I want more...

Swords, pistols, and palace intrigue - will you fight to save your prince?
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I want more...

#1 Post by marunero » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:17 pm

Oh, Hanako, I have gotten all the endings in this game, but I wish there were more content. :( Content such as a lexical encyclopedia of some sort for the italicized words (seriously, what is tau ja??), a bonus gallery when you get all the endings for rough-sketches and other stuff, a short introduction of the context of the universe(seriously, I was confused at first as to what a Wisdom is and that I proposed to Oscar lol), and character profiles. Seriously, how old are each of the characters? I can only guess that main cast are in their early twenties...Even if you don't add that in the game, please give some information here. m(_ _)m

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#2 Post by hanako » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:25 pm

Hehe. Some of that may eventually be added into the HD version if I can manage to finish it (so many things to do!)

Oscar is 18-19. Madeleine and Cassidy are around 21. Colette... I forget, but I think she's around 19? Callum's got to be around 24 and Nazagi and Gaston are probably similar.

I'm not sure how to present all the lexicon stuff in a way that isn't totally boring to read! I actually do have some notes at the top of one of my work files so I don't forget what I've said. I can paste that but it's not very exciting.

"a sour bite" - wild cherries, bad luck (from french idiom)
plate-picker - pique-assiette, a parasite, one who eats off another's plate
Thierry - a famous author/playwright
tauja' - a rube, a poorly educated person
malix - curse, screw
Countess de Barneville - wrote a book of fairy tales
Sylvia de Gausir - artist of 'The Myriad Ways', a famous set of nude engravings
wangle - a doohickey

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