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It just gets better and better. Yay! :D

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I woke up early. There were three days left till school began,and my system and mind were already trying to get ready for the change in schedule. I decided that I would make some delicious treats for everyone,so I went to the kitchen to see what I could do without getting into trouble.

"Sue," Professor Potsdam said as I entered slowly, "SO glad that you came early. Let's get started on some simple spells for general protection." She was sitting beside the chief chef in the kitchen. The older woman was rough and broad in shoulders, she seemed rather harsh in features,but her smile was soft and warm.

"Use the kitchen as ya’ like," she said to Potsdam. "The girl I have heard about? If so I will be extremely delighted to taste test the broken one, heck I need to have someone cook for me for a while and why not one who is willing."

"I wanted to make some fruit tarts," I said softly, "It is a refreshing breakfast treat,sweet but healthy in a little way... energizing."

"Ay that is a nice thoughtful treat," the cook was sitting back and watching.

Potsdam got up, "I will guide you through the steps to make sure the magic weaves slowly."

I was not allowed to touch anything before I put a little energy into each ingredient. I slowly cast,moved, and then mix the item. I went through these steps for each tart that was made. By the time everything was ready and decorated,I had made about 40 tarts. Each tart was different fruits and decorations on them. I assumed that they would go to specific people.

"Good, good," Potsdam said as she looked over everything. "Now to finish it off, each with a weave closed off... slowly focus on someone that would help you with this. Feel their arms around you and helping guide you to close the weave."

I focused on the closing and tried to think of Ellen to begin with and I could feel the energies trying to close, but this wasn't working. Potsdam said to think of someone stronger if that person wasn't working. I sighed softly and blushed as I thought of him, his arms around me, encouraging me with soft words and energy. Suddenly I felt everything release and I slumped back.

"Good, you did great, now the spells are tied off and will not continue to drain you," she said. She had placed three tarts on a tray with three tea cups. "Take this for Ellen and Grabiner, plus yourself. They should be in the lab right now..." she gave me directions and before I left I turned toward her, "Don't worry these will be going out to everyone that is here right now, they don't have to know it was you. Chief finished hers so I assume that it tastes fine."

I nodded and began the mission I was given.

I made it to the lab after a few minutes of wandering. I laughed at myself when I knocked on the door.

Ellen answered and grinned at the meal, "Oh already?!"

"Yeah, first lesson was this morning," I said weakly as I brought it in and placed the tray on an empty table.

"Oh she is a tough teacher and here I thought Grabiner was going to be difficult like that," she grinned and crumbs fell from the sides of her cheeks as she ate the tart, "Oh this is delightful, it is like a warm hug that a parent gives a child..."

I chuckled," well there is a lot of magic in them. I'll leave the tray here for Professor and he can have the treat when he gets in." I looked around and grinned, "I am going to go wander the gardens..."

"Oh there is a piano out there that is made from an old oak tree... maybe you could find it and practice on it, since the professor isn't around right now and you have to recover from the creating that you just did, go relax," she said finishing off her cup of tea and the last of her tart.

We talked a little longer and she then directed me where the oak piano was in the garden and urged me to go.

I agreed to do so and found myself following the directions that she gave me. I looked around and followed the corridors that were marked with symbols and weird writing that made for some kind of a guide. I was confused and was lost in the area but soon found the garden. As I entered slowly into the garden area I could hear music playing. It sounded sad and lonely. I listened quietly and had closed my eyes when I followed the sound but soon found this was a mistake because I ran into a tree. I rubbed my forehead and looked before me and there was the piano. I looked around, it was as if I had been swallowed into a different place because I couldn't see any point of the school's building but,I was not fearful as I knew the school was around. I sat quietly and touched the piano. It was so different;it felt like energy was flowing through it.

I looked around and made sure no one was around. The music had stopped so I guess the person was gone. I slowly placed my fingers to the keys and played out the scales. The piano was tuned and sounded lovely. It was like an organ but not so demanding but not as weak as a side show piano. I stroked the piano and could feel it wanted me to play it. I’m not so good, I thought, but you don't seem to care. I popped my knuckles and adjusted myself. Slowly as I pressed the keys, slowly the notes released their sound and slowly the motion of myself and the piano began to create the song that was trapped in my mind.

