Spinoff game starring Togami?

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Spinoff game starring Togami?

#1 Post by GSN22 » Tue May 12, 2015 5:45 pm

One awesome idea I just had was a game that would allow you to play as Togami from "Long Live the Queen."

Kind of a "What If" story, one in which Elodie is ready and defeating her (and her navy) is very difficult as it assumes she's almost completely prepared for what's to come. It'd kind of be like playing as Tywin Lannister/Littlefinger with magic, though the game would have a darker edge to it. (although it might be possible to somehow make him into a good guy. Unlike Elodie, he'd start out as exceptionally cruel, or maybe it could chronicle his rise to power.)

It'd be great to see the world of LLTQ get gradually mapped out in sequels that expand upon the world. Maybe "Long Live the King"?

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