Grabiner/ Sue fan story *spoiler*

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#31 Post by Kabutos_daughter » Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:54 pm

OH god this story is sooo good! I've played the Grabby path so many times and I still love it >w< You HAVE to keep writing it! D:<

I dunno about Damien being the piano boy it sounds more like the genie thing that attacks us when we try to rescue grabby o.o the way it makes you feel weak and fainish. ;D who knows maybe Grabby will come to the rescue!

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#32 Post by icekat725 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:33 pm

Kabutos_daughter wrote:OH god this story is sooo good! I've played the Grabby path so many times and I still love it >w< You HAVE to keep writing it! D:<

I dunno about Damien being the piano boy it sounds more like the genie thing that attacks us when we try to rescue grabby o.o the way it makes you feel weak and fainish. ;D who knows maybe Grabby will come to the rescue!
Really? But isnt the Manus not supposed to attack a member of the Grabiner famliy? Since Ms. Potsdam supposedly convinced the Manus that Sue is a member of Prof Grabiner's family since they had gotten married.
Hmm...well, then im not sure. We'll just have to wait and see what happens (on another note: "manus" means "manuscript" in norwegian o.o and also...the suspense is KILLING me! *stalks email inbox for notification)

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#33 Post by Xenostatica » Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:27 pm

I took a deep breath and laid back. What had happened? I thought back and scenes flashed before my eyes but I could really tell. Professor Potstdam had talked about during the semester about there being other things out there, but I thought the spells she cast on us before we left were meant to protect us.

My thinking was broken with the sound of my door to my room slamming open. My father came in with his face stern and irritated with my mother following after him.

"Father?" I asked startled and holding myself back from screaming or shouting my hands instinctively went to the letter.

"Give it to me," he growled.

"What? It is mine," I said staring at him and switching looking back and forth.

"Corresponding with your professor like this is wrong, give it to me," he held out his hand.

I stared right at my mother, "Why don't you read it out loud for all of us, so we can actually hear what my professor has so irresponsibly written to me."

My father looked at me in surprise, "WHat?"

"Read it out loud, I haven't read it and I am dying to know what was so wrong with what I did," I glared at him now, "You say he did something wrong show me what it was! YOU DON'T TRUST ME SO SHOW ME!!!"

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#34 Post by icekat725 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:41 pm

Things are firing up in here and theyre about to boil over....Keep it up! =D

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#35 Post by Ladygothika87 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:56 pm

Ah! Yoi're teasing us! Lol I really hope the next part comes soon. You really left us wanting more. Great job!

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#36 Post by Xenostatica » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:03 pm

He jumped away from me as I shouted, he took the letter opener off my desk and tore at the letter clumsily. He stared at my mother before opening it and pulled out several sheets of paper.

The letter:

Dear Ms. Sue,

I appreciate you taking the time out of your break to write to me worried about your friend. I know that her staying at this school does not allow one to truly get away and have solitude but this was why she was allowed to spend that week with you.

I have heard over and over again about how your cooking was delightful and I must confess that the cupcake was delicious. I appreciate your kindness of giving Ms. Ellen several so that she could share.

I have included the lists for your school supplies for the next year and also the letter that your parents are suppose to sign for your permission for taking trips this year.

Professor Grabiner

My father looked over at my mother with a look of guilt.

My tears weld up in my eyes as I struggled to hide my disappointment but relief of the letter, "Are you happy?!" the tears steamed down my cheeks, "You see what was so inappropriate was that? TELL ME!"

My mother backed up slowly, "Nothing..."

My father handed to me the letter back to me, "Please, I'm sorry."

My tears weren't stopping now and neither was I, "This whole summer it has been about prosecuting me for anything, I could do nothing right, I learned to play the piano, I cooked, cleaned, stayed out of the way when you wanted to do things, I EVEN PLAYED WAITRESS AT YOUR ANNIVERSARY! Was there any chance that you were just going to accept me for what I was?"

My father stepped toward me and my mother grabbed his arm to stop him, "We were just worried that you would do something..."

