted me with playing the piano for your gift, "he grinned at my father who nodded.

The party continued, but Ellen went to my mother and talked to her for a moment and then grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. Once we reached far enough away that no one would hear I let myself cry. She just put my head on her should and stood there. She hummed as the tears stained her shirt.

Clarience came outside, "Ellen is it? What’swrong with Sue? Oh was it her first kiss... I am so sorry about stealing it but I...."

"Shut up," she said. "There is someone else that she is in love with. You are so lucky he isn't here, he would haveshowed you what it means to embarrassand try to ruin a girl." She moved me gently, "You better go back inside and enjoy your lime light before I let her beat you so bad you won't be able to play any more...." she returned to me and whispered nothings at me.

I looked over at him, "You better leave me alone now, you got a kiss and I have no interest in you. You show yourself before me without my mother around, I will show you a darkness that will make you wish for death!" My glare must havescared him because he rushed back into the house. I slid to the ground. "He won't have me now, a broken promise...."

"You didn't break anything and I will explain what happened. You write the letter and make the bracelet for him," she explained helping me up. "Then if there is anything that needs answering will explain itbecause I was there." She smiled at me and wiped my tears with her shirt. "Let's go in, we can just hide in your room and work on the project."

We slid past everyone and my parents didn't even bother to look for us when it was time to clean. We could hear them talking and laughing as we worked on our chokers.

Neither my mother nor my fatherbothered us the rest of the time that Ellen was there. This was good because we were able to finish the items the day before she had to go back.

"Okay let's write a letter to Virginia together and send it off today," Ellen said and that is what we did. We took turns writing the stories that went on during the week and what the reaction was and the items the Grabiner had given me. She couldn't be left out of the loop as she was our friend. We placed the choker in the envelopeand sealed it together and walked it out to the mail box. With a high five we returned to the room and grabbed the bracelet for my mother.

She was inside doing lessons. She was trying not to pay any attention to us, but couldn't ignore us when we walked up beside her. We both hugged her and when she turned to us, we held up the bracelet and placed it in her hand and left her to the lesson with the little girl.

In the room we laughed softly and then turned to each other, "For friendship, love and protection," we handed each other the chokers and put them on. We looked at each other seriously but soon fell off the bed laughing because we couldn’treally keep a straight face as we were so happy to finish everything and get to spend time together.

"Now, I will work on my notes and you write him a letter, an honest letter with all your feelings and then include the bracelet," she said and handed me some paper she had that was a soft purple color and on the envelope there was a moon and stars embossed on the front. I smiled as I took them from her.

She got comfortable on my bed and began reading a large note book I hadn't seen before. "Write... so I can give it to him."

I sat at the desk and nodded to her before I took a breath and grabbed my pen. I sat there and started to shake a little.

"Don't worry he will understand," she said not looking over at me.

I laughed weakly and put the pen to the paper. I could feel something flowing out of me and I began writing:

Dear Hieronymous,

I will begin with thank you for the items that you have given me. The worry stone with its warmth and the indentation in it allows me to hold it and feel as if everything that is wrong slips away. The worry/ wish dolls have allowed me to sleep with peace of mind. Thank you for caring enough to send peace of mind for me.

To inform you the truth about my mother remembering you is from the yearbook I brought home with me. She went through all my stuff and found the book to see what she could find out what happened through the year. When she found all the comments it cause her to freak out and so that's why she "knew" who you were. My apologize for the mess up.

I am torn right now because of a situation. While having to play a duet with one of my mother's students, he had the nerve to try and kiss me in front of everyone. My anger flared but I held back and said nothing, I managed to dodge the kiss enough that it landed on my forehead. Thanks to Ellen I was able to get out of the house where everyone thought it was cute and she let me cry. I felt as if I had done something wrong because I couldn't prevent him from defiling me in some manner. This was the same boy that my mother wanted me to be with during the summer. I don't have a clue that would make a timid guy take things into his own hands.

I have not really spoken to my parents since then. I feel that if I did talk to them I would hold them responsible for the whole mess and take it out on them. With the rift that is growing between my parents and myself I could see this being the final straw. I have chosen not to put myself into this position.

And again I have written to you simply to express the emotions that I should be able to hide away. Please understand that I do not do this so that I can have you fix my problems but to know the kind of things that bother me or break me a little inside. I want you to know the good and the bad about it. I should not be ashamed to tell you things but even right now my cheeks are red and I am embarrassed just doing this.

As you can tell that I think of you more and more and now that I have the stone it is something physical that I can hold to it allow my hands hold onto something of your warmth.

Yours Truly Sue

P.S. I have included a small item for you to hold onto as thanks.

My hands shook as I placed the letter in the envelope and then added the bracelet. I sealed the envelope and kissed the flap.

Ellen was now watching me and with a warm smile held out her hand to take it from me.

"How are you going to give it to him?" I asked as I handed it to her.

"I am going to put it in this book and give it to him right before you," she said slipping it into the notebook that she had been reading. "This is his personal notes for the project I am working on and he wanted me to review it. So you can see him get it, not because you don't trust me, but so he can sense it there in the book. Your energy is different from mine so he will be able to tell," she stretched and laid beside my cat.

My jaw was on the ground, "You...YOU.... oh god..." I shrunk in the chair and cuddled myself. "But but..."

"Don't worry, it will be great, besides he is suppose to be there waiting for me to arrive tomorrow," she smiled, "Never know if I have things that he needs to help me a piece of that cake or something?"

I grabbed a pillow off my bed and smashed it into her.

My cat jumped out of the way and took off out of the room. Ellen wiggled from under the pillow and took the other pillow and slammed it into my face. We continued this way until we were totally exhausted and there were feathers everywhere and my mother was yelling down stairs that we had better not broke anything.
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I really appreciation everyone commenting and giving their opinions. I was actually scared of writing this because everyone has their own ideas of what happens over the summer and who should end up with their characters. So, thank you, thank you so much!

That's really cool, Lady. My family has some curanderos (Mexican witches) in the family and I read tarot cards so I wanted to incorporate something of that into the character's life. My friend had her worry stone and she gave me the idea for the stone!

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We got settled into bed as we were going to be leaving early to get her back to school when she said she would return.

After an hour or so everyone was asleep, everyone except me. I slipped out of bed slowly and tipped toed down stair. I worked quietly as I put together a dozen cupcakes together so that Ellen could take them back with her. I originally was only going to make six but something in the back of my mind made me think she was going to need more then that. I made everything from scratch and piped everything once it cooled and put them in a disposable cupcake holder. My mother had a few left around from back when I did bake sales for school. Once safely in the fridge I tired to return to bed but could make it up the stairs and ended up sleeping on the couch.

My father woke me up at one point before he left for work. He helped me upstairs and left me at my door before leaving.

Ellen woke me up when my alarm started going off, "Time to get ready and go. What's the matter? You look like you didn't sleep at all. Are you okay?"

My mother came in as I was getting dressed and called Ellen downstairs. I worked as fast as I could to get ready and was soon knocked over on the bed as Ellen hugged me hard.

"You didn't have to do that!" she cried into my shoulder as I patted her on the head.

"Yes, I did. You need something to snack on when you are working on your project so why not cupcakes? I made enough so that you could share, cause I know someone will want one so you hide the six for you and..." I was getting tired as I talked so I got up and finished dressing and then went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

Once we were finish, my mother packed the lunch, Ellen made sure she had everything and we packed everything up we left.

My mother made me sit in the back and her and Ellen talked as I soon found myself sleeping.

The trip felt like it went fast then it had when it was just my mother and I. No dreams came to me and the sleep was restless but I didn't wake up till my mother announced that is would only be an hour till we got there.

I grabbed the keyboard again and sat there waiting for the moment of when her mood would change.

It was like clock work, thirty minutes away form the school she began lethargic and wasn't smiling anymore. Ellen was surprised by the reaction she had.

"Sue..." she looked back at me.

I nodded slowly and began playing chopsticks at the wrong setting on the keyboard.

"No no no... set it to the third switch not the second one," she snapped out of the spell and directed me. "Okay now try."

We spent the last thirty minutes trying to figure out what scales would be good for a melody for a school song and how one should sing when accompanying a piano.

Ellen watched in surprise as I worked through the spell with ease. Not that it was really easy, it was just I figured around it.

Ellen watched as I distracted my mother all the way to the entrance of the school.

As we came to the front of the school I was extremely surprised that not only was Hieronymous was standing there but also Professor Potstdam. They were standing by the curb talking to each other about something important as both their faces looked stern.

My mother pulled up right near them.

Ellen got out and greeted both of them. Their faces changed, well Potstdam's famous smile appeared and Hieronymous' face just switched to a calm look as Ellen came up to them.

I got out of the care slowly and went to the trunk. I began pulling the bags out and putting them on the edge of the curb. My mother joined me and we both grabbed bags to carry over to the group. Ellen was carrying the cupcakes with her.

"Good Afternoon Professors," I said with a soft smile.

"Hello sunshine," Professor Potstdam said coming over to me. She gave me a big hug and whispered, "good going..." She then straightened up, "Ah the mother of one of my favorite students. It is a pleasure to meet you."

My mother couldn't help but smile, "Oh my, thank you so much. It is very pleasant to meet you as well."

Ellen walked to me and grinned as she nudged me in the side, "look" she whispered as she went for one of the bags.

I looked over to Hieronymous and realized there was a soft smile on his face as he opened the notebook for a moment and then quickly shut it. His stern face reappeared just as quickly as our eyes met. He walked over and reached for the bags that my mother was holding, "I'll take these ma'am. It was a pleasure to see you again." He stepped back as he held the bags in one hand and the notebook in the other.

Professor Potstdam reached out and took the cupcakes from Ellen, "I'll take these so you can carry the rest of your bags and give everyone your good byes. Sue, we will see you when school begins, it is only two weeks away so I hope you are ready to get back to your books."

Ellen allowed the professor to take the cupcakes, "Ma'am Sue made these so that we could share them..." she made a gesture that seemed to signal the three of them in it.

Potstdam nodded and smiled, "Thank you so much Sue. We will leave you two to say good bye," she turned and walked back toward the school and stopped by Hieronymous and he took it as a signal and followed her back to the building.

Ellen turned back and hugged my mother tight, "Thanks so much for taking me to your house and letting me spend time with Sue."

My mother smiled and tears ran down her cheeks, "If you need anything just tell Sue and we will get it for you dear. It was wonderful for you to be with us for the short time you were. I will consider you a daughter now."

Ellen smiled and nodded at her and then she turned toward me, "Thank you for sharing everything and being my best friend. I will work on the weaving and this choker, I will never take it off... I will be happy when school starts."
Her eyes started watering.

I pulled a handkerchief out of my pocket, "Here, don't cry. I'm not going to be far behind you, only two weeks and we will be causing trouble and studying. Enjoy the cupcakes. I'll let you know what Virginia says in her letter. SO I'll see you later." I hugged her tight.

We watched her turn and walk back to the school. When she disappeared behind the door we took that as our signal that it was now time for us to take our leave.

The ride home was a silent one.

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noo...cliffhanger! D': Oh well, i can wait long enough for the next installment *goes into kitchen to nibble on toast* om nomnomnomnom :3
this toast and the story are both awesome =D

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Sitting on the tip of my chair...checking a lot if the next part is up...feeling 16 again :D

Keep up the good work.

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Oh my gosh this so awesome! Thank you so much for writing this. I cannot wait for the next part. I absolutely L-O-V-E Grabby and I was sad that the story got cut off when the game ended so this just perfect! *Fan girl squeal* Keep up the good work! :wink:

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The silence was met with us not stopping to eat the picnic that was packed.

My mother began looking ill. Her skin started to look pasty and her breathing became irregular. She was moving slightly sluggish and at one point,as she drove,she started to fall asleep. Thankfully,I was paying attention so that I could grab the wheel and get us out of situation, however, as I struggled with the wheel, she was startled awake, and took it back and continued home.

As we parked there was Clarience, he was sitting on our porch.

"Oh dear, did I not tell you no practice love," my mother struggled to get out of the car. I rushed to her side and gently pulled her to her feet.

"Oh ma'am, it's okay, your house is walking distance from the place I am staying so there is no trouble, are you okay?" he hesitated from moving to her when he saw me watching him.

She pushed off of me and tried to walk on her own when he rushed over to catch her. "I'm just feeling under the weather," she explained. "If you want to practice, Sue can help you out and you can teach her..." she started coughing as she finished her sentence.

I never seen someone get so sick so quickly, she was now sweating as she reached the door she dropped the keys.

"Mother," I grabbed the keys and unlocked the door when I went to grab her, Clarience pulled her away, "Give her to me so I can put her to bed..."

"Dear, let him take me in," she batted at my hands. "Go ahead Clarience, up the stairs and to the right." She was now leaning against him.

I growled and followed them in and went up stairs. He put her in the bed.

"Okay, Ma'am, you're in your bed, do you need anything else?" he asked softly and brushed her hair out of her face.

I glared at his action, this was making me uncomfortable. I went to grab him and he moved away, "I can go myself. Ma'am I will come back to check on you." He then left.

I rushed down stairs and locked the door. I grabbed the phone and called my father, explained what was going on. He directed me to call the doctor and to keep an eye on her. I followed the orders he had given me. I gave the doctor a call after hanging up with my father, the doctor said that he would be on his way and that when he arrived that he would knock on the door as not to wake the patient so that I should listen for him.

By the time the doctor got there my mother was a little more comfortable with the wet cloth on her forehead. He took it off, checked her vitals, throat, mouth, ears, nose and breathing. He then declared that my mother had a bad flu and just to keep an eye on her. I paid him for coming and returned to her side which I stayed by till my father got home. I gave him the note that the doctor had given me. He read it and nodded and then went to my mother.

After a while he called for me, "She wants soup, maybe a broth, we don't have any but there is some bones in the freezer, make it from scratch, this will give her time to rest," he then shut the door behind him as he returned to her side.

I spent the next six hours sitting by the stove and kept an eye on everything, adding items when I needed to and skimming away the froth that happened when cooking the broth. It was well after midnight when everything was ready. I served a bowl and took it up the stairs to give to my father.

"Thank you," he said as he took everything from me.

In my worry I slid down the wall next to the door and soon fell asleep.

At one point my father walked past me to take the bowl down stairs and I got up out of instinct and followed him down so that I could talk to him.

"Well, how is she?" I yawned and sat at the table.

"She is resting, I called all her students and cancelled for the next week of her piano classes," he said standing by the coffee maker and struggling to get it working.

I walked over and moved him slowly out of the way, as I took his struggle that he wanted some coffee and worked to make him a good brew, "Anything else?"

"I have work in thirty minutes," he said glancing at the clock. "Take care of her, anyone comes to visit send them away."

I nodded as I listened to the machine turned on, "Okay,go get ready and I will have something for you to take and eat on your way to work."

He left me there.

I grabbed a small pan and slid some bread into the toaster. An egg sandwich would work. I scrambled to have everything ready for him.

When he came back to grab everything,I had his lunch packed, the egg sandwich and the thermos of coffee were ready.

"Thank you, don't let anyone up to bother her, if they want tell them to come back when I get home," he said and grabbed everything before leaving. He slammed the door on his way out, I thought,more to let my mother know he was not going to be home now.

I went to my room and climbed into my bed and curled up to sleep, I stared at the stone and held it tight as my eyelids closed and I soon found the sweet comfort in the darkness of my mind.

The sound of someone banging on our door woke me up. I got up and ran down the stairs trying to get there before they woke my mother up.

"Okay, okay..." I opened the door and Clarience was standing there with flowers. "Eh, what do you want?"

"These are for your mother, I just wanted to see how she was doing and sit with her for a while, maybe let you rest," he said holding the flowers out as a peace sign, every time he looked toward me he now cringed.

"Sorry, you are not allowed in. Come back later when my father gets home, you can see her then," I did not touch the flowers.

"Why not just let me in a moment, then I will go," he pulled the flowers away and gave me a look of disappointment.

"I gave you my answer," I moved away and shut the door. I could hear him cursing and making noises. I peeked out the window after a few minutes. The flowers he had were on the ground crushed and stomped on.

I sighed softly and went to the kitchen to clean.

There was a ping in my chest as I felt like something was wrong. He had been twitchy and cowardly to start and as he has come around he has become more and more aggressive. He didn't look directly at me, it was like he was staring at something else.

