*Spoiler* Does Charlotte respond?

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*Spoiler* Does Charlotte respond?

#1 Post by Kateye » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:32 pm


So you know how you can have Edlodie ask her mentor about the glow when she meditate? If you let the snake bite Elodie so 'Lottie needs to heal you, then ask her mentor about the glow, she will think about 'Lottie's ability. I first discovered this with Selene, who did not hypothesize about the connection to a Lumen mother, yet Elodie decided she would send a letter to Charlotte since she had shown this ability. I never received a response.
I did it again, this time imprisoning Julianna and letting the snake bite Elodie, then went and released Julianna to take her as a mentor. I got meditation before getting my crystal, and asked Julianna about it before the dance. Julianna hypothesizes about the Lumen mother and this leads Elodie to wonder aloud about Charlotte, then clam up because she had promised not to talk about it. This time Elodie specifically asks for 'Lottie to come to the dance, and yet she doesn't show. She never responded in that game, even though I talked to her several times later because I made Lucille my Lumen Minister.

Am I missing something? Is there any condition in which I can find out more from Charlotte about her healing ability? If so, please only hint at the conditions.

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Re: *Spoiler* Does Charlotte respond?

#2 Post by hanako » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:06 pm

Charlotte never responds to that letter, because she never receives it. Somebody has a vested interest in keeping you from pursuing that line of thought.

(By the time Elodie could ask Charlotte directly, she's probably no longer all that interested in asking about that specific thing, as the mystery is sort of solved by that point.)

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