Best possible ending? (spoilers obviously)

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Best possible ending? (spoilers obviously)

#1 Post by GSN22 » Tue May 26, 2015 12:50 am

A while ago I did a topic for the worst possible ending. While I did miss some evil things even in that game (not to mention there's new evil stuff in the updates), I decided to try and do a "perfect" quest. Anyway, here's what I got.


"Once his daughter was secure on her throne, Joslyn returned to his birthplace to focus on his duties as Duke of Caloris.

He soon became engaged to the Countess Sirin.

As Lumen Minister, Lucille requisitioned the orange crystal that Elodie had taken from the dead criminal and offered it to her daughter. However, Charlotte was not able to activate the crystal's powers. The young Queen pointed out that a crazed murderer would obviously have a very different resonance than her favorite cousin. Charlotte would have to wait to inherit her mother's magic.

Following Elodie's passionate defense of magic and her victory over the Shanjian fleet, the public opinion of Lumens rose to a height that hadn't been seen in a hundred years. Young children would dress up and play at being magical warriors of justice.

Freed from the need for secrecy, the Duchess Julianna and the Priestess Selene were able to announce their shared magical powers and their love. At Elodie's prompting, the lovers pledged their devotion to each other in a private ceremony, after which Selene retired from the priesthood to accompany her wife to Ursul.

As neither of them intended to bear children of the body, Julianna made arrangements for her niece Briony to be declared the next heir to the duchy of Ursul as well as the inheritor of her crystal. Briony's mother Corisande hoped that the training necessary to make her flighty daughter into a future magical girl warrior would keep her out of worse trouble.

The loss of their fleet was a terrible setback for Shanjia. However, as with a garden weed, if the root is not burned out completely the infestation may return even worse than before.
The King of Shanjia had somehow escaped either drowning or capture and returned to his homeland to plot revenge against Nova.

Raising a new army put a strain on the Shanjian royal treasury, which brought internal tensions among the former city-states to the fore. It would be some years before Shanjia could manage to field a conquering horde again.

Elodie proposed marriage to Talarist, the Duke of Sedna, but was rejected. Not only did he turn her down, he mocked her lack of charms in front of the entire Talassian court.

Somehow, he'd even gotten hold of that old poem about Elodie and the squid.

In the end, though, the joke was on him, as it was his younger brother who became the King Consort of Nova, leaving Talarist forever relegated to second place.

The invention of the printing press sparked the beginning of a new age of literacy and knowledge. No longer were books the sole preserve of the noble and wealthy; now information and ideas could be easily passed from one place to another. As the birthplace of this invention, Nova was at the center of a storm of change.

The new hospital funded by Queen Elodie offered medical services to the common people, but more importantly, it allowed doctors and herbalists to come together and share information. Trading knowledge increased skill levels and made better care available to all. Even those specialists who catered directly to the elite were benefited by offering their services long enough to learn.

That information could also be collected in books and sent around the world. Nova might not benefit directly, but thousands of lives would be saved.

Elodie's studies of history revealed previously glossed-over facts from Nova's past, such as why the Novan empire only blossomed after the fall of Borealis: The old Lumen warlords were forced to flee to more fertile ground after their constant squabbling damaged their homeland beyond repair.

That also explained why, from the beginning, magic in Nova was viewed with caution. But as memory faded, caution did as well, leading to a cycle of magical destruction that waxed and waned over the centuries.

Elodie vowed to improve the state of Novan education so that important lessons would not be so easily forgotten.

And thus Queen Elodie's legacy stretched into the future..."


1. I married Brin off to an Ixionite lord not only to have improved relations with Ixion but also so that Joslyn would get married and have more useful siblings for Elodie instead of being lonely and misery. It might also make it possible to inherit or justify taking territory from Ixion later on.

2. I built the hospital. It goes better with the printing press. Also, I know Ixion builds it if you don't but they don't spread the knowledge for free and they force you to trade valuable herbs to them for their knowledge.

