The Kraken doesn't rise if the earthquake is triggered.

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The Kraken doesn't rise if the earthquake is triggered.

#1 Post by Exkalipoor » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:05 pm

Today I tried giving the Nova folk even more suffering with those pesky Lumens. Not only would Elodie kill Togami through the earthquake, she would have summoned the Kraken as well, so that the nature responds with those magical outcasts twice, wreaking havok on the land as well as on the sea.

Went pretty smoothly. Economics and Faith got trained in the early game, so that I could get the crystal early, recruit Lucille (Meditation so that Elodie asks about Charlotte at the gala). That way I had not issue with the birthday or the chocolate. Since Faith included lore, I also could take Briony hostage to fight off Arisse, but it wasn't even needed.

After those two skill categories, I maxed swimming, so that I could survive the naval battle without having Military skills. I also trained Lumen, though I was cheap with Wield Magic. After all, I don't want to win the naval battle.

So Elodie destroyed a part of the fleet with a Lumen Concert, but she lost the battle, since she had no military skills and I never got soldiers. The Kraken should rise a bit later. Togami came and she retreated, just to kill him with the earth-quake. Lumen and Meditation was sufficient. The earthquake arose the monsters and Father was not happy about it. But the Kraken? Nope, no one mentioned it. Not even in the epilogue. As if it didn't happen at all.

Seems the new way to defeat Togami that was added in one mayor update overrode the Kraken one. What a mistake.

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Re: The Kraken doesn't rise if the earthquake is triggered.

#2 Post by Ariel Schnee » Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:12 pm

What earthquake?
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