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Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:43 pm
by LoveLife4432
So I have been playing this game NONSTOP because I really love it but I cant get anything other than the normal or happy end with anyone. Is the next ending the bad or best one? I dont want to ask for a walkthrough but I am seriously stuck!! :?

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:39 pm
by Phyllis
well, there are 3 endings for each of the princes (Oscar, Callum, Gaston, & Nazagi): Happy End, Good End, and Bad End. There are two endings for Dolores: Good and Bad. And then there is the 'unaligned' ending.

Bad ends doesn't have CGs if that's what you're looking for.

BTW, the hardest ending to get (for me) was Dolores's Bad End. Lots of load save files there...(TT^TT)

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:40 pm
by biscuit
There are three endings for each guy:

Bad, normal, and best.

(I forget which one falls under 'happy', but bad obviously isn't it!)

A tip: when you bring up the alliances at the end, you notice the little hearts under each name? They fill up as you acquire endings. The one on the left is 'bad', and is a grey/brown color (so it might be a little hard to tell if it's filled or not). The 'normal' is in the middle, and then you have 'best' on the right.

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:24 pm
by LoveLife4432
How do i get the get the best ending on oscar and nazagi??

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:15 pm
by Hazel
Oscar's good ending is when Madeleine requests her own holding as a boon from Wise Paloma and proposes to Oscar and they end up getting married. You get this by flirting with Oscar and admitting you love him when he's in danger. Generally picking flattering/affectionate options is all you need to do.

Nazagi's good ending is a stable triad of Madeleine, Nazagi and Cassidy, where Madeleine agrees to have Nazagi's children and let them become Cassidy's heirs. Nazagi warms to Madeleine if she's useful to him, shares good information with him, and is generally more pragmatic than sentimental. Discouraging him from pursuing Dolores romantically is helpful but not 100% necessary.

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:55 am
by LoveLife4432
I tried to be useful with Nazagi and I got the exact same ending:P and I cant get the best on Callum either!

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:24 am
by Phyllis
For Callum's best ending, you just have to go on the Callum route but be nice to Oscar. You have to talk to Oscar and stand up for him BUT choose Callum at the river, it's important! :)

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:01 pm
by LoveLife4432
Alright I have achieved Nazagi and Oscar best ending!!!!!! Now I have to work on Callum :shock:

Help with Dolores!!

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:14 am
by dayfawkes
ok i been playing this game non stop for 12 hours+
think i will go to bed after posted and try to figure out the last ending i need tomorrow with any one who wants to help me out?

i need bad ending for Dolores
i found this to help guide me but, i ended up with good ending with it
Bad end: Tell Cassidy to talk to Duke Pherod. Get Dolores to like you but not enough to trust you. Apparently one way is to kiss Callum in front of her then say he means nothing to you but be otherwise nice, I did it by refusing to untie her. Say being alone is a weakness. Accept her offer to run away.

- But i never get the option to have her talk to the duke and i end up with happy ending i tryed to follow it but i am unable to so any one know what i am missing ?

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:39 pm
by Oki
This isn't voltage sims, it has normal saves like Good, Bad, and Happy. Not, normal, happy, good, and super happy XD

Re: Help with Dolores!!

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:53 pm
by hanako
dayfawkes wrote: i tryed to follow it but i am unable to so any one know what i am missing ?
Sorry, I'm slightly confused. Which ending is it that you're having trouble reaching? And which choices have you made to get to where you're ending up instead?

Sending Callum and Cassidy to speak to Pherod is necessary to shunt you onto the Dolores option at all but it doesn't make a difference to which Dolores ending you get, that is totally about balancing your responses to Dolores earlier.

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:55 pm
by dayfawkes
i need bad ending for Dolores so how i keep getting the good ending with her, i tried what stuff i found suggested from other forums.
"balancing your responses to Dolores earlier."
some reason i always end up with good ending with her, do i need to be more mean to her? is their a key point i am missing?

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:41 pm
by Ramidel
@Dayfawkes: You need to make her think you're a two-faced backstabber. How do you think she'll react if you tell her you aren't into Callum, and then kiss him right in front of her?

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:31 am
by dayfawkes
did that and gotten a bad ending but their no heart on her bad ending ...
can some one give me the spoiler for her bad ending?

i my self think the spoiler is like this for this is what i get..

dont read unless u want to be spoiled
-well i pissed her off good ( maybe to good?) and when the 2 leave them room to go speak to whom ever i am suck watching Dolores once again, and she talks with me for a bit and screams for the guards to come in to the room-

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:39 am
by Ramidel
You have to treat her well, but do what I said above too. That specific action convinces her that you're not to be trusted.