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How come I'm not really friends with Virginia (Grabby route)

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:33 pm
by Flyinmagma
I'm on the Grabiner route and friends with Donald. However for some reason even though I used to be good friends with Virginia at least until December (I've picked several options that raise friendship with her) now she seems more aloof. During the part where everyone finds out about your marriage Virginia doesn't seem as supportive as Ellen, and doesn't seem very enthusiastic about covering up for you (she's blushing with the teardop, saying 'Will I? I guess I will...' when Ellen prompts her to do it). And during the final exam she's frowning all the time and doesn't seem to get why Ellen's saying what she is regarding the romance. And, of course, there's no end of the year message from her.

What went wrong? I don't remember right now to whom did I have to give the Christmas card, but I think it was Ellen. I should have had at least 4-7 points with V...

Or is that normal? Even though you have a lot of friendship points, she'll always do this to you?

Edit: I just checked, I indeed received the Christmas card from Ellen, I sent a Valentine to Virginia, split the cake between us...I just don't get it. It seems cruel that she would stop being friends me just because of *that*.

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:16 pm
by FantasyFan
I don't think she stops being friends with you. I think she's just really weirded out by the whole you're-married-to-a-teacher thing.

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:21 pm
by Flyinmagma
Well, since her message to you doesn't appear in the yearbook, she probably isn't - only the ones who are friends with you or relatively friendly (like Pastel) appear there.

Edit: Otherwise she'd say something, even if it was something along the lines of "I still can't believe you're married to him (+see you next year/have a nice summer)." At least up until now when I wasn't friendly with someone, they didn't appear in the yearbook, so this time it should be the same, right? I think that on Damien's route Ellen is once again the only one out of the two to leave you a message if they asked you to stop seeing him (and you didn't agree). But this time there's really nothing aggravating that should make her angry, that's why it's so confusing - unless she's really worked up about the fact that Sue didn't tell her but as a witch she should understand...

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:31 pm
by Flyinmagma
Is it possible to look into the script to see if it's posible to have an end-of-the-year message from Virginia? Because all the other Grabiner route people who have uploaded their yearbook pictures don't have a message from her either.

If that is the case, Hanako, could you please tell me the reasoning behind that? :D Is it really caused by her being weirded out like FantasyFan says? Because it seems a bit shallow reason, after all, if you were good friends throughout the year she it seems strange to me that she wouldn suddenly be like that. Thanks! :)

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:26 pm
by hanako
IIRC she often doesn't write in the yearbook because she's not as compelled to do things she thinks are silly just to be nice as Ellen is. It's not that she hates you, you're just not BEST friends second semester. I think it's like that on several of the paths, if they're not her path?

I don't totally remember though.

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:24 pm
by Flyinmagma
Alrighty, thank you for the answer! :D

Actually, she's fine with the protagonist and writes to you on every path except Grabiner's, and Damien's if she knows you're still with him. So on Ellen's, Donald's and Damien's path, and when you're alone, she writes into the yearbook. Don't know about Steve, haven't gotten his ending yet (cause of the pastry shop). I just double-checked the other yearbook entries to make sure in case I mis-remembered something. That's why I was really surprised that now she's suddenly not saying anything and was frowning in the dungeon (during the beginning). So I was disappointed when I didn't see anything from her because due to the other endings I thought she had stopped being friends with me, just like when she doesn't write to you if you don't agree to stop seeing Damien (if she knows about it). :? Perhaps it could be changed so it doesn't give this impression? :P

On another note, I've noticed all yearbooks tend to have only four messages, is there some kind of a limit? I'm going to try to go for another walkthrough and befriend as many people as I can and see if it's possible - if I go for Donald, I should be able to get him, E+V, Minnie, Potsdam and possibly Steve (not sure if Grabiner appears when you don't take his ending, probably not...?).

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:29 pm
by hanako
Heh, *that* might be why we left Virginia's note off, in order to make sure that the number of messages didn't get too long and run out of room since you can have a lot of notes in that path. It's not a hard limit but it would be a mess if there were so many yearbook notes that Grabiner's got pushed off the bottom.

Sorry, it's been too long for me to remember exactly. :)

She is weirded out by you being married and happy about it, but it isn't meant to be that she hates you now.

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:38 pm
by Flyinmagma
Bingo! :) By the way, since you say there's no hard limit, is it possible to get more than four messages? Because in all yearbooks even with the four there's at least space for 2-4 more messages (since most take up only one line).

Awesome! I'm glad to hear that. Could you share with us what would she probably write, in case it was because of that limit? :wink: