Grabiner/ Sue fan story *spoiler*

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Grabiner/ Sue fan story *spoiler*

#1 Post by Xenostatica » Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:07 am

If you haven't gotten one of the endings for Grabby where he tells you to write to him then this is a terrible spoiler!

SO I was thinking on what would led the Sue of the game to gain the nerve to write other then the awesome and sweet kiss... even if it was a greeting feeling one. So here is what I thought that would lead to that first step and a letter. If it seems people like it I will try to finish it off but let me not get ahead of myself.


I was still smiling and in shock from the kiss still. I was trying not to let on to what had happened. When my room mates came back from the dance I acted like I was asleep listening to them talk about how fun the dance was and all the excitement they had. I simply smiled as I fell into a deep slumber.

Ellen was the one who woke me, "Are you ready? Going home and everything with your parents, will you be okay?"

I rubbed my eyes and looked at her and smiled weakly, "Yeah, it was my choice right? Can't regret it now. What time is it?"

"It's about ten in the morning," Virginia said walking in while munching on a cookie she had stashed somewhere.

"So this is it for this year?" I looked at the blanket and sighed as I slammed myself back into the bed. "Are we going to even get to see each other? I mean can we? Ellen is staying here and Virginia, you are going home..."

"We can write!" Ellen said trying to cheer me up.

Her answering that way made me giggle a little, to think he had the same answer instead of even attempting to ask me to stay. "You are right, we can write to each other," I held out my hand, "Let's promise to do that at least."

Virginia slammed her hand on top of mine and we both turned toward Ellen. She laughed softly and placed her hand on top. I slapped my hand over hers and we soon had a hand topping hand competition which led us to fall to the ground laughing in a hysterics that didn't stop till we heard a knock.

"V, time for us to take off," William said from the other side. "You ready."

Virginia grinned really wide, "Yeah, give me a minute! Okay quick write your addresses down where you want to have me write you all and I will give you mine too." We all scribbled quickly where we would be spending time together. When we finished she gave us a big hug and took off. "See you two next year!" she shouted as she ran after her brother.

Ellen turned toward me and smiled, "So about last night?"

I raised an eyebrow at her and as she sat on my bed I jumped up. "What do you mean?" I started getting dressed, "I was..."

"You weren't asleep and at one point I was worried so I came back to check on you and you weren't here..." she sounded like she had a little guilt in her voice.

"I went to talk with him," I said it as I brushed my hair, "We had a talk and..." I thought a moment, it wasn't strange right? I mean we were married and that wasn't strange.

"You were glowing and smiling as we came in," she said sitting on the bed.

"umm well, it was just a little kiss," I said and smiled at her. It was only right to be honest with her. It wasn't a secret that we were married so I just wanted to be honest with someone before I went home to lying about who I was.

"KISS?!" her mouth dropped. "I won't ...couldn't.... I mean you respect him, you said that in the test but," she stopped and realizing she couldn't say it right.

"It wasn't anything you are thinking of," I stopped and thought about it. "It was almost like a greeting, soft but ... like something that one can respect."

Ellen smiled, "Oh, I think I get it."

"It okay, I am not super sure if I get it," I laughed at her. "But he did tell me to write."

"That's why the giggle," she nodded. "Will you?"

I shook my head, "Not sure, I want to but we will see. I'll tell you if I do."

She nodded and laughed, "Okay..."

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#2 Post by Xenostatica » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:23 am

It was close to 1 o'clock when my parents arrived. Ellen walked me down and out to my parents. She helped me with my bags as we reached them.

"Mom, Dad, this is Ellen, my roommate and friend," I said as we approached.

"Hello, dear," My mom said as she came forward to give me a hug. "Hello Ellen."

Ellen murmured her greetings as my father came over and took the bags from her and placed them in the car. "Hello Ellen, gong home?" he said off handed when he returned for the bags in my hands.

"No, I was going to stay here," she said it softly.

"If you would like dear, let us know if you would like you could come with us," my mother said with a soft smile. "I mean if you want to come for a week in the break. I know right now would be too short notice but ask and see then call or write to Sue and we will come, you aren't too far away."

She smiled big, "Thank you so much, I will see if I could later on. I promise."

I walked over and gave her a hug, "She means it. If you want just remember the offer is there."

"Good luck," she whispered as I pulled away.

"Thanks," I smiled at her as I walked away to get in the car.

My parents were happy when I got in the car. We missed you and it will be good to have you home was all they said and when we drove. After that it was silence. Nothing, no how was school or about your friends... I should be use to it but it was weird to have chosen to do this to myself. I just love my parents even if they don't understand the craziness that occurred this school year.

When we got home I followed my father up the stairs to my room and we placed the bags on the floor.

"Your mom has planned a special dinner so please be happy to be home," he said and walked out.

That was weird. I had not expected that reaction from him. He usually is happier and in a great mood. He seemed out of it, maybe it was the drive.

I began unpacking and then stopped. I was unsure of what to leave packed and unpack. I stared at the books and clothing I had, my robes were on top because they were the last thing I packed but I wasn't in the mood to unpack it all.

I laid on my bed and took a nap. My cat came in at one point and curled up with me. I listened as his gentle purr was his welcome home greeting.

My mom came in later in the evening to announce dinner was ready. I got up quickly doing what I was told and remembering what my father had said.

The dinner was wonderful. Having the home cooking was great and I really did enjoy it. But the dinner was in silence.

"So what was it like with me not here?" I asked trying to break the ice, cold silence.

"It was quiet," my mom answered, "though it is noisy when I have piano classes with the students, but that is in the afternoon before father comes home."

"I enjoyed your mother playing and catching up on my reading," my father said. "Maybe you can go see your old friends tomorrow or sometime."

"No...they went on that trip remember," my mother said thinking on it. "It's okay, you'll find something to do." She smiled at me as she finished her plate.

I smiled, "You are right... I was thinking of taking up the piano, so if you could teach me..." it wasn't the best idea but I thought about learning the chamber music, maybe we could play a duet or something, I smiled a little thinking on that.

She rushed over and hugged me tight, "Really? Of course, once you put your bags away." She took my plate and began cleaning up.

My father got up, placed his plate in the sink and went to the living room. I could hear him getting comfortable on his chair.

I went to the living room and joined him. I sat in silence and hoped that he would start the conversation.

"Any boys in your life?" he said from over his book.

Except that one...

"I do like someone," I said slowly.

"Oh?" he placed the book down. "What is he like?"

I was kind of nervous but took a deep breath, "He is a bit older then me. He is very intelligent and can be kind once you get to know him but before that he is a tad scary."

"Oh? scary?" he leaned forward in his chair.

"Well he is older then me so he had a lot of control of situations and helped students out when they were in trouble, but he was by the books so it often made others around him nervous," I said it easily, his description left my lips and were the only think that I could think on as I told him.

"Oh, if he is by the book, I could probably like him," my father said and noticed me smiling. "Seems a little serious then just liking him."

"No no... it is slow going nothing to rush into," I laughed nervously... cause marriage wasn't rushing into anything. "I don't want him to think that I am..."

"A child, immature? inexperience?" my father growled under his breath.

"Harsh father..." I took a breath.

"Truth be told my daughter is all those things or better be," he picked up his book.

I got up annoyed with the attitude, "How would you know? You didn't even ask about my year!" I got up quickly and moved to my room.

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#3 Post by Xenostatica » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:03 am

I sat quietly on my bed petting my cat and listening to him purr happily. I was still grasping at who I was and what I wanted to become, of course. I was young. I may be a year older and there is much that has happened that made me grow up a bit faster but I still needed comforting. I picked up my cat gently and cradled him in my arms. I just needed someone to know what happened and them not judge me on the whole situation. I acted without think because I thought I was doing the best but as I sit here thinking about it the more he was right, they wouldn't understand and it would make it worse if I even tried to make them understand. I will just continue it as if it is just a crush and I will make it sound like he is just an older student... though it feels like I am degrading our relationship to something simple and easy to forget. I sighed and got up, I need to go to bed and think on it, going into my routine from school kicked in and I got up gathered my things and took a shower, brushed my teeth, braided my hair and went back to my room where I sat my desk, pulling out my notes and started reading over them.

I looked over at my cat who was now just blinking at me, but it felt like I could tell what he was saying. "Really? why? You are home and you should be loving on me..." He shifted, stretched out and yawned then turned away from me.

I stared at him a moment and chuckled, "I could talk to you and no one would know anything because you would never tell, even if you could they wouldn't listen, would you listen?" I watched as he lift his head and looked over at me then his ears twitched. "I will take that answer as a yes..." I got up, moved him over and started at the beginning of the school year, all the while promising this would be broken down and he would not have to listen to me the whole night. I just remember falling asleep just after telling him about the treasury position I decided to run for.

The routine was set in motion, get up, get dressed, go down stairs and listen to my parents talk over breakfast. Soon after that I would do my lessons with my mom and be free to do as I pleased at lunch. She would usually leave to meet her friends up to chat of the town gossip. I chose to stay out of her way with this and would continue to practice till I got hungry and would get up and make myself a sandwich. The routine of school was hard to break and relaxing after lunch was unconscionable at times.

The trouble was a week or more had passed by and I had not unpacked, but simply pushed my stuff under my bed. I took the clothes and robes out to wash but left everything else in my bag. I worried what would happen if I just left stuff around, besides my yearbook had a lot of comments and quotes that I would have to explain if they saw it... not to mention, Virginia drawing hearts around my picture in the book and the professor's. Harmless fun and it made me laugh when I saw her do that I wondered what my parents would say. Though one thought was:

"Crush on a teacher?" my father would be kind of angry maybe even a little annoyed with it, "You should be looking at dating... no scratch that, don't even bother with dating, there is no point. Your life should be school and that is it!"

My mother would then say, "Oh but honey, it is healthy for a young woman to have a crush like that, I mean I am sure he is intellectual man and can be seen as a beacon in the darkness of teenage anxious. It's fine as long as it is not pursued..."

"No, she should think on work only..." he would answer back.

"Some fun would do no wrong and a crush is a crush, remember how..." she would then go into the story of how they met in college and how it was fun.

"The clue to this story was college!" he would growl and leave.

This would then leave my mother and I to sit in silence. She would get up shrug it off and continue on other house old chores.

I shivered as the thought finished off and I made sure I had everything tucked away. At some point of the day my mom had left my laundry on the bed and I worked on folding my clothes and hanging things in my closet. As I did so I told my cat more on the events of the year. It appeared as if he made an effort to listen as I talked to him about the school year. I stopped when I heard the door shut and my mother called for me. I went down stairs and she stood there with a grin on her face and beside her was a young man who seemed to be very shy once he saw me.

"This is Clarience," she said, "He is one of my students actually he is only a year younger then you and will be starting summer school so he is staying here, maybe you two would get along and you can sit here during the lesson and learn more, he is advance so you could learn from him," she explained as she walked over to the piano and started get ready for the lesson.

I stuck out my hand, "Hello, it's nice to meet you, you can call me Sue..." We shook hands and I turned toward my mom, "Actually I was going out for a walk over to the library."

She turned toward me quickly, "Library? I mean it's fine but..."

"I just want to have some time there, read a book, write, anything like that and get out of the house too," I explained as I moved toward the door, Clarience jumped a little, "It was nice to meet you." I rushed out and stopped on the porch and took a deep breath. What was she thinking? Did she think that he would be good match? Ugh, I can't get mad because she doesn't know anything but at the same time is that how she saw me?

I walked in silence as I went to the library and though the library was quiet there was a life there. This would be a good place to begin. I went to the corner in the back of the building near the reference books and took a seat. Pulling out my stationary that I picked up from a store when I was younger. There on the stationary were dragons and knights. This was not how I wanted my letter to be perceived but it would do for now.

The letter to Grabiner:

Dear Sir,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health and enjoying your summer...

I grumbled with the beginning and tore up the letter. This was not how I wanted him to see me. I stared at the ceiling with the pen between my teeth. Maybe writing to my friends first would help.

Letter to Virginia:


I hope you are doing well. Getting along with your brothers? Maybe, hopefully. I hope that your summer is well and you are getting to do everything you can! I mean what do you do? Get to play soccer I hope and have fun.

I have been alright even with what I think my mother trying to get me attached to a guy she teaches piano to. I have been studying over my notes, talking to my cat and avoid my parents after an issue about me possibly dating kind of got messy. I am in pretty good health and trying to settle down as it already seems too long for a break.

I am at a lose for words right now. Maybe you can tell me of your adventures.

Forever Friends Sue

I sighed as I read the letter then placed it in an envelope, sealed and stamped it. I would drop it off in the mail box outside the library.

Next letter to Ellen:

Dear Ellen,

How is everything there for you? I hope that you are able to enjoy the break even if it is at school. I just wrote to Virginia, just figured I would update and get update from you two. So what have you been up to?

I have been okay, haven't written to him. I have been trying to work up my nerve and even with that I seem a little weak on what to say to him, but I will try after this letter. My parents are off titter with me, I think they don't know where to begin or end in a conversation. In fact my father is in an off mood and doesn't truly seem interested in my time there. When we started a conversation it just let to something that I didn't even want to try and clear up.

I did take up the piano... I played when I was young and thought that I would try it now. It gives me something to do with my mother but that is about it. I am also studying so I don't lose my knowledge I have gained this year.

Your Friend Sue

Okay that felt more natural, but I stared at the blank sheet of paper before and shook my head. It wasn't going to happen at least not today. I got up slowly and looked around as I walked. There were empty places everywhere but I felt comfortable here. At least I have that. As I walked to the door I notice my father coming up the stairs. I checked the clock on the wall, it was about time for him to be off. Had I been there that long? I dropped the letters off in the box and walked out to meet him.

"Father?" I asked as he didn't seem to notice me.

"hmm, your mother wants you home now," he grumbled. "wants us to eat dinner with a boy from her lessons..."

"Oh," i was disappointed.

"He isn't it, I know," he said softly, "Look you are so grown up, I'm sure there is a lot going on and I am sorry about not recognizing you as a young woman, but the world is scary. I just don't want you to get hurt by some guy who doesn't understand what life is like..."

"Don't worry," I smiled and gave him a hug. "Don't worry I have no interest in the guy that is waiting for us... he isn't what I am looking for. The guy I have a crush on well... he is a strong person, father, this crush isn't going to go away I believe that. And I doubt he would hurt me and even if it was on accident I can forgive him because he is probably not sure of his footing when it comes to something like this so I am okay..."

He hugged me back, "alright..." He left it at that and it was silent on the drive home.

The dinner was a disaster. My father chased the poor boy away which led my mother to get angry about the whole thing but in the end they made up and forgot about the whole thing. I sat in my room when they had began fighting.

Something was wrong, I looked over at my cat who was on the window sill. He was usually on my bed. I looked around, the room was clean and arranged but not how I left it. I panicked and looked under the bed to see my bags there but they were moved. My heart raced as I tore through the bags and couldn't find my year book. Oh no... I felt a ping in my chest as I notice my mother in the doorway.

"I have said nothing to your father but you want to explain this?" I could see she had the page opened where Virginia had done the hearts all over the pages with me and the professor.

"All in fun..." I laughed nervously.

"A teacher?!" she growled suddenly and shut the door behind her as she crossed the room and took a seat at my desk. "What is wrong with you?"

"It's a joke, yes I had a crush on him, but it is harmless," I said as I moved away from her. "My friends thought it would be funny... we had done a play and we were the couple in the play so everyone made fun of us..."

"Oh and the messages about being MRS?!" she was freaking out for a moment.

I stared at her and calmed down, there wasn't any reason to be angry and I smiled, "Yeah, you know like when you are little and everyone makes fun of you because they discovered you have a crush on someone. This is the same thing. I should be careful about it but it is a yearbook and you never know who will be back the next year so I didn't mind so much."

She took a breath, "Just a crush... you know Clarience is only a little younger and well you would make..."

"No, I am not interested in him," I said firmly. "Now can I have my yearbook back since you thought a great idea to go through my stuff. If you wanted to know something you could have asked. Father did..." I stopped a moment, "He didn't know I was crushing on the teacher but still. I am an intelligent young woman and I can make my own choices. Please respect me. It isn't long before I will be away permanently so can we enjoy our time..."

"Was that a threat?" she got up.

"What? no, I do not plan to be here all my life and..." I tried to say but she walked out crying to my father. Oh no, what was happening?

"What did you do?" My father charged in, he was angry. "You upset your mom."

I hugged my yearbook and looked at him straight, no tears, no fear, there was no reason I was not in the wrong, "She invaded my privacy, she got angry about something in my yearbook and on top of that she thinks that I am going to stay here once school is done. I will not always be here, isn't school proof of that?"

"Yes, I see..." he stopped his voice calmed a little. "Yes, it is different now that you aren't here often and we have become accustom to that. Your mother is just worried about you. You are growing up wonderfully but even with everything we have done, well you are leaving us behind and it scares her. Though it does scare me I will become use to it again once you are gone..."

I stared at him surprised, had he really said that? Was everyone right about being easier if I had stayed at school. They were losing sense of me being there and were lost for words. I sighed and smiled, "It's alright, break will be over soon and I will head back to school..." I got up slowly and walked out, "No worries, I understand really." He didn't mean it, it was just part of the spell the school had placed on them, it was suppose to make it easier for me but right now it hurt. It hurt a lot.

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When I got down the stairs I passed my mother is on the way out the front door and listened as she sniffed after me. I needed to get away from everything. I only had my yearbook cradled to my chest and had walked out without hesitation to get shoes or even a flashlight. I had not even thought about this fact until I had gotten a block away. Now what was I going to do?

I took a deep breath and remember that there was a field near by, but I didn't have shoes on. I looked down at my toes and wiggled them at myself. "You want to give it a try?" I wiggled them back as if they were answering back. I had calloused my feet but when I went to magic school I did not walk bare foot for fear that someone would do something. So let's see how soft was I getting?

The field was green and so the ground was soft. There was fire flies flashing in the field and with little light around I could see all the stars. I gasped softly, when was the last time that I just looked at the stars? The yearbook was still tight against my chest and I let myself fall on my butt then laid out. There were probably bugs everywhere but right now it was about the stars and me.

Laying there allowed my mind to drift, but it would just go back to him. Was he seeing the same stars? Did he even look up to the sky other then to study the weather or work on his research? Or did he take his flute out and play in solitude away from prying ears and gossiping lips? I felt silly wondering these things but I couldn't stop. I wanted to know more. What had happened to my courage of that night? I needed to write to him and talk to him like I trusted him with my heart.

I got up slowly and dusted myself off. They hadn't come to looking for me. I guess it didn't matter, they knew I would come home. I turned away from the sky that had inspired me so and walked home with my head held high.

As I opened the door my father walked over to me, "What did you think you were doing?"

"Thinking," I answered with no bitterness, I didn't want him to take it the wrong way. "I needed to find myself as I seemed to be losing my control while I was listening to you and mother. I mean no disrespect but right now what you said hurt and I needed to leave."

"Disrespect is leaving when I am talking, disrespect is not telling us where you went..." he glared at me and stopped. "Go to your room. I'm not bothering with this, I have work."

I nodded my answer and walked up the stairs, my mother was no where to be found. Better this way. I slid into my room and sat at my desk. I knew what to write now at least I thought I did.

The letter:

Dear Hieronymous,

I am not so familiar enough to write you name as such but I am trying to earn that right and one must start somewhere. I am writing in such a way so that I do not disrespect you in any way.

I hope that you are well. As you can figure I was thinking of you, actually I have thought of you often. So I was looking at the stars and was wondering if you also stare at the stars like I do. At least what constellations do you see?

It is a slight comfort to think that you are sharing the same sky as me. So this allowed me to write freely to you.

It's seems that you were in the right telling me that it would be a little difficult for me to adjust to my family. It has been a harsh period and I don't blame them but at what point does one draw the line? It seems that they have grown accustom to me being absence, though I am sure that this is part of the spell that is suppose to help with them forgetting about the magic and all but does that mean that they can forget me too?

It has come up about my social life. I have deferred the idea for them, not a simple task. My mother attempted to "hook" me up with one of her students and my father has taken a different route to the whole thing. I am rather unsure if I have taken the right steps with this but at the same time I am not in the wrong there is a sense that I am lost.

I always feel like I am just bothering you, but I get this feeling that I can't dismiss when I tell you these things. In fact, I feel relieved.

Thank you for simply being there for me.


P.S. I have been learning the piano again.

I looked at the letter before me and laughed sourly as I realized there were some tears wetting the page. I quickly tried to wipe them off and took a deep breath. I addressed the letter and sealed it with a simple kiss.

It was late and I was tired and I took hold of the sealed letter and hid it under my pillow. I would send it out tomorrow, though who knows if he would even respond... just possibly burn it and move on. I laughed into my pillow as the tears ran down my cheeks. What was I doing?

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Okay, so she has reached to writing to him and the postage needs to be sent off. Should I continue?

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Yes, please do continue. :D

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(Thanks for the encouragement! This is totally what happen when my mind runs wild with ideas! I just couldn't imagine Grabby being so mean to her that he would divorce her after a kiss and her confession...well a little confession, if you can consider it that, but considering he was listening to students testing and not about his wife's thoughts of him...)

The sleep I had was terrible. I could feel my body ache and my head throb from lack of REM. I was in need of great sleep but with my situation at home I couldn't see myself relaxing enough for good rest. I got dressed and struggled with my hair that I ended up with just braiding it after combing it out. I threw on a pair of jeans and tee shirt grabbed my socks and shoes and the letter from under my pillow. I went to the kitchen and sat at a chair by the table. My parents were not up yet. Checking the clock, it told me that they wouldn't be up for about fifteen more minutes.

As a way to make up for the attitude, that I didn't think I was giving, and the fact that I left without telling them, I whipped up a breakfast casserole that I let bake in the oven. It didn't take long and when finished I left it in the oven so that it would stay warm.

They must of been as tired as myself because I was able to make the breakfast and them not come down to check on me. I grabbed a lose sheet of paper that was by the phone and left a simple message, "I'll be out today, don't worry. S" I was trying to be kind and let them know I wasn't going to be home. At least they would worry less. I then dragged myself outside.

It was slightly cool and signs of the sun starting to come up was peeking over the horizon. It was a sight to see. I just began walking in the direction of the field. It would take while for the library to be open, in reality, it would take a while before a lot of places to be open.

The letter was in my back pocket.

There was no point putting it off. I walked my neighborhood slowly and took in the look of everything. I know I had been here during the spring break time but time changes and looking around I realized that even if things looked the same they were actually changing and that nothing was the same or the way I had remembered it. Once I made it out of the neighborhood I continued down the road, past the library and further still. It wasn't till the sun had been out for a while did I realize that I was standing before the post box in front of the post office and the letter was in my hands. Had I really just done that unconscious of everything around me? I must of known where I was going, I couldn't have not know. That doesn't happen. I opened the box dropped the letter in and turned to walk away when a wash of panic filled the emptiness I had been feeling. I turned back toward the box and stared at it, my heart was now in my throat and I struggled to gain my composure and walk away.

Everything changed and now I was making sure that it stayed that way. I needed to take steps forward and stop looking back and keep thinking that it wouldn't change if I was there because in reality it would have changed, maybe not this way but it would have. With a heavy sigh I made my way back.

As I took in the scenery around me, I could feel myself feel a bit better. I will go home and study for a bit and maybe then I could focus on something else other then being an emotional teenager. The day was half way done and I was feeling great when I walked into my parent's house.

My mother had a student at the piano playing Beethoven and she didn't really notice me come in but when I took my shoes off she was in front of me. She gave me a big hug and handed me two envelopes that were not open. She leaned in and whispered, "Sorry, love you." She then returned to the student and left me to my own devices.

I rushed up stairs excited with the aspects of what the letters had in them. It was weird that they both came at the same time. I mean I sent them out the same day but most of the time when you send letters it takes some places longer. It doesn't matter I was super happy. Jumping on the bed disturbed my cat, who voiced his annoyance and moved to a different spot. I chuckled and cuddled him when he got comfortable again causing him to get uncomfortable and jump off the bed. He was such a grump when his naps were disturbed.

I took a deep breath and looked which should I read first?

Ellen's envelope was a soft pink and had bas relief of cherry blossoms.

Virginia's was bright green and had some drawings soccer balls on the back.

Well I had written to Virginia first so I think I will read that one first:

Hey Stranger,

Hmm, writing is not my strong suite so I will do my best. William is awesome but he is so busy with researching and figuring out what he wants to do that I don't really see him. Donald... well he is Donald. Yeah, I have gotten to play but with no one else around to play with me it seems kind of silly. We went on a family trip which was ... a disaster! I am so glad that I survived.

Being out of school is great, I can't figure out sometimes why you would want to go back but then I remember wild seed so it is not the same thing.

That is a bummer that they are trying to tie you down when you are already tied down... okay sorry, I had to say it. Have you spoke with Grabby? I mean your husband.

I'm sorry that you are spending your time doing piano! We would be outside all the time if you were here. Do you not have any friends, talking to your cat really? And studying when we were trying to escape for our break seems so weird to me.

Sorry there isn't more, just keep writing to me!

Your best buddy Virgina.

Okay, so that wasn't what I thought, though maybe she just restrained herself for fear my parents would open the letter. At least she is getting to play soccer.