There was sound of someone who came near and was sitting on the bench with me but I dare not look to the person for fear that I would break the enchantment that was built between the piano and me. The accompaniment was that of a flute. The sounds soon wrapped themselves together as if they had become one sound. Every now and then discord would happen as I was not familiar with the song my hands played. My heart was beating fast and my mind running wild with pictures flashing, none that I would linger on too long. The flute stopped playing just as my fingers played out the final notes.

"I've never done that before," my lips felt dry and I licked them gently, my heart was still pounding as the song was still alive inside.

"So you have not played a duet with someone like this before?" I froze as he spoke. "I believe you said that you had to play a duet with that creature..."

"It was forced," I said slowly turning toward him and my heart leaped into my throat.

"Is it so easy to force you to do something?" his eyes were lit with curiosity;it was not like anger... "And even then he tried to kiss you..."

"I did fight that," I said softly, "It was not by my choice or my intention to have..." I covered my mouth with my hands. I didn't need to let him make me say it.

I felt as his hands gently pried my hands off of my mouth, "So you would hide yourself from me as well? I thought..." his hands were now caressing my face and hair gently.

"No, I am not hiding myself, I simply do not know..." as I tried to explain, I was soon silenced. He had gently pressed his lips to mine, I struggled in shock as this was not like him but I lost my senses as I gently placed my arms around his neck as he continued the kiss. I felt dizzy and didn't want it to end.

He suddenly pulled away from me, it was like he had snapped back to reality, "Sue, my oh...I apologize, I don't know what came over me. Forget this happened. I lost myself in the music. I just thought something else ... someone else..." He turned away and left me sitting there confused.

I could feel the tears falling down my cheeks as I mouthed “someone else.”I ran from my spot and tried to find the dorm. I was soon lost in the school. I didn’t really want to find my way to any place but near him. It was later in the afternoon when I reached my dorm. I was alone so I just let myself cry. He was so confusing. There was the getting angry because there was someone else who had played with me before and kissing me,then he tells me to forget it because he thought I was someone else?! What kind of jerk does that?

I went to the bathroom to take a bath and relax for a while.

When I returned to the room Ellen was laying on my bed, "What happened?"

"What do you mean?" I asked drying my hair.

"When he came in he was flustered and blushing, I didn't think he could blush, so I am assuming that you did something," she said as she sat up on the bed.

"Nothing..." I said I was trying to be strong. "There is a summer cold going around maybe it is..."

"Sue... don't bother, what happened?" she was now glaring at me.

"He kissed me and then rushed off saying he thought I was someone else!" my bottom lip was quivering as I spoke. "Heal most seemed jealous about me playing with Clarience and we started talking and he kissed me..."

"What kind?" Ellen raised an eyebrow.

I blushed bright, "A kiss..."

"Oh that is not how you are going to be with this was it a peek on the cheek? No, you wouldn't blush for that. On the forehead? No, that would only make you blush lightly. On the lips, but quick? That would make you turn red,but not really... was it something like this?" she grabbed me at the shoulders and threw me down, her hand was caressing my cheek and leaned in.

"No!" I got up quickly and tried to cover my lips.

"Bingo, I bet it was long too, so sweet and breath taking!" she sighed as she said it.

"How the heck could you?" I was surprised with her descriptions.

"I read a lot of romance novels believe it or not,but still... what are you going to do?" she was sad at my look.

"I'll just avoid him, you still have to see him and it won't be an issue, maybe I could talk to Potsdam to let me into the room to see my cat when he is away," I shrugged. "I just don't want to see him now that I know that he thinks of someone else when he kissed me..."

"Sue, we have more lessons tonight," Potsdam knocked on our door.

"Oh Ma'am Sue is feeling a little down right now," Ellen had answered.

"Good we will use that tonight," she pushed passed and grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed and tugged me along with her.

I was silent as she talked of all the things that she has planned for the opening of the school year and how everything was going with parents and children as she keeps a better eye on them for right now.

