1.0.94 in beta

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1.0.94 in beta

#1 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:31 am

Changes since 1.0.73:

Crash fixes:
No longer crashes if you enter the dungeon after studying.
Should no longer crash when you leave a cell and a visible object does not have a sprite for the direction you are facing. I have not been able to reproduce the underlying bug, though, so the crash fix may introduce visual glitching. If it does, the glitch is most likely to manifest as a sprite following you around the dungeon or showing
up (possibly briefly) in cells where it doesn't actually belong. Report that if it shows up so I know where to poke for a real fix!

Other bug fixes:
The Fire Trap spell was woefully poorly implemented (since none of the stock dungeons came with Fire Traps and players rarely used them, we didn't really notice.). Detect Charm, Dispel Object, Trigger, Televoke, Transfer Charm, and Push/Force Push now work properly with 'em. One end of a Fire Trap would fire when you left the cell regardless of direction; this has been fixed. A visual glitch on fire animations in widescreen has been fixed. Monsters going through Fire Traps should display sensible messages and animations.
Pushing bridges no longer causes them to shove non-pushable things (like, say, that Fire Trap you just set) into the next cell.
Sphere rolling code rewritten, should generally behave better.
Shockwave no longer reports objects being pushed twice.
Transferring charms to floors now asks for a direction, so if the charm you're transferring is directional it will work right.
Bug where Dig and Force Push pushed things south if you chose east fixed.

It's now built using the official Ren'Py 6.99.8 release engine (with the hacks I'd put in the prerelease applied.)

Stale code removed and debug messages trimmed.

Linux builds include the safe mode/GL mode shell scripts. (This will only be relevant if you get a new installer or are using Steam)

If you somehow get a non-empty widget stack crash, the widget stack will be included in the traceback (helpful for figuring out what code is actually to blame, since widget stack errors tend to show up a while after the leaks that produced them.)

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