I carefully opened Ellen's letter, I like the envelope and her hand writing was so beautiful. I envied her a little.

Ellen's cursive was fluid and loopy as each letter looked like it was evenly spaced and every letter was even in height and capitol letters were decorated. Wow!

Dear Sue,

It is going well. My research is going great too. Being able to have the school's resources allow me to go extremely deep in the information that I need. Professor has been very kind on giving me hand with everything. He seems more relaxed with few students around and he doesn't have to do detention every week.

You should have nothing to worry about, really. He seems different, not softer but something has changed about him. Maybe it was you? Maybe you gave him something to think on with the kiss and all. Write to him.

Your parents are just lacking because of the spells from school, but you knew that. They are just distant because they hadn't seen you in a while and you have changed. I envy your courage to return. It must be hard especially when they don't know what you've been through and they can only guess it can make things even harder.

It is wonderful that you did take something up and tried to get close to your mother again.

Keeping up with studying! That is great that you want to keep your knowledge you worked so hard for.

Forever Your Friend Ellen

Well, that was enlightening. Ellen's letter made me feel a little bit better. I felt a little jealousy ping when she write being able to spend time with him. He has changed? I wonder what she meant by that.

Dang! I am lost in two worlds and everyone else was passing me by!

I felt tears running down my cheek. I cursed softly at myself as I wiped the tears away and took a deep breath. Why was I crying? I pushed myself up, went to my bookshelf and slammed myself into my chair and opened my book.

There was a sound as my mother opened the door, "What is going on? Kitty are you knocking stuff down again?" She stopped when she saw me, "Was that you?"

"Sorry," I smiled at her, "I forgot that I was on the 2nd floor."

"It's okay, I was worried that something broke or got knocked off the shelf," she said backing out and closing the door.

I shook my head and returned to my book, I had placed the letters before me and laid my head on my desk. It felt good to at the very least know that they were doing well, all of them.

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When I woke up in the morning I realized I had fallen asleep at my desk. My back and neck ached and my arms were sore from sleeping on them, but my mind felt rested. I felt a little bit more at easy. I made a soft sound of amusement as I realized the humor in being rested mentally but physically aching, kind of a reverse. Funny in its own right really.

I glanced over at the clock once I was out of my stupor and realized no one had come to get me. I mean they really hadn't had to as a routine I would get up early for classes so I would be up, but I had slept in. Being almost one in the afternoon, I was shocked.

I got up quickly and dressed, brushed my teach and rushed down the stairs to see what was going on. My father wouldn't be home of course because of work but there was no piano playing going on.

"Mom?" as I reached the bottom of the stairs let out a small cry for her. I began with in the living room. There was no one there and slowly moved through the house worried that I would miss her if she was cleaning somewhere. She was no where to be found. With a feeling of pain I sat at the piano alone. Something soon tugged at me and I began slowly at first starting with simply touching each key, but after a few moments I found myself playing simple songs that she had taught me.

The sound of the music, if you could call my playing with a misplaced fingered key, but all in all for being alone the sound was soothing. I was losing myself in the playing as I struggled to reach deep into myself. Here I was alone and the only thing that seemed to be guiding me is something that I once hated. Funny how something like that works out?

It was recognizable situation that I seem to be doomed to repeat. Was this not the same with the Professor? I didn't like him at all because I didn't understand that I took him at face value instead of thinking deeper on his actions. Here was something I tried to learn when I was little and because I felt I couldn't figure it out fast enough I just despised the tool instead of trying to understand how to use it. I have made some pretty fast judgements on situations and things around me. I needed to stop that. I could miss something truly wonderful if I don't learn to stop drawing conclusions at a drop of a hat.

I was so lost in playing I had not realized when my mother came home.

She cleared her throat so loud that it caused me to jump up and pinch my fingers in the piano key cover.

"Oh I never meant to do that," she said it with a small chuckle. "I have sent a letter to the school to see if we can have your friend visit for a little while."

"What?" I was taken back. "But...but..."

"It's no trouble really, since you are alone in the afternoons and we really haven't been paying attention to you, having someone around that you enjoy seemed like a wonderful idea. Besides your father and I were playing a BBQ so that we could celebrate our anniversary and you would need a friend there because it will be nothing but adults there and you will be required to be there so why not?"

"I am, thank you so much!" I rushed over and hugged her. "I'm sorry that I have been a terrible drag on you and father. My attitude and all has been rather rotten."

"Well, of course," she said wiping her face quickly. "Being without your parents for so long and then having to turn around and have them there everyday watching over you, it can be hard." She stopped speaking and smiled, though it felt slightly forced, "We'll know in a day or so if she can come or not, it doesn't take postage long to get there and back." She went off after that and headed to the kitchen.

I followed after her, "So for the party it will be here then?"

"Hmm?" she said and then acknowledged me, "Oh yes, we will have it here. Close friends really that is about it... they will be excited to see you. I mean with you going to such a fancy school and all."

Oh, she wanted to show me off a little. No, that was fine they earned that right. I grinned, "Oh, so showing off your awesome daughter, huh? I mean your excuse is your anniversary right?"

She chuckled and began getting things ready for dinner, "Oh yeah, cause we are all about our appearances."

"I knew it!" I declared as I walked over to her, "Need help with any of it?"

"Oh no, this is just dinner, but may be you could make your father and me a great cake for the party? It will be on the weekend so that is plenty of time for you to decide something."

"Oh, yeah, I can do that!" I grinned, it had been a while since I baked, hopefully I could remember how. I would need to find a good recipe.

"Great, now let me cook and you go clean your room or something," she shooed me out of the kitchen.

I watched her for a moment and sighed. She was trying hard to just accept me. I was lucky for that though I know how are it is for them to just go with the flow of this.

I returned to my room just as I heard my father enter the house. I wasn't really wanting to go back down there. I grabbed one of the cook books off of my shelf and began planning my grand party gift.

There was a knock later on, "Dinner is ready." My father's voice came through the door.

"Okay!" I answered as I got up and closed the book. There were drawings of different designs that I could try and do so that their cake would look great.

My parents sat quietly and ate. I joined them in silence and savored the me without having any negative feeling towards them.

When they were finished and my mother had cleared the table my father spoke, "The party important to us. SO please be on your best behavior. I know you are a good kid but your attitude is different now that you have been away and kind of taking care of yourself. Your mom inviting your friend to come was her idea honestly. I thought that you should be able to handle the situation alone but she thought it unfair as everyone else there will be adults. So you will help with food and other things. That is all I am asking from you is to not ruin this for us."