"Oh I have done a lot of things but nothing is right so there was no reason to share with you any of it," I said trying to wipe my face. "This teacher was nice enough to help me with my friend! It had nothing to do with my crush on him! Now you know don't you! He was helping so that I wouldn't worry. I worry about everyone instead of myself which can lead to neglect of my own needs. When you asked I told you, I didn't hide anything that needed to be known, and I gave you all of my trust... it looks like I didn't get that in return..." I tried to get up but my legs were still weak. My father went to give me his hand and I knocked it away. "Sign the paper for my permission and get out!" I struggled by myself and got to my feet and stumbled to my desk where I pulled out the pen for them.

They said nothing as they signed the paper and left quietly.

I sat at the desk and cried myself back to sleep. I was so despicable at the same time so weak and helpless.

The dreams flooded in and I couldn't fight them.

The first, there was Clarience standing before me and he was tugging at something. As I focused there was a string attached to my throat. As he tugged it got tighter around and I was soon unable to breath. He held scissors before me and told me to cut the string if I wanted to live. I knocked the scissors away and began pulling the string. It was red... it was attached to someone else... I could feel them tugging back. I looked back at Clarience and he was struggling to grab the string but he would get a slice on a part of his body every time he tried to cut it. I was soon rolling on the ground fighting with him to get the scissors.

The next was me wondering somewhere. The lights were beautiful. As they lit the way I realized I was in the forest, there was a lake near by and the lights were dancing to music that I couldn't hear. Wisp-o-will, I turned to run from what I just saw but was blocked by something and could hear laughing as I ran away.

The third, there was darkness and I could feel someone holding my hand and pulling me one way and then another had my foot and pulling me that way, each limb was being tugged into a different direction and as I struggled the more they tugged and then before me stood Clarience. I gasped as he had a hand on his shoulder but it was not a true hand it was like a form made of a shadow... I fought more and more as I realized he had something in his hands that glimmered.

I woke up screaming. I jumped up trying to figure out where I was and soon began to focus on the sound of knocking that was coming from my door.

"Sue?" my mother was calling to me.

"I'm fine, don't bother, I had a nightmare," I picked up my chair and looked around my room. My worry/wish dolls were on the floor, I must have knocked them off of the desk as I dreamed. I slowly picked them up and placed them back in their box. Those were not good dreams.

I grabbed the dream dictionary off of my shelf. The wisps I had already knew from my white magic class about them and if Clarience was actually a shadow man I was in deep trouble but what was that string that seemed like it was attached to someone else.

I dropped the book when I finished the description, "Red string of fate..."

I looked over at the letter that Grabiner had sent me and I had to rub my eyes as I looked at the forms and the letter, they had changed. Something was different about these letters. I was unsure if my eyes were still playing tricks on me. I grabbed the letters, I didn't want to see what my parents had signed so I stuck it back into the envelope but the other two had writing on them.

I took a deep breath and tried to figure out if I wanted to know what he written, what my parents had read before had broken my heart. I had been hoping for maybe a confession or something to that. I struggled slowly to turn to the first page, my hands were shaking as I searched for the beginning.

Dear Sue,

The items were just simply to help you focus. They really are simple items that parents often give to their children to relax them enough to help them sleep but I am glad that they were able to help you.

I would have actually known if you had slipped up and informed her anything dealing with our world. As you know from stories when one of the wild seeds do something like this they would not be returning and knowing your roommates you have been told what truly happens. This is why we do certain things, to prevent accidental crossover. I am glad that you were willing to tell me what really happened. I appreciate your openness.

I will inform you that your dear friend, Ellen, through no choice of my own has constantly explained what happened. Even after reading your letter she has chosen to repeat that it isn't your fault. Is it truly so hard to believe that a truly honest and attractive woman like yourself could draw attention to yourself? Understand that you do stand out, even I knew this on the first day that we met. You are a wild seed and fit the horse hall appropriately. Your spirit is like a beacon to many, especially those who feel weak or wish guidance.

Do not truly worry about that kiss, even his attempt to make it more then it was would have not broken anything that is our connection. Your honesty of not having any emotion for him prevents any damage to this situation we are in. Fear not.

Your parents are lost right now. You have become a woman that they were not expecting. You are far more mature then they probably were expecting when you returned. This could have been because of situation at school or that you have come to realize who you are, that doesn't matter. You are strong and understanding. Your willingness to take the punishments that they don't mean to give you show that your kindness is never ending. I hope that you try talking to them as you might regret it later on. Take this as advice from someone who is speaking from experience.