When I finished cleaning everything I sat at the piano and slowly played whatever came to mind. The sound should keep my mother at ease and she could rest comfortably as she recovered.

My father came home early. He went straight to my mother. He came down after an hour or so.

"Any visitors?" he asked as he sat down at the dinner table. I had just finished putting a dinner together and was warming up the broth for mother.

"Yes, but I sent him off," I said surely of my actions.

"Was that why the flowers where crushed?" he asked lazily, his head in his hands and his eyes closed.

"Yes," I served him a plate. "I will feed mother, you rested." I took the bowl and went up stairs.

When I entered the room, she looked tired but she looked better, "Is that for me?"

I smiled and nodded as I came and sat beside her. I laid the tray with the bowl before her. I would let her attempt on her own before I tried.

As she lifted her spoon I noticed she wasn't wearing the bracelet. I looked around the room and didn't see it. I got up slowly and went to her jewelry box. "Mother, where is your bracelet?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, Clarience liked it so much that I gave it to him..." she said slowly.

Someone's person item, that could be bad...

"I'll give you and father another one, they match though not as special as the one you gave Clarience but it will do," I left the room.

Why did she do that? She never did anything like that? My room was sparkling clean. I walked over to the jewelry box and pulled out two bracelets. I had made extra but I couldn't figure out why, but I had. I looked at the bracelets and sighed, this must of been my reason.

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I struggled with myself a moment. None of this made any sense. I snapped to when there was knocking on the door down stairs.

"Ay yes, you can come in," I could hear my father say.

I moved quickly and quiet into my parents' room. "here we go mother," I quickly placed the bracelet on her wrist. "never take this off, never give to anyone else, please listen to what I say."

My father knocked on the door, "We're coming in..."

He came in slowly and Clarience followed with a new boutique of flowers. He was just far enough behind my father for me to notice his look change from dark and frightening to smiling.

"Visitor, darling, "He said walking over to my mother. She had finished the bowl so father took the tray and handed it to me. I took that as my queue to leave.

I took the tray down stairs and said nothing. I cleaned the bowl and tray and set them to dry. I sighed as I struggled with myself. I did not want to go back up there but something said I needed to return.

I walked up the stairs and heard coughing. I rushed ahead fearful that it was my mother but my father was leaning against the wall outside their room. He looked like he was getting what my mother had. I moved next to him and attached the bracelet.

"What is this..." he seemed to be fading just as quickly.

I struggled and pulled him with me.

When I opened the door my mother looked happy and health. Clarience was sitting in the chair laughing with her.

I raised my eyebrow and said slowly, "Father has caught your illness... I'll lay him next to you, he can't stay up like this."

Clarience watched me as I moved my father to the other side of the bed and laid him down slowly.

"Clarience, you should leave now," I said busy tucking in my father.

My mother sighed, "But he is such good company..."

I glared at her a moment and she stopped, she turned to the boy who was grinning at her, "You should go my dear, you can come back and visit again." She went to reach for him and he cringed a moment and got up quickly.

"You are right ma'am," he smiled and bowed. "I will come again." He turned and walked out of the room.

I followed him down the stairs and made sure he stepped out the door.

"Do not bother coming back," I said and slammed the door.

I walked back up the stairs. I know there is something wrong with him. I searched for words and couldn't figure out what to do. I just needed to keep them away from him. I struggled to figure out what was going wrong.

The mail! I ran to mailbox quickly, I did not want him to catch me outside and alone. I grabbed everything and ran in. I searched through the bills, advertisements and invitations for parties. There before me almost like it was glowing was Virginia's letter. I hugged it tight and ran to my room.

I focused on the letter but was interrupted when my mother called me. I moved quickly and entered the room.

"You were so rude," she said with anger.

"I am sorry," I said slowly. "Father is ill and I wanted him to rest with you."

She looked different. Something was wrong. I ran over and hugged her tight. "I love you, I love father, I will protect you two I promise, no harm. I was so worried that you wouldn't get better and here you are, just rest I will take care of everything..." I could feel like something was slipping away from her and her arms were now around me.

"Oh... your father when did he?" she eyed him slowly and sighed, "works too much and gets sick, it looks bad." She reached for the phone and called the doctor. "He says do as you did with me, seeing as how it worked and all." She rubbed and stretched, "SO..."