My mother and I were staring at him in shock. He had become harsher. I never remember my father wanting to be so forward about my behavior mainly because I never earned the need to be disciplined so.

"Honey," she was biting her lip as she spoke. "That was..."

"No, you need to know what a brat you have been. Leaving the house without telling anyone, fighting with your mother, and expecting that a simple breakfast meal would make up for that?" he was now not looking at either of us. "You needed to know that you have been rather disappointing with the way you have been acting."

I took a breath, wow, this was his honestly huh? "You are right, I have not been the best daughter. In fact, I have been terrible and I am sorry. There is only a few weeks left and I need to be on my best from here on forth." I got up and walked back up to my room. Wow, he was really not holding any punches with me. I was not expecting anything like that when I came back. I was always his little girl and now I was just someone he saw once and a while.

I cleaned my room to keep my mind off of the whole situation and worked at designing a grand cake for their anniversary all the while hoping that Ellen would show up and save me.

I cracked up laughing! It really wasn't her that I wanted to show up like a white knight to rescue me from this disaster that I had plunged myself into. So that whole thing about not always being there if wrong is done...damn it all! WHAT WAS WRING WITH ME! I grabbed my pillow and screamed into it.

I wasn't in a faerie tale with witches, goblins and heroes... OH WAIT! There were witches and things that go bump in the night! Except I was the witch. The knight doesn't come for the witch he comes for the princess, the beautiful and normal one!

My knight, though unconventional by all definitions was my husband. I hadn't uncovered my pillow from my face when my cat jumped right on top to get on the pillow.

"Oh thanks, you want me gone too huh?" I threw the pillow of and he moved over to the side and meowed at me. "Well it isn't like you knew? I haven't finished telling you but... " I looked around carefully, ran and made sure my door was shut and placed my desk chair in front of it. I then ran back to him and laid close to him, placing my hand over his ear, "I got married by accident..." his ear twitched, "it was because I was foolish and thought he needed to be saved..." he pressed his head against my chin and rubbed softly, "so to save me from the monster he swore that I was his bride," he stopped rubbing and meowed softly, "kind of romantic huh? grant it we were, at least I was scared of the whole thing and it wasn't something I had dream of but then what does something we plan for go the way it was suppose to? At the time I thought he hated me and in fact that he did it simply to do his duty as a teacher. In honesty I believe that is exactly how he thought it to be. We simply took it in stride and even with him tormenting me, I think I understand why now." My cat's eyes were closed now and he seemed completely asleep when I laid my head next to him to listen to him purr and take comfort in his sound.

I woke up at my usual time and slipped back into a routine. It was rather difficult after a month it seems to get the whole school out of your system. I was really not bothered by it some much now. I actually took comfort in it. Breakfast with my parents, practice and library in the afternoon.

I actually did this until two days before my parents party. I made a list of items to go get from the store while my mother was away so that it would be little bit of a surprise. I had some cash in a stash I had in my room before I left so I would just tap that so it really would be a gift for me.

When I returned I put everything away so that they wouldn't notice the extra items and then went to my room and worked on the final touches to the cake for my parents.

I stopped for a moment and looked at the calender. It had been a while since I sent the letter. I hadn't received any correspondence from him. Maybe he did burn it once he received it. I sighed at the prospect of that.

There was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" I answered quickly trying to shove all the pictures off the desk where she couldn't see it.

"We'll go tomorrow to pick up your friend, the school sent a letter saying they talked to Ellen and they all agreed to let her come here for the short time so that you two could spend time outside of school setting!" She said as she came in excited that her plan had worked.

"That's great, just in time for your party!" I smiled at her, I was truly excited about seeing Ellen again. I hoped that she didn't mind doing this for me because really she was doing me a favor by doing this. "So tomorrow we go get her?"

"Yup, you got to get up early because it will take us a few hours to get there and back before your father gets home," she said with a smile.

"Before he gets back?" I raised my eyebrow. Had she not told him about this?

"Yeah, it'll be nice for him to see you with a friend enjoying the summer," she said. "He is away on a trip till tomorrow night so that a gives us time to plan the party and all the extra stuff while we go pick up your friend." She left all happy and giddy, humming to herself.

It was nice to see her happy, she was really happy.

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this is really good! I hope you write more =D *is eagerly awaiting the next part*

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It was still extremely dark when my mother woke me up. She was fully dressed and excited running in and out of my room. She was trying to make me feel cheerful about the trip. She had plans for the whole way up and the way back. She also packed a picnic lunch for all of us, she hoped Ellen wasn't allergic to anything and that she wouldn't mind sandwiches and chips.

Groggy and grunting my answers I made my way through all my steps to get ready to go.

It was five in the morning when we started on the road.

I was surprised when she began talking about the piano. I answered each question she would ask at one point or another. I realized by the time the clock said it was eight that she was not going to let me nap all the way there. She was making sure that I was awake with her.

"There is some coffee in the pink thermos, you sleepy head," she chuckled. "I already fixed it so we could just drink from it when we needed it. You look like I dragged you through the mud so go ahead and break it out and we will share it." She was so chipper that I hadn't really recognized her as the woman I was becoming use to at home.

"Thanks," I grabbed the thermos from the pack and drank slowly. "It's great, mother. Breakfast of champions!" I was so happy with the coffee that I almost didn't hand it over when she tried to take it away for a sip.

We would go through bouts of silence and something would distract one of us and we would end up talking again or we would sing along to a song. Then she became bored it seemed as it was almost ten o'clock and we were close to the school now. She sighed softly and would look around.

Something about it felt wrong so I grabbed her attention, "Okay let's go over some of the piano music that you brought with you!" I knew that there had been a spell our something around the school, because this happened before, the first time they dropped me off. I guess I wasn't affect because of my abilities but I needed to snap her out and be herself.

"We can't do that, you'll get car sick, you do that when you read," she said, her voice was soft now almost not audible.

"I know," I looked around and found a small keyboard in the back. It was a practice board that she would take to the hospital and teach children there. I turned it on and began to play simple notices, it threw me off as it didn't really sound the same as the piano at home.

"Okay," my mom seemed to switch into a teacher like mode, I don't know if that worked because as a teacher she would have treated me as any other student and would have forgotten the connections as a parent or that she just was so in tune with her abilities that it snapped her out of the spell. "You need to give me a D...."

I placed my hands over the keys and found the D and pressed it for her.

"Now let's try a A#," she directed and I complied.

