A personal note to Hanako and the spiky one~

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A personal note to Hanako and the spiky one~

#1 Post by Corbbox » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:50 pm

Playing Magical Diary was an experience I have never expected. Visual Novel or better to say a Life Simulation – a genre I could not have cared less. But Magical Diary fascinated me in a way like no other game did before. I laughed when Ellen started getting crazy, I got disappointed when Donald received less detentions then me, I felt sad hearing all the problems of Virginia and I head a tear in my eye on Damien’s path.

Magical Diary will for ever keep a special place in my heart where until this point just one game was, “Silver” my very first PC Game.

Even more I’d love to see a sequel of the game. And also I want to bring up the following point:

You said once on the Steam Boards that you do not want to hear anything of kickstarter.com. But you will have to listen now.

Magical Diary has an enormous potential. This potential share not many other projects I have seen so far on Kickstarter. I will not let count your silly excuse “you would not have a clue what to do with the funds”. You could use the funds for Art. Since my interview with the Gentleman Studios I can highly recommend you the “Nobody Studios” or Flora Li who does an awesome job. You could use the funds for music. I have connections with some great musicians who were working on other Kickstarter projects, could also send you some music examples. Regarding Renpy, there is a huge community, just ask and I am sure lots would love to support you.

So YOU can focus on the story and let us another time cry, laugh and feel confused.

I believe there are far enough people out there who would love to back for this project. MD – Horse Hall: Five touching stories combined with the fascination of magic. This is a base you can build on! You underestimate your possibilities. And even if your project should fail, at least new people heard of you, heard of Magical Diary. Besides of all the new experiences you gather. And if you are afraid that a Renpy Game may not have a chance well SoBa’s Visual Novel if have supported has been successful.

Count on your community here. Count on the fans. Share the wish of a new game and let dreams become true. So let me spin it a little bit further. MD Horse Hall was just the shape of something who could easily get a lot bigger.

But first finish your current project but afterwards I am begging you to consider at least once this possibility.

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#2 Post by Emelisa » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:53 am

I completely and utterly agree with what Corbbox said. Magical Diary was actually my gateway into the world of visual novel games. After I played it, I looked for more, and now I've played most of them around that I could find. Still though, out of all of the ones I have now played, I still believe that you hit the 'sweet spot' of balance. We had lots of great dialogue, and the stat raising was not overboard. The story setting was awesome. Professor Grabinger and Damien were my favorites, but all of the options were amazing.

I think that kickstarters enable the gaming community to influence and drive what WE want to see come out. Why not let us help you?

I think it would be a great tragedy if we never saw another magical diary game. I for one want to see what happens next! And if you ever need help, I volunteer. I'd definitely contribute to a kickstarter for you.

Keep up the good work.

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#3 Post by Hopeless Romantic » Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:32 am


Truer words could not have been spoken any better!

I've played lots of games and out of everything I have ever played, which is holy cow a lot, Magical Diary IS my FAVORITE!

I love you as a storyteller and the way you tell them is just unbelievable! You know exactly how to pull someone into it, give 'em the right amount story arch, and then a great finish that leaves 'em begging for more!! I loved the dungeons and the spell mechanics.

Let me just say you have something here! I'll just keep telling more people about Magical Diary! I even have my husband playing it and he isn't much for these kinds of games. He laughed at the parts that I found funny and exclaimed at the parts that I had as well. He was even excited to hear the hopes for MD:Wolf Hall.

Hanako, I totally love your work and if there is someway I can help, like financial donations, I'd love to. It would be a great shame to not see anymore MD sequels.

Grabiner Forever! :D

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