Tiny Tweaks

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Tiny Tweaks

#1 Post by 11tw » Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:55 am

I've played the game obsessively, and I just wanted to list a few tiny changes that could be made to allow for multiple solutions to a problem that should be solveable with other skills;

Meditation skill lists a tonne of superpowers Elodie gets at higher levels (sensing other people's auras, their movements in adjacent rooms etc.) but these are very underused considering how powerful they seem.
An example would be Demonic possession of the man at court; if Elodie can sense auras at Meditation 100, then why doesn't the lumen presence alert her? If she doesn't have the sense magic to be aware of his powers without the meditation then she would probably end up dying regardless, but it would still make for an interesting moment.
Another example would be riding to Sudbury for the birthday party. An Elodie who is highly trained in meditation would naturally slip into a meditative state during a boring uneventful journey, and wouldn't that allow her to sense the oncoming ambush? That could even lead to a presence test as you try (and possibly fail) to warn your attendants of the danger.

In the duel with Togami, your options are to kill him with melee (sword+some athletic skills) or to dazzle him with illusions (decoration), but how about a special method which involves the whole "I can make my skin glow without my crystal" subplot which is present with high faith skills. Wouldn't a victory involving that be quite cool? As far as I can see right now her glowing powers don't really go anywhere.

When attempting to enter the Royal Vault, you can use Presence or Accounting. Wouldn't a combination of Climbing, Reflexes and Flexibility make for a cool 'breakin' option? For example, there could be another way in which involves using interior arches and platforms to get in. I doubt this would be practical, as the skills needed to do this at such an early date would be pretty difficult to reach, but at the same time it would make for a cool moment. Plus a partial success would result in a hilarious injury and a huge knock in your Noble popularity.

When you reach Dogs 50 you receive a puppy. Why isn't there a "play with puppy" tooltip at the weekends? It would reduce depression and loneliness, and also make training dogs viable. As it is, I have never used it except to help unlock hunting.

When you reach Horse 100 you gain the ability to ride hands free. You know what I'm thinking? MAGICAL GIRL HORSEBACK ATTACK!!! But seriously, this combined with high archery/polearm/sword skill or high wield magic skill should come into play at some point, perhaps during a peasant uprising or in the old forest.

At Court Manners 100 you gain knowledge of how to behave in foreign courts. Wouldn't this be a great bit of flavour text when Togami arrives? Knowing how to address him properly (in the Shanjian style) could result in a different bit of dialogue when he first arrives.

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Re: Tiny Tweaks

#2 Post by hanako » Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:39 pm

If you'd suggested these things back when we were actually taking suggestions for a new content patch... :)

As it is, though, I do not intend to do any more content updates. I had to declare this game done so that I could devote attention to writing new things. So I can't really consider new suggestions now, I'm afraid.

(As for the glow specifically - you may have missed where that subplot goes?)

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