It was enjoyable really because I think this made us both feel like we had something in common. As we went through the scales and then onto simple melodies, her smile returned and she started talking about lessons and students. This was something I think we were both needing.

It was about eleven when we drove around to the front of the school. I stared at the structure because it felt wonderful to be back even if I was leaving just as quickly. The front doors opened and I watched as Ellen stepped out. She was smiling and waving at me. I got out of the car to go meet up with her and heard as the door to my mom's side open and close, but stopped in shock as he stepped out helping Ellen with her bags.

Ellen noticed that I had stopped and grinned evilly at me for a moment before rushing up to hug me, before my mother reached us she whispered, "thought you might have wanted to see him, maybe? so i begged him to help me with the bags..." she let me go and turned toward him, "sir, I very much appreciate you helping, with barely anyone here I feared that I wouldn't be able to get everything down here."

I watched as he had not looked up over at me yet I could hear him mumbling about something but stopped when he caught sight of me. He straightened up and made his face as neutral as he could, though I thought I could see a small grin trying to form. "It is not a problem, Ms. Ellen, it is just the same anyway as I had stuff that needed to be done off campus, so coming down will allow me to leave in less time."

I could feel myself getting red and tried not to stare at him and shifted over to Ellen as she grabbed one bag from him and nudged me to grab some of the others. My mother came up to grab one from him as well.

My mother stared for a moment and a light bulb clicked and she stuck her hand out to him, "Professor Grabiner, a pleasure. Sue seems to have made a mention of you though I do apologize for not remembering."

He looked at her smoothly and took her hand with a gentle shake, "Oh? I did not know she would have made mention of a professor when she should only be worrying about having fun." His glaze darted over to me for a moment and his cool demeanor disappeared for a second and his harsh glare startled me, as saying anything about the school to my parents other then simple things could get me removed permanently.

"As her science teacher I am sure that you have much trouble with her," she smiled at him, even my mom seemed to melt a moment from his accent. "She was never good with any of that kind of stuff, art is more her style, even cooking. A great cook..." I was in shock as she continued talking.

Ellen looked over at me in surprise.

I interrupted, "My apologies, sir, I'm sure that my mother could talk your ear off, I mean what parent isn't proud of their children... I am sure that you are busy with your research. We will leave you now and we also have to be on our way as well. Must get home ready for my parent's anniversary..."

He nodded in agreement but his stern look was directed at me and then he returned to my mother, "Yes, you are right, Sue... it was a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. I will take my leave now." He turned and walked back into the building.

"Well," my mother fanned herself a moment and turned away with a grin, "Now I can see why you could have a crush..."

Ellen cracked up laughing and I soon followed as it was infectious. We struggled to get all the bags into the car as our laughter seemed to hinder this act. Once we calmed down we got situated in the car. The ride back was fun and we were all laughing and talking with each other. Ellen fit right in and seemed to enjoy talking with my other.

We got back to the house around eight o'clock because we stopped to eat the picnic lunch.

My father was driving up just as we parked.

"Good Evening everyone," my father said with tiredness in his voice, "Hello Ellen, I hope you enjoy staying with us." He then turned and went into the house.

"Don't worry darlings, he always gets like this after traveling even if it is a short trip, let's get everything to Sue's room and I'll make dinner," she said grabbing a bag and following after my father.

Ellen grabbed one bag and I grabbed the other bags. We didn't say anything as we followed after my mother and I shut the door once we were all inside.

My parents were talking in the hall as we got up stairs. It wasn't anything terrible they were actually talking about dinner and the party. When they saw us they moved down stairs away from my room. Ellen's bag was set in front of the door for us to take.

We watched them leave and shut my door once we got all the bags into the room.

Ellen was glowering at me, "Well?"

"Well what?" I raised an eyebrow at her as I moved the items off my desk to sit down.

"Was it worth it?" she said going through her bags and organizing everything around her.

"Worth it?!" my jaw dropped, "I am in shock, embarrassed ... I... I...thank you," I jumped up and hugged her. "Even if my mother ran away with the moment, it was great to see him..." I thought about it even though I got to see him that didn't change the fact that he hadn't written back when he said he would. Heck, he didn't even really acknowledge me when he saw me.

"That's not all though," she held up an envelope, it looked like it had something it in. "There is something in there, not just the letter, I think that is why he gave it to me instead of sending it to you."

I stared at it and couldn't breath, "what?"

"Yeah, I wondered what it could have been in there but thinking about the fact that he can be pretty wicked with tricks and curses I dare not open my friend's letter," she said as she started cleaning an area in my room. "Though I didn't know you talked to your mom about him...pretty daring..."

"I didn't," I said setting aside the letter. "When I wasn't home one day she came in and went through my stuff. She found the yearbook and the notes from everyone. So she was so angry and we had a fight about but my father doesn't know that it was a teacher or that it was I guess his title on the yearbook is science teacher..."

"I could see that I mean he is so calculated and analytical that it makes sense for him," she said as she eyed the envelope. "So did your heart jump?"

"I nearly ran to the car," I laughed out loud, "I didn't know what to do or how he would react."

"Do you think your mom caught him using your name in a none formal manner?" she said thinking about it.

"Oh gosh, I don't know but that caught me off guard, I mean what is he suppose to do with my mom?" I covered my face with a pillow, "Why does he have to be so cool and calm? I just want him to lose it a little with me. You know? Heart jump, get a little unsettled, curious? You totally know what I am saying! Besides embarrassing myself telling you."

"Oh I get you," she chuckled, "I mean he is older then us and he is reserved about everything. Believe me when I say he has changed a little, maybe even approachable for somethings." She thought on it and grinned, "Jealous that I get to see him all the time?"

I chuckled, "A little but really what am I suppose to do seeing him all the time? I mean what would I do at school? Study and maybe practice but that's about it...."

"You could cook for him! Or for that matter cook for me!" she laughed out loud, "I mean there has to be a reason you mom made mention of that right?"

"Don't even think that! I don't even know why she did that! I mean, that could have gotten me into a lot of trouble or not be able to return..." I sighed softly. "That woman, I can't tell what is going on in her head."

Ellen patted my back, "No worries let's have fun and you can show me your great cooking abilities!"

We got up as soon as my mother called about dinner being ready and we giggled as we went down.

My parents were really chatty with Ellen there. They asked her about school and what she was doing at school over the summer. She had a whole explanation ready and explained how she was using a scientific method to show that certain reactions in chemistry could be pictured in mid-mixture proving that they were possible not just theory. My parents just blinked at her and then chuckled about how she should tutor me in those class as I am not good at any of that stuff.