There is no reason for embarrassment. We are corresponding as any other people who wish to learn about each other would. Do not regret telling me anything that is bothering you, but do understand that I may not be able to answer all of your problems. I will promise that I will listen to you no matter what though.

I appreciate the charm that you have made. It is actually a very interesting thing that you have made me. I believe that you have found a niche that you can expand on. I have decided to you this item as a bookmark. It would be interesting if you tried to study on this and write a paper on it. Actually I am not as familiar with this type of magic I will inform Professor Potstdam your interest in this and I am sure she would be glad to guide you.

I do have to say that your knowledge of baking is amazing. I understood that you tried to explain to Ellen how to make my favorite tea. I will have to say that I appreciate you trying to take care of me even when you are far away, but please do not ask her to try to make tea again. I did not know that you could set tea leaves on fire, though this might have happened because she tried to do this in the lab late in the evening when we were waiting on a reaction that we were testing. Tea does not taste the same out of a beaker. In the end we had the cupcake and some cold chi that I had made earlier. I realized that you made each cake specific to each of us. Ellen's was bright yellows and pinks, Professor Potstdam was decorated with flowers and purple, while mine was deep browns and reds, I assume you would think I would not eat such an item decorated in very expressive manner and I appreciate the modernist decorating you did on my cake. The detail was beautiful and I understand that you had done this in the middle of the night I appreciate your kindness to create beautiful works of arts to match our personalities.

As you can see that I have allowed my pen to run away with my thoughts. Now that you can see that I have been thinking of you, I will say no more.

My thoughts are with you,


I was on the second page when I finished reading his name. My heart started pounding, he had changed his ending!!! What was this all this writing?

Suddenly something hit me hard. His letter had been in my back pocket when Clarience had come. I flashed back and my head started to pound as I heard his voice say it, "you smell like him!!" I struggled with the sudden realization. Hieronymous?! WAS HE TALKING ABOUT HIM?? Why would Clarience know?! I mean after all that I know he wasn't human but but but...

I looked out of my window to see that the moon was shining bright. I stood up and walked over to the sill where I leaned against the side. The kiss was suppose?! Did he know about ... I began pacing back and forth in my room. The knock on the door snapped me back.

"Yes?" i struggled not to sound freaked out by my sudden realization of my situation.

"I just wanted to apologize," my father said from the other side of the door.

"Come in," I said slowly, the two words felt like they took a while to be completed.

He walked in slowly he was carrying something in his hand, it had been wrapped in black gift wrap paper and had a bright red bow on it. "I have not been kind to you these weeks and now that you will be going back in four days I have not tried to fix what I did wrong," he held out the present. "We missed your birthday and didn't even bother to send you anything or even write that we thought of you..." he struggled with his words. "Look, you really don't need us anymore we have come to accept that..."

I looked at him in surprise, I hadn't tried to unwrap the gift in my hand, "Children will always need their parents even when they hate them. Even at their worst a child will still look to the parent and hope for something from them even if that parent is cruel and terrible, we all look for acceptance, some of us just find it somewhere else in the end and stop looking for it," my comment hurt, I could see his shoulders slump.

"We had just expected you to be like your old friends, happy, fun, sneaking out to party and have boys over," he said softly and struggled with his hands, he was unsure of what to do with them now that they were empty, "but you were special, something different and we didn't appreciate it. Your friends and even your teacher understands you better then we do... I'm sorry."

I put the present down and walked over to him and hugged him tight, "I'm sorry that I was not what you expected, but I appreciate that you understand that I am different and that I need this school to help me. Thank you for not trying to talk me into being something I am not."

He smiled softly, "It's just a little something..." He turned and walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

I took the present and sat quietly and fought with myself about opening the item before me. My cat made the choice for me as he played with the ribbon he tore the paper a little. I took that as a sign an slowly pulled away the paper. Next was the cardboard box that hide the item from me and I slowly opened the box. I then pulled out a small box that I open revealing a ring with a sapphire set in the middle. I stared at it for a moment and then slipped it onto my right hand.

The warmth that came off the ring told me that they had really hoped this would make me feel what they couldn't say. I smiled softly and got up slowly to go down stairs.

As I got down stairs I could hear my mother in the kitchen and my father was sitting in his car reading, they were doing exactly what they would do for the rest of their lives. I smiled softly and realized that this was really what they would be doing and they were so happy.

