Not sure where to put this...

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Not sure where to put this...

#1 Post by Aeslinn » Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:49 pm

Okay, my issue is that I have a very small amount of money for games. After saving up, I had enough for two games. I bought LLTQ. And have no idea what else to get. It's either Magical Diary, or Date Warp. So this is the question I pose to all of you who read this. For the pure playing value, replays, most interesting characters and anything else of value in a game, which one is better to buy first? (Because I'll so end up buying the other one as well, eventually. I just can't decide which to get at this time!)

If this is in the wrong place, please do say. I had a look round, but couldn't find anywhere else to put it. Sorry if it's wrong!

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In my opinion

#2 Post by ElCantardelaLunaOscura » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:46 am

Magical Diary would be my first option. It's a graphic novel but you can make more choices than in Date Warp. It has more ending which are very different one from the other, for me, Date warp repeats a lot though it's story is really interesting.
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#3 Post by Amphigorey » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:17 am

Date Warp is the one I enjoyed more, but it's definitely a matter of opinion. DW has a darker, more mature storyline, with a lot of suspense and mystery, and in my opinion more interesting characters than Magical Diary. However, it also has a lot less replay value after you get the endings, and besides the wire puzzles (which you'll probably skip after the first time) it's a pure visual novel.

Magical Diary is much more lighthearted, but there's nothing wrong with that. It has a lot of replay value if you like getting achievements, and more varied gameplay because of the dungeons and stat raising. It also has character customization if you like that kind of thing.

So I'd say it's all up to what kind of game you prefer.

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#4 Post by FantasyFan » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:31 pm

They're both great games, but if you have to choose one or the other, I definitely would say Magical Diary. It's got lots of replay value, MANY different events, trophies, character creation, and an awesome world.

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#5 Post by Aeslinn » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:51 pm

Magical Diary it is :D will get round to Date Warp eventually, once I've got a job and money. Thanks for all the help!

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#6 Post by Oki » Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:06 pm

Good choice! Let me put it to you this way. I bought Date Warp before Magical Diary. I've played Magical Diary countless times, Date Warp only once.
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