3. I won the trading war with Duke Talarist!

4. I was -barely- able to avoid the Civil War! The Countess/Duchess Arisse is a real mean old witch! She hated me just because I did poorly at the party! Also, your noble approval goes down if you don't give Banion and Brin an outcome they prefer. (I did have high enough intrigue to tell Brin she can divorce easily after having a child.)

5. I was able to save the attempted noble murderer from being killed with high intrigue.

6. I couldn't befriend Briony and learn Kevan's secret, which could prove valuable information. :/ I had to rat her out to her family in order to prevent the Civil War. I was able to calm down the fighting nobles at the 2nd party though. The higher-ranking noble is the one to side with if your stats aren't high enough, if you do that in a "solve Ixion affair in a manner friendly to Brin/Banion" scenario then that's enough to prevent the Civil War.

7. I was able to succeed at the Military and Wield Magic checks during the Naval Battle. I also recruited as many soldiers as possible. (not counting having to print up Lumen propaganda instead of recruiting more soldiers.)

8. I ultimately married Talarist's brother to improve relations with Sedna. Also, Sedna is obsessed with revenge for past wrongs so this made him seem to be the best suitor.

9. I passed the Lore check with the priestess, the one about the crazed murderer's crystal. That reveals to Elodie that there are hundreds of crystals still remaining and in hiding, ensuring that perhaps her descendant (or her?) can try to find them someday.

10. The stat-based Education (History) ending was mainly to keep the cycle of magic destroying/threatening the world from happening again. Without it, the cycle is doomed to repeat, especially if Lumens became beloved and accepted again.

11. Losing the navy is enormously destructive towards trade and the economy and weakens Nova. I don't think it's worth letting the guy that killed Elodie's mom slaughter most of the army just so you can get the "buddies with Shanjia" ending!

12. I went with the biggest feast option and also passed the Decoration skill check near the end to look good for the crowning ceremony.

13. I recruited the highly skilled spy as that should have positive long-term implications.

14. And that's it! I'm pretty sure that Charlotte can't get a crystal even if you send away Julianna and have Selene deal with the murderer, which requires partial success in Detect Magic. Doing that leads to her putting the murderer in a purification ritual from which he won't wake up- one of the bad endings mentions possibly giving that crystal to Togami instead (though you can't.) In any case, I'm not sure if the purification ritual makes the crystal receptive to Charlotte.

So.... any thoughts about what I should have done different or if this is the best route? :)

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Re: Best possible ending? (spoilers obviously)

#2 Post by Milkman » Fri May 20, 2016 2:08 am

A log would be nice

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Re: Best possible ending? (spoilers obviously)

#3 Post by Ariel Schnee » Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:34 pm

You know, if you kill Togami Charlotte can use his crystal.

Also, how do you start civil war? I've tried to do that, and peasant uprising, on 12 playthroughs so far. And not once have I started either of them.

Also, how do you get lumens accepted if you don't kill Togami?

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Re: Best possible ending? (spoilers obviously)

#4 Post by Exkalipoor » Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:59 pm

The civil war is triggered by having low nobility points (-40 I think). Though I don't have all the info and some information conflicts with the other (the wiki is full of mistakes). A good way to trigger it is surrendering the lands to Ixion (or punishing Brin), failing the speech, failing checks at the ball, increasing taxes, getting the lumen crystal by killing guardians, letting Adair killed, not going to the birthday.

The peasant uprising is difficult to trigger, because they are more forgiving. You can get commoner points easier and can easy avoid losing them. Examples to trigger the uprising are surrending the lands to Ixion, shouting at Alice, dancing with Alice, raising taxes, marrying Adair, making prisoners to soldiers, not taking part in the tournament, getting help from Ixion in the naval battle, recruiting prisoners and having no feast.

There are a number of opportunities to increase lumen approval. Not sure if everyone counts, the marked ones do: Fighting of Ixion or scaring the messenger, printing lumen propaganda, making a lumen minister, killing the rogue lumen. Finally, Elodie has to use magic in the naval battle, but no Kraken!

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