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Ana Mardoll doing Let's Plays

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:49 pm
by chris the cynic
A couple of warnings:
First, she normally doesn't do let's plays, she does literary critique via close reading (taking things a little bit at a time and dwelling on what can be learned by not skimming/glossing/blowing past as most people do without even noticing.) These are her first let's plays ever.

Second, she doesn't know everything about the game so, for example, when going off on the Briony adventure to the old forest she'd heard about the coded portion of a Briony letter, but didn't know that it's the letter you get if you talk to her about her parents rather than go to the forest and so had a sort of increasing confusion about why maxing out ciphering wasn't doing anything to the letters she did get.

In the comments I made similar mistakes.*

Anyway, here are the ones so far:
Long Live the Queen (Angel Ending)
Let's Play: Long Live the Queen (Kraken Ending)
Let's Play: Long Live the Queen (Briony Adventure)


I'm sort of hesitant to add this, but if I don't it kind of feels like talking about you behind your back. I've also done some posts on the game but I have a much, MUCH easier time writing about the parts of something that I don't like than the parts that I do. I sort of end up being, "I love the game," this is true, "and ..." run out of things to say.

But when it comes to, I think this could have been better, there thoughts abound. And of course a lot of it is "Had we world enough and time," stuff, where realistically you just can't put everything in.

The first is just a very short introduction and me saying, "I know it might seem like it in the upcoming posts, but I do in fact love this game. And coming from someone who mostly like FPS games that's saying a lot.

The second, with spoilers, is about how (as far as I know) the only ending where you can take any steps toward equality for the non-straight is the one where you kill your opponent rather than cause world peace to break out. That's not unrealistic, you can't have everything, but it does seem sort of unfortunate that you've got a choice between World Peace and stepping toward equal rights.

The third, also spoilers, is about how certain things seemed to be played inconsistently.

The fourth was spoiler free. It was about how not being able to, for the most part, talk to people unless there was a plot reason really made the plot reason times stand out and this could be fixed via being able to talk to people at other times for flavor conversations.

The fifth, replete with spoilers, was about times when something seemed obvious but wasn't an option.

And for a long time that was it but I recently wrote an "Assuming no limitations, I would add these options to the game" post. Spoiler heavy, oh so spoiler heavy.


* In the comments to one I had a bit where I misremembered Elodie's comment that the merchant probably doesn't make chocolates as the Duchy doesn't make chocolates. From that starting point it makes sense that, say, a baker might want to get a taste of them. If this new source of chocolate is better than existing sources than starting to use it right away would give said baker an edge over other bakers (for how long depends on how long it took them to learn about and use the new sorce) which could make the business take off, and so forth. So perhaps it isn't the best idea to leave the potentially suspect chocolates where a baker's daughter, who doesn't know they're potentially suspect, has access to them. (Not that Alice or her family actually gets hurt.)

Then, on checking again I realized my mistake, the duchy does make chocolates so there would be no push for, must test this ingredient.

Re: Ana Mardoll doing Let's Plays

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:07 pm
by hanako
I have actually read most of that previously - some of it I agree with, some of it I disagree with, but i felt like it would be inappropriate to leap onto your blog and start arguing over it. :) Besides, there's a lot of things about the game world and mechanics that are left intentionally unclear and up for player debate, so me stepping in to say "No, it's this way" would kind of shut that down... it's probably easier for people to do huge analytical rambling without me visibly leaning over their shoulders?

Basically, I appreciate the commentary but can't respond directly to most of it.

Re: Ana Mardoll doing Let's Plays

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:58 pm
by chris the cynic
I'm just glad you don't think I'm attacking your game, because I do in fact love it.