This is one of the greatest VN I've ever played.

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This is one of the greatest VN I've ever played.

#1 Post by highsis » Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:12 pm

Excuse me for creating a new thread but I didn't want to risk reading a spoiler title when I've not even finished the game.

I've always fancied an idea of a role-playable political game playing as a character who is not a foretold hero with big swords and guns but as as someone who is vulnerable to death and is believable. The closest 'political' role playing games I've played were The Witcher 2 and The Game of Thrones RPG, but neither of those were completely focused on political aspects. Long Live the Queen, on the other hand, fulfilled my wish. I've not had this much fun thinking of consequences and choices since Expedition:Conquistador.

The writing is excellent and choices are on surface unpredictable with lots of hints that you can use to predict consequences. The first impression I got when playing through the game was this: "For a Japanese game, this is uniquely well written and thought-out;" Turns out it is not a Japanese game lol. There are many great Japanese VN but not many games with both good writing and choices. Usually one of those suffers if the other is outstanding.

I purchased LLTQ along with DA:I and I've stopped playing DA:I after a few hours in favour of LLTQ ever since. This game is truly amazing, and I love the art style and UI despite being a male gamer. Too many AAA titles have rather disappointing cliche-filled plots and characters and your choices don't have any consequences other then earning some arbitrary morality points. I love how my character can die and fail depending on choices/play I've made. Please keep making these kind of games! While I love CK2, I desperately need more narrative and choice-and-consequences-heavy games like this!


I have a question: on the forum I saw there is a plot update currently on beta, which only the gamers who have 'directly' purchased the game have an access to. How do I 'directly' purchase the game as opposed to steam or gog? Is there an ETA for the beta patch to roll in for either steam or gog version?

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Re: This is one of the greatest VN I've ever played.

#2 Post by hanako » Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:35 pm

Direct sales would be here:

The beta content will come to Steam reasonably soon, for users who activate the 'beta' branch in the client. I'll post a topic on the steam community forum when that happens and explain how to opt into the beta. After enough people have played and commented so that we're fairly sure the new stuff works, it will roll out into the main release branch and all Steam users will be automatically updated.

GOG doesn't have a good way to distribute iterated updates, so new content won't go there until it's out of beta. When the new version is stable I will deliver new builds to them, and then either GOG will hand out a new installer or they will create an update patch (they do that part on their end, I'm not sure how they decide). So GOG users will definitely get access to the update, but due to the technical reasons they will get it later than other people do.

Steam beta branch should be up in the next couple of days. Non-beta and GOG, it depends on how the testing phase goes!

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