"Hieronyous, good evening," she said to him with a softness to her voice.

"Good evening..." I looked up at him and smiled weakly, "Sue." He then rushed off.

"Interesting reaction to you Sue," Potsdam noted. "I think I will use that for tonight's works."

I made a noise to let her know I was listening.

"You know you only have a day or so left to spend time with him alone, he will be busy with school and classes after this..." she said as we reached her office. "Maybe you could play the piano for him, I know he said you had been taking lessons..."

He had talked to her about me...

"We will be focusing on the string," she said with a grin.

"The string?" I asked slowly.

"Yeah, let's see if we can flush..." she turned and looked at me, “Are you okay, Love?"

I felt like I was pale, "I don't want to work on that... would we be able to work on more weaving ...maybe with jewelry?"

"I suppose but it would be good to figure out your string, especially since you have seen it, has it affect you in your everyday life?" she asked as she began pulling things from her desk.

"Like my throat tightening when someone is around or this weird feeling with my heart..." I said it slowly as I moved a chair near her.

"Yes..." she was watching me as I collected some items together.

"Umm... well... it's all been nervous really," I said slowly.

"I'm sure he has kissed you," she said it so bluntly.

"Well, I um, ugn..." I was struggling to try and get on word out.

"Yes, that answers the question;you share a closer link now..." she said softly. “You should really not worry on anything I'm sure his reaction to your letters and all are within reason."

"Yeah... I'm just a replacement," I whispered.

"Yes, yes... of..." she turned me toward her, "No you are not. You are not a replacement. If you were that, we would be having a lot more issues then we have right now."

I was taken back with her reaction, "That's what he said... that he mistaken me for someone else...."

"He is trying to stay face," she said it and placed her head in her hands. "He lost control, I am sure he is just relieved that you are okay and... maybe a little jealous. A boy did kiss you on the forehead... Ellen said it was something everyone else was hoping for more. So maybe that was bothering him... you should talk about it with him."

"No, I would rather not," I said as I turned back to the work at hand.

"Sue, this is something you can't really allow to happen, you must get this cleared up to think yourself as a replacement can lead to a terrible disaster," she said as she started her needle work.

"Maybe that is what he wants; he wants me to disappear..." I sighed.

"If that was true he would not have done everything he has, my dear really, you must talk to that man, he is still young and foolish as well," she said as she worked some beads into the piece she was doing. "It comes down to this;you need to teach him to love again..."

"I don't even know what that is..." I gasped at her as I pricked my finger and cursed myself.

"You do, you saw the string, understand and listen to your heart my child," she got up and put her stuff down. She walked over and picked me up and dragged me out of her office. "I will not teach you again until you have listened to me. So consider yourself ousted. Go to him and I will know trust me." She shut and locked the door.

I was sitting in the middle of the hall and there were other students sitting outside who were now staring at me, I smiled weakly and ran back to my dorm. What was I suppose to do now?

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Omg the kiss!!! That was so awesome!

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I got up slowly and dusted myself off. I needed to not seem like I was disgruntled about the whole situation. I had this strange urge to play that piano again. I could escape away from everyone else.

I left the office and walked down the hall. I had to remember where it was. I ended up getting lost as I seem to have been doing lately. I wandered in a kind daze and slowly trying to figure out what was going to happen to me.

In my daze I stumbled into a garden. I blinked and realized that I had found the garden by accident or maybe you only find it when you can't be looking for it.

I walked the same path and found the piano there. I walked around it and looked at the design. It was not something I would be familiar with but I had never heard of the fae ever making instruments other then flutes and pipes.

I sat in front of the keys and stroked it slowly before I could feel myself drawn to the start the song. Slowly, ever so slowly I pressed the keys, each on climbing the next and soon my heart was playing and my hands were following. The song I played was so sad, my heart did not beat quickly and my tear flowed from my eyes. It was like I was playing how I felt.

I felt like someone had come to listen. I could feel the disruption in the air as my music filled the garden.

"Do you know the story of the instrument that you are play?" Hieronyous was standing behind me away from me more like it.