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#37 Post by icekat725 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:42 pm

*does back flips* this. is. AWESOME. =D but still...I must know who this Clarience-douche boy is! *happily waits for the next installment of awesomeness and suspense and mysteriousness*

*disappears into a puff of smoke because im a NINJA*

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#38 Post by carolynrose » Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:14 pm

Hehe, even with how fast you update, I still find myself anxiously waiting for the next installment. I just have to know how Clarience fits into all of this and what his problem is with Sue and Grabiner.

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#39 Post by Ladygothika87 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:08 pm

I LOVE it! Lol I'm reading this at work and couldn't stop a little giggle coming out when I was reading his letter! Everyone just looked at me like WHAT??? I can clearly imagine Ellen trying to make grabby tea and catching it on fire!!

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#40 Post by Xenostatica » Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:19 pm

(It is actually really hard for me to write his letters. First off I have to fight off the desire to make him gush over her!!! Simply because he would not to such a thing but wouldn't it be sweet to make him lose control over the woman he could be his soul mate!!! <3 I am such a hopeless romantic.)

I smiled and walked past both my parents and went out the back door to look at the sky. The silence of the night made my mind clear, which could be a bad thing as something suddenly occurred to me.

I ran inside to my father, "I will need to overnight a letter... would you take it to the office on your way to work? I must have it get to the school in time and begging someone to take me is out of the question."

He looked at me startled, "Yes..."

"Great!" I ran upstairs and slid into my chair and grabbed some paper.

My cat jumped into my lap which gave me some comfort because right now I was scared. When I faced Clarience I must of not used any magic because no one has contacted me or anything in that manner. The problem was that what if Clarience slipped past the spell because he had been invited before the spell was cast!


This is urgent. I have a trouble realization that has come to my mind. Even in the situation dealing with the school and us being sent home with the protection spell could something get past it?

I write this in fear of something terrible thought. Clarience was not human. I can tell you that, I am not so familiar with what is out there to tell you what he is. His sense of smell was affected by your letter that I had hid in my back pocket which caused him a terrible discomfort. I am making no sense and I must apologies because right now I am rather hysterical.

He knew a way around the spell, my mother said that he had been sent here to be in summer school, many schools were out before I returned to my parents home. She had already been teaching him... do you see what I am saying? He had already been invited in!! He had passed the threshold of my parents' home and had passed in and out with no trouble.

I have face him alone. Please understand it was an emergency, my parents were being affected by his nature... I don't know if that is the best I can do but they were sick. He even wiped that memory from them. As I write this, all is coming to my mind as is making sense. No one noticed him till he was in the peripheral vision, he was like a shadow and was only truly noticeable when one focused on him.

I took away the permission of entering the threshold, with my parents in their own world of the spell I was given lead of the house and so the power to take away permission. Though I am not so sure it actually works that way but he believed it so it must worked for now. He couldn't touch me because of the charm that Ellen made for me, it protected me from his touch and when he attempted to... bind my soul... is the best I can describe it, your letter and the stone allowed me to focus and fight it.


I signed the letter, sealed the envelope with a kiss in hopes that it would help get the letter to him faster and maybe he wouldn't be angry with me.

I ran down stairs and handed it to my father, "please don't forget. I need this to reach the school, it is too important and I can't..." I could see as he took the letter that he was wearing the bracelet and I calmed down, "It must get there because I need a question answered."

My father nodded and put the letter in the book. "I never forget my book for work and so I will leave it in here. I will go to bed and make sure I get up on time... though an awesome coffee cake for breakfast could possibly..."

I smiled, "You are right if you are going to make the messenger work hard, you must pay a good price." I walked to the kitchen and began to work on the reward. This would help anyway I need to not think about any of it. There were going to be three days left but I needed this to get to him in time.

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#41 Post by Ladygothika87 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:33 pm

I completely understand what you mean. I am a hopeless romantic as well. You've done a great job in his letters. I can't say that I practice the same restraint in my story. I fully plan on having him fall head over heels in love with my Sue! You definitely have a talent for captivating us with your story.

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#42 Post by callas » Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:46 pm

Just when I thought the tension couldn't get higher, it just turned up a notch.

