Interesting Terms (Magical Diary Fanfic)

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Interesting Terms (Magical Diary Fanfic)

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NOTE: This story is a Magical Diary Fic, it concerns an F/F relationship. Specifically the one between the Main Character (Who goes by the name Grace and can be seen here at and Ellen.

Grace West took in a deep breath when she stepped back onto the grounds of Iris Academy. It had been an...interesting summer for the young witch. I am never going to get used to calling myself that. She thought to herself. It hadn't been a bad summer, not by any stretch of the imagination. There were just issues...and drama...and then more issues...and even more drama.

And then there was the explosion.

For the record, how was she supposed to know that the chemicals in fireworks were so astoundingly volatile? Or that the ones her Uncle had gotten from Mexico had already been enchanted with Inca/Aztec tradition based charms? Plus it wasn't THAT big of a crater! At least it wasn't as bad as Ellen's thing with the tuna.

"Miss West." A dry voice said as she carried her luggage into the Horse dormitory. She turned and saw Professor Grabiner standing there. "Welcome back."

"Hello Professor Grabiner." Grace said dutifully. She wasn't fond of the man, having all the grace and sense of humor as the rocks they practiced on. But she didn't dislike him. "How was your summer?"

"Quiet." He said. "I understand yours was not as such."

"Oh, heard about that." Grace said.

"Yes. Five demerits." He said.

"What? Professor I do-!"

"Ten then," The man said. "Care to try for more?"

"No sir." Grace said.

"Good." Prof. Grabiner then gave Grace a piece of paper. "We have shifted some of the rooms for the new onslaught of students. Here is your new room assignments."

Grace's face fell when she heard the news. Prof. Grabiner rolled his eyes. "You don't need to fear Miss West, you and your..." He adjusted his shoulders and shook his head. "You and Miss Middleton still share the same quarters. My only request is that you two don't cause any property damage to the school be it from a Quezacotic incendiary reaction or a sudden assault by aviary fish."

Grace just made a sheepish grin and nodded as she took the paper. She walked seven steps down the hall when her teacher spoke up again. "In my day it was called the Clarke Conspiracy."

Grace fought every impulse in her body not to react. Which she realized was a tell in of itself.

Grabiner chuckled. "May you live in interesting times Miss West." The teacher said as he left the Horse Dorm to check on the next one. Grace only slightly registered that her teacher had just given her an old Chinese curse phrase. Currently she was wondering about how much he knew, how much the rest of the staff knew, and how long would it be before she would be arrested, her mind wiped and...

"Grace!" A cheerful voice said as she opened the door. All worries evaporated when Ellen, her girl-...when Ellen embraced her. She returned the short haired girl's hug with one of her own, and a quick peck on the cheek. Worries for later, she decided. She knew that the world was random, chaotic, irrational, and that all efforts of understanding only ended up showing people how little they truly knew. You had to embrace the moment, embrace happiness, and right now that meant embracing Ellen.

After another moment the two girls separated. Ellen smiled at her Grace and rocked back on her heels.

" it true about the explosion?"

"It true about the fish?"

Both girls giggled about their misadventures. Grace waved her hand. "I'll tell you all about it later. Incidentally, we should see how we can get our hands on books about different cultural traditions. Help me unpack?"

"Sure." Ellen said. She had already gotten all of her things out and prepared having arrived yesterday.

The pair spent a moment just getting the room back to how they liked it. Adjusting desks, putting Grace's books away, and making up her bed. "So how was your summer at the school?" Grace asked.

"Not bad." Ellen said shrugging. "Turns out that they house us at a different place a little ways away from campus. It's called Corey Hall. It's a nice enough place and the staff's really supportive, but it's hard to make friends there."


"Yeah, well it's full of kids who aren't going back to their families for one reason or another, mostly wildseeds but a few others. Unofficial rule one is that you don't ask why they aren't going back. So people tend to walk around each other like they're made of glass." Ellen said. "Some of the transfer kids who have family on the West Coast but are taking school here are okay, but..." She fidgeted a little. "I heard rumors. Some of them...pretty bad."

"How bad?" Grace said frowning.

"Bad. Scars bad." Ellen said. "Leave it at that."

"Ah." Grace nodded getting the hint.

"Still, I made a couple of acquaintances and got a lot of good research done." Ellen said. "How about you?"

"Well, it was...interesting." She shrugged. "I mean, not bad, but...I told my parents" She blushed.

"Ohhhh," Ellen nodded then she exhaled. "So?"

"Well, my Dad said the 'Love you no matter what' line and sort of refuses to talk about it. Mom asked a lot of questions, gave me a few pamphlets about..." Grace blushed and shook her head, "Stuff. I think she thinks it's just a phase." She sighed and shrugged. " could have gone worse I suppose."

"Is it?" Ellen asked quietly.

"What?" Grace asked, putting the last of her clothes away.

"A phase?" She looked at Grace with a face that was struggling to remain neutral. "Because...I mean if..."

Grace took Ellen's hand and gave it a squeeze, smiling at her. "I promise that I'll dance with you again next May."

Ellen blushed and looked away slightly, squeezing back in response. "That isn't an answer."

The two girls slowly let go of their hands and stood there awkwardly for a moment, Not-Looking at each other until...


"Hey gals!" Virginia shouted as she walked into the room, her brothers right behind her, carrying her luggage. "Long time, no see!"

"Virginia!" "Hey V!"

The red-haired girl gave each of her classmates a quick hug. Then she turned to her brothers. "Alright, servants! Put my things away, properly, and make my bed!" She commanded.

The two boys scowled and rolled her eyes. "Fine." Donald said.

"What was that?" Virginia said.

"I mean 'Yes, Mistress Virginia. Right away.' You are going to PAY for this." He muttered.

Virginia gave her brother a very sweet 'Bite me' smile and then turned to her two roommates that were looking at her with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

"I won a bet, so these two have to be my slaves for the entire day." She gave the girls a thumbs up. "What me to make them do anything for you?"

The two girls laughed and shook their heads. "We've already unpacked." Ellen said.

Virginia nodded and then wrapped her arms around her two roommates, and friends. "This is going to be the best year yet!"

"At the very least it'll be interesting." Grace said smiling.


A mile away a female figure in a hooded burgundy cloak lowered the enchanted pair of binoculars she was using to spy on the girls. "They've arrived." She said to her winged associate.

"Excellent." The young man said. "Let's begin."

"Do you have any hypothesis on how this will result?" The cloaked woman asked.

"Not a one." The blue skinned man said. "But it's bound to be interesting, to say the least."
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#2 Post by emichan » Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:04 am

this is cool! i want to read the next bit. what are they plotting??

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