"No," I said slowly as I didn't stop. "though if I am bothering everyone playing I will stop..." I pulled my hands away from the keys and kept my back to him.

"It isn't like that," he said quietly. "This piano doesn't play for everyone." He moved closer to me and sighed, "The story is:

There was a faerie and a human. They had been together since they were children. His family was a followers of magic and they were not well off so he often played together. When he got older he was a brilliant musician but could not play the instrument he loved expect at the church. So he learned the piano by going to the church. In fear of losing her friend and the man she loved the fae made the instrument for him in this tree. When she gave it to him he loved it and played everyday on it.

One day he didn't show up. He kept not coming back so she went to see him. She discovered that he had married a well to do woman. The woman was extremely christian and so he had become the piano player for the church.

She went to see him in human form and talk to him about the piano and how he needed to play it. She could feel his spirit slipping away because he wasn't able to do what he loved. He explained that he could not see her any more because he was married and the woman would harm her. She persisted and every day would come to see him.

One day he agreed and went to the piano and played her a melody that came from his heart. He realized he missed it so much, he made a promise to her that he would come one day a year and play for her.

He kept his promise and once a year would come to see her and play the true music he loved. His wife became curious and followed him one day. When she discovered the fae she accused the husband of cheating and lying. He explained that the fae was his friend and she had made the piano for him and it was the first one he truly loved playing.

It didn't matter to the wife that he wasn't doing anything she took him away. They left the fae alone, but she would wait every year for him to return and keep his promise.

She received word one day that he had wasted away and left the wife alone. In her mourning she played the song that was in her heart and wasted away slowly never leaving the piano alone..." He stopped talking a moment and sighed, "The piano is only supposedly heard by the one person that is in your heart..."

I didn't move or say anything. I had realized that I was in love with him but maybe he hadn't and now he stood behind me.

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"So what you are saying is that you wouldn't have even considered kissing me again if it wasn't for this?" I signaled the piano before me with my hand. "That someone else that stays in your mind will forever be there and there would be no possibility for me..." I got up slowly. I could almost see the fae as she go up from the piano and looked over the hill for her love.

"There was no one else..." he said it carefully, "Yes, I had a love in the past and she is gone. I still blame myself for that. This is why you do not need to be any closer to me then you need..." He stopped as I was now facing him. "Sue, this is not easy..."

"You are right, this is not easy, this is not easy for your wife," I said making the words harsh. "You can still have your memories without letting go of everything good, but when you do that you have to be willing to grow."

He was unsure how to respond to me.

"You should recognize something, I am sure that if you didn't care for me more then just a student then you would not ave come, "I said softly my eyes were watering.

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He sighed softly, "Yes.. this is is possibly..."

I felt something tighten around my throat and my breathing softly It was like in the dream that where I was fighting for my breath and preventing Clarience from cutting the string. "Doesn't your throat tighten? don't you lose a little control when you see me? Doesn't something happen for you?" I coughed a little, it was as if the string was tightening around my throat.

"Yes..." he said it slowly and turned away from me. "It does ..." He walked away from me and out of the garden.

My tears fell down my cheeks as I thought about the answer but I couldn't call to him. Something was wrong and I could feel something wash over me like a cold breeze on a fall evening. I struggled to keep from blacking out and moved out of the garden and could see his back, I managed a whisper, "Wait..."

I could hear humming when I gained some kind of conscientiousness. I could see Professor Potsdam moving back and forth. I wasn't in the dorm room. I tried to get up but felt myself just move a little.

"Oh dear, don't try and move," she said coming to my side and removing the cloth from my forehead.

My cat came up and was rubbing my hand gently. His soft fur and reminded me of home. I couldn't really do much but I tried to wiggle my fingers to scratch under his chin.

Ellen came in and hugged me gently. "Oh, what did you do?"

I smiled at her weakly, "killing myself slowly..."

She punched me slowly and I grinned wide, "You still can't move much... you are lucky you can even open your eyes... though...." she got in really close to me, "being in his room must be nice..."

My eyes widen and looked at her in shock I mouthed slowly, "what?! why am I not in the nurses offices?"

