Swords, pistols, and palace intrigue - will you fight to save your prince?
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Have you bought it yet?

YES! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No. But I want it...
Yeah, I did not like it that much.
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#1 Post by ark99k » Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:59 am

What did you think of the game, what was it like, and who was your favorite character? What did you like about the game and what did you dislike?
I usually research games before I buy them online because I can't return a lot of them. ANYWAY! What I read on these forums tells my that this is not like other VNs, where the main character acts like a different person on each path. (I mean like on one path they are cool and calm, while on another they are cute and girly) I really hope that is true! Oh, how time crawls when someone wants something! :(
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#2 Post by nightingale » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:23 am

No, but maybe I will. It looks very nice, except I feel the art style is way too glossy. I prefer the art of magical diary much more, to be honest. But it really looks like a polished production and I know that if it's Hanako Games, then the story will be excellent.

so maybe..one day I will get this, even though I am not particularly fond of pure visual novel type of games and such glossy art style. In all honesty, judging by art style alone I am not drawn to any of the characters I have seen in the demo. I'm pretty sure I will like Madeline, however. She does come across like an excellent and unheard of visual novel heroine. If you can shape her anything like Cinders in Cinders, then it should be a really fine game. Cinders for me is an exceptional visual novel that will be very hard to top, even by Hanako Games whose games I really tend to enjoy. Especially Magical diary (I look forward to the sequel even though I hear you will be playing as a boy. Well, it's better than having the same choices as in the first game, I really wouldn't like to see all of those same characters available again, I am strangely very defensive about it, I hope I can be forgiven) and Cute Knight Kingdon with their charming graphics and charming ideas.

I really keep looking forward to hanako's games, though, especially because the writing is always very, very solid and throughly enjoyable, always, no exception, but this one, much like Long Live the queen are two that are actually easier for me to pass up, even though I feel even from the demo that Maddie is well written for a visual novel heroine, so she is the only thing that is really tempting me to change my game wishlist priorities, despite it being a pure VN type. And I like how she seems to be willing to show everyone that she is capable, she is really fleshed out with her internal monologues. I really thought from the demo she could be some hidden princess or something, although that would be unfortunate for the story itself. I really like her as she is the demo is enough to make me like her and promises a very enjoyable story, despite my hesitation because of the fact that it is a pure VN, which I am not a super fan of. My referred genre is rpg with otome -dating sim elements, I suppose, I like rich games that offer a lot of stuff to do along with multiple endings. Or even games like Winter in Fairbrook- which offer something else, the farming aspect, like in harvest moon games along with VN type mechanics to romance make that game so appealing to me.

Well, I'll see, really, I am really more excited about the future wolf hall, I hope the graphics and art will stay the same- they really added charm to the game. I am keen on some romance in my games, though, so this is going to my queue of my games to play one day. It's hanako games after all and Maddie looks so promising as a heroine. And I thank hanakogames for giving me a lot of anticipation- I am always excited to hear a new game from them came out.

So my short answer is: no, but maybe one day, once I deal with my other game prioriries.

EDIT: but that violet-haired guy looks interesting, to be honest. He looks like the scientific-rational type. Also in all honesty, now I am thinking about this game obsessively lol. It's a good distraction, though. I think I"ll end up getting it sooner rather than later...

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#3 Post by biscuit » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:29 am

I really enjoyed this game, and can recommend... that you read some of the other posts in the forum, or at least the non-spoiler ones. :)

Madeline, in my opinion, stays the same person regardless of route (well, mostly...) where she is far more calm, intelligent, and proactive than the stereotypical visual novel protagonist. The plot is well done, full of intrigue and mystery that is sure to keep you guessing (well, unless you play Callum's route first...), and I recommend following Hanako's suggested route order.

Very fun. Very enjoyable. The music and art are exceptionally well done, and the story is top-notch.

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#4 Post by rmt2011 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:38 pm

This game is so far the best one I have played by Hanako :D The storyline is original and all the characters are lovable in their own way. The main character was awesome too :D I liked her and she was someone I thought was a respectable lead. The music and art were gorgeous ^^ I absolutely LOVED the main theme! It is definitely a must-play! Sure some endings left me thinking "....what just happened" and sometimes "Nuu! Whyyy?" but mostly I thought "ERMEHGERDNESS THIS IS AWESOME!!! <3"

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#5 Post by Blue Rose » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:11 pm

Just bought it. Just started. Oh my God, this game is gorgeous. Looking forward to... well, everything.

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Royal Trap Opinions (SPOILERS AHEAD)

#6 Post by Seventh Raven » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:15 pm

[Mod note: Small language edit was made to this post]


Firstly, since this is by far the easiest question to answer, my favorite character will be Prince Nazagi. The reason behind that is, aside from his dashing good looks, is his calculating nature, his tendency to not be overrun by his emotions, his rotten sense of humor -- which, I should say, is somewhat identical to that of my own -- and lastly, because he and I think alike. Though, to be honest, I was deeply saddened at the fact that, despite the ending I got for my second try was "good", it offends my sensibilities knowing Ser Silk-head is, publicly, wed to someone else and that I have to share. No hard feelings towards Cassidy but, well, I just don't like the entire idea. Better than nothing though. I mean, I still get to become the mother of that man's kids. Okay, mind that not. Other characters which I find interesting (a.k.a. second favorites) would be Dolores and Pherod. Dolores for her skills, wits, and tongue and Pherod simply for his looks. I would have loved if he were given more exposure. He looks, after all, the scheming sort. Brushing that aside, let us move on.

