Vote of no confidence (possible spoilers)

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Vote of no confidence (possible spoilers)

#1 Post by Wright of Void » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:18 pm

At the vote of no confidence, what determines the alignment of the individual nobles? I imagine that noble approval must play a part (probably with Arisse), but some seem like they may have more specific issues. Some specific questions I have:

Does Armand always agree with Joslyn?

Does Laurent always abstain?

Is it possible for Joslyn to vote against you? I imagine killing the treasury guards might do it? Does Elodie have a special reaction if this happens?

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#2 Post by hanako » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:24 pm

Joslyn will always support Elodie (The treasury guards incident can't happen until after the vote.)

Armand will always support Elodie

Laurent abstains unless there's a tie in which case he will break it in Elodie's favor.

The others are more complicated.

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#3 Post by ark99k » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:48 am

Seeng as Hanako already posted a few on a different topic and well, I know which one I shall help!
Hanako said:
Your father and your paternal uncle (your father's brother Armand) will always vote for you. Your maternal uncle (Laurent, Lucille's husband) tries to stay out of it, but he will vote for you if it comes to a tiebreak. Julianna will vote for you if she's around - if she's not there she can't vote, and if you gave the title to her brother Ignatius he abstains (because he's grateful to you but he also thinks you're nuts).

The Duke of Kigal is usually on your side becausae he thinks he has a good shot at marrying one of his kids to you. However, if you're engaged to Talarist, and you didn't dance with Linley, then he will probably turn against you.

The Duchess-Regent of Sudbury votes based on how badly you handled Ixion. If you gave up the province or executed Brin, she's against you. Otherwise she's for you.

Corisande, Duchess of Mead votes against you if you pissed off Kevan during the poisoner's trial. She votes *for* you if you disinherited Julianna, giving the title of Duke of Ursul to Corisande's husband Ignatius. Otherwise she stays out of it.

Arisse votes against you if you're engaged to Talarist, or you ticked Talarist off and are going to have border troubles later, or if you made a mess of the poisoner's trial. Fabian votes whatever Arisse votes.

If Brin is still there she votes against you because she's backing Banion. If you replaced Brin with Bennett he votes for you because he doesn't like Banion.
So basicly you have to a bad queen and a good at the same time.
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