"He wouldn't take you there...something about it being his fault," she shrugged at the explanation.

"Ms. Ellen stop arousing the patent," Professor Potsdam had come over and replaced the cloth. She returned to the table, she was mixing items and it smelt rancid. "It seems that when that thing managed to kiss you it connected to you and every time it sensed you near the one he had smelt on you he would pull the string on your end and because you would fight back it figured that if it did it enough that it could get you to cut it..." her face was sad, "you are so much stronger then others my little duckling..."

I looked over at her, "what ...." my voice came out hoarse, "what will I need to do? This has got to stop... I don't know how much longer... i thought the pain I felt was..."

She came over and held a potion to my lips, "You drink this, rest, enjoy being pampered by your husband ..." this last part she whispered, "and feel the strength come back to you."

Ellen was leaning against the post when Hieronyous came into the room with a tea set. "Sir, you have a nice room, here."

He raised his eyebrow at her, "Ms. Ellen, please refrain from making comments kind or not to me about my personal style." He was getting stuff together.

"She has taken the potion, make sure she has a little something to eat and drink, then make her sleep," Potsdam said to him as she had gathered all her items. "Ellen come help me today, there is much to do as there is only a day left before the little ones start coming to start the year."

Ellen hoped over to Potsdam and took the items that she could and before leaving she gave me a wink.

Hieronyous shut the door after they left. He brought a tea cup for me. He placed it on the nightstand next to the bed and then returned to the table with the tea. He said nothing to me.

I tried to push myself up and had managed to get my weight on my hands and slowly shuffled myself up into a sitting position. My movement was limited but as I went for the cup, I was startled to see his hand block me.

"I would rather not have you burn yourself, you have managed enough damage to your body and a cup of hot tea spilled on you does not need to be added to the list of abuses." He set his tea down beside mine and picked up my cup slowly. "We will do this slowly as you don't need to rush."

I sighed softly trying not to cry, "I'm so sorry for causing this trouble and taking your bed and your room for my cat and and and..."

"Shh..." he said as he held the cup to my lips and trying to slowly allow the liquid into my mouth. "I am slightly relieved that this happened now..." he had a slight devilish grin, "You can't run from me now when I need to talk to you."

I chuckled as I left the liquid go down, it felt great. It was like I had never had tea before and this was my first experience of such a beverage. "It's tastes wonderful..."

"Yes, I thought I would add something to it to the tea to help it go into your system," he explained as he set my cup down and took his and sipped slowly. "Not bad, it isn't the same as yours of course but close. It is missing something though..."

"I don't think so..." I said watching my cat as he curled in my lap, I tried to stroke him but only managed to wiggle my fingers again.

"It is missing love..." he said it slowly from behind the rim of his cup.

I shot a glance at him and blushed, " could be something like that..."

"It could every well be," he said in a matter of fact voice. "I'm sorry. Really truly sorry. Again I have failed at protecting you..."

"No you didn't..." i said as I stared at my cat trying not to look at him. "You have again saved me from true troubles and maybe even death again..." I sighed, "I wish I wasn't such a mess and a good person...because really who does this kind of thing?"

He set his tea down and took my up again, "You need to finish this and then I will bring you a little something to eat and you will then need to rest. The medicine is slow to take affect when you are awake because it doesn't want to do it's job with a chance of making you pass out."

I nodded slowly, he must truly think I am the worst. I have done everything wrong and nothing to show for it.

"That ring... your parents gave it to you?" he asked as he brought the cup to my lips again, this time I drank deeply. I wanted to finish quickly so that I could get out of his hair. "Yes... I think they gave it to me as the last present..."

"Don't think that way," he said quietly. "They haven't forgotten you. They're memories weren't erased, you can still write to them. We just made sure that they didn't regret the decision they made... comforted them in a way."

I could still write,this made me feel better. Something inside myself made it feel like I hadn't lost anything. "That is comforting to know," I said with a smile.

"Yes, I thought it would make you feel better to know that," he sipped quietly and watched the cat for a moment. "You cared the stone and the dolls with you this whole time..."

