Interesting and amusing things you've found in playthroughs

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Re: Interesting and amusing things you've found in playthrou

#16 Post by Gamer » Sat May 23, 2015 6:05 am

I delayed my marriage to Banion and in the epilogue, Lucille poisoned me and rendered me infertile, and I somehow wound up with Banion's sister Brin instead (who I danced with at the gala and accepted the flowers she sent me after). Is the implication that there is no longer any point in staying engaged if I can't have kids or that Lucille just managed to talk me out of the whole marriage thing altogether? On another note, I always wondered why nothing usually happens with Brin in the epilogue if I accepted her flowers, while being engaged to Banion or Talarist or Thaddeus.

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Re: Interesting and amusing things you've found in playthrou

#17 Post by Tsunamiracle » Mon May 25, 2015 10:21 pm

I ran a couple of tests, and it seems like the engagement to Banion gets dropped without any mention if you agree with Lucille and delay the wedding? I know with Talarist it goes for the family-oriented marriage (unless Elodie is sterile), and with Thaddeus Arisse will fight against the delay and run Lucille out. You get a choice with Adair too, but I don't think it really matters since either way they wait until Adair is of-age.

Not sure if Banion just straight-up vanishing was intentional, given what happens if Elodie dumps him for Thaddeus, but at least with Brin it could be explained... Most of the Banion endings involve some degree of manipulation or humiliation from one party or the other, but his happiest epilogues seem to be if Brin is around; there's no note of him being hostile or pushing a political agenda, even in the version where Elodie spends less time with him and more time with Brin. Maybe he's just happy that Brin is happy... Although, in those cases, he can at least boast being the King Consort, something that can't happen if his engagement with Elodie breaks.

Speaking of Brin, I found a nice bit of flavor text in my "get to war with everyone" run: If Elodie is at war with Ixion in the epilogue and she defeated Shanjia's naval fleet, she'll be able to not only defend her own lands, but she'll also take over the province across the river that Brin tried to occupy years ago. Given that this same run of mine also had Elodie being so close to Banion and Brin that people joke she married them both, I like to think of this province as her wedding present to her girlfriend/unofficial wife. :')

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