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how to get "evil elodie" and other fun evil actions

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:57 am
by laserkid
I have done every cruel and evil thing I can think of and every time I get to the scene where I can "join" with our villain by killing my father, Elodie outright refuses despite murdering several other nobles outright, and on a path where I awaken the kraken, order an entire family killed, and have a certain someone sacrificed in my stead, I still can't get the evil Elodie moment, I don't even this >.<

Otherwise, loving the game, had many playthroughs and do well when trying to be good, just can't seem to be bad >.>

Re: how to get "evil elodie" and other fun evil actions

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:52 pm
by Darksilverhawk
Obvious spoilers ahead.

The game tracks cruelty as a hidden stat. Performing cruel actions throughout the game (executions, beating the servants, etc) increases your cruelty stat, as well as hunting (weekend activity, unlocked at 50 horse) while being angry. It's possible to get cruelty high enough without ever hunting, but it takes a bit of careful planning. If you're struggling to get those last few points in order to kill your father and join Togami, try hunting while angry several times during your play-through. There isn't really any way to see your cruelty while playing, though if you receive the chocolates and Elodie is happy she didn't eat them rather than scared because they were poisoned, you have a pretty high cruelty stat that run.

While sacrificing Lottie to the Kraken is fun and all, it doesn't actually count for purposes of the evil epilogue; you'll still get a special epilogue slide, just not the specific evil one.

Re: how to get "evil elodie" and other fun evil actions

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:22 am
by Kirroha
Without hunting, the highest I could get my cruelty score up to is 17. 10 is enough to kill your father, I think. I did it by doing these steps:

- Get Julianna to stay so you can become a Lumen as quickly as possible.
- Punish the maid who bumps into you.
- Get your Foreign Affairs high enough to unlock the "punish the Duchess of Hellas" option during the Ixion crisis, and choose to execute Brin.
- During the gala, when Banion insults you, execute him and make sure you win the vote of no confidence. With Julianna at your side, you should be able to.
- Execute the condemned woman.
- Make sure your Sense/Resist magic is high enough for the condemned man's trial, and ask him about his crystal. Kill him too.
- Pass the skill checks for the musician, and take her in as a secret agent.
- Make sure your intrigue is high enough, then focus on noble plots. If you've done everything I've said so far, the nobles would probably be displeased. Send assassins after Arisse and make sure she dies.
- Go to Gwen's birthday party, and make sure you have either Lore or Novan History so you can offer to help Briony. Then send her alone to get eaten by the keythong, and after that tell Corisande that it is her fault for letting her daughter die.
- When Kevan challenges you to a duel during the tournament, burn him to ashes with your magic.
- Execute Lucille's entire family and send Charlotte to become food for the kracken (if applicable).

Re: how to get "evil elodie" and other fun evil actions

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:19 pm
by hanako
If you raised the kraken you wouldn't have the confrontation that allows you to become an evil minion anyway. Although you could certainly have fun being evil.