"Yes, it gave me strength," I answered honestly. "Hope..."

He was startled as I finished the word, "Hope?"

"Yes, you allowed me a new beginning, guiding me and protecting me," I said listing off everything that I thought about.

He was silent as I spoke.

"You have given me more in these three months then my parents have given to me in a while," I stopped a moment, "Not as a parent but as someone I truly care about."

I stopped when he placed the cup before my lips.

"You have made my heart race and my mind go wild, you have made me want to be an even better person and help those around me," I said between cups and finished the tea.

"I can't say you haven't done anything for me, Sue," he said it as if he was calculating what he wanted to say and how it would affect me. "You have shown me that there is warmth even for someone as harsh as me..."

He got up and went back to the table and brought back a small plate of fruit that was cut into small bite sizes and he put an apple to my lips.

"I have a lot to learn but please now that..." he shoved another piece of fruit in my mouth to keep me quiet. I glared at him as my mouth was soon stuffed with different fruits, my cheeks puffed out because of the fruit.

He chuckled softly and went to his desk and looked for something, he returned with a gift wrapped in black paper and a red ribbon.

I struggled but managed to chew and swallow everything to manage out, "Did you talk to my parents?"

He looked at me puzzled.

"They wrapped the ring they got me in the same kind of paper," he looked at me curiously, "Red and black are my favorite colors... red stands for some pretty intense emotions but they can be the opposite of each other from love to anger... just as black can be a beginning or an end..." I looked at the present.

"Well, you can get it when you can open it," he said with a grin and moved the present to the nightstand. "Now you need to sleep..."

I could feel my lids getting heavy, "that isn't fair, that you can use magic on me... especially when I can't on you..."

I was dosing off when I heard him whisper softly, "That's where you are wrong... didn't you know you cast the most powerful spell of all on me and I can't do anything but accept it because I love you..."

It wasn't fair I couldn't respond to him because I had no control as I felt the comfort of a safe darkness slipped over me.
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#67 Post by carolynrose » Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:36 am

*runs around in circles, that was the most amazing update ever!!! I could hardly keep myself from squealing at every paragraph :)

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#68 Post by Xenostatica » Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:25 am

( much for reading this!!! I guess this would be the end of it... though I am totally curious about what was in that little box!! ToT Grabby why to you have to be so awesome!!)

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This is the end? TT-TT was getting so good! D=

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#70 Post by callas » Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:30 pm

Nooo, don't end yet. You can go in a lot of directions from here on.
And like icekat wrote: 'it was getting so good!' :D

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Well I left it open because I really want there to be a sequel to the game....and if that were planned then the marriage would have to be addressed... mind you I am wishing for a sequel.

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#72 Post by callas » Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:08 pm

Well, guess I have to wait for the sequel then.

But if the sequel doesn't mention the wedding, it could be because they are keeping it a secret at school.
And afterwards you could continue this story? :)

Anyways, very good writing. I enjoyed every word of it. :D

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lol... maybe. i really didn't want to stop. i am totally lost on what to do now that i finished this. I don't know... it would be awesome to do a whole set for all three years but the I would be writing 3 books and not a short fan fic...though was this really short?!

And what the heck was in that box?! *ninja* Grabby is so sneaky... not even the writer knew what he had in that box!!!

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#74 Post by carolynrose » Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:51 pm

I just wanted to say that I have loved reading your story.I thought the ending was absolutely wonderful, but I don't think I'm the only one who wishes that it would continue. There's so much Grabiner romance left to be told.

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Xenostatica wrote:lol... maybe. i really didn't want to stop. i am totally lost on what to do now that i finished this. I don't know... it would be awesome to do a whole set for all three years but the I would be writing 3 books and not a short fan fic...though was this really short?!

And what the heck was in that box?! *ninja* Grabby is so sneaky... not even the writer knew what he had in that box!!!
Hi, you dont know me but I followed youre story and I would like to make fanart of it scratch that I already did and made some fanart for the possible sequel if you would like to see it send me your link or email adress or just mail me back and ask for my deviant account ^_^ :3 i went a little wild though xD

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