1.3.20 in beta

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1.3.20 in beta

#1 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:45 am

This is in beta, please take a look and let us know if it works.

If you defeated the Shanjians, everyone loves you, and you destroyed the chocolates, you no longer get Sabine's report on the spying that you didn't send her on.

'Tour Barracks' tooltip should now be readably placed in touchtip mode.

Corisande's dossier now drawn above the narration window, stretches to accomodate all text.

Long skill-unlock strings will have the font size dialed down until they fit in the box (or hit font size 10, as much smaller than that and the text will be too hard to read)

On Steam, a crash that occurs when an error occurs synchronizing achievements is fixed. (That's the one that manifests as 'Show may not run while in init phase.'.

Some minor engine tweaks that shouldn't affect LLtQ specifically but were needed for The Royal Trap. Also, joystick debugging messages made less verbose.

Translation: "Don't" menu option now "{tag=invite talarist}Don't". Trailing spaces removed from a few lines. Now auto-falls-back to trailing-space-less translation to reduce breakage of existing translation files. Translation disambiguation tags in a lot more places, including your conversation with Selene-or-Julianna that's identical regardless of which one is your mentor. (Relevant if you're translating into a language where a subordinate Duchess is addressed differently than a priestess of the second circle, say.). Several missing translation strings were added. Map strings when you show tooltips are now translatable. If you translate a string TO something starting with {tag=, the {tag=} tag will be stripped out (fixes a crash on some buggy translation files.) Also warns in the log when this happens. Bug where 'fiancé' wouldn't translate in the checklist fixed. The new strings files are at http://spikycaterpillar.com/long_live_t ... anslation/ - (for version 1.3.18; 1.3.19 and .20 did not change the strings)

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