Overall, I find the game quite entertaining. In all honesty, I've not much experience nor have I played many visual novels but I must say Royal Trap do stand out from the bunch. Aside from its better-than-most looks, the story was very well woven. To be precise, Royal Trap's story isn't your ordinary court life tale but something far more. Far more intriguing, complicated and far less boring. It drags you to its flow, lets you enjoy a moment of certainty then, all of a sudden, it wallops you with a twist. Hurts, actually, but in a pleasing way. Simply put, when you thought you got it all down, you better best think again because the game always seem to get the best of you (know me and my panic when I thought Madeleine died when Nazagi poisoned her out of the dungeons). The downside is we were given very little choices where one wrong step and you're doomed. Not exactly, but, one wee choice might shake the entire game to the core; making one become as paranoid as Callum and save every, say, seven seconds?

Aside from that, the character interactions are very much believable and amusing at the same time (points for Dolores and Lambert). Despite its serious nature, the game never neglected the need for humor and, through its witty dialogues and random acts of "kindness" (I'm talking to you and your garlic contraption, Lambert), it managed to pull it off. Quite well, to add.
Another thing worth taking note of is the fact that the characters do think. Logically, I mean. What I intend to say with that is those frequent instances of in-game character brainstorming do urge the players to think as well. The reasoning, the ifs, the what ifs, the possibilities, etc., they all are very well thought of and it most certainly pulls you to think with these fictional bunch. In effect, you get to use your own brain as well instead of simply having to wait for the game to present upon you everything. In other words, you get to come up with your own set of reasonings and hypotheses.

Art-wise, I have to applaud whoever did the artworks. However, I must say Royal Trap's art might be top-notch at first glance, the picky sort (like myself), will eventually find flaws in this department. Firstly, there seems to be somewhat of a "discrimination" over how well the characters are drawn. For instance, take note of Dolores and Madeleine's hair. Observe how well done the shadings were for Madeleine's and that of Dolores looks like the shadows were thrown in randomly. Now, focus on both their eyes, mind how much effort the artist gave for Maddie's eyes while Dolly had, well, poorly done ones. And lastly, last among the ones I would be mentioning, is the line art. Dolores' line art looks like a bunch of jagged, broken, disharmonious lines while other characters, Nazagi for example, looks very fluid and clean. See it now?
Secondly, the characters look inconsistent at some points. I do apologize in advance if I might be mentioning Nazagi's name once more (or more than once more) but it is his story line that interests me most that in it alone do I actually pay undivided attention. Now, to resume my rants. Take a close look at how Nazagi looks at ordinary conversations and how he looks at those, um, those things that appear at random (those thingies you can see in the gallery, dammit). To spell things out, let us start with the Lord of all Silk's eyes. In normal conversations, one can clearly see that his eyes were brown in color while on that other one, you have to squint your own eyes before you get to see it (that, or I need spectacles myself). Shape-wise, one on normal conversations look sharper, more detailed and generally prettier than the other. Plus, he looks more dame-like (and more gorgeous to boot) in the ordinary thingy. I can go on for hours pointing other things out but, no thank you and please do the pleasure of equipping yourselves with our heroine's observing eyes and go figure the other things out for yourselves. Please.

Music-wise, I have to shut my mouth. I have not heard of the game's background music so yes, I simply cannot speak about this.

Overall, Royal Trap is a very much enjoyable game filled with plots, intrigues, and dirty secrets. So, to ya'all out there who enjoys wrecking their brains as much as I do, I highly recommend it (don't worry, it won't rob you of your sanity). ;D

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#7 Post by ark99k » Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:31 am

Wow! the whole art thing I would have most likely have missed
1. because I don't look close up at the characters
2.well, I can only draw landscapes and stick figures
Anyway, based on what you said about Nazagi, he sounds like Damien and Linds had a baby or something.
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#8 Post by VampAyano » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:49 am

I love this game <3 I chose Oscar first because I felt bad for him

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#9 Post by ElCantardelaLunaOscura » Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:00 am

I only played the demo and it kept me hooked until it ended. The story seems very interesting and I love the art.

Your last comment made me laugh until my stomach ached. (:
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#10 Post by ark99k » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:25 pm

Thanks! :) So I got it awhile ago and completely completed it! So now I can finally review it. It was amazing! Well, other than a few minor things... *SPOILERS* Some things made no sense. (The queen and king lacked commonsense!) The art was beautiful! Better than what I can do, although the eyes were all different, some looked way too rushed and lacked the detail the others had. ( :idea: maybe that was the desired effect?) I liked the way the stories went (other than a certain someone's good ending!) but only one gave you all of the information. So I kind of felt more like that was the true ending :?: and the others were not liked as much. I also wish Lambert was mentioned more!!! Overall, I loved this game! I rate it: 8 :mrgreen: out of 11 :mrgreen:
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