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Getting to know suitors

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:27 pm
by jever555
Just a thought i had the other day: Is there a way to add some more flavour to some of the suitors in the game?

I know that the game is not gonna get some major add-ons at the moment but perhaps in the future there might be some way to add a little more flavour to characters in the story who, while they are potential suitors to Elodie, doesn't get a lot of credit or even a picture.
The characters i had in mind who would need pictures and storylines are:

(WARNING! Spoilers do appear!!!) (WARNING! Seriously if you haven't played the game before don't look ahead!!!) (WARNING! Things might be spoiled!!)

Linley of Kigal (The main one I would like to know more about. We never really see or here anything from the Kigal family, unless it's by some very complicated diplomacy matter (like the civil war or the vote of no confidence) and even then we only see Duke Severin (Linley's father) very shortly. Perhaps there is a way we could add some more Kigal interaction by having more Linley story interaction? After you'd danced at your ball, maybe he or Elodie could write a letter to invite the other to Gwenelle's birthday where they could interact further? Or maybe they could also have the large Kigal family be a part of his plot with his mother Charmion having a part in the story? She has always striked me as the real power behind Kigal, since it is her Elodie banishes from the kingdom during the civil war. Maybe she could be the over protective mother who wouldn't let Linley marry Elodie unless some conditions are met (like high noble approval or positive relations with her family (which could encompass a living Adair or something like that). I personally think that there are tons of options that could be explored with Linley :)

Thaddeus of Lillah (Another interesting one. We don't really know much about Thaddeus besides the fact that he saw his father and half brother during their... acts of intimacy. That has left him very emotionally scarred and angry. Maybe there is a way to smooth things over between him and Elodie if they are betrothed by force by Arisse? Another option is also to have them bump into each other during one of the balls/birthdays and maybe have them interact there (for example having an Elodie with high internal affairs knowledge and public speaking knowledge, having Thaddeus fall for her and eventually making him tell the truth about his twisted family (that would also make the Briony adventure storypart a little more interesting or maybe optional)

Anciet of Dis (This one is a little different. Anciet is only a child during the game but maybe he can idolize Elodie because her and his sister are good friends. That way there can be interactions between them and also more interactions between Elodie and Gwenelle (She could accompagny Anciet to visit Elodie or something like that). I haven't thought this one out as much but i definetly think that there could be options.

Kiran of Lillah (Kiran only becomes an option if his mother is his mother is dead and can only be married if his mother dies of "natural reasons". But when he finds out what actually happened, he starts a civil war. What if you were able to marry him without triggering a rebellion later on? One way could be having an Elodie with high intrigue hide the evidence more thoroughly so that he wouldn't discover them or the other more interesting one could be having them meet during the course of the game. If I recall, Elodie seems to remember Kiran as handsome and he is the only normal son of Arisse, so maybe Elodie could be smitten by him and they could interact further in the game. He could be another option to dance with at the ball and then having him be an "replacement" for Linley. With a different story line of course but following along the same lines. An Elodie with high noble approval and good internal knowledge and public speaking skills could then persuade Arise into giving them their permision to marry at Gwenelles birthday.) This one is a little similar to Linleys storyline but there are probably ways Hanako could make them more unique :) These are only ideas after all.

Signuel of Sedna (This one is not that important but could be a little interesting. It is possible for Elodie to marry Talarists younger brother Signuel so maybe he could come along with Talarist when he visits Elodie and there could be a little threeway drama if Elodie liked him more. That could be another reason why Talarist would vager a trade war between Nova and Talasse. He could fight out of jealousy?) This one is not as thought out as Kiran and Thaddeus but there are certainly options :)

Chaine of Mima (Only an earl, but Elodie seems to like him at her ball. Maybe there could be a way to hand the duchy of Elath to him if Adair died and they have danced together? It might lead to civil war if Elodie doesn't have high approval but if she has high noble approval maybe then it would only be forgiven by the nobles? Another way to hand him a duchy and thus making him eligible is if Caloris lacks an heir (For example is Joslyn is dead or incapable? If he's dead he could be an alternative to the Merva-Caloris event and if he's incapable then Elodie could choose to ignore her half brother and give the title to Chaine anyways?) or if Merva is available (For example if the Mervan family is murdered or banished from the realm). Like with Elath, that could lead to rebellion in the future but might be avoidable if Elodies skills are high enough. The title grant event could also be for any of the other characters without land or those who are only an earl (Like Thaddeus, Linley, Anciet or maybe Signuel (but maybe restrict Signuel to Elath, both for the foreigner reason and the extra salt in the wound for Talarist :D )

I know that it might be hard to fit them into the game but there are available weeks where nothing of major importance happens to Elodie where they could be added :) I would love to hear your comments to my ideas and maybe they could be added in the future (If Hanako likes them and have time for it of course)

Re: Getting to know suitors

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:39 pm
by hanako
Sorry, but that's definitely fanfic territory and not something that would ever go into the official game. :)

There are fanfic readers, though, so if you write up some of your ideas I'm pretty sure someone else will find them interesting.

Re: Getting to know suitors

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:58 pm
by jever555
haha :D Alright then. It was just some ideas I had that might would have been possible to add into the game :) I understand completely. Thanks for replying so quickly btw :)