Worst Possible Ending (spoilers obviously)

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Worst Possible Ending (spoilers obviously)

#1 Post by GSN22 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:46 am

Well, here it is. Took a while but I got it. Beware spoilers all ye who enter! Play the game first if you haven't since it's fun, yada yada. Now then....

"After the coronation, in a private ceremony with the High Priestess, Elodie was officially offered her mother's Lumen crystal. She refused to accept it. For the first time in centuries, magic would have no hold on the throne of Nova.

The tragic events of the past year left a large gap in the Novan power structure, with both Caloris and Merva now lacking in leadership.
As she had been closely related to both Dukes and their territories lay close to the capital city, Elodie chose to temporarily claim those lands for the crown and put them under her direct control.

This was one step too far for the remaining nobility. Facing the prospect of universal revolt, the new Queen backed down and agreed to elevate minor lords and ladies to fill the vacant roles.

The common folk of Merva, however, were not so agreeable. A minor rebellion was soon underway, in which administrative paperwork and tax revenue were constantly "misplaced", and "accidents" befell any official who tried to investigate.

Queen Elodie was finally forced to put much of the province to the torch in order to enforce order.

During Elodie's reign, the public opinion of Lumens and magic in general would fall to a new low. Parents taught their children that Lumen power was all tied up with witchcraft and blood sacrifice, and would always lead to sorrow in the end.

In some territories, any village outcast found to be in possession of a shiny bit of rock was likely to fall victim to a lynch mob, and the miscreants were rarely punished. Better safe than sorry when it came to magic, after all. Even healers and priestesses were eyed with some suspicion. Who knows what costs their powers might have?

The young Queen sponsored expeditions of trained knights to venture into the Old Forest and attempt to exterminate the monsters within.

Unfortunately, black magic would not give up its grip on Nova so easily.

Many lives were lost, and with their blood, the monsters appeared to grow even stronger...

True to his word, Togami and the Shanjians ignored Nova in the years to come, focusing their efforts instead on the far northern continent of Borealis.

What he sought there, Elodie did not know, but she suspected it might someday have grave consequences for Nova...

Tensions remained high between Nova and Talasse. After his initial attempt to claim his 'birthright' was driven back, the Duke of Sedna did not attempt to invade again, but he did institute new policies that made life difficult for traders crossing the border. At the same time, there was a marked increase in raiders and sneak-thieves throughout the area.

Officially, there was peace, but clearly someone was up to no good.
Elodie eventually married a foreign duke in order to advance alliances and promote Novan strength.

It was not a love match, but the two parties learned to respect and care for each other. They raised two children, a son and a daughter.

Elodie's interest in rare plants and their uses led her to build a private garden and laboratory to develop new substances - in particular, poisons. Developing new and exotic ways to dispose of her rivals was one of her favorite hobbies.

The people of Nova learned to fear their queen, who ruled with a wicked whimsy. Anyone who dared to displease her might be whipped, or beheaded, or worse - set free to spend the next month in a panic waiting for the sword to fall. Her rise to power had shaped Elodie into a cruel woman who took pleasure in the suffering of others.

And thus Queen Elodie's legacy stretched into the future..."

1. I also had Kevan and Banion killed, and I allowed Briony to enter the forest alone.

2. The Civil War was fought, and barely won.

3. Territory was surrendered to Ixion.

*4. I did fail to lose more soldiers in the Civil War thanks to sky-high medicine skills, but over 3,000 on all sides wasn't too shabby.

*5. I got a good skill check swimming so, unfortunately, I wasn't able to steal a barrel away from one nameless swimmer who would drown. So, at least one man was able to survive her disastrous road to power.

6. Naturally, the entire Navy got routed.

7. The Peasant rebellion was barely averted thanks to my agents. As the game is unwinnable (and she can't do a lousy job of ruling if she's not Queen), it had to be won.

8. Aunt Julianna was left to rot in jail before bursting out.

9. I chose to kill her plotting relatives rather than have one of them render her infertile in the ending with poisons, since it results in that one province being burned to the ground.

10. The medicines + cruelty gives a nice poison ending, with Elodie using it to kill her enemies. Given that she's pure-evil in this quest, and highly incompetent, those assassinations are unlikely to benefit the Kingdom.

11. I know I could have joined Togami but, that would prevented Elodie from having that one Duchy need to be burned to the ground due to causing a revolt there after the war.

12. The crazed magic criminal was sent to prison so he could break some badguys out from there. Interestingly enough, this stills results in being able to recruit criminals to the army later, but I guess he only breaks out a few.

*13. Since most of my army would die, I spent lavishly on recruiting as many soldiers and building a large navy so I'd lose the money and extra lives.

Oh wait, I missed the 2nd skill-check for the Navy buildup option. (the first one has to be sacrificed in order to stop the peasants)

The future is grim.... The Military is completely routed, many of the highest Nobles are dead, Merva's burned to the ground, bandits are a major problem (thanks to how I handled that criminal), the situation with the border near Talassee is chaotic, and the mad queen spends her time building poison to murder her rivals, which are many. She has virtually no friends left as well in the Kingdom, and all marriage options you can choose become invalid because either Elodie had offended them, killed them, or murdered too many of their relatives. The Treasury is also quite drained, and she no longer has the powers of the Lumen to strike fear into Nova's enemies. Her mad quest to liberate the forest without Lumen abilities will waste many soldiers and make the monsters there even more powerful. She truly is the Queen of Disaster.

Nova's future is likely to be conquest by its enemies, and massive rebellions as Elodie was barely able to prevent a peasant rebellion, barely able to win a Civil War, and unable to keep much of her army intact during the Shanjian War. She'll go down as arguably the craziest, most evil and worst ruler in Novan history and all her neighbors are likely to unite against her to exploit her weaknesses, and it's likely most Duchies would welcome foreign conquest or surrender to avoid serving her after she's sacrificed enough men in the Forest.

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#2 Post by Darksilverhawk » Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:00 pm

A round of applause to you; getting an ending that bad can't be easy. What stats were you putting all your points into, besides medicine?

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#3 Post by GSN22 » Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:43 am

Thanks! I hope this game gets greenlit to Steam and gets more updates. I kept debating what the "best" ending is (my biggest confusion is the best way to solve the thing with Ixion- I know lying about being allies with the Duke and then dumping him, buying them off and giving them land are bad options)) so I thought it'd be easier to just get the worst possible ending.

To be honest I just cheated- playing deliberately "bad" I didn't see the reason to follow any rules. :P

But, I guess you need high athletic/swords to fight Banion, high intrigue to have your spies keep an eye on the peasantry, some high economic skills to be able to buy extra ships, enough military to survive the Civil War, (actually, that much isn't really needed if you buy as many soldiers as possible, I had 25's in each stat) Composure to accept your father's murder and horses to go hunting and going hunting repeatedly to jack up your Cruelty skills, and high running so you can run like a coward from Kevan after murdering many of his relatives and have the people at the tournaments shoot him with arrows.

Finally, lots of medicines are needed near the end to access the cruelty + poison ending.

I did fail to get the "steal a barrel" swim check, and neglected to buy more ships. (which were doomed to be sunk)

If you give land away to Ixion, and have enough court manners (50) then you can get them to assist in the battle as well.... I didn't do that but, I guess having them get routed as well would make them angry at Elodie and make things even worse in the future. :)

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Re: Worst Possible Ending (spoilers obviously)

#4 Post by GSN22 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:18 am

I'll be curious to see if the Steam update offers even worse ending options, but not sure how much further things could go downhill from here. :lol:

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