Concept for a Long Live the Queen Direct Sequel

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Concept for a Long Live the Queen Direct Sequel

#1 Postby D-Bausch » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:50 am

I had originally sent this over email, but was informed that Ms. Bensley cannot legally take a look at a concept submitted without it being posted publicly with a note stating that it's free for anybody to use, so here we go: This concept is free for anyone to use in their game, so long as you contact me and talk to me about its implementation; please also credit me if you use it.

I've been a huge fan of Long Live the Queen since it came out, and this concept is the product of two years' consideration in how one might create a game following Elodie's life after coronation. The following is copied from my original email to

"I have often enjoyed strategy games, but always found them unsatisfying due to their lack of character involvement. It is from that thought, as well as the desire to continue following Elodie’s story beyond coronation, that my concept springs.

The game would follow a weekly format similar to the original; during each week the player would pass down two royal mandates of national focus, similar to the study subjects in the original game, these would shape the economy, culture, and military (or lumen) abilities of Nova over the course of the game.

The second weekly feature would be an issue the country is facing, brought before the queen by an advisor. This might be a judgment of guilt, an item of foreign policy, a diplomatic decision, or any other aspect of running a country. These decisions would replace the weekend locations from the original game, and would play a role in shaping Elodie’s character in addition to the structure of Nova. In between the policy-shaping segments would be portions of visual novel-style narrative, as in the original game.

Replacing the skill table would be a graphical representation of Nova’s economy, scientific capabilities, level of development, population happiness, and other pertinent information; as well as a map of Nova and the surrounding environs, with markers displaying the locations of resources, cities, fortifications, military garrisons, and other landmarks.

In terms of graphical design, the map might be done in the style of European maps during the renaissance, overlaid with stylized markers similar to chess pieces for the military as these would move in accordance with national policy.
Elodie’s own abilities would not be wholly excised from this sequel; her skills would be enhanced by national policy (after all, surely one cannot remain ignorant of the very thing the nation one rules is focusing on.)

The game would include mechanics for war, as there are any number of ways to become embroiled in international conflict. During a war Elodie can decide the movements of the military regiments displayed on the regional map on a weekly basis, as well as make the usual policy decisions and national focus choices; decisions brought by advisors would be war-focused during this time, naturally. Battles are automatically resolved based on number of soldiers and military development quality. Alternatively, if Elodie’s military command and/or lumen skills are high enough, she can march off to command the troops herself. In this case the map would zoom into a more specific tactical view, allowing the player to influence the outcome of the battle in real time (this would ideally maintain the chess-like aesthetic, eliminating the potential need for 3D models etcetera). Elodie can leave the throne and go to command the war at any time during a war (again, conditional on her military/lumen skills) but cannot return until the war has ended. During her absence, national focus remains the same as when she left and royal decisions are made by her regent (perhaps this character’s identity and personality are determined by narrative branches?)

One feature I would hope for is the ability for the game to scan an ending log and adjust the starting scenario and Elodie’s starting personality and stats to fit the ending the player got in Long Live the Queen, thereby creating narrative continuity. My personal attempted path for the game would be to play as a cruel, wrathful, ambitious Lumen queen (following that ending in the first game) attempting to restore the Novan Empire of old. This, however, could be just one of many branching paths for Elodie’s reign to take, in keeping with the quality of the first game."

Thanks for reading my long, rant-esque idea; I hope you found it interesting. If you have an opinion or any questions, please leave them below.

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Re: Concept for a Long Live the Queen Direct Sequel

#2 Postby Heartland » Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:24 pm

I think this is a great concept!

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Re: Concept for a Long Live the Queen Direct Sequel

#3 Postby Ariel Schnee » Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:59 pm

I think it would be neat if Elodie had the option to become an immortal vampire too.^_^
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Re: Concept for a Long Live the Queen Direct Sequel

#4 Postby Milkman » Fri May 20, 2016 2:03 am

If they decide not to, anyone actually willing to work on a fan game with this concept? I'm down just sayin :wink:

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Re: Concept for a Long Live the Queen Direct Sequel

#5 Postby Heartland » Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:11 am

I think any kind of sequel to Long Live The Queen would be absolutely splendid!

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