She defended me but not so much to anger my parents, she explained that I had been her assistant during the semester and if it wasn't for my encouragement that she wouldn't have attempted to do the tests so I must be really good at understanding what others needed to get ahead. With this my parents beamed at me because I had actually done something good.

Once dinner was done, Ellen and I did the washing of the dishes and talked about what we would be doing the next day. My mother kept reminding me that I had lessons in the morning and not to forget, but that Ellen could join us or stay in bed and relax since she had been so busy during the summer, she needed a break.

After we finished getting everything together, we rushed back up to my room and we both stared at the envelope. We held hands as we walked towards it and screamed out when my cat decided to ponce onto the desk at the moment that I went to reach for the envelope.

My mother called after us and we shouted about the cat scaring us. I could hear my parents both laughing as we turned back to our mission.

"I think I need to use the bathroom, why don't you read it alone while I go," she said as she went for the door.

"It's across the hall from us, but the second door because the first one is the closet," I said as I nervously picked up the envelope, it felt a little heavy.

"Okay but you have to show me what it is in there," she smiled to reassure me and left the room.

I turned it around to see that he had sealed it with wax, there was a crest on the seal. I was unfamiliar with it. I took note of needing to ask him about it once I write back. Just as with Ellen's letter I carefully opened the envelope. As I peeked in I poured out two small items and a stone, the items looks like small handmade dolls, one was male and the other female, I assumed because one was wearing little pants and the other had a skirt on. The stone was small and smooth, on one side there was a small indentation that would fit a thumb into. I looked at the items and smiled softly at them, what were they? I looked at the letter and watched in surprise as letter began to appear on the blank paper.

His letter:

Dear Sue,

I appreciate the respect that you are showing me. Understand that I did give you prior permission that on a more personal terms that there would be no issue on us being less formal away from prying eyes. I find a letter that is written and can only been see by only the person it was meant for can be one of the most intimate manners of communication and so using our names is only most appropriate.

I do think that your courage in choosing to going home is an admirable one as you are trying very hard to be the daughter that is expected of you but remember when one is trying to live up to others expectation, you can actually cause yourself to miss out on being the person that you want to be. So I do plead with you to not lose yourself in the sense that you need to become the person others are expecting. You are your own person and with one who has shown a large amount of courage and kindness to others, I would not wish that to change.

I am slightly taken back that I would be on your mind when you are searching through the stars for answers or companionship. I am honored to have a place in such a majestic scene. The stars and the sky are endless not to mention that there are infinite possibilities out there, so taking time out of your life and sharing a single moment with me I am at a lost for words.

There are times that you have also crossed my mind, so fear not I have not ignored you in my thoughts.

I do hope to hear you play the piano in the future at sometime.

Truly yours,

P.S. In thinking about your worries I have included two small dolls and a worry stone. Ask Ellen to explain the mechanics behind them so that you are able to use them accurately.

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I could feel my breathing slow and I felt my heart start to raise. Did he just write all that? Did he mean it? Liking me for being me? I stared at the letter and read it again to make sure that I wasn't imagining it. He hadn't showed any sign of thinking like that when he saw me earlier. I groped for the words to fit what I was feeling but confused and happy was the best I could do. He even wrote that he thought of me!?

The sound of the door shutting yanked me back into reality. Ellen smiled as she came and sat on the bed with me. "Well?"

I stared at her, "I don't know."

She frowned for a moment, "What's not to know?"

"He sent these dolls and a stone," I said as I slowly handed them to her. "I am losing this fight, you know? Really I had a crush, but when he writes like this I don't think I handle it... I want to know more. I want to know if that means I can have a place in his heart. I mean he wrote that he thinks on me but that could just be because..."

Ellen put her fingers to my lips, "Shh. It means he thinks of you. I would take that and go with it. I can definitely see how that could make my heart skip especially if it is from someone I care about." She turned back to the dolls and the stone, "The stone is easy, I was wondering about these so I looked them up. They are used to rub your worries away. I believe the point is to whisper the worries into the stone and rub the indentation till you stop worrying about that thing or is it you just keep it with you and rub it when you are worried." She got up and went to one of her bags and pulled out a note book, "Okay so those little dolls, depending on where you are from in Central and South America they are either worry dolls or wish dolls. You are suppose to whisper the wish or worry into their ears then place them under your pillow. They will try to help you solve the problem or make the wish come true." She had held the dolls before me to stare at the little couple.

"They are really cute," I said looking at them, "But isn't it mean to give such small things that kind of trouble?"

She laughed softly, "Not about the size, it is about the belief and energy that is needed to fix the problem..." she was still leafing through her notes when she went, "AH HA!" she sat back on the bed, "You at to keep the stone with you and rub it when something is bothering you. It is suppose to help you focus on how to solve the problem and take away the negative energy that comes from the worrying." She gave the items back to me. "He must of thought you needed a little help."

"Yeah, I kind of complaint to him about how hard it has been and how I was thinking I made the wrong choice in coming home," I sighed and held everything together. "You know, my father said he would be content once I was gone again, that they could go back to being normal..."

Ellen looked at me, "DO they know about..."

"NO," I cried out, "They just say that I am growing up without them and they don't know what to do when I am around."

She pushed me over and hugged me, "It's okay, I'm here to help right now and you have done great by yourself! I couldn't do it. You are so much more stronger then me."

I hugged her back, "No, I am not. I just have strength in a different area then you do. I couldn't do all that research at school. I would go crazy!"

We laughed as we shared everything that had happened and I showed her Virginia's letter and we talked about how we should write to her tomorrow so she knew what was going on. Once we decided that we were tired, which was about one in the morning, we both curled into my bed with my cat in between us purring and letting us know he approved of this situation.

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#13 Post by carolynrose » Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:07 am

I love your story so far. I couldn't help squealing when Grabiner showed up! Heheh, he's so unbelievably cute. Please continue! I can't wait until your next post. ^-^

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#14 Post by Ladygothika87 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:53 am

You've done a wonderful job and I can't wait to read more. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to post my own. It's great seeing another take of what happened at the end of the year. Grabiner was my favorite path and though I see things happening a little different, I love reading what others have come up with. Keep up the great writing!!

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#15 Post by icekat725 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:03 pm

this is good stuff right here... *grabs popcorn and waits for next part* this is getting really good, and I cant wait for the next part! *sqee* *stalks forum*

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