"I already started it, you will be fine in a few days," I said. "You rest now, sleep and dream of happy things." I got up and left her with my father who was snoring now.

I sighed and grabbed the letter, I need not to think on everything right now.

The letter:


Just wow! This is beautiful. Thank you so much. I could feel Ellen and your great wishes and cares for me. I am wearing it now as I write to you. It is wonderful. I wish that I could have been there with you two. The party didn't sound that fun.

Oh and this about your cooking?! Why have you not fed me your awesome cakes?! I am so jealous. Your hunny bunny better not get one before me! I mean it friends before boys and cakes before your hubby! Okay not really but come on.

I am ready for school now. Donald is driving me nuts. Do not worry I wrote to Ellen as well so that you both can have my time and my lovely lyrical sentences!

Do not worry as much as I hate to say it, but I am sure that he is thinking of you. Giving gifts are not taken lightly especially when it helps people. Understand that this is weird to write but I am doing it because it is you. So no worries.

Your best friend ever,


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Ahhh, I can't wait to see what happens next! It makes my day every time you update. :D

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I hugged Virginia's letter tight as I curled in bed. I felt like something terrible was wrong and even the comfort of my friend's words was not penetrating my spirit that felt drained and tired.

My cat curled up joining me in the center of the bed. His warmth and sound was the only thing that allowed me to sleep. Had it been two or three days since we took Ellen back? My mind slipped slowly into a deep sleep.

I woke up slowly and rubbed my eyes, my cat was gone and the piano was sounding down stairs. I looked down and realized I had slept in my previous day's clothing. I ran to the bathroom and washed up, slowly the warmth seeped into my body and the aches and pains melted away.

I dressed slowly trying to piece together my mind from the previous days. Something had been wrong but my mind was not focusing on it. The piano playing was beginning to bother me.

I walked down the stairs and my mother was playing the piano. My father was sitting in a chair with a book in hand.

"You are okay?" I asked as I moved closer to them.

"Of course , why would you ask that?" My father placed his book in his lap.
"Your mother wanted me to take the day off so I did, she was just playing to let my nervous relax, with you sleeping in and all I'm surprised you even got up today," he lift the book back up and continue where he left off.

My mother stopped playing for a moment, "It was a pity Ellen couldn't have stayed longer but I understand a smart girl like her has to return to her work." she then started to play again.

Something was really wrong. I noticed that their bracelets were off again.
I walked over to my father, "You weren't suppose to take the bracelet off," I moved over to my mother after that, "I told you not to."

"Oh dear we don't have to, besides tit clashed with my outfit," she said as she didn't stop.

"Where are they?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"In the room on the night stands," she directed me.

I ran up stairs and went to their room. She had been right. They both laid there. I grabbed them and stumbled down the stairs. I had tripped on my own feet and rolled down the stairs.

"OUCH!" I rubbed my head and back as I got up. I limped over to my father and slipped it around his wrist and clipped it on. Taking a moment to breath I waited for my mother to pause and then put the bracelet back on.

"Oh dear, you okay?" she said suddenly, she was looking at the back of my hand that had been holding her wrist, there was a large scrape across the top.

"Yeah, I fell is all," I said slowly.

My father got up and looked at it, "I'll get the med kit." He walked to the bathroom and soon came back with a large box. "Okay, let's see..."

I held out my hand for him and he treated the wound gently.

"There you go, no infection will happen now," he smiled as he walked away to put the med kit back in the bathroom. He said nothing else when he returned to his book.

I rushed to him and grabbed his hand away from the book, "Promise me you will never take that off. It means the world to me if you didn't. It's makes me feel like I can protect you from anything."

He sighed and looked away from our hands and smiled, "I promise."

I turned toward my mother, "Please... this is important to me...."

"Oh mail should be here," My mother said getting up to go out for it.

"I'll get it as soon as you promise," I said smiling.

She eyed me warily and sighed, "I promise even if it clashes with my clothes or if I snag it I will get it repaired."

I took their word on it and like I said I would I walked out the door to the mailbox. I didn't check anything, just grabbed it and headed for the door. I stopped for a moment and looked around. I had this eerie feeling that something was wrong. I ran back into the house, "Mother, how long have I been asleep?"