I just love reading this. :D

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#43 Post by icekat725 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:43 am

I agree with you when you say its hard to write his letters. I mean, im not even sure how to write things in a formal manner. At all.
but your doing a great job =D
and this is really making my night (its...2:30 am here in norway o.o)

and the tension has risen to over 9000- *gets hit on the back of the head with a book by my friend* ...dammit, i shouldnt mention the over 9000 joke when she is here.... TT-TT

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#44 Post by icekat725 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:09 pm

Ladygothika87 wrote:I completely understand what you mean. I am a hopeless romantic as well. You've done a great job in his letters. I can't say that I practice the same restraint in my story. I fully plan on having him fall head over heels in love with my Sue! You definitely have a talent for captivating us with your story.
Write it. Write it and i will love you forever (as a fan o.o)

*akaward silence*

the akaward silence strikes again!

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#45 Post by Xenostatica » Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:06 pm

After I finished the coffee cake I felt terrible, weak and exhausted. I wiped my forehead and felt myself sweating. I coughed softly and was feeling woozy as I tried to get back on my feet.

My mother had just come in to grab a snack when she noticed me and ran to me. Her voice was becoming simple sounds and I couldn't distinguish the letters from each other. She forced some medicine down my throat and called for my father to care me to my room.

Once in the bed I could feel some of my sense come back and I sat up slowly, I managed to tell them, "I am really okay, probably just a summer cold, I mean I did manage to drop my immune system enough... the medicine should help. I'll sleep for now. Father please deliver the letter..." I slid back into the bed and tried to fall asleep.

They had left me at one point in the night.

I was surprised that when I awoke startled from the dreams I was having. I reached under my pillow and realized the dolls weren't there. I struggled to get up and make it to my desk. Quickly I grabbed his letters, the stone and the dolls and went back to my bed. As I settled in I could feel the stress on my body slowly lift and my body seemed to cool itself.

The feeling of my friends and husband was thinking of me in their own way I felt a wash of warmth slid into the coldness and I fell into a deep slumber.

I awoke to knocking on my door. My mother was calling me and I got up and opened the door. I still had a fever but I felt more together now. "Yes, mother?"

"There is someone here from the school..." she said slowly. "Professor Potstdam is her name..."

I struggled to get clothing on, "What time is it?"

"It's about six in the evening..." she said unsure. "You father sent the letter out this morning, that is some service. I will need to remember them for Christmas when I need to send presents," she laughed nervously. "She wants to take you back tonight... your father isn't home yet so..."

"I will talk with her, but it might be important for her to take me tonight," I said slowly, "It might be because of the work I have been doing with Ellen, mom if that is the case this is important... I will see if we can wait till father comes home so I tell you both bye appropriately." Once dressed I took a few breathes the fever was still lingering and made me uncomfortable.

Professor Potstdam was sitting on the couch quietly waiting. She was bubbly and happy as ever but a sense of sternness was flowing off of her.

"Professor," I said softly, "Would you like some tea?"

"Oh dear that would be lovely," she said turning to me and answering, her eyes widen as she saw me.

I nodded and walked past her to the kitchen, "What brings you, ma'am?"

She answered from her spot, "Your paper that Professor Grabiner sent to me was a wonderful study and I wished to get you started sooner then when school started. Ellen was excited once she read it and supported the idea of bringing you earlier, so I have come on behalf of the school."

I sighed, he had let Ellen and Potstdam read the letter, that was not good they were all worried. Another knock at the door snapped me out of my worry.

"Sue, could you make more tea?" my mother asked as she came into the kitchen.

I held myself together and smiled at her, "Sure, there is still cake, why not take that out?" I added more water to the kettle.

She took it out and there were several voices. My mother was the loudest talking about how gifted I was and how she always new I would do great things.

Professor Potstdam came into the kitchen and stood next to me for a moment before I realized that she was there, "Here..." I could feel her hand wipe my forehead with a napkin or cloth, but the feeling seemed to make the fever go away. "You should feel a bit better now..." suddenly she said in a happy voice, "Where are you napkins dear?"

"Oh right here," I handed her a hand full and smiled. "Thanks..."

She returned to the living room.

I looked over at the clock my father would be home soon.

I put several cups on the tray and added the tea to the kettle before taking it out there. The steeping would need to be for a few minutes before drinking but it would take me a little while to get over there.

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