Recommendations for second playthrough?

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Recommendations for second playthrough?

#1 Post by mstan » Sat May 04, 2013 10:50 am

Alright, I finished my first (well, more like fourth, but first finished) playthrough but my path through the game was pretty reactive - poor clueless Elodie with sub-50 histories, intrigues, lore, and divination never seemed to know what was going on and just survived by good social skills, magical power, and that all-important 100 reflexes score :p

What are some good events to aim for if I want to take a slightly more proactive path through the game?

(I'm guessing part of my problem was that I started out doing histories but I really wanted to get the printing press and hospital events for the good of the country so I spent a lot of time on economy and medical skills that aren't very useful afterwards)

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#2 Post by phoenixgirl » Sat May 04, 2013 11:52 am

Congrats on finishing your first playthrough. ^^

With regards to what events you'd like to try, it depends on what kind of queen you'd like Elodie to end up being. There are two kinds that I tend to go for.

One is to try to get Elodie to become a queen without any lumen magic. This sounds a bit boring but it does open up other possibilities. I end up trying to be yielding early on to get the royal demeanor skills up, especially the presence one. Then I later get Elodie on willful since I then want to focus on the Intrigue and Military skills. On that playthrough, I try to get the court musician who has some special skills as well as successfully building up my naval army to defeat the invading Shanjia fleet. XD

The other one I go for is to have Elodie become a lumen queen. On that path, I also try to get her to obtain her crystal early on. I found it easiest by building up accounting quickly so I can gain access to the treasury. Then hopefully, by the time of the ball, I can recruit a special someone to avoid certain attempts on Elodie life as well as to defeat the Shanjia navy with magic. XD

Those are the ones I tend to go for but of course, there are others. ^^
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#3 Post by Ramidel » Sat May 04, 2013 4:39 pm

My suggestion:

Intrigue. Military. Economics. These are the tools of the Queen who rules her kingdom solely through force of Will. She does not curry the favor of her nobles, she simply eliminates any who threaten her.

Magic is optional, but Elodie is a Lumen by divine right, so she should probably practice it anyway; however, the defense of the realm belongs to ships and steel, not to sorcery. (And if Elodie doesn't want to become a magician, then she should either be a consummate warrior, or learn to run away very quickly!)

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