She stopped playing for a moment and smiled, "Oh you silly, three days almost, when I called the doctor he said it could have been from exhaustion so to let you sleep. It's getting so close for you to go to school and well you should be lazy for a little while, you have... a week I believe."

I stared at her for a moment in shock but recovered slowly trying to recalculate everything that had happened. We return, mom is sick, one day, day two father gets sick, day three, four or five?! I can't think of anything. I look through the mail but it only confirmed my mother's answer, then I stop. His letter is there, everything else that was wrong seemed to have melted away and I only saw the letter. I handed my father the rest of the mail and slipped my letter into my back pocket.

I was heading for the stairs when there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it," I opened it enough for me to see Clarience standing there with a wicked grin.

"Hello, Sue, could I come in?" he asked politely.

My mother yelled at me about who it was.

"Oh someone wanting to talk to me," I yelled back and pushed through the door and then shut it behind me.

"Aww can't..." then he stepped away as he looked at me, his nose wrinkled.

I glanced at him, "What's the matter?"

"Disgusting, you smell," he hissed and moved away from me.

I had bathed and there was no perfume on. "What's that got to do with anything? I told you not to return here. I made myself clear. You do not belong here. I don't know what you are or who you really are but you do not belong anywhere near me or my family," I stayed on the porch.

He glowered at me, "You are so clueless aren't you. All they need to do is take those silly things off and they are vulnerable again. SO easy to convince them, not like you or your friend..." he was trying to get close to me again but something was offending him and his face twisted. "You think you can hide at that little school wild seed, most of your kind can't handle it. You fall, the power takes you and people like me find you..." he went to reach for me but pulled away and cursed, "You were suppose to have taken that off!"

I touched my choker, "This doesn't come off, a promise made to someone I love dearly. Whatever you did to my parents won't work again." I was holding the rock in my hand and rubbing it.

His eyes widened and he snarled at me, "You smell like him... you're foolish prey if you think that he can help you. What did you do? Huh? Did you go see him? I thought I took that smell away with that kiss but it is so strong," he turned and vomited for a moment, but it wasn't normal, in fact it disappeared when it touched the ground.

I glared at him, "I don't know what you are talking about! You don't belong here!" I was standing on the threshold of my house when I could hear the neighborhood dogs starting to howl. "This is my parents' home and a thing like you desecrating it will not occur again. I forbid you from entering here even with invitation. I swear it."

His eyes flicked as he focused on me, "Using your threshold as a barrier is pretty wise, but try and actually face me. YOU got lucky... I don't know how you didn't fall for the trick. Your kind always falls to me."

"You don't have anything to offer me," I stared at him.

His grinned widen for a moment, "I have answers..." His body was shaking and he seemed to be having trouble focusing on me. "Why do you have that smell!!! You were alone, you are alone. They will forget you! They always do and when they forget no one will be able to help you when I come."

I sneered at him, "They can forget me, they can lose me, they can claim they never had me, never knew me, never loved me, but I will know the truth! I will know they loved me and cared for me, helped me grow to who I am now and that is more powerful then you realize! Family, friends, even lovers, they can try to forget but those memories will still exist."

Everything around me was spinning now. I couldn't focus on him well, I felt like I was being drained and darkness was filling my eyes. I fought back and it felt like I was losing. Sharp pain entered my mind and I struggled with what felt like bindings around my soul.

Suddenly I heard my father's voice and felt myself fall. What was going on?

When I woke up I was in bed and the doctor was looking at me. "Oh good you're awake, you just had a little anemia, made you weak, need to eat more iron, dark greens, liver, things like that," he turned to my parents and began speaking quietly to them.

I knew it wasn't that. What was he? What had happened that I needed to fight back? I watched the interaction between my parents and the doctor. They seemed genuinely worried but relieved when he explained to them what to do. Soon they walked the doctor out of my room.

My mother soon returned and was smiling, "Well that is good, you were just neglecting yourself. My fault really but that is okay." She stopped a moment and hesitated, "Oh you were gripping these when we found you..." she handed me the unopened letter and the stone, "Well you should rest now..."

I stared at the items and hugged them.

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hmmm...I wonder who this Clarience boy really is...Possibly